Chapter 67.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 67.1 – Tower of God: Demon God Arena

In the moment that they entered the tower, Du Ze involuntarily closed his eyes. When he opened them, he and Xiu had arrived at a completely unfamiliar place.

They were in a spacious round room about the size of half a football field. Several stone platforms were located around the hall. At the 12 o’clock position was a huge door made of light; it was so dazzling that people could not see what was beyond the door. That door was the only entrance he could see so it must be the entrance to the first level of the tower.

The hall was full of people. Du Ze looked around and thought that it would be impossible for more people to squeeze their way inside. However, even after the Thunder Regiment entered, the hall was still in the same state as before – it still looked as though it would be impossible for one more person to enter. Du Ze was puzzled, clearly there were more and more people entering but no matter how crowded it seemed, the bodies of the people inside never made contact with each other. Xiu had been embracing him but he did not know when he had disappeared.

Du Ze looked at Xiu and found that he did not voluntarily let him go. His hand was outstretched as though he wanted to touch Du Ze but couldn’t. It wasn’t as though his hand and Du Ze’s body were virtual and could not touch. Rather, the two of them looked very close to each other but the space between them was infinite and could not be bridged.

Xiu frowned. He did not like this feeling. Du Ze was in front of him but he could never reach him.

– This man has always given him that kind of feeling.

Xiu knows that he is insecure, but that is because he cares too much about this person.

Du Ze saw Xiu say something but even sound was blocked. Du Ze realized that the hall was too quiet. They were all crowded together and people were speaking, but no voices could be heard. Xiu was aware of this and pointed at the door of light with a finger, signaling the others that they should pass through together.

Because everyone was in a different space, Du Ze’s path to the door was unimpeded. He followed behind Xiu. As he approached the door, an invisible force made Du Ze lift his hand. A black flame floated on his palm. Du Ze couldn’t describe this feeling but the moment he saw the black flame, he knew it was his ticket. He had three options: he could climb the tower to try to become a god; he could give up this ticket in the hall and be sent expelled by the tower; or he could give the ticket to someone else.

Du Ze looked at Xiu and found that the demon was gazing at him. A black flame was also in his hand. Du Ze did not hesitate to pass his ticket to Xiu. When the two black flames got near to each other, they spontaneously fused together. Du Ze did not know why he felt proud when he saw the flame surging upward.

Even if he did not come to this world to know Xiu, Xiu was the person that he believed in the most. For readers, they see the protagonist as someone all-powerful. Some of the readers who cannot achieve their dreams pin their hopes on the protagonist and derive enjoyment from seeing him achieve their dreams. As long as the protagonist succeeds, even if the reader doesn’t have anything to do with it, the reader can still get great satisfaction and joy – the protagonist is their favorite hero and their ideal self.

The back of Du Ze’s neck was suddenly grabbed and his head was tilted up to receive Xiu’s kiss. After their black flames fused, they were in the same space. Du Ze’s reaction speed was too slow. Xiu took advantage of Du Ze’s mouth that was slightly open because of his surprise. Xiu knew that Du Ze was shy so he folded his wings around the two of them. To other people this action was just like an ostrich burying its head in the sand.

The demon sisters watched as Xiu spread his wings open to reveal himself and Du Ze. Though the black-haired youth’s face was still as cold as ever, his slightly swollen lips were quite charming. Alice gave her ticket to Violet who walked over to Xiu and carefully handed the fused black flames to him.

Now that he was able to hold his silly, cute person, Xiu’s mood had improved. He took Violet and Muir’s black flames. When he turned to Ariel, the dark elf princess seemed to be trying to say something. Du Ze read the words that she was expressing with her gestures and was finally reminded of the loyal mechanical puppet who was helping him take care of the fat chirp.

“Old John wasn’t able to come.”

For living creatures, they are all in their own separate spaces. Old John is not alive so the hall was too crowded for him to pass through.

“I’ll pick him up.”

Xiu walked back to Old John and said something. Old John nodded and handed the small Phoenix to Xiu. There was a flash of gray light as the mechanical puppet was loaded into Xiu’s space ring.

Du Ze looked at the unusually well-behaved fluffy chick in Xiu’s hand. When Xiu let it go, the fat chirp flew like a cannonball to the top of Du Ze’s head. It made a precise landing with its wings open, like a gymnast jumping down from the parallel bars.

“Chirp chirp~”

Regarding that fluffy animal that was always in his hair, he has been fighting a losing battle against it from the beginning. Now he was resigned to its presence. Xiu took Du Ze’s hand in his. Because of the spatial separation, he could not contact Rachel and others. Instead he gestured to the Thunder Regiment and led everyone into the door of light.

The light from the door was not that bright but it did make Du Ze squint as they entered. His line of sight was blank. After they entered and the bright afterimages in his sight had disappeared, Du Ze became speechless when he saw the place they were in.

It was as though they were not inside the tower but rather in another world. They stood on a circular arena surrounded by arches and an auditorium in the Ancient Roman architectural style. Burning torches scattered the darkness and there was only a black emptiness all around the arena.

Du Ze looked around him and saw that it was really like what Heidi said. Only Xiu and his followers were in this place, the Thunder Regiment and everyone else had entered the door together but now there was no trace of them. He did not know where the Tower of God had randomly sent them.

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