Chapter 69 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 69 – Returning A Favor

This chapter is by Lianyin of BC Novels.

Chu Yu immediately unsheathed Xun Sheng to try to block the attack. With a ‘clang’, a huge burst of energy suddenly burst forth from the sword. It was not easy for Chu Yu to both draw the sword and parry the attack in one swift move. His body was still experiencing severe pain, and he did not have much strength. He was sent flying back from the aftershock of the first impact and crashed into the wall of the mountain.

The pain nearly brought tears to his eyes. He choked back his tears and wiped his eyes with a trembling hand to see what had just attacked him.

A black…… leopard?
This monster resembled a leopard, but it had two heads, and its eyes were blood red. Its gaping mouth exposed sharp teeth within; it was obviously a carnivore.

Chu Yu shivered and swept a glance around, his heart sinking.

If it was just one, maybe he could still deal with it.

But how was he going to deal with a whole pack of them?!
It was reasonable for there to be demonic beasts at the bottom of the abyss…… but, how could Fu Lanxue not even give a squeak about it?!

For a brief moment, Chu Yu painfully stared at the pack of beasts that were circling, ready to pounce at any moment. A sudden flash of inspiration hit him, and he carefully drew a small stack of talisman from the front of his robes.

Third Shidi had given these to him. Many of the charms created by Third Shidi were weird in all kinds of ways. Since Chu Yu had a habit of throwing out random stuff from his interspatial storage ring, he had placed those talismans in his robes instead to avoid confusion.

Third Shidi had once proclaimed that he wanted to draw talismans which even mere commoners could use without the use of spiritual energy. This was now the time to test it…….

Chu Yu gritted his teeth. Taking out one talisman from the stack, he ruthlessly hurled it at the demonic beasts.

Perhaps because they had poor vision, and they had never seen a talisman before, the pack of beasts simply watched curiously as the charm lightly floated and fell among them. Seeing no reaction from the talisman, Chu Yu’s heart chilled as he rigidly looked over as a few of the beasts went over to jab at it.

The next moment, there was a loud “BOOM” that exploded from the center of the charm. Panicked howls rang out. When the light and dust gradually settled, Chu Yu spat out the dirt that had flown into his mouth and fixed his gaze at the scene.

There was no crater on the ground as he had imagined.

That talisman earlier was more similar to a smoke bomb. It had no real power. Fortunately, the natives in this place were not worldly wise and had already run away in fright.

However, it was fortunate that it had no real power. Otherwise, as he had been standing so close he would have been swept away by the surge of energy. This body now could be said to be out of fuel; if he was to heap any more hardship on it and he would probably kick the bucket.

Chu Yu broke out in a cold sweat and sat down weakly. After gasping for breath for a while, he struggled to get up again.

Because of his earlier actions, his hair had been scattered over his shoulders. Chu Yu took a casual glance at it. When he saw his own hair out of the corners of his eyes, his body stiffened. After a period of silence, he raised Xun Sheng and looked at his reflection on its sharp, snow-white blade.

As expected, his face was horribly pale, and there were dark circles under his eyes. He looked sickly as if he would breathe his last any moment now.

His black hair had also turned completely white, like the cold moonlight.

Chu Yu touched his snow-white hair, confused. True, the cave he had woken up in was in complete darkness, so much that he could not even see Fu Lanxue clearly. He had been in so much pain before, where would he have the mood to check his appearance?

Even though getting out of the abyss was still wishful thinking, Chu Yu could not help but imagine Xie Xi’s face when he saw Chu Yu like this.

……It looked like he would have to find something to nourish himself and recuperate after leaving this d*** place, then go and find something to dye his hair black with. Otherwise, that little crybaby would likely bawl his eyes out while hugging him, before turning around to butcher the demonic cultivators with his sword.

It was also possible that his qi might even deviate again.

It was not really easy to raise a child.

Chu Yu let his thoughts run wild as he slowly walked back, holding several fruits in his arms. He was now a weak mortal; he would be disadvantaged no matter what he came across in this place. Fu Lanxue’s still had his cultivation; thus, he would have to count on him to keep himself safe.

He hoped that this Elder would not leave him in the lurch.

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Back in the cave, Chu Yu wiped the fruits and looked at Fu Lanxue, who was still sitting as still as a statue. Thinking that the elder had not tried eating this stuff since he still had his cultivation, Chu Yu turned his eyes towards him and probed, “Elder, do you want some fruits? The taste isn’t bad.”

Fu Lanxue was silent for a while before he said in a light tone, “I ate it before.”
Chu Yu laughed drily.
Although the fruits were bitter, they seemed to have some medicinal effects. Chu Yu did not know if it was an illusion, but he somehow felt as if that sharp pain in his body had eased off some after he had eaten the fruits. He was surprised, and looked Fu Lanxue to ask, “Does Elder knows this strange food is?”
Although Fu Lanxue rarely spoke on his own initiative, he had always answered every question. Hearing this, he replied, “It’s nameless, but it’s beneficial for the body. You’re weak now, eat a few every day and it won’t be long before you recover.”

Chu Yu was overjoyed.
It seemed that Fu Lanxue still had good intentions, he was giving him good advice. It was bad enough that he had turned back into a commoner, but it was even worse for him to have to drag such an indisposed body around. It would thus be for the best if he could restore his health.

The earlier he recovers, the earlier he would be able to find a way to get out. His Dantian was just blocked; it was not as if his spiritual pulses had been destroyed. As long as he could leave this place, there would be a way for him to be cured.

The bitter fruit was instantly sweet. Chu Yu happily chomped down on it. Maybe his mood affected Fu Lanxue. Fu Lanxue broke his silence after a long time and said quietly, “You seem happy. Whether it’s your fall into the demonic abyss or the difficulty you will face in finding a way back, or your cultivation having been rendered useless because of your blocked Dantian……none of them are anything worth being happy about.”

After this conversation, the obscurity of his speech that had been caused by his prolonged silence was gone, and he was beginning to speak more fluently.
Chu Yu said, “My brother knows a godly physician in Elder’s clan. Perhaps he will be able to help me.”
“The Fu clan……”
Fu Lanxue mumbled. After a moment, he shook his head and lapsed back into silence.
Although this nameless fruit has some analgesic effect, the pain in his body was still unbearable, especially when night fell. Besides the penetrating pain, there was also a chill emanating from nowhere. Chu Yu was greatly tormented.
Chu Yu knew that he would only be safe staying beside Fu Lanxue. The good thing was that this Elder hardly ever left the cave and spent most of his time just sitting quietly. So for the next few days, other than going out to pick fruits, Chu Yu spent the rest of his time nestling on the ground of the cave playing dead. Sometimes he would faint in pain, then wake up, spending the rest of his day in dizziness.

After a period of time, the time Chu Yu spent unconscious gradually lessened, and the pain in his body gradually disappeared. Although he was not as healthy as a cultivator, he could now run and jump again. There was no longer any need to wrongfully use Xun Sheng as a crutch.

Now that he had healed to this extent, it was almost time for him to go out and to try to find the exit.
Fu Lanxue had slaughtered his kin with his own hands while in the midst of his qi deviation. The knot that was held in his heart could only be untied by himself; there was nothing a stranger and a junior like Chu Yu could do for him. It was likely that Fu Lanxue wanted to remain in this place as penance for eternity.
Chu Yu sighed internally. Still remembering all of Fu Lan Xue’s kindness, he bowed to him and said, “Thank you for your kindness. This junior is leaving now.”

Fu Lanxue had been looking at Chu Yu with a cold expression the entire time. After listening to his words, he finally said: “Are you going to find the exit? Although there are no powerful demonic beasts in this abyss, it’s still not something that ordinary body of yours can handle.”

Chu Yu was startled. He could vaguely hear the concern under that cold voice of his. He immediately thought of the paralyzed face of his Shizun, Lu Qingan, and his heart warmed. He smiled and said, “Elder, thank you for your reminder. It’s just that there are too many people out there waiting for this Junior to return, so this Junior must leave this place.”

Fu Lanxue asked, “Who is waiting for you?”
Chu Yu did not expect that Fu Lanxue would still have enough interest to continue the conversation. After a silence, he simply sat in a cross-legged posture and said solemnly, “The shidi who always clings to me, the elder brother who always worries about me, the cold-faced but warm-hearted Shizun who always show his concern for me just like Elder does……and many more. Perhaps even the frivolous Third Shidi.”

After hearing himself used as a comparison, Fu Lanxue’s interest was piqued. “Who is your Shizun?”
Chu Yu smiled. “His surname is Lu, his name, Qingan. Have you heard of him before?”
There was silence all around.

It was a long time before Fu Lanxue asked in a hoarse voice, “Lu…… Qingan? Is his sword named Yan Han?”
Were Fu Lanxue and Lu Qingan acquaintances?
Chu Yu was not that surprised, or rather, there was mingled hope and fear. He hoped that Fu Lanxue and Lu Qingan were not enemies. He hesitated for a moment, then nodded cautiously. “Does Elder knows my Master?”

Fu Lanxue was quiet for a long time before he said in an indifferent tone, “I’ve heard of him.”
After having said that, he was reluctant to say more. From the looks of it, they should not be enemies. Chu Yu felt slightly reassured and left the cave with Xun Sheng.

The bottom of the abyss was dark all year round. There were no tall trees, and some of the trees that were there were even bare. He did not know if Demon Lord Yan Heng had expanded the abyss the last time broke free, or it had been like this all along, but there was a vast world out there when he stepped out of the cave. Occasionally, he could see venomous snakes slithering past. Fortunately, they did not provoke him.

However, it was still an abyss after all; it was sandwiched between the two sides of the mountains. As long as he walked along one side, he would eventually be able to reach the end. Carrying his sword along his journey, Chu Yu had met several waves of demonic beasts. He had thrown out Third Shidi’s talismans and successfully managed startled them off before he continued on with his journey. He did not know how long he had walked, but he still had yet to see an opening.

Looking up at the mountain walls high up in the clouds, he could vaguely see the sky above was darkening further. Chu Yu did not know whether Xie Xi was keeping guard like he did when Chu Yu was shut in the Mausoleum Ruins, but he inexplicably felt that right at this very moment, Xie Xi should be standing at the edge of the cliff and looking down into the unfathomable abyss, hoping to catch a glimpse of him.

It would not be long before night fell. The night here was dangerous, and Chu Yu was already thinking about finding a place to rest when he suddenly heard a loud roar a short distance away.

Although he had not seen what it was yet, he could hear the fury and hostility from the roar. Chu Yu’s eyebrows jerked. His intuition told him that this thing was difficult to get along with, and so he broke into a run without hesitation.

He did not manage to get very far when the roar came again, the sound having swiftly moved in closer behind Chu Yu. Chu Yu was frightened out of his wits. A blue light suddenly swept past his head and went straight to hit something behind him. The next moment, there was a howl of pain and the sound of something hitting the ground. Chu Yu turned back in shock and saw a slender man putting the sword in his hand back into its sheath.

Beside his feet was an unknown behemoth breathing its last. Chu Yu looked at it with a complicated expression for a moment, then at the man.

He was wearing a pale blue satin robe that looked fairly old. His long hair was hanging loose, and his somewhat long bangs hung down and covered his eyes. Slightly exposed underneath those bangs were the straight bridge of his nose and his pursed lips. His lower jaw was slightly tense. When he raised his head, he gave off an aura of death.

Chu Yu silently muttered a few words of System please bless me and slowly moved over. He hesitated for a moment before he spoke, “……Elder Fu?”

The man coldly nodded his head.

Chu Yu now felt even more complicated.

This man was really a person with a cold exterior but a warm heart…. He surely couldn’t have been following behind him all this time, could he? He was truly similar to Lu Qingan.

After thanking Fu Lanxue for saving his life, Chu Yu silently squatted beside the dead beast and looked at it with sparkling eyes. Fu Lanxue had been isolated from civilization for many years. It was not easy for him to speak to a person, but it seemed that this person was abnormal. Pinching his eyebrows, he asked, “What…… are you looking at it for?”

Chu Yu asked, “Elder, this seems to be just an ordinary wild beast?” 
Fu Lanxue nodded his head.
“It’s not poisonous?”
Fu Lanxue nodded his head.
“Can it be eaten?” 


Under the speechless gaze of Fu Lanxue, Chu Yu, who had been eating bitter fruits for so long, found a place with water and determinedly toiled to make a fire, all to finally end his meatless diet.

Fu Lanxue watched him busying around for a long time before he asked, “Are you a member of the Jiao Xia Chu Clan?”

Chu Yu smiled and nodded his head.
Fu Lanxue said, “The Chu Clan takes care of their own. Earlier on, when you mentioned the people who would miss you, you did not mention your parents. Why is that?”

……This was a big problem.

Chu Yu was dispirited when he remembered what Wei Yuanshan had said at Yun Cuo.

The Resurrection Instance existed, but everything would depend on luck… What was luck? Could it be eaten? Could Chu Sheng truly rely on luck to sustain himself?

In any case, Fu Lanxue would not leave the Demonic Abyss. Chu Yu had still felt some joy earlier on. Now, there was only gloom left. He might as well vaguely reveal the assassination of his parents and how his elder brother was forced to commit patricide; in passing, he also mentioned the legendary Resurrection Instance.
Unexpectedly, Fu Lanxue piped up the moment Chu Yu was done explaining, “The place you mentioned should be Xuan Jing.” Without waiting for Chu Yu’s response, he continued, “Back then, after I had committed a grave mistake, I had also heard of Xuan Jing. It took me many years to finally get in, but in the end, I couldn’t get into the Soul Summoning Array……”

Chu Yu was caught off guard by elation, so much that his eyes were brimming with tears. Seeing the sorrowful expression on Fu Lanxue’s face, he suppressed his emotional reaction. It was only when Fu Lanxue reverted to his previous indifferent expression that Chu Yu carefully asked, “Elder, could you tell this Junior…… the location of Xuan Jing?”

Fu Lanxue was silent for a moment before he said, “Xuan Jing opens only once every hundred years; no one knows exactly where it will appear. Back then, I searched for it for a very long time before a master gave me directions to keep heading west. Only when the starlight and moonlight converge will there be an opportunity to enter.”

Chu Yu silently chewed this over this for a few times. He made another show of respect to Fu Lanxue. He was still feeling ecstatic when he was hit by another surprise.

Fu Lanxue said, “I know of a way to leave this place.”

Chu Yu gawked at Fu Lanxue. Jabbing the system in his mind, he asked, “Is this guy…… an NPC sent by you guys to help me out?”

The System replied, “You just have imbalanced luck~”

Who cares what kind of luck it is, Fu Lanxue was simply godsent!

Chu Yu was so excited that he threw away the bones he had finished gnawing on and stared at Fu Lanxue with eager eyes.

Fu Lanxue remained motionless and said quietly, “But you will have to wait for a year. There are many barriers and restrictions in the Demonic Abyss, sealing off every exit. But on the Easternmost side of the abyss, there is a small gap. The gap is usually blocked off by a barrier, but the barrier will weaken bit by bit every year. When the barrier thins out next year, I can lend you a hand.”

Chu Yu was aware that there had to be a reason that Fu Lanxue would help him to this extent. After a moment of silence, he asked in a soft voice, “Is Elder helping me…… because of my Shizun?”

Fu Lanxue paused for a moment. When he raised his head, Chu Yu could vaguely see that the gaze behind his messy hair was clear as water. Fu Lanxue replied, “Just returning a favor.”

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