Chapter 71.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 71.1 – Protagonist: What are you looking at?

With the 10,000 undead in Glory City, Xiu now has enough manpower to attack any number of cities. The undead are not timid; they do not tire and they obediently follow commands. All generals would agree that they are the ideal soldiers. Assisted by Muir, Old John, and others, the army of the undead immediately stormed the second city of the Light Empire.

That was just the beginning. As more and more cities and towns were destroyed, the number of undead increased exponentially. The greater the number of undead, the higher their commander’s rank. Even if Xiu is not with them, they have enough power to destroy a city. Under Xiu’s command, the undead army was divided into several parts and the frontlines extended as they advanced, encroaching upon the Light Empire’s territory.

In the city, wraiths were wandering here and there. The death knight, riding a zombie horse, was cleaning up the streets. The Lich waved its staff and commanded the undead abominations to rush into the crowd; the undead’s bodies were stitched up and filled with a virus that easily infected the living. Someone, no one knows who, kindled a fire. Its scarlet glow lit up the terrified and despairing faces of the humans. Not even in death could they escape the Undead Scourge. The undead desecrated the bodies of the deceased, both civilians and soldiers, which rose again after they fell and mercilessly slaughtered their former companions.

Even though he had seen it many times, Du Ze still felt uncomfortable watching this scene. He turned away and looked up into the distant sky that was shrouded in mysterious dark clouds. This is the undead shroud. Compared to the shroud that covered the sky above the forest when they arrived in this place, the current shroud is quite large. It is a manifestation of the Undead Scourge. The undead shroud indicates that the land under it is devoid of life and only the undead exist there.

After cleaning the city the skeleton mage, as always, reported to Xiu: [Lord General, please lead us to the Chaos Continent.]

When Xiu had 100,000 undead under his command, the skeleton mage changed his rank, but it didn’t seem like the end of this trial. By now Xiu has conquered nearly half of the Light Empire. His army of the undead if 700,000 strong but the skeleton mage still calls Xiu “Lord General.” It seems that they needed even more undead to finish this trial.

Xiu stared at a map. As they pushed deeper into the Light Empire’s heartland, the Temple of Light had stepped up their efforts to stop the Undead Scourge. The Temple of Light is truly the nemesis of the undead. When they fight, the undead’s power is greatly suppressed. Xiu had expected their resistance when he chose to invade the Light Empire, but he hadn’t realized that the people from the Temple of Light could not be converted into the undead. Because of this, the road towards fighting the Temple of Light then using their dead as raw materials is completely blocked.

Xiu believes that although he can advance further, it would be pointless as the army’s casualties would exceed the number of new undead they will get. Xiu’s goal is to complete this trial, and for that he needs more numbers. Completely taking over the Light Empire’s territory is a tempting thought but is not necessary.

Xiu’s fingertips slid across the Light Empire on the map then stopped at the Moonlight Empire. Of the three human Empires, the Moonlight Empire is the weakest and has the smallest population and territory.

Ant meat is still meat. The army of the undead turned their attention to the Moonlight Empire. As they neared its border, the ghoul scouts reported that a tower climber with his undead army was headed in their direction. On the way to the Light Empire, Du Ze and the others had previously met other tower climbers who were also in command of their own undead army. They were also destroying village and towns, so it looks like all of the tower climbers were given the same task of taking on the role of the leader of the Undead Scourge. The undead commanded by various tower climbers could differentiate themselves from others, and the tower climbers all kept a careful distance from each other.

Xiu commanded the undead to eliminate the pursuing human army. Unexpectedly, the news came that the retreating tower climber wanted to meet to exchange information. The mighty army of the undead split their ranks and opened up a path for the tower climber and his undead army to meet Xiu. Du Ze was surprised to see that it was a voluptuous Banshee with an unusually eye-catching figure.

“Thank you for sparing me.” The Banshee looked around her and immediately identified Xiu as the leader. “You are also a tower climber, perhaps we can try working together?”

The Banshee bent her upper body slightly. A sweet smell diffused into the air as she intentionally or unintentionally showed off her sexy body. Because Du Ze was always near Xiu, he could see it all. After receiving this unearned reward, some silly, cute person began to wonder exactly how deep this female’s cleavage is.

“What are you looking at?” Xiu’s voice sounded dangerously in his ear. Du Ze, with an impassive face, diverted his line of sight elsewhere, maintaining an honest face and showing that he is a gentleman.

They had been together so long that naturally, Xiu cannot be deceived by his own silly, cute person. He grasped the back of Du Ze’s neck and said, in a soft, gentle voice like a lover speaking sweetly to his beloved: “Which part of her do you like? I’ll help you by gouging it out.”

… Moe Lord, I was wrong!

The Banshee stared hard at Xiu who was sorting out the suddenly docile Du Ze. The demon opposite her smiled faintly and she could not tell if the look in his purple eyes was a happy expression or a killing intent.

“If you try any more tricks, I’ll kill you.”

She was caught …!

The Banshee started shrieking and took out a sweet-smelling pill from her cleavage. The Banshee never got to use the pill, however, because as she was about to crush it, her hands were neatly cut off by Old John’s katar.

“That was too dangerous.” Old John laughed and threw away the pill. “The little master’’s injury has not healed yet.”

The demon sisters grabbed hold of the Banshee from the left and right side. The Banshee kept on screaming but this time it was because of pain. Muir glanced at the undead that the Banshee had brought over; even though the she screamed, the undead were indifferent. It seems that the Tower of God doesn’t interfere when it’s a battle between tower climbers.

Violet placed her sword on the Banshee’s neck and ask: “Why do you want to kill us?”

The Banshee didn’t answer and just continued screaming. Du Ze had to take off his headphones because the shrill cries were really hard on his ears. Xiu also found the screaming was too irritating so he waved at Violet, signaling her to kill the Banshee.

Seeing that Xiu really did want to kill her, the Banshee panicked. She stopped screaming and started shouting. Du Ze put his headphones back on and heard the Banshee say: “… if you kill me my companions will avenge me. They are not people you can afford to offend!”

A tedious declaration of one’s important background just won’t work. Du Ze silently lit a candle for the Banshee. The old “you can’t kill me because of the relationship between me and XXX” might work on others, but once you face the protagonist and say that… well, it’s a death flag similar to the old “showing your comrades a picture of a pretty girl and telling them you are going to marry her when you go home after the war.”

Xiu laughed softly as the sound of flapping wings filled the air. The Banshee’s expression suddenly showed pleasant surprise and she shouted up to the sky: “Rachel, I’m here!”

… what?

Three demons came flying down, Rachel in the lead. The demon sisters were shocked and accidentally let go of the Banshee. She rushed to Rachel’s side. Glaring venomously at Du Ze and the others, she wept tears of blood and said: “They almost killed me. Rachel, you can’t let them off!”

Du Ze and others’ expressions became difficult to describe. Rachel glanced at the Banshee then looked at Xiu. She took off her monocle and said to the Banshee: “He wants to kill you?”

The Banshee nodded vehemently, anticipation in her eyes. Rachel smiled very gently.

“Then go to hell.”

The Banshee’s head fell and rolled down on the ground. The final image that was reflected in her dead eyes that still looked aggrieved by unredressed injustice was that of her savior bowing down to that demon.

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