Chapter 65.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 65.2 – Protagonist: I want to be with you forever.

After they introduced themselves to each other, Heidi was somewhat puzzled that the demon who was a descendant of Bael had the same name as Xiu. Her eyes went back and forth between him and Du Ze but she wisely refrained from asking any questions. Heidi tossed her fluffy curls behind her shoulders and smiled at the group: “It’s still a long time before dinner so please relax at the parlor. I have some information about the tower that I think you will find interesting.”

Heidi explained the current situation. Because the tower was located in the Lost Land, everyone who is traveling to or from the tower must pass through the city of Agares. Due to the large influx of people, Heidi opened up the eastern side of the city and let people move freely. As a result of the geographical advantage, Heidi also collected a lot of information about the Tower of God.

“My advice is that people who are below the level of War God or Mage God should not try to climb the tower.”

In the parlor, Heidi said to the crowd: “The tower is too dangerous. Around 40,000 people have entered the Tower of God; only a few of them survived and all of them failed. According to those people, every level of the Tower of God is a trial and only those who are at the level of War God or Mage God have the ability to pass the trials. Other people who try will most likely end up dead.”

Hearing Heidi’s words, Ariel and the demon sisters looked at each other. Compared to the others, their strength can only be described as weak. They would become a burden if they were to enter the tower. However, there was a person present who was weaker than them, a “combat noob” with a fighting capacity of negative five. This person was currently like a pet trying to escape from the arms of his owner but was completely unable to; he could only let the other person stroke the back of his neck as he stood there with an expressionless face.

Xiu seemed unconcerned about the problem of being held back by others and carelessly asked: “What kind of trials?”

Heidi shook her head: “Those people who went to the Tower of God have a taboo placed on them that makes them unable to speak about the trials. I am very sorry. I don’t have that information.”

Du Ze knew that Yi Ye Zhi Qiu had previously written an “Infinite Flow”1 novel. The novel was titled “Infinite Flow Tower.” In the story, the protagonist and a bus driver accidentally fell into Atlantis. There was only a tower in that place and to return to their world they must climb the tower. Every floor of the tower is different and has strong guards, a BOSS, and mobs of many different levels. To go up a level the main character must find the stairs, which are limited in number. Thus, every day the protagonist must “play with the mobs, hide from the BOSS, and find the stairs” while occasionally having to deal with unreliable companions and human enemies.

Based on this summary, that is clearly the embryonic form of the Tower of God! Every floor of the Tower of God contains a trial. Du Ze can guess that the trails will be the usual routine of clearing mobs and killing the BOSS – that **** Yi Ye Zhi Qiu is simply too lazy so he probably re-used the previous setting. Du Ze did not think that he would be able to uncover spoilers but the plot of “Tower” might be useful.

Speaking of that book, Du Ze read the ending: The protagonist finally returned to the real world and lived happily with a group of friends. However, the readers know that the protagonist is still actually inside the tower – the main character will never be able to leave the tower since he has accepted that place as his reality.

… That is a BE (Bad Ending) disguised as a HE (Happy Ending), you ****er! From that time on, Yi Ye Zhi Qiu started to develop this type of bad habit. The silly, cute reader suddenly began to worry. The ending of “Mixed Blood” won’t be like the ****ing ending of “Tower,” right?!

While Du Ze was thinking about this, Heidi drank a mouthful of black tea and went on talking.

“But they told me something very interesting,” she said. Heidi glanced at the crowd of people: “The people in the Tower of God cannot team up because everyone inside will be randomly sent to different places. The probability that you will be sent to the same place is very small. Once a checkpoint is reached and a person passes through, the checkpoint is reset.”

The people around her paled. Heidi chuckled and then said, “but there is one way to avoid this.”

“The first time you enter the tower, every person can get a ticket that represents your eligibility for the tower,” she said. “You can give it to someone else and you will be that person’s follower. You will be able to accompany that person in the tower, but even if you are able reach the top, you will not become a god.”

In other words, giving your ticket to another person and becoming his follower means that you will lose your chance to ascend the Tower of God. This is something that people will do if they want the other person to become a god; it is their belief in him. Du Ze suddenly realized that the Tower of God is a screening machine. Those who climb the tower will have to pass the trials to ensure that the climber will be in the level of a false god. The ticket represents “belief” and it is quite likely that those who have a large number of followers will have a greater chance of reaching the top of the Tower of God and becoming the Supreme God. Any creature can become a god.

“Lord Xiu, we want to be your followers, will you allow it?” Violet asked nervously. Alice continued: “We will never slow you down.”

Xiu wasn’t troubled: “Certainly.”

The beautiful demon sisters smiled with delight and Ariel also knew that Xiu would not refuse to allow her to become his follower. Du Ze looked around him; Old John and Muir will definitely follow and Rachel’s loyalty to Xiu means that there will be no question about her following him. Without even trying, Xiu has gathered together so many allies.

Heidi rubbed her red lips and looked at the crowd thoughtfully. At this time, the housekeeper appeared. He bowed and said in a refined and courteous way: “Dinner is ready, please follow me to the dining room.”

The headphones went on strike on the way to the dining room. Du Ze once again saw that splendid and spacious room and he even saw the delicious meat pies Xiu had fed him before. All of them sat down but this time it was not Heidi at the head of the table; it was Xiu.

Muir sat in a corner silently eating his meal. The demon sisters and Ariel sat together, chatting very happily. Old John did not eat so he spent the time helping Du Ze feed the fat chirp. Du Ze looked at the head of the table where Heidi and Rachel sat on either side of Xiu, discussing the Tower of God.

“… These supplies are sufficient. It’s mostly potions and food. There is limited space and the extra stuff is too cumbersome,” said Rachel.

“Well, I’ll arrange it. Heidi smiled and said: “Please enjoy your rest tonight. Agares City can make you feel like you are in heaven.”

Heidi winked at Xiu ambiguously. “Is there a need for special services?”

Xiu, with his chin in his hand, tilted his head slightly to look at the charming, beautiful demon. “Do you have any lube?” The demon narrowed his deep purple eyes. “The type that can make people feel very happy.”

As a demon, Heidi immediately understood what the other person was referring to. She used her elbow to support her upper body and thrust out her full chest: “Even with no lube, I can make you very happy … You want to try?”

In the face of the succubus’ charm, the corners of Xiu’s mouth curved up.

“You can’t satisfy me.” Xiu’s voice was not loud but everyone at the table heard him. “Only he can satisfy me.”

For a moment, almost all the people’s eyes fell on Du Ze. Some silly, cute person just inserted a piece of a meat pie in his mouth.

Huh? What happened?

When Du Ze looked around the table, Rachel was very calm and took off her monocle, revealing a polite smile. Old John continued to feed the little Phoenix, smiling as if nothing had happened. Muir was accustomed to this type of behavior and continued to eat. The demon sisters bent their heads; their faces seemed to be a bit flushed. Ariel and Du Ze were both looking around blankly because the latter had not heard while the former did not understand.

The atmosphere in the dining room was strangely abnormal because of the two demons’ risque conversation. When she heard Xiu’s answer, Heidi shrugged her shoulders and ordered her housekeeper to bring what Xiu wanted. She then offered a toast to everyone.

“Have a good night,” Heidi said, smiling deeply.

Du Ze was ignorant as he raised his glass and was confused when the beautiful demon winked at him meaningfully.


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  1. 无限流 – a genre of web novels in China that has everything in it: fantasy, science fiction, movies, myths, religion, history, anime, etc.

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