Chapter 72.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 72.2 – Tower of God: The Temple of Knowledge.

To avoid the saddest outcome, Du Ze began to ask the others about the God of Creation. He asked the demon sisters, Ariel, Muir and Old John. The information they gave him was from the legends and it was mostly the same except for minor details; to them, the God of Creation is too remote. Du Ze’s only hope lay with Rachel. As the agent of the Thunder Regiment, surely she knew more.

Du Ze found Rachel standing in front of an empty stone platform. After seeing Du Ze approach her, Rachel showed a polite smiled and pointed at the platform in front of him, saying: “There was a statue of a gnome here, and now it’s gone.”

He looked at the platform. Xiu did not go to the gnome simulation so there is no gnome statue here. It seems that Rachel’s finished trial cannot be transferred to Xiu. This must be one of the tower’s restrictions. Although the completion of trail was not transferable, Rachel’s information about the test has greatly reduced its difficulty.

“How much do you know about the god who created the world?”

“The creator god?” Rachel thought about Du Ze’s question and said: “The creator god is the one who created the Chaos Continent then fell into a deep sleep.”

That was pretty much what Ariel and the others said. Regarding what the god looked like, where he was sleeping, and other such details, they had absolutely no idea about it. Now that he has asked everyone about the god, all Du Ze can do is to temporarily put it out of his mind. Right at that moment, he heard Violet cry out in surprise behind him. Xiu had woken up.

Xiu tied up his curly black hair and threw it over his left shoulder. His face is still pale but he seemed a lot better. After he understood their current situation, Xiu did not hesitate to enter the door of light again. Du Ze has been through it twice so now he was not nervous. He began to wonder which race would be featured in the test this time.

The dim light gradually dissipated behind them and Du Ze looked at the two straight rows of bookshelves in front of him. For the first time he felt that his brains were a little inadequate. This seems to be … a library?

Teacher, why are we in a library?!

The strong smell of books permeated the air and wafted over to one’s nose. They were between tall bookshelves that were neatly filled with all kinds of books. The left and right sides are like two walls converging to attack people, forming extremely narrow paths. Behind them was a dead end. Du Ze looked up and found that the bookshelves reach all the way up to the ceiling. It’s like they are in a sealed box and the only way out was to go forward.

Xiu held Du Ze’s hand and went forward silently. After about ten shelves, they come to a dead end. In front of Du Ze and Xiu was a sphinx statue blocking the next section of the library. The statue’s eyes lit up when Xiu and the others approached. It opened its mouth, but it wasn’t to attack. It was to ask them a question: “What are the four basic natural elements?”

Everyone looked at each other. This is a simple, basic question whose answer can be said to be common sense, so they were all puzzled by the current situation. Seeing that the light in the monster’s eye was going to go out, Rachel stepped forward and replied cautiously to the statue’s question: “Wind, fire, water, and earth are the four basic natural elements.”

Everyone looked at the statue with a watchful eye. After hearing Rachel’s answer, the monster statue turned into powder, revealing a portal. Apparently they had passed a checkpoint. Du Ze stared at the portal, filled with a sense of powerlessness about the Tower of God’s antics.

First it was a fighting game, then it was a strategy game, now it’s a quiz game – what the heck kind of crappy simulation is this?!

Du Ze and the gang walked through the portal. They found themselves between two rows of bookshelves, the same as the first time. This time around, they quickened their pace. After 10 shelves, they did not come to a dead end. Instead, they found that they could turn right at the end of the row of bookshelves, forming a bend like a paper clip. Compared to the first checkpoint, this one was double the length.

They continued to walk forward and saw the same Sphinx statue at the end of the path. The statue also asked them a question when they approached: “What are the four advanced elements of nature?”

“Thunder, inferno, ice, wood.” This time Rachel answered without hesitation and they quickly passed the second hurdle.

They continued passing through the checkpoints by answering the Sphinx statue’s questions. After the initial shock, Du Ze cannot help but praise this simulation. There was no fighting or physical challenges; it was all mental so the Moe Lord can finally rest. Before Du Ze could be too pleased with the situation, they encountered their first problem. Every time a hurdle is passed, the bookshelf-lined path will add a bend and the questions the statue asked became more and more difficult. This time the statue asked them: “What elements should be added to the combined ice storm magic?”

Is this a chemistry test?!

The silly, cute reader was shocked. Xiu frowned slightly. Rachel and the others were also helpless. Suddenly, a voice sounded from behind them, answering the question for them: “The 6th to 8th order magic adds the light element and the 9th order magic adds the dark element.”

The statue turned to powder and disappeared. Du Ze looked back to see the first human Mage God, Antonio, holding a jug of wine. He was leaning on a bookshelf and drunkenly greeted them: “We meet again.”

Antonio hiccuped, he appeared to be inebriated and did not seem to recognize Xiu’s undead form. With one eye on Xiu, he asked Du Ze: “Have you seen Honey?”

Du Ze shook his head, he did not expect to meet Antonio here. It looked like that Antonio is looking for his granddaughter.

Upon hearing his answer, Antonio was disappointed and waves to them to pass through the checkpoint: “Go through there.”

Xiu was looking at Antonio and asked hoarsely: “What about you?”

“This old man is looking for those little bast**ds.” Antonio opened his jug and drank a mouthful. He seemed to have a good opinion of Xiu and suggested: “Young people, if they don’t understand, they can read more books.”

After the first Mage God was disappeared into the stacks of books, Du Ze thought over Antonio’s words and looked at the rows of bookshelves with a terrifying thought: The Tower of God will not give them a question with no solution and would not have put these books here without a cause.

If they cannot answer the statue’s question, should they not seek the answer in this vast sea of books?

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