Chapter 70.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 70.2 – Reader: People who do not court disaster will not die

When it was all over, Du Ze had lost count of how many undead there were. In addition to the skeletons, there were a small number of walking corpses. There was even a ghost. The skeleton mage went to Xiu and rattled out: [Lord High Commander, please lead us to the Chaos Continent.]

Du Ze noticed that the skeleton mage’s form of address had changed. Was it because the army of the undead was now over 1,000 so Lord Commander became Lord High Commander, like an escalation? If the demon god arena was fighting game, the undead trial was a strategy game. In the demon god arena, the numbers indicated how far away they were from the end. Here, rank was probably the Tower of God’s requirement for clearing this level. If they want to pass this trial, they must expand the undead army and strive to raise the leader’s rank.

How to quickly increase the number of undead? The Tower of God demonstrated that it was through killing more people and turning them into undead.

They found some information in town. One of the maps showed where they were: at the border of the Star Empire and the Light Empire. Xiu stared pensively at the map after confirming that they were following the footsteps of the Undead Scourge. In the past, the Lich Louis began his invasion at the Star Empire because its towns and cities were far from each other, making communication between them difficult. Thus, it was a long time until the rest of the Chaos Continent discovered Louis’ ambition.

Now that the undead army has appeared, invading the Star Empire would not be the most efficient way since its sparse population and the distance between the populated areas will slow the undead’s growth rate. Xiu’s gaze fell on the center of the map where the Light Empire was located. Compared to the Star Empire, the Light Empire is more powerful, has a larger population, and transportation and communication are easier. However, it does have the Temple of Light which is the enemy of the undead.

But everything is relative; in Xiu’s view the large number of people means a lot of undead materials and the ease of transportation means that they do not need to spend a lot of time on the road. In addition, if the deceased is strong, they will add more strength to the undead army. As for the Temple of Light, Xiu smiled as he thought of it. Naturally, that was his old enemy.

Xiu stretched out his hand and his black nails seemed to cut through the Light Empire on the map: “This is where we will go.”

After deciding on their goal, Xiu no longer hesitated to start preparing for an attack on the Light Empire. He arranged the undead into a simple formation then ordered them to attack the surrounding villages and towns. Xiu did not let Muir and Old John fight, only the undead attacked.Three days later, the number of undead has soared to 4,000. Most of them were skeletons, walking corpses, and a few ghouls from the cemetery. The ghouls’ attacks are not that strong, but their claws can damage the victim’s nervous system and are well suited for scouting.

According to the ghouls’ reports, Xiu’s actions have alarmed the Light Empire and they have began to assemble troops in Glory City. After hearing the news, Xiu seemed satisfied. Du Ze thought his smile looked as though Xiu was imagining the ruin of Glory City as it was farmed by the undead.

When Glory City had gathered enough soldiers, Xiu recalled all the undead and leisurely marched the army towards the city. Along the way, the undead army was attacked by forces from Glory City and the Temple of Light. There were around 2000 soldiers; most of them were well-equipped cavalry. The first time the cavalry charged, 1,000 of the undead army’s vanguard were eliminated.

To survive that powerful first charge, the undead forces at the rear of the army began their counterattack. The phantoms floating in the air screamed shrilly; the skeleton archers shot their arrows; the walking corpses in front protected the others like meat shields, and the ghouls wandered around the battlefield, seeking an opportunity to sneak attack the enemy.

The priests of the Temple of Light blessed the weapons of the human soldiers with holy light. If the undead are cut down by the blessed weapons, they cannot rise again.

The wind blew over Du Ze’s ears and though he could not see, Du Ze could not help but look back at the battlefield. Du Ze, Xiu, and the others stood under the walls of Glory City with the skeleton mage. Some silly, cute person stared at the towering walls and can’t help but think – the enemy doesn’t know it, but the most terrible thing is not the army of 4,000 undead, but the Moe Lord’s group.


After hearing the order, Muir transformed into his dragon form. The City Guards were shocked when a Black Dragon appeared at the wall. The guards panicked and attacked Muir but their weapons had no effect on Muir’s hard dragon scales. The black dragon used his tail to swipe at the guards. They fell from the wall and died the instant they hit the ground. The skeleton mage rattled out a spell and the dead guards rose up again to join the siege.

Seeing that the guards could not stop the black dragon, the enemy sent a magician to the battle . A fireball hit Muir but did no damage. The black dragon extended his neck and bit the magician, killing him. Muir spit out the mage’s corpse which was quickly transformed into one of the undead. The new skeleton mage was dazed for a moment then began to recite undead spells along with the old skeleton mage.

Yi Ye Zhi Qiu once wrote that the demons are the strongest individually, the undead has the strongest army, while the dragons are the strongest at besieging a city.

No one could stop Muir from destroying the walls. The people’s eyes were despairing as they saw the walls come tumbling down. Glory City was now open and undefended in front of Xiu. The result is obvious: without its army and the forces from the Temple of Light, the city was like a fruit whose skin has been peeled off, waiting for Xiu to devour it.

When Glory City’s army came back after they defeated all 4,000 of the undead army, they found a whole city of the undead waiting for them. Soldiers stared at their destroyed homes. When the undead came at them the soldiers were prepared to fight back, but when they saw the undead’s familiar clothes and ornaments, many collapsed.

Those are their elders, lovers, and children; how can they kill them again, even if they have become undead?

Compared to the soldiers’ hesitation, the undead did not waver and immediately attacked. With their instinctive desire to create more undead, they nibbled at the army little by little. A skeleton held its former lover and when the lover burst into tears, the skeleton broke his neck.

Du Ze could not bear to look at them and shifted his line of sight to look at Xiu. The demon was gazing silently at all of this and, noticing Du Ze’s gaze, tilted his head to look up at the sky. The sun shone down and Xiu’s silhouette was half in the light, half in darkness

“The more I do now, the more I understand their fear and hatred of the undead. Isn’t it ironic?”

Because of his relationship to Louis, Xiu was hunted by humans all over the Chaos Continent. And now the Tower of God created a simulation of Louis’ Undead Scourge and made him witness all of this. It’s ironic but Du Ze didn’t know its purpose, he only felt “the rules’” cruelty.

As the two stood there silently, the undead had almost finished eating up the army. Except for the people from the Temple of Light, the soldiers of the army became undead. Many of them were death knights and a few were black knights, a very high level type of undead. All of the undead gathered under the destroyed walls of the city. The skeleton mage stood in front of them. Looking up at Xiu, it said:

[Lord Colonel, please lead us to the Chaos Continent.]

If they want to go up in rank they must destroy more cities and create more undead.

Du Ze looked down at the sea of the undead under the wall.

This is a copy of the Undead Scourge. According to Yi Ye Zhi Qiu, Liches received deathlessness, gave away their kindness.


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  2. Mmmm I like this like someone said before it is like some kind of therapy for Xiu…now he is having his revenge but at the same time taking back some of his former empathy…he would never be as kind as before…but certainly he will understand the cruelty that made him suffer so much…the bad part of this is that Temple of Light took advantage of this…ahh well…let´s see…

  3. Ah this arc makes me glad that Xiu met Du Ze instead of that black cat. Whenever he goes through a trial he has someone to talk to, someone beside him who can actually understand and sympathize with him. An actual loyal person who would stand by his side no matter what. The reader and protagonist truly has to be in love. Any less and it would never work out.

  4. I wonder if this will be like one of those games, where you’ll build an army and the army betrays you and you have to fight the army you built. So essentially the bigger the army you make or the more you “farm”, the greater your problem later, since you’ll have to fight them.
    If so, that’d be pretty crappy for our Reader and Protag
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