Chapter 8 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 8: Don’t Die

Right now, Chu Yu’s evening meditation has become peaceful. Since he did not have to peel open other people’s clothes in the middle of the night to transfer his Qi, it has slowly recovered and he’s now full of energy.

To restore one’s peak condition, there are two cultivation methods that one can use.

In the past few months Chu Yu has skillfully 1 practiced a meditation technique. He just closes his eyes and in the twinkling of an eye he can enter the proper meditative state. Though he has merely been staying in his home in the small courtyard but he has often been using up his Qi without any chance to cultivate.

Looking up at the dark sky, Chu Yu rose and was preparing to go down the mountain. Then the door creaked as it was pushed open by Xie Xi who was holding a pillow as he came inside.

His small face was a little red from excitement and he looked extremely adorable, especially since he deliberately tried to keep a serious face. A person could not help but want to pinch his cheeks.

Chu Yu stunned for a moment then remembered that this morning Xie Xi had acted spoiled and asked to sleep with him. He smiled at Xie Xi, saying: “You go to bed first.”

Xie X tilted his head as he watched Chu Yu arranging his things on the table: “Da Shixiong, do you need to leave Yuan Chen Peak?”

“Un.2 I heard that in the town below the mountain, there is a water demon that has caused harm to human life. I will be going to take a look at it.” Chu Yu finished inspecting his things and then put them away in his storage ring. Though he is unavoidably a little nervous, there is also a eagerness in his heart.

Tian Yuan Sect’s Main Peak Hall3 will occasionally issue a demon removal task. Disciples can take on one of these tasks and will receive a talisman or medicine as a reward upon the completion of their mission.

This is also one type of experience. Unfortunately, Tian Yuan Sect’s area of influence in Jiao Xia doesn’t have many demons and those that appear are not too troublesome. Thus, all the disciples have become lazy, it doesn’t matter that they lack experience.

The original Chu Yu is from Jiao Xia’s largest family and as a Yuan Chen Peak disciple, he naturally doesn’t lack medicine or talismans. Therefore, the original owner of Chu Yu’s body had never gone down the mountain to gain experience.

Chu Yu searched his memory but could not recall any relevant experience that would help him with the demon extermination task that he will have to undertake in three years. So for experience and for his cultivation techniques, he took on this task.

After all, Grandpa Deng4 says that “genuine knowledge comes from practice.”

Chu Yu was absent-mindedly thinking about this and did not notice that behind him Xie Xi’s complexion turned pale. As Chu Yu was going to fish out a piece of cloth to polish Xun Sheng, Xie Xi suddenly said: “Da Shixiong, I also want to go.”


The child really must not be used to it.

Chu Yu turned back and made a coldly elegant gesture, with a noble countenance: “Shidi, I am going to cut up a demon. I’m not going sightseeing.”

“I’m going too!” Xie Xi, biting his lip, threw himself into Chu Yu’s arms. Embracing Chu Yu’s waist tightly, Xie Xi’s small face was full of color and held an expression as though he was suffering from injustice, said “I want to go!”

Chu Yu pushed him away, saying sternly: “The demon slaying task is very dangerous. I cannot go with a child …”

Xie Xi was persistent: “Many of the younger disciples on this mountain have only cultivated to the fifth of sixth level of Qi Refining. I am level eight so I can protect myself. I won’t drag you down Da Shixiong!”

=□=!!! There is no such story in the original novel!!!

Chu Yu was speechless for a moment then he opened his mouth and gently coaxed: “Be good, relax and stay in the mountain to cultivate. When I come back, I’ll bring you something delicious.”

Xie X’s mouth formed a straight line: “Does Da Shixiong hate me again? Is Da Shixiong leaving because he doesn’t want to sleep with me?”

This child is so spoiled…5

Chu Yu sighed and rubbed his temples. In the original version of the novel, the next three years were not described. Only the classic “in a twinkling, three years flew by” line was written. So … if he brings the protagonist with him, everything should turn out okay? The situation can’t be dangerous when the protagonist is there, right?

With that in mind, Chu Yu politely smiled and rubbed Xie Xi’s hair: “Alright, I’ll take you down the mountain.”

Xie Xi smiled, happily picked up the pillow, and climbed into bed.

Chu Yu stared at the boy’s back and wondered: Isn’t this teenaged boy being a little too sticky?

Nevermind, now he and the protagonist can slowly develop a good relationship. This will ensure that the future where he is hacked to pieces will be avoided. His bright future is now a step closer to reality.

In the long run, Chu Yu doesn’t want the hero to stick to him like this.


The next morning, in Yuan Chen Peak, a bunch of cannon fodder characters were gathered together and followed Chu Yu and Xie Xia as they started walking down the mountain.

Chu Yu, his face cold, turned round to lecture: “I am leaving for a few days. While I am gone you should not neglect your cultivation.”


“When I come back, I will check if you have properly cultivated. Whoever dares to abandon his duties will be thrown into the jungle for a day.”

Everyone’s face changed color. “Yes!”

Chu Yu was pleased with his sense of majestic dignity. He nodded with satisfaction and patted Xie Xi’s head. They slowly walked down the mountain. The other disciples looked with veneration as the two people’s figures – one short, one tall – gradually disappeared in the distance, covered by mountain fog.

In the cultivation world, the Tian Yuan Sect is regarded as a large sect. It is said that several of its late stage Nascent Soul cultivators will soon go into closed door cultivation as they are about to step into the Immortal Ascension stage. The sect’s Patriarch is an Immortal Ascension practitioner who is in a critical moment of his closed door cultivation state in the Main Peak.6

The Tian Yuan mountain range is in Jiao Xia. The sect’s Tian Yuan Mountain is the place with the most abundant Qi.

Walking down its 9999 stone steps from the peak of the mountain to the foot of the mountain, there are many magnificent vistas that can be seen that are beyond ordinary people’s imagination. The mountain mist is like a sea, and water falls down with a splash. The wind whispers and sometimes wipes away the mist, revealing the scenery. The rocks and the vegetation are all very spiritual.

Chu Yu used to be a shut-in otaku. After being transported into this world he remained a shut-in, so this is his first time seeing such sights. He could not help but become fascinated, silently putting his hand on Xun Sheng and drawing it out, eager to rush into this new adventure.

Those who are in the Foundation Building period are able to fly on their swords. The last time Lu Qingan came back, Chu Yu flew with him for a while. But that time was very short and before he knew it, they were on the ground and it was over.

Seeing Chu Yu’s lip curve up in a strange, excited smile, Xie Xi felt a shiver run down his spine as though something bad was about to happen.

“Shidi, are you afraid of heights?”

Chu Yu stared at Xun Sheng which was floating in the air and recalled how it felt when he flew before. He beamed at Xie Xi.

Xie Xi frowned. His small face showed hesitation and he shook his head.

Chu Yu leaned over and hugged Xie Xi. He jumped on top of Xun Sheng and cried from his heart: “I will take you flying!”

Right as he finished speaking, Chu Yu used a hand seal to move Xun Sheng and “whoosh” the sword flew.

Xun Sheng was moving and Chu Yu had tears streaming down his face.

This is courting an early death!

How to turn?! How to slow down?! It won’t stop! Coach, where are you?! Where is the brake?!

As they flew, the oncoming wind was like a sword stabbing the skin of his cheeks until they were raw. Chu Yu was somewhat regretful but determined not to lose to his “you only live once” impulse. Using a hand seal to protect two people, he hoped that they might crash into one of the trees on the mountain, and thus suddenly come to a halt.

Around them the mist gradually dispersed and Chu Yu reluctantly looked at the current scenery, only to find that they have left Tian Yuan Sect territory.

Xie Xi, who was being held in his arms, felt warm and secure. Rubbing against Chu Yu’s chest, he cried: “Da Shixiong.”

Chu Yu heard him but he was desperately trying to recall how to control his flying sword.

Xie Xi’s eyes darkened as he reached out and touched Chu Yu’s face: “Da Shixiong, your face is so cold.”

You try being an idiot who is blown about by the wind, wouldn’t you be cold, too?

Xie Xi intimately rubbed Chu Yu’s cheeks a couple of times so that the friction built up some heat. Chu Yu put a hand on his head and racked his brains for a while until he finally remembered how to stop Xun Sheng.

Chu Yu was overjoyed and immediately made the proper hand seal.

Xun Sheng indeed immediately stopped and the blue water element Qi on the sword’s body also disappeared instantly. As the flying sword lost its Qi, it immediately fell down.

Fell down… while Chu Yu and Xie Xi were still standing on it.

Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

Chu Yu’s brain was blank with shock but the expression on his face appeared even more calm and indifferent than before, aloof like an immortal who has renounced the mortal world.

Xie Xi panicked when they fell but when he saw Chu Yu’s calm expression, his panic disappeared and he even had time to think: Is Da Shixiong testing me?

Thinking of this possibility, Xie X’s eyes flashed as he calmed down. Grabbing Chu Yu’s waist with one arm, he used the other arm to call Xun Sheng to him. Chu Yu had sent his Qi to Xie Xi for three months, so Xie Xi’s body still had Chu Yu’s aura in it. Xun Sheng did not reject his call.

Xie Xi held on to the taller man as he and Chu Yu got back on Xun Sheng. Compared to Chu Yu’s method, they were nearer to the ground and Xie Xi reluctantly willed Xun Shen to fly over a river before he lost control. Two people and one sword fell into the river with a “splash” sound.

Chu Yu woke abruptly.

After 20 years as an ordinary person, despite the fact that he had read a lot of fantasy novels, he was frightened and felt as though he was in a nightmare as the flying sword suddenly fell down.

Even though they fell into the river, Xie Xi still clung to him. Fortunately, Chu Yu’s spiritual power is compatible with water. In a hurry, he used a hand seal to rescue the two of them.

Xie Xi’s dark eyes were watery and, sniffing, he said: “Sorry, Da Shixiong, I am useless.”

No, no, no, no, you’re very useful, without you both of us would have died.

Chu Yu is somewhat ashamed and didn’t know how to respond but kept his face cold to avoid embarrassing myself.

Xie Xi secretly stole a glance at Chu Yu’s face and thought Chu Yu was angry: “Da Shixiong, don’t be angry. I didn’t pass this test and let you fall into the water but next time, I won’t let you down. Da Shixiong, don’t be angry with me!”

… Ha? What? What test?

Chu Yu was dumbfounded and didn’t react for a long time.

This child is making up things in his mind …

Looking at the protagonist’s pitiful appearance, as though the child was about to cry, Chu Yu was distressed. He gently touched the small face, and said comfortingly: “Your senior martial brother is not angry, you did very well.”

Indeed, for a cultivator in the eighth level of Qi Refining to control his flying sword shows excellent talent.

Right. Where’s the sword? How can he slay a demon without his sword?

Looking at the protagonist’s small, frightened face, Chu Yu rubbed his hair.

“Well, let’s go and get Xun Sheng back first.”

Xun Sheng recognized its rightful master as when, at age 15, the original Chu Yu had pulled out the top quality immortal sword from the Sword Mound of Tian Yuan Sect, so finding it was not hard.

Chu Yu closed his eyes, used his senses to search then swam to the bottom of the river, still carrying Xie Xi.

It was cold and dark at the bottom of the river. Chu Yu could not see clearly so he only could swim downwards to where he knew Xun Sheng was. He stopped in a dark, lightless place.

Xie Xi hugged Chu Yu’s waist, apparently afraid. Chu Yu patted his head to comfort Xie Xi and groped for the sword.

He did not find Xun Sheng but felt … hands.

A pair of ice-cold hands, like those of a corpse.

Chu Yu’s scalp tingled.


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  1. 滚瓜烂熟 – like melon/gourd that is thoroughly ripe, meaning “fluently recited.” Since he has his eyes closed when he meditates, this is either he mentally recites a mantra or it’s just an idiom meaning he can skillfully practice this technique
  2. sound of agreement, like “uh huh.”
  3. I simplified 主峰大殿的偏殿里 – the side hall of the main peak’s main hall
  4. Deng Xiaoping?
  5. Literally “This child wants so much”
  6. I hope I got that right – 放眼整个修真界,Tian Yuan Sect也算是大门派,据说有几个元婴后期、即将踏入化神期的护门长老在山中潜修,更有化神期的老祖在主峰上闭着生死关

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