Chapter 65.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 65.1 – Protagonist: I want to be with you forever.

Du Ze spent the entire afternoon resting in bed. When he rose in the evening, his hands and feet felt weak.

Xiu was not in the house. From the window, Du Ze could see Xiu and Rachel talking outside. The demon sisters stood behind Xiu silently, like a pair of well-behaved maidservants. When Xiu noticed that Du Ze was awake, he spoke a few words to Rachel and the demon sisters before returning to the house.

Du Ze wanted to get out of bed but when he lifted the quilt, the cold wind reminded him that he was still half naked. Some silly, cute person froze, glanced at the deceased trousers, then looked helplessly at Xiu: “…. Pants.”

The corners of Xiu’s lips curved up as he stared at the outwardly impassive Du Ze who was inwardly at a loss about what he should do. Xiu put his hand inside the quilt and said happily: “This is very good, I would like you to stay in bed.”

Knowing that Xiu’s hand was going to touch some dangerous places, Du Ze bent his legs slightly and immediately changed the topic, trying to talk with the Moe Lord about life.

“What were you just talking about?”

“They are building a magical teleport formation.” Xiu held Du Ze’s ankle and felt the smooth skin beneath his palms. “Creating it will take a day. When it’s activated it can teleport us straight to Agares City.”

The Tower of God was in the Lost Land. Since the Chaos Continent merged with its reverse side, Agares City which surrounds the Lost Land in the reverse side also appeared in the Chaos Continent. To enter the Lost Land, one must pass through Agares City.

Speaking of the city of Agares, Du Ze remembered that beautiful demon. The silly, cute reader wanted to cover his face when he recalled the time he was still trying to help the Moe Lord collect a harem. Don’t mention harem members now, he and the Moe Lord have started living together shamelessly.

Xiu’s hand was tickling him a little so Du Ze tried to retract his feet and continued the conversation: “The Tower of God appeared.”

“Yes.” Xiu’s hand slid back and forth on Du Ze’s leg and his deep purple eyes narrowed slightly, showing ambition. “I shall reach the top of it and become the Supreme God.”

The protagonist, Xiu, battles to reach the throne of the Supreme God; this is the plot of the “Mixed Blood” novel. As a reader, Du Ze doesn’t doubt that Xiu will become the Supreme God. He was like a parent who was proud and confident that his outstanding child will be able to get into first grade. But he felt uneasy because of what he saw in the Time Corridor’s mural and the vision of the last battle.


Du Ze wanted to tell Xiu about the murals he had seen in the Time Corridor, but although his mouth opened several times, he couldn’t say it – he was banned from speaking spoilers again. This made Du Ze even more alarmed. He was stopped this time because of spoilers, meaning what he saw in the Time Corridor was going to happen. For the first time, Du Ze impulsively thought that he didn’t want Xiu to become the Supreme God. He looked at Xiu and finally said, with some hesitation: “Why… do you want to become the Supreme God?”

The hands that were moving in all directions paused. Xiu looked at Du Ze. This person is not a god but everyday he will be restored to his original state. He will never grow old and is all the more fearsome for it.

He never cared about Du Ze’s background and identity, but he cared about the gap between him and Du Ze.

“If I were to become a god I will have eternal life. And if I have the supreme power, nothing can come between us.”

Xiu gathered Du Ze into his arms and said with deep affection: “I want to be with you forever.”

Du Ze closed his eyes. His heart was overflowing with bitter emotions and pain. The Xiu who wants to be with him forever is no longer the protagonist of “Mixed Blood” who wants to destroy the world. This person has changed a lot, so he does not want to prevent Xiu from becoming the Supreme God. From the beginning to the end, the highest position is something that Xiu deserves.

As for the murals he saw in the Time Corridor, Yi Ye Zhi Qiu wrote that Xiu will become the Supreme God and his most important person will be taken away. Now that Xiu’s most important person has become him, this is perhaps one of the biggest changes in the plot. Du Ze thought that since he was not in the original script, maybe he can find the owner of that voice and avoid that tragic outcome.

One day later, the magical teleportation formation was built and they were ready to depart for Agares City. When he left the tribe, Sal led a horde of beastkin to see them off.

“Dear friends, thank you for helping the beastkin.” The beastkin collectively put their fists on the left side of their chests to give them a solemn salute. “If you ever need help, please send for us.”

Du Ze looked around again but he still did not see Nina’s figure. Since yesterday the fox-eared maiden never appeared. Du Ze felt a little regretful, he had a premonition that he will never have the chance to see the girl with the big red tail again.

As the beastkin group watched, Du Ze and a line of people entered the teleportation formation. The grey light of space magic swallowed up the crowd. When they opened their eyes again, they had arrived at the city of Agares. Du Ze had just stepped out of the formation when he saw a beautiful demon with a clever smile; she seemed to have been waiting for them for a long time.

Heidi was wearing a low-cut gown. She looked like a ripe, delicious fruit that would release seductive juice when touched. The glamorous Agares City Lord welcomed them. Ariel pressed her fingertips to her lips; she had never seen such a beautiful person. Even Muir was staring at Heidi.

“Your Excellency Rachel, I have prepared everything you need.”

Heidi greeted Rachel and her eyes swept over the group of people, becoming a little brighter the moment she saw Xiu. When Heidi’s gaze fell on Du Ze, she appeared surprised.

“You are …” Heidi seems to remember Du Ze. She smiled and asked: “How is that person?”

Du Ze instinctively looked at Xiu. At this time Xiu was in his demon form, therefore the succubus demon obviously didn’t know that this was the Moe Lord that she tried to gift her city to in the past.

Xiu saw his silly, cute person looking up at him. This angle was very suitable for bending down and kissing him so the demon, who was very true to his desires, did just that.

Du Ze’s hair stood on end from shock1 as Xiu licked his lips. Unable to open Du Ze’s closed mouth, Xiu was dissatisfied and bit Du Ze’s lip lightly. After Xiu let go of him, some silly, cute person with red lips silently looked around him at the crowd, speechless.

Heidi was shocked at first but soon accepted it. Demons have always been very tolerant about this type of thing. She was just surprised because the last time she saw him, the handsome, golden-haired human rejected her because of Du Ze, but now Du Ze has another person by his side and it is an equally outstanding demon. Does this black-haired youth have such great charm?

Not knowing that he has become the object of the demon’s admiration, Du Ze drooped his head and did not dare to look at the demon again. He only provoked a person but as a result he was completely eaten up.


I couldn’t find an exact image of hair exploding but I imagine it’s something like this:

hair explosion

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  1. 整个毛都炸了 – dang, the literal translation is that “all of his hair exploded.” It’s kinda like a cartoon or anime. Image is below.

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