Chapter 72.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 72.1 – Tower of God: The Temple of Knowledge.

Louis advanced into the darkness. In everyone’s subconsciousness, there is a field of life — the place where the spirit, soul, and body are connected. This is often thought of as the mind or heart of a person. Louis was currently in the field of life. In order to fully take over the body, he had to cut off its connection between the spirit and body then devour the other’s soul.

The field of life is different for each person. In each individual’s field of life, whatever they think of as beautiful, ideal, and impressive normally appears. Each person has a different ideal, therefore everyone’s field of life is different. This was the first time that Louis saw such a dark field of life — this endless, empty darkness is like a rejection of everything in the world.

Because it was dark, Louis couldn’t see anything; he couldn’t even find the connection between the spirit and the body. He paused and began to think about countermeasures. As he gazed at a certain point in the darkness, Louis was surprised to discover that there were countless words in the dark.

The words were so dense that they overlapped each other. Louis carefully examined the words for a while before realizing that they were countless repetitions of two words filling the entire field of life.

“Ze … du ze …?”

Du ze, du zedu zedu zedu zedu ze …

The sound in his ear was like a dark broken voice. Louis recovered from his dazed state and found himself standing in the middle of a round platform. This had never happened to him before. Louis looked around and tried to quickly sort out the situation.

A round platform was floating in the darkness. Eight tall, slender torches stood all around the edges of the platform. One was plain but the others all had scarlet totems carved on their handles. No matter how hard the tried, Louis wasn’t able to understand the meaning of the scarlet totems. Suddenly, the torch in front of him burst into flame. The flame was a strange color – a demonic purple. It flared up then took the shape of a demon.

The flame demon, who was just a silhouette with no detailed features, laughed softly: “You really came in.”

Louis did not react. The purple flame demon moved behind him and languidly shouted: “Hey, you have a guest.”

The purple flame suddenly died down. Louis turned around. A torch was lit up. Its flame was gray and it quietly burned. Strangely, even though it was clearly a flame, it made people feel colder — this is a feeling that Louis is familiar with. The cold feeling with an undertone of decay and decadence is unmistakably the death aura of an undead spirit.

The gray flame rose higher and took on the shape of a human standing on the torch and looking silently at Louis. Louis looked at it and said hoarsely: “Are you one of the undead?”

The flame undead did not answer but just descended from the torch in silence. Louis’ instincts cried out that there was danger; because he himself is undead he is keenly aware of how terrifying the undead can be. He wanted to leave this strange place, but he was shackled by an invisible force that wouldn’t allow him to move. Even his eyeballs were frozen in place. Louis can only watch as the flame undead came to him. The burning face came closer and said: “I only allow one person to enter here. You do not have the qualifications to be here.”

The gray flame swept over to the immobile Louis and devoured him.

“- Xiu!”

Xiu opened his eyes. Du Ze’s panicked voice was in his ear and he was being held by Du Ze. It seemed as though what had just happened took a long time but in reality it only took a moment.

A gray pillar of light materialized in front of them. Du Ze was quite startled by the sudden appearance of the exit portal. All he knew was that Xiu collapsed on his shoulder. He was thrown into confusion and he hastily embraced Xiu as the latter changed shape from a demon into an undead.

Xiu leaned against Du Ze’s shoulder. He lowered his eyes and held Du Ze tighter.

His heart is very narrow. Except for the man in his arms, he will never let others into that tiny crevice.

“It’s all right.”

After hearing Xiu speak, the nervous Du Ze finally relaxed. Although he didn’t know what had happened, if the Moe Lord said it was alright then everything must be fine.

The undead that Louis summoned had all disappeared. Except for the fact that this was the first time that Rachel saw Xiu transform, the others easily accepted Xiu’s new form. They didn’t have time to talk to each other since the hall of bones was rapidly tumbling down, just like the demon god arena.

The group returned to the hall through the gray pillar of light. Du Ze looked around and saw that one of the empty stone platforms now held a statue of the undead. There was no need to think too much about this. Clearly the Tower of God had a specific process: enter the door of light – complete the trial of one race – a stone statue signifies they have cleared a trial – and so on. Once all of the statues are collected they can reach the top.

After returning to the hall, Xiu soon fell into a coma. The demon sisters filled Rachel in so that she had a rough idea of the situation. Her attitude towards Xiu did not change much.

Du Ze sighed in relief and stared at Xiu’s face. Even for one of the undead, his face was too pale. The Tower of God gave them no time to breathe and this person was always pushing himself, desperately climbing the tower so he can become a god.


Translator’s Comment:

This is one my favorite chapters. What a way to defeat Louis! And Xiu’s life space was just full of nothing but Du Ze. I melted from happiness! How can Xiu be so yandere and cute at the same time?! Don’t be shy, let me know what your reaction was. Do you think this chapter is fluffy or scary? If you had a field of life, what would be in it?

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  1. OMG! Love this chapter I was wondering what was going to happened since the dead BOSS had frozen Xiu but Xiu is truly the protagonist. On another note only in the novels will you see someone so dedicated to their love one. All of Xiu nothingness is full of Duze. Duze is his nothingness, whole world. Thank you translator for bringing this novel to us.

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