Chapter 7 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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(Translator’s Note: Alright, I think it’s time to use more authentic terms. By now everyone should know the main character’s social positions.


Da Shixiong – Eldest Senior Apprentice Brother, this is what the other disciples call the first and most senior disciple.
Shidi – Younger Apprentice Brother
Xiao Shidi – Youngest of the Younger Apprentice Brothers)

Chapter 7 – Brotherly Harmony

Chu Yu shivered as he slept. He woke up, saw the angry face of a cute little teenage boy at his bedside, yawned, squinted his eyes, pinched the little face, and finally went back to sleep.

Xie Xi, whose face was pinched, froze: “…”

“Chu Yu!”

As the roaring sound was poured into his ear, Chu Yu straightened up his body and stared. He had not managed to fall asleep so early in a long time and it’s rare for him to sleep so sweetly. Suddenly forced to awaken, his brain was still muddled.

Xie Xi repressed the wrath in his heart, “Why didn’t you come tonight?”

Chu Yu woke up at the sight of Xie Xi.

Upon hearing Xie Xi’s words, Chu Yu was bewildered. What’s the situation with the cute Xiao Shidi? In the depths of night, he ran into Chu Yu’s room and yelled at Chu Yu about not treating his Yang deficiency?

Chu Yu was happy that he did not see Xie Xi leap through the window into his room at midnight, sword in hand, seeking revenge. Now Chu Yu was puzzled. Clearing his throat, he calmly said: “… I thought you probably tucked yourself in properly tonight.”

The sword suddenly struck. Chu Yu, who was still absent-minded, was not afraid of offending Xie Xi this time and used two fingers to stop the sword.

He tilted his head and smiled. “Shidi, children should not stay up so late at night. Be obedient and go back to bed.”

The flames of Xie Xi’s fury rose higher when he heard those words. Since his sword had been captured, he simply abandoned1 it and threw himself at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu had not thought that the dignified protagonist would play so childishly. He was confused and barely had time to hastily fling the sword away as Xie Xi fell on him.

“Thump!” His head crashed down on his porcelain pillow. Chu Yu’s tears almost fell but he bit his lip and endured the pain while silently swearing to himself that he will change to a soft pillow tomorrow.

Xie Xi straddled Chu Yu and punched him on the chest.

Chu Yu’s blood almost sprayed out.

Goodness, what’s wrong with the little one tonight?

Has the boy already decided to kill him?

F*ck, that lying System said that would only happen in 10 years’ time!

Xie Xi had waited until midnight, full of grievances and thinking of the unbearable pain he had felt for three years. Now, looking at the gentle, tolerant Da Shixiong, Xie Xi suddenly started crying.

Chu Yu was startled and stared blankly.

“Master-2 Shidi, don’t cry …”

He can’t bear it when this cute little guy cries!

The one who was scolded was him. The one who hit his head was him. The one who was beaten was him. Protagonist, why are you the one crying?!

Chu Yu simply wanted to cry together with him.

The crying Xie Xi bent down and buried his head in Chu Yu’s chest. Chu Yu felt a wetness on his chest.

Chu Yu was rendered speechless for a moment then suddenly had an epiphany.

… In time, this little boy will become a cold and harsh sword immortal but right now he is only a 13-year-old boy, ah. Though he can normally pretend to be cold and mature, he is, after all, still a timid child and when he feels wronged he will cry.

But, hero, how were you wronged?!

Chu Yu reluctantly stretched out his hand and stroked the Xie Xi’s back, whispering: “Shidi, don’t cry, who bullied you? Brother will beat him up for you.”

After he finished saying that, Chu Yu couldn’t help but shiver and suffer goosebumps.

But the brat liked listening to these kind of tender, coaxing words. The child raised his tearful eyes and said: “You.”

Chu Yu: “…”

Take back what you just said.

Is Xie Xi the one who has been wronged recently?!

Xie Xi wept for a moment longer then his mood stabilized. He wiped his face clean and the little face once again adopted his usual cold look.

However, since he just recently cried, his cheeks were red. Looking at this, Chu Yu’s heart felt tempted and he wanted to pinch those cheeks again.

Xie Xi spoke: “Da Shixiong, I will ask you a few questions. You have to answer truthfully.”

Chu Yu weakly raised his hands: “Shidi, you should get off me first…”

Xie Xi: “No.”

Chu Yu: “… Oh. Pretend I never asked.”3

It seems as though his normally elegantly beautiful noble manner of speech has left him …

“That day in the jungle when you fed me the poisonous fruit, did you want to harm me?”

“No.” Chu Yu answered decisively.

“When you brought me back to the courtyard, was it because the master was coming back?”

“… That was part of the reason,” Chu Yu answered. He thought that Xie Xi’s face became colder. In his heart, Chu Yu still could not comprehend why the protagonist came to his room in the middle of the night to ask these questions.

“These past few months, have you treated me well because I can cultivate now?”

“No.” It’s because you are the protagonist…

“The first two times, why didn’t you dodge my sword strikes?”

“… I was afraid of hurting you.”

Xie Xi was startled. His face listless, he asked: “For the last three months you have used your spiritual energy to fix my Yang deficiency. Why did you do that?”

Sh*t! How did he know about that?

Chu Yu was frightened. At first he was going to say “I was just practicing my Qi control technique” but seeing that Xie Xi was eagerly waiting for his answer, Chu Yu could not bring himself to lie. He was silent for a moment but then bit the bullet and said: “You had a lot of internal injuries that would have blocked your cultivation and could even had caused a Qi deviation. I was just helping you to heal those internal injuries.”

Regarding what caused the internal damage, Chu Yu was too ashamed to mention it. He dared not look at Xie Xi’s face.

The original Chu Yu was guilty of child abuse!

Chu Yu waited for a long time for the next question but it didn’t come. He raised his eyes to look at Xie Xi.

“Why didn’t you come to to my room tonight?”

Chu Yu helplessly said: “Your body’s internal injury has been eliminated.”

Xie Xi was silent for a moment, then said quietly: “Is what you just said true? Do you dare swear to God that it’s true?”

Chu Yu casually said: “If anything I have said is false, may lightning strike and kill me.”

Xie Xi blinked and looked at Chu Yu, as if he was seeing him for the first time.

After a long while, Xie Xi suddenly smiled: “Da Shixiong.”

Chu Yu was sleepy: “Eh?”

“Stay this way. Don’t change back to the old Da Shixiong.”

Oh, the original soul flew off somewhere.

Chu Yu casually made a sound of agreement. He was sleepy so his eyes closed as he vaguely heard what Xie Xi said, but he was not really listening. He fell asleep.

Xie Xi stared at Chu Yu’s peaceful, quiet face as he slept. Knowing that Chu Yu had spent three months warming Xie Xi’s body with his Qi, Xie Xi was not angry because he understood that Chu Yu was tired.

Looking out of the window, Xie Xi narrowed his eyes. He was sleepy, too. At first he wanted to leave, but he thought about it a bit then took off his robe and lay on Chu Yu’s bosom. Xie Xi then covered himself and Chu Yu with a quilt.

Feeling that gentle spirit lingering around him, Xie Xi sighed in relief and closed his eyes, falling fast asleep

It really is Da Shixiong’s spiritual energy.

For three months, Xie Xi has become accustomed to the warmth of that spiritual energy. When he is close to the master of that Qi, his mind is at ease and he feels very comfortable.

He could not sleep before because that warm energy was not present. Even if he forced himself to sleep, his heart would not be calm.

Now, holding Chu Yu, his heart is calm.


Nothing could be more frightening than waking up in the morning and finding the protagonist sleeping in his bed.

Chu Yu felt stupid and sluggish as he looked at the wall, trying to pull off Xie Xi’s hands from around his waist. He tried for a long while but Xie Xi wouldn’t let go. The boy was holding on tightly.

WTF!?! What happened? Didn’t you just ask a bunch of questions last night? How come when I woke up the protagonist has suddenly became a koala?!

Chu Yu growled inwardly but only stared at the wall in front of him, thinking about how to cope with Xie Xi who will be waking up soon.

Looking at their current position, it seems that Xie Xi already knew that he was not the same as the old Chu Yu. Xie Xi must have also realized what Chu Yu had done for him.

So this is how Xie Xi expressed his feelings now that his resentment had dissipated and the favorability rating had been raised?

In the end, he is still a child.

Chu Yu touched Xie Xi’s head then silently knocked on the System: “You haven’t notified me of new comments for a long time. There were no comments when we fought? What about my points?”

007 System: “The system is upgrading ~ During upgrade all comments are on hold ~ Host, please be patient and wait for the System Upgrade to be completed ~”

Chu Yu was confused: “Upgrade?”

007 System: “I’m sorry, the host has no right to ask.”

Well, you’re happy.

With an expressionless face, Chu Yu turned off the System.

Looking down, he saw that Xie Xi’s eyelashes were fluttering. He was going to wake up soon.

Chu Yu pondered for a moment then closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

The kid woke up, yawned, and cuddled against Chu Yu. Since he just woke up, his voice was slow and lazy: “Da Shixiong.”

Chu Yu almost answered but calmed down and continued to pretend to sleep.

“Da Shixiong.”

He was quiet for a moment and then called again: “Da Shixiong.”

Are you a recorder that’s on repeat?

It was too noisy so Chu Yu was forced to open his eyes. Gently, he tried to push off Xie Xi: “Let go, this is highly improper.”

Xie Xi is no longer not afraid of him. His face showed a happy, smiling expression and he cuddled in Chu Yu’s arms again.

Chu Yu rolled his eyes. Xie Xi is acting so clingy. It’s unexpected.

But the truth is, even though the protagonist will be an immortal sword master later on, in the end, children are children. Compared to adults, it’s easier for them to forget their resentments and they are more likely to get attached to people who are treat them well.

In fact, if the original Chu Yu had not been such a foolish cannon fodder who loved to court death, he would not have died so miserably …

It seems like the bright future and broad road is back!

Chu Yu thought of hugging the golden thighs and immediately his expression became kind. He touched the head of Xie Xi: “Shidi…”

Xie Xi interrupted his words, eagerly saying: “Da Shixiong, later, can I sleep with you every night?”

I’m afraid it’s improper …

Looking at the protagonist, whose cute face was very hopeful yet at the same time so worried about rejection that he looked like he was about to cry, Chu Yu felt his heart ache.

WTF!! This is too adorable! This shouldn’t be allowed!

Protagonist, you are supposed to be a powerful warrior, unrivalled in all the four corners of the world! You’re not supposed to act cute and ask for hugs like this!

The otaku’s Moe point was stabbed until his eyes became shiny.4 Chu Yu hastily nodded.

It’s just sleeping together. They’re men. What is there to be afraid of?

Chu Yu carelessly thought that, but he did not see Xie Xi’s eyes flashing as his lips curled into a triumphant smile.


shiny eyes
“His eyes became shiny.” I think it’s like this.

Translator’s Note: I decided to change the forms of address since … well, this is a romance and if they call each other “brother” all the time it might sound weird.

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  1. Relieved himself: the undertones here imply ‘to urinate’
  2. In his mind Chu Yu calls Xie Xi “master” since he thinks of Xie Xi as the protagonist. This time he slipped up.
  3. Non literal translation of 当我没问
  4. See illustration below, after the end of this chapter

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