Chapter 63 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 63 – Plot Armor

… If he hadn’t spoken, then Third Shidi wouldn’t have found out!

Chu Yu wanted to slap himself in the face.

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Xie Xi’s gaze fell on Chu Yu and a faint smile rippled through his dark eyes. Lowering his voice, he said: “Shixiong, can you guess what Shizun and Third Shidi will think? That Shixiong desired Shidi so much that he traveled thousands of miles just to see him?”

Chu Yu smiled calmly. “I left a note for Shizun last night.”

After a pause, Chu Yu pushed Xie Xi off, scowling. He could feel that thing still in his body was restless and ready to make trouble: “Pull it out.”

Xie Xi hadn’t seen Chu Yu for a few days so he held Chu Yu tightly, he was very reluctant to let go. Caressing and stroking Chu Yu’s body, Xie Xi could barely control himself. Moaning softly as he slowly pulled out, Xie Xi rested his head on Chu Yu’s neck, rubbing against him like a kitten. Xie Xi said in a hoarse voice: “Shixiong… I missed you so much…”

Chu Yu, who had been stroked and caressed all over, could hardly control himself. From just outside the door came Third Shidi’s timid-sounding voice: “Da Shixiong… Second Shixiong… are you alright? … Shizun is waiting for you…”

Xie Xi’s eyebrows twitched. The expression on his face turned stormy. Glaring at the faintly visible figure behind the door, Xie Xi reluctantly let go of Chu Yu.

Chu Yu regained his senses when he heard Third Shidi’s voice. The confused thoughts that had been whirling around in his mind also came to a halt.

Wait a minute! This is his room. Isn’t it normal for Chu Yu to stay here?

Yes, it’s normal to be in his own room.

Comforting himself with this thought, Chu Yu put his clothes on, smoothed down his hair, then he got up to open the door. Unexpectedly, Xie Xi pulled Chu Yu back into his arms before Chu Yu could touch the latch.

Xie Xie, with a calm expression on his face, reached out and opened the door.

Third Shidi had been bored simply waiting so he had been crouching behind the door making a snowman. He hurried back when he heard a noise but when he saw the scene in front of him, he swallowed the words he was going to say and stood there in silence.

Although he guessed that there was something…

Third Shidi hadn’t expected that Da Shixiong, who normally looked so noble, cool, elegant, and magnificent, would have such a side to him. Although the expression on his face was still cold, the corners of his eyes were a little flushed with traces of passion. His disheveled hair was draped over his shoulders, contrasting with his dewy white skin. The hickeys on his neck weren’t hidden at all and one could also see traces of blue and green marks on his chest beneath his loose collar.

Chu Yu’s beguiling “fresh out of bed after a night of passion” look was so striking that Third Shidi couldn’t help but swallow audibly. Looking over at Xie Xi’s cold, silent face, Third Shidi suddenly realized.

…He had interrupted Shixiong’s happy reunion.

His eyes stopped moving. Xie Xi frowned then pulled Chu Yu back towards him, away from Third Shidi. Xie Xi hugged Chu Yu like a child possesively clutching his favorite toy.

Third Shidi was once again enlightened and turned away, a suspicious red glow on his face. He then said, somewhat shyly: “That… In fact, Shizun is probably not in a hurry. Da Shixiong, Second Shixiong, take your time. Shidi will take his leave.”

After saying those words, Third Shidi noticed that the expression on Xie Xi’s eyes was kinder. He felt relieved and ran out of the yard as soon as he could.

Seeing that the person who had disturbed them had left, Xie Xi lowered his head and his expression was expectant: “Shixiong… let’s continue?”

If it was something urgent that needed to be done, Lu Qingan would have personally used a sound transmission talisman. Third Shidi had probably guessed that Chu Yu had come back and joyfully ran over, bursting with noise and excitement.

… That little brat. No wonder he had been cannon fodder in the original novels. Not even pausing to consider what sort of lively noises were being made, yet he unexpectedly dared to approach.

Unperturbed, Chu Yu calmly swatted away Xie Xi’s hand that was mischievously sliding inside Chu Yu’s messy clothes. Chu Yu then kicked Xie Xi, accidentally hitting an indescribable place. Mouth twitching, Chu Yu went back to the side of his room to clean himself up.

Xie Xie sighed in disappointment and stood there staring at the snow in the courtyard for a moment, before following Chu Yu back inside.

Chu Yu’s goal right now was to investigate Lu Qingan. After cleaning himself up, he walked over towards Lu Qingan’s place, his mind full of complicated, confusing thoughts.

At Yuan Chen Peak there were many ordinary disciples but only Third Shidi had been accepted by Lu Qingan to be his direct disciple. Thus, in these past years, many disciples had left Yuan Chen Peak. Thus, only a few people still remained in the immortal abode1 and the place was almost as desolate, cheerless, and lonely as the Chu family’s Maple Valley.

As was his wont whenever he was at Qing Tu, Lu Qingan was quietly sitting on a stone bench, wiping his sword clean. But this time he was cleaning more than just Yan Hue because he was also taking care of Bu Heng. There was a translucent soul seated beside the stone tables. That soul was holding his chin in his hands and staring at Lu Qingan with a slight smile on his face. Sometimes, the soul would say some witty words which would make Lu Qingan frown angrily, seemingly almost ready to attack.

Chu Yu was amused. As soon as he approached the stone table, he was able to hear Shen Nian’s voice.

“… An An, did we really meet in the past? Are you my most important person who is in Tian Yuan Sect? The more I look at you, the more familiar you seem. I dreamed of you last night…”

Lu Qingan interrupted in a cold voice: “Spirits do not dream.”

With the mischievous air of someone who likes to make trouble, Shen Nian used his hand to lift up his chin: “In fact, I’m an unusual spirit.”

Lu Qingan’s face was expressionless but the Yan Hue sword slid out of its sheath with a reprimanding “ring”.

A leader can submit or stand tall as required.2 Thus, even the strong-willed Shen Nian immediately shut up and waited for Lu Qingan to sheath Yan Hue before opening his mouth again.

Chu Yu almost couldn’t help but want to laugh. The corners of his mouth twitched and he had to remind himself that he mustn’t act OOC. He approached the stone table and bowed: “Shizun, I’m back.”

In one graceful action, Lu Qingan sheathed Yan Hue. He nodded and said: “It’s good that you’re back.”

Having an unfilial disciple such as Chu Yu, who dared to be suspicious of his master in such a manner, Lu Qingan’s heart might break. Chu Yu hesitated, keeping silent out of shame.

Does he really want to tell Lu Qingan the purpose of his trip?

Chu Yu didn’t actually believe that Lu Qingan would deliberately spread the news of what happened in Jing Hua and cause the Chu family to fall into such an awkward and troublesome situation.

Lu Qingan, though he looks cold and arrogant, he is actually calm and tolerant, open-hearted and honest. He’s the type of person who is very blunt and outspoken.

This was what he had read in the original novel and it’s also what he knows from experience.

However…. Lu Qingan was now looking at his head disciple in such a serious manner. Although it wasn’t Chu Yu’s personal belief, but to even voice such suspicion, wouldn’t Lu Qingan be bitterly disappointed in him?

Chu Yu was extremely confused about what to do. He wished that all the people who had spread the rumors would all die a horrible death.

Shen Nian suddenly laughed: “Little Yu- er already changed back to big Yu-er? Unfortunately, as soon as you recovered, you became just like your Shizun. You’re still young! Why do you go around with such a cold, impassive expression on your face all day long? Look at your Shizun. I’ve already been teasing him for a long time but he won’t even smile.”

After a pause, Shen Nian looked at Xie Xi and winked at him. “Little brother, am I right? A smile is very good to look at.”

Chu Yu seldom smiles or laughs in front of Xie Xi in order to maintain the image of the original Chu Yu but even these expressions were so faint that it was barely different from not smiling or laughing. Hearing Shen Nian’s words, Xie Xi was moved and nodded to indicate his agreement.

Finally, approaching Chu Yu, he whispered, “It’s good for Shixiong to laugh occasionally.”

Before Chu Yu could even speak, the conversation had already been taken over by Shen Nian, making it hard for Chu Yu to speak out…

The resentment Chu Yu felt made the expression on his face even colder than before.

Lu Qingan and Chu Yu looked at each other for a moment then Lu Qingan said plainly: “Yu-er, what should this teacher do to prove his innocence?”

…Shizun, you are truly straightforward.

In a split second, Chu Yu’s mind was inundated with countless responses that he could make if this was a normal situation.

“No, no, no, Shizun, I believe you!”

“How could Shizun say this? This disciple was just bored when he was at home and ended up accidentally walking for several days and nights across thousands of miles to Tian Yuan Sect, then mistakenly bumped into Yuan Chen Peak and went to Xie Xi’s bed. Wait, no, it’s my own bed…”



Serious OOC!

Countless common responses couldn’t be used. Chu Yu was silent for a moment then raised his hand and whispered: “Thank you, Shizun. Shizun just needs to stay at ease at the peak.”

There’s no need for Lu Qingan to do anything special.

They only need to bide their time and wait.3 They can just continue to do what they normally do. The Chu family can hold on since it’s not likely that people will continue to chew over those rumors forever. When the gossip about the Chu family gradually subsides, then that person who spread those rumors will surely reappear.

After all, gossip is a fearful thing, whether in the world of ordinary people or in the realm of cultivators. Since that person pushed the Chu family into the limelight, that person must have another purpose. If that person fails to achieve his goal this time, he would eventually have to appear again and would inevitably give the game away4 sooner or later.

Once they catch that person, they can eliminate the threat.

Chu Yu’s mind was now clear. As long as Lu Qingan is by his side when a new issue crops up, Lu Qingan will no longer be under suspicion.

Shen Nian had been beside Lu Qingan all this time. Naturally, he already knew about the Chu family’s situation. He glanced at Chu Yu and said nothing, but unconsciously reached towards Lu Qingan’s hand and caressed it gently, seemingly wanting to comfort him.

With a tranquil expression on his face, Lu Qingan swatted his hand away. Seeing that Chu Yu still seemed a bit depressed, Lu Qingan murmured: “Don’t feel guilty, just do what you have to do. Go on.”

Chu Yu once again bowed and left the courtyard.

Xie Xie followed Chu Yu. Blinking, he asked: “Shixiong will be living in Yuan Chen Peak?”

Chu Yu glanced at Xie Xi. The child wasn’t even trying to hide his excitement. Chu Yu didn’t say anything and pretended to misunderstand what Xie Xi meant: “Shidi is afraid that Shixiong will rob you of your bed? Don’t worry, you can go back to your room to sleep at night.”

The expression on Xie Xi’s face immediately underwent a big change: “Absolutely not! Shixiong said he wanted to sleep with Shidi!”

Chu Yu wanted to continue teasing Xie Xi when he heard a stifled sound of laughter just in front of him.

Xie Xi’s brows drew together in a frown and he looked over at the snow for a while. Calmly stooping down, he made a snowball then threw it at something. Chu Yu stared at him curiously.

There was a grunt of pain from someone somewhere in front of them. Chu Yu saw a figure gradually appear in the snow. There was a paper talisman stuck to his forehead and he was crying. Taking off the talisman that had been struck by the snowball, he looked up at Chu Yu and Xie Xi and quietly shrank away: “…Da Shixiong, Second Shixiong..”

Xie Xie’s eyes were cold. He said, sneering: “You think that was funny?”

Third Shidi was so scared that he almost burst into tears: “No… Not funny, not funny at all!”

Helplessly, Chu Yu waved at Xie Xi then reached out towards Third Shidi. However, considering Xie Xi’s narrow-minded jealousy, Chu Yu was afraid that Third Shidi might suffer later if Chu Yu took Third Shidi’s hand to pull him up. Therefore, he didn’t move forward. Instead, Chu Yu made the talisman fly towards his hand and said: “Alright, Xie Xi. Don’t frighten Third Shidi.”

After a pause, Chu Yu waved at the inscription in his hand: “This is… a Talisman of Invisibility?”

Third Shidi suddenly smiled and stopped moaning with pain. He rose and patted the snow from his robe. He nodded: “I just wanted to try it… I didn’t expect to succeed.”

The expression on Chu Yu’s face was complicated as he returned the talisman.

Third Shidi is really a genius. No wonder Lu Qingan was willing to accept him as a disciple.

Alas, that tyrannical System didn’t give him any of his own special skills…

The thought had only just flashed through Chu Yu’s mind when the System spoke in an aggrieved tone in his mind: “The host is wrong~ After the host had become a main character of this novel~ the System already gave him the plot armor5 during the later part of the story~”

Shocked, Chu Yu blurted out: “Plot armor?”

System: “You didn’t get it wrong~ It’s the plot armor ~ You chose to stay in the novel~ and became the male lead~ In in order to thank the host ~ the ‘plot armor’ cheat was given to the host ~”

Chu Yu was overjoyed: This means that no matter what he does in the future, he won’t die!

Hahahahaha, this was great!

Chu Yu could hardly contain his excitement. He wanted to provoke Xie Xi by lifting his chin teasingly to satisfy Chu Yu’s perverse desire to act like the male lead in a drama. Unfortunately, Third Shidi was present and therefore Chu Yu wasn’t brazen enough to do it.

Watching as the lively Third Shidi left holding his Talisman of Invisibility, Chu Yu coughed dryly. He was just about to coyly play at teasing and flirting with Xie Xi when he saw that Xie Xi was frowning. The expression on Xie Xi’s face was sullen.

Chu Yu’s heart skipped a beat: “What’s wrong?”

Xie Xie turned his head to look at the barrier at the entrance of the Yuan Chen Peak’s immortal abode: “There are many people gathered outside the barrier.”


Could it be that people had heard that Chu Yu was back so some people wanted to munch on popcorn6 as they watched the spectacle of the Chu family saga unfold as though it was a soap-opera?

Chu Yu was stunned but, after thinking about it for a moment, he decided to go and check it out with Xie Xi.

He can’t ignore it since they might disturb Lu Qingan.

Chu Yu quickly arrived at the entrance. Chu Yu then calmed himself down and stepped outside. Sweeping his eyes across the dense crowd of people outside, Chu Yu’s scalp became numb.

These cultivators who by rights should be settling down to meditate and cultivate really have nothing better to do than to come and eat popcorn here!

Chu Yu was silently complaining about the situation in his heart and really wanted to get rid of them when a young man in front of the crowd saw Chu Yu. That young man’s eyes lit up and he shouted: “Da Shixiong! It’s really you! You’re back!”

As soon as that young man spoke, the people behind him started screaming and tried to squeeze their way to the front, shouting loudly. Some people even burst into tears and cried out in voices that were choked with tears.

“Chu Shixiong… it’s really Chu Shixiong! Chu Shixiong came out of Mausoleum Ruins!”

“Chu Shixiong … I’ve flipped through your album of paintings so many times over the years that it’s extremely tattered…”

“Shimei has always been reluctant to move your painting from her room. I didn’t dare to imagine that I would see Chu Shixiong in person today…”


This spectacle was truly one of a kind.

Chu Yu was stunned.


What kind of situation is this?

Reika’s Notes:

  • This chapter is by Reika of BC Novels.
  • LOL Chu Yu’s adoring fans are all crying over his return. Is he some kind of idol of the cultivation world?
  • The poet Pan Yue 潘岳 was said to be so handsome that whenever he went out, the number of admirers surrounding him was so large that many people were unable to approach him. Therefore, they would throw fruits into his carriage as a token of their admiration and when he got back home his carriage would be full of fruit. What I’m saying is that some people in ancient people in China would go completely bonkers whenever they saw someone extraordinarily good-looking.
  • These days we’re spoiled because there’s mass media like TV, movies, Youtube, etc. We can look at beautiful people whenever we want to. In ancient times, if we wanted to get a glimpse of a beautiful person, we would have to view them in person.
  • Thanks for reading and please let me know if there are any errors.

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  1. 洞府 (dòng fǔ) cave dwelling; the legendary abode of immortals
  2. 大丈夫能屈能伸 (dà zhàng fu néng qū néng shēn) A common saying, taken from the Book of Changes. Meaning – “ready to give and take” or “flexible.”
  3. 按兵不动 (àn bīng bù dòng) Literally “to hold back one’s troops without moving.”
  4. 露出马脚 (lù chū mǎ jiǎo) Literally “reveal cloven foot.” Meaning “unmask his true nature.”
  5. 不死光环 – Literally “undying halo.” Basically, the protagonist of a story can’t die until the end of the story.
  6. It’s actually “eat melon” in the original.

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