Chapter 66.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 66.1 – Protagonist: Who are you thinking of?

Du Ze took a bath. When he came out, he saw Xiu sitting on the bed. The demon was leaning on a bedpost, one foot on the bed, and one foot hanging down naturally. His right hand was on his knee. He was holding a bottle with a light purple potion inside. The transparent bottle glittered in the moonlight.

When he saw Du Ze had finished his bath, the corner of Xiu’s lips curved up. He said a sentence: “-”

Du Ze could not hear what he said, but looking at the familiar movement of Xiu’s mouth, it should be the commonly used word “Come.” Some silly, cute reader was very obedient to the Moe Lord. When he came to the bedside, Du Ze looked at the bottle in Xiu’s hands and asked: “What is that?”

Xiu stretched out his hand and pulled the defenseless Du Ze into bed, then he covered Du Ze’s body with his. The demon used his hands to prop himself up on top of Du Ze, with his long black hair coolly falling down like silk on Du Ze’s chest. Still holding the potion, Xiu used his forefinger to write the answer on Du Ze’s body.

[You’ll know right away.]

Bright moonlight wandered in. Xiu’s eyes became brighter and brighter. Du Ze looked at Xiu’s slender vertical pupils; he didn’t know why but he felt a strong sense of danger. Before he could move, he saw Xiu pull out the cork with his teeth. The moment air touched the potion, it half-solidified. A scent overflowed from the medicine bottle, diffusing into the air. That fragrance made people feel very relaxed; Du Ze didn’t realize that his body had lost its stiffness.

Du Ze’s eyes widened; his breathing became more rapid as Xiu kissed him on the lips again.

His temperature was rising but oxygen was not available. Du Ze gasped violently but did not want to push Xiu away.

Sweat from Du Ze’s forehead slid down into the corners of his eyes like tears. Du Ze was being bullied by Xiu until he cried. Du Ze’s heart was pounding violently as though it was about to jump out of his mouth. Even though it was shameful, the bullied Du Ze finally couldn’t help but say it out loud.

“… Yes, it’s you …”

Behind Du Ze, Xiu crooned softly: “Hmm?”

“… I think … of you …”

The demon smiled and kissed Du Ze’s ear fondly. He finally loosened his hold.

[Good boy.]

WTF … Du Ze closed his eyes, surrendered himself, and no longer struggled.

Xiu smiled.

Du Ze gasped and said to Xiu behind him: “It’s time to rest … tomorrow …. the tower… ah …”

Moonlight shone down from the window and the two moons had climbed to the top. Xiu took Du Ze in his arms as his 0-point restore was triggered; Du Ze’s whole body was restored to his original condition, all signs of a mess disappeared. Du Ze felt Xiu put his head on his shoulder.

Xiu held his family’s silly, cute reader in his arms. He kissed that person’s soft earlobe then did not make a move again.

[Good night.]


Important announcement: This chapter is the SFW version.  Large parts have been removed to keep it rated G. You can read the full chapter on another website. Please visit the Novelupdates page for the link to that chapter.

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  1. I’m returning from Tumblr and I laugh so hard when De Zu ignored Xie request of sleeping all night with his parts in him. 😂😂😂😂

  2. It scares me thinking about demon-form Xiu’s fingers penetrating DZ’s chrysanthemum 😱 aren’t his fingernails like super long and sharp?

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