Chapter 80 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 80 – He’s Mine

This chapter is by Lianyin of BC Novels.


Why did he use that word?

Chu Yu was stupefied and turned to look at Xie Xi’s expression. The latter’s face was still cold, and there was no sadness or joy in his eyes. “You’ll help if I save them?”

Wei Yuanshan said, “Even your shizun’s strength cannot compare to your aptitude. You’re already a nascent soul cultivator at such a young age. You are likely the only one who will be able to save them.”

When he saw that Xie Xi was still unmoved, he sighed. “Xie Xi, aren’t you even a little bit worried about your parents’ current situation?”

Xie Xi asked apathetically. “Why should I worry?”

Wei Yuanshan paused, then smiled bitterly. “I forgot that you hate them… Speaking of which, it was indeed their fault. If they had not harbored the thought of locating the legendary immortal realm, they wouldn’t have ended up in that situation.”

Xie Xi, however, did not seem to want to listen to anymore. He took Chu Yu’s hand, stood up and said, “Since it’s a deal, we’ll leave now.”

Xie Xi’s hand was trembling.

Was he afraid?

Chu Yu pursed his lips and thought for a moment before making his decision. “Xie Xi.”

Xie Xi lowered his head to look at Chu Yu. Their eyes met. Chu Yu stared into his eyes and saw the emotions in those eyes—fear, worry, helplessness…

It was probably because he had been hating his parents for so many years, believing that his parents had abandoned him. But now, he found out that this was likely not the case; that they had been in trouble for many years instead. Xie Xi began to waver.

Although he was not as sensitive and fragile as Chu Sheng, he was also vulnerable to trauma because of his parents’ and Chu Yu’s repeated mishaps. His inner demons should thus be related to his parents.

“Shixiong?” Xie Xi asked in a voice tinged with fear of the unknown future.

Chu Yu backhandedly grabbed Xie Xi’s hand and smiled as he pulled him back down before Wei Yuanshan. “Please tell us about it.”
Wei Yuanshan nodded and smiled as if he had guessed that Chu Yu would pull Xie Xi back and Xie Xi would obey him. But instead of speaking directly about the incident, he talked about his relationship with Xie Xi’s parents.

“Xie Xi, do you still remember your father’s name?”

Xie Xi thought for a moment and then shook his head. Back then, he had only been nine years old. Although he had awareness of himself and others by then, no one would usually call their parents by their names. Besides, his parents had always been independent and seldom interacted with others; instead, they had traveled the world.

Wei Yuanshan stared at his face and said frankly. “I have known your mother ever since I was a child. I have always liked her very much. I was going to ask for her hand in marriage when I broke through to the Core Formation stage. I didn’t expect that your father would arrive to steal her away. I, therefore, ended up fighting with your father several times, and as a result, both of us were injured. Your mother was angry with me because of this, so she gave me the cold shoulder.” He smiled and continued, “Your father’s name is Xie Jun, and your mother’s name is Luo He.”

Xie Jun!

Chu Yu was stunned.

In the original novel… there had been numerous mentions of this person. But he was only ever mentioned in passing when the plot called for it. It was said that this person was both good and evil, and his cultivation was unparalleled. He was elusive and bold, often only ever doing as he pleased.

At that time, Chu Yu had thought he would be a big BOSS and silently took note of him. He had wanted to wait for the protagonist to slap himself in the face, but he had never expected him to end up being… Xie Xi’s father.

The name Xie Jun had always been well-known in the cultivation world. But because Chu Yu had always been involved this or that unpleasant incidents, as a result, he had never paid any special attention to it. Xie Xi, having heard of it before, said in a light tone after a moment of silence. “The rumor is that Xie Jun has no wife or children.”

Wei Yuanshan shook his head and said, “That’s why it’s a rumor. Your father and your mother… were always so absorbed with cultivating and pursuing the Way that they could not extricate themselves. After the Great Ancient Cultivator Battle, the immortal realm shut itself off, and no one had been able to ascend since. Your parents have always been chasing after clues to look for a way to ascend to the immortal realm.”

Countless people had been in pursuit of it over the years, but none of them had found any clue. Xie Jun and Luo He was in pursuit for many years when they found out that Luo He was pregnant as they were passing by Yuncuo. Thus, they settled down in Yuncuo for the time being.

After Xie Xi was born, the couple began to hesitate. If they continued to persist in their search, in the same way, it would definitely be detrimental to Xie Xi’s growth. But if they gave up, then all their years of hard work would be for naught; they could not take this lying down.

After a long period of indecision, both of them eventually decided to settle down in Yuncuo for the time being while Xie Xi was young. At the same time, they asked several friends to monitor the heavenly signs. Only when something cropped up would they rush over to take a look.

By the time Xie Xi was five or six years old, it was time to start teaching him how to refine his Qi. However, the couple then found an anomaly in Xie Xi’s body; he absorbed spiritual energy too fast during the process. Worried, they decided to seal his spiritual pulse for the time being.

On Xie Xi’s ninth birthday, the couple took him out to play. Midway, they suddenly received a voice transmission talisman from a friend saying an abnormal sign was spotted in an ancient tomb not far from where they were. Both of them were naturally unwilling to simply dismiss such a possibility right under their noses. But Xie Xi was still young, and in his current state, he was no different from a commoner with his spiritual pulse sealed. Afraid that he would not be able to withstand the sinister energy within the ancient tomb, they set up a barrier around Xie Xi with the instruction to remain where he was to wait for them. They then left, thinking they would just take a casual look at it.

Who would have expected them to hit the jackpot at that time? That ancient tomb used to be the residence of an ancient cultivator with extraordinary cultivation. It was actually connected to the immortal realm. With their wish of many years realized, the surprised and delighted couple recklessly charged in, only to have the passage close behind them right at the very moment they were through the entrance.

They were both imprisoned in an immortal world with unforeseen dangers.

Chu Yu felt complicated on hearing this… Xie Xi’s parents really were too fond of leaping right into danger. Even the protagonist would have to admire their ability to court death.

After a long silence, Xie Xi lifted his eyes and said in a light tone, “Are you done?”

Wei Yuanshan gave a wry smile. “This is their fault; it’s only right for you to hate them. But since you have already agreed to save them, you cannot go back on your word.”

Xie Xi said nothing and pulled Chu Yu to leave. Chu Yu had not expected Xie Xi’s parents to be so screwed up. Chu Yu obediently followed Xie Xi and did not dare to say a word as he looked at Xie Xi’s expressionless face.

Wei Ciyin had not left yet and was still lingering at the door when he saw Chu Yu and Xie Xi emerge. He smiled and quickly went over. “How was it? Has my father agreed? Are you happy? Can you tell me now where that Third Shidi of yours is?”

Chu Yu took the time to glance at him. “Why? Could it be that you have taken a shine to our Third Shidi?”

Wei Ciyin smiled impishly and replied, “Perhaps.”

Chu Yu said coolly, “I’m sorry, pervert. My Third Shidi doesn’t fancy you.”

Xie Xi had already run out of patience. When he saw that Wei Ciyin still wanted to reply, he gave a cold snort and drew out Duanxue. The incredibly sharp and top-grade immortal sword gleamed frostily like the waters of autumn. Just a slice of the sword would definitely send one’s head rolling. Wei Ciyin was adaptable to circumstances, so he moved aside to make way for them. “Take care on the way.”

Xie Xi pulled Chu Yu up in front of him and they rode away on his sword.

With the cold wind blowing directly in his face, Chu Yu could not open his eyes. It was only after setting up a barrier that he tilted his head to look at Xie Xi.

Xie Xi hugged him tightly with his head buried in Chu Yu’s shoulder. His body trembled slightly. Chu Yu did not know if he was furious or sad and disappointed.

Chu Yu had always been one to dunk people with chicken soup for the soul. He could soothe an angry or sad Xie Xi with just a caress or two. But this time, he really did not know what he should say, so he could only stroke Xie Xi’s head in silence.

What could he say?

They are your parents. Every part of your body is from your parents. So even if the fault lies with them, you should try to forgive them?

Chu Yu could not really bring himself to guilt trip Xie Xi in such a way. That year in the mausoleum ruins’ illusionary realm, Xie Xi had held him as he recounted in a low voice the pain and helplessness he had felt when he lost his parents.

He had never experienced anything like it himself, but he still felt distressed at the thought of the little Xie Xi standing at the same spot waiting expectantly for his parents who in the end would never return. That day was even his birthday, and he waited all alone for his parents for seven days…

The anguish of never getting a response no matter how much he cried and called out for his parents. The agony when he had helplessly followed Lu Qingan back to Tian Yuan Sect but still ended up being bullied for three years…

The knot in Xie Xi’s heart when it came to Chu Yu had already been untangled. But it could never be unraveled when it came to his feelings about his parents.

Xie Xi was silent for a long time before he spoke. He sounded vexed, and his voice trembled. “Shixiong… Shixiong, I’ve always thought they were dead.”

Chu Yu found it hard to bear and made a gentle sound in response, but Xie Xi did not say a word more. So Chu Yu had to ask, “If you have the chance to ascend in the future, will you save them?”

Xie Xi snorted coldly and said. “I will. But as to when I’ll save them, it’ll depend on my mood. They abandoned me for so many years. It’s my turn now.”

… How childish.

Oh well. In any case, they now knew that Xie Jun and Luo He were still alive, and they also knew their location. Whatever happens next would now depend on Xie Xi. What Xie Xi had in mind was not something he could interfere in.

Chu Yu could neither laugh nor cry. Turning his head back to look in front, he said slowly, “Shidi, we will hit the tree if you don’t focus on riding your sword.”

By the time Spring had gradually returned to Jin He, the Great Righteous and Demonic War was finally over.

Compared to the last time when the battle inexplicably ended after the demonic cultivators’ sudden retreat, it was much more clear-cut ending this time. Wei Yuanshan had indeed rescued all the mortals on the day it was Mei Yin Valley’s turn to control them. However, he also brought a number of other major demonic cultivators to negotiate with several leaders of the righteous path who came to meet him beyond Jin He.

It was a fact that the highest grade spiritual stone lode in Yuncuo was near exhausted and drained of spiritual energy. Those demonic cultivators who did not want to be wiped out could only think of ways to seize the righteous path territories to prevent themselves from dying out. Even if the curtains fell on this war, the Great Righteous and Demonic War would still break out in the future due to this issue of spiritual energy. It would never end, and the people would never be able to live in peace.

Every major sect of the righteous path occupied a territory that was so abundant with spiritual energy and so vast that they often could not manage it.

If the demonic cultivators were really cornered, it would not be impossible for them to go to great pains to try to revive Demon Lord Yan Heng again. Even if they did not make a huge ruckus the next time, it would still prove to be a terrible headache whenever tens of thousands of demonic cultivators infiltrate the righteous path territories from time to time to stir up trouble and commit atrocities.

After weighing the pros and cons, both sides took a step back despite their dissatisfaction.

The righteous path wanted reputation. So, those Yuncuo commoners were handed over to them to deal with. The demonic cultivators also had to contribute some of their magical weapons.

Chu Yu almost choked himself on a mouthful of tea when he heard that last request.

Don’t they have any shame at all? Even in the end they still wanted to bite off a piece of meat from the demonic cultivators before they would drop the matter, and the demonic cultivators still had to give in.

However, in exchange, the righteous territory border of Jin He would be ceded to the demonic cultivators. They would also cede half of Qingtu, dividing the righteous and demonic terrains anew with Jiuri Mountain in the middle as the boundary.

After years of war, both sides have been weakened. However, as usual, the demonic cultivators were the ones who had suffered the largest loss. But they should be fine for the time being since they had obtained new territories and had also come to an agreement not to go to war again within the next three hundred years. After the righteous path was done ceding the territories, they began to discuss what to do with Jiaoxia. The Tian Yuan Sect had already dispersed. It was time to change the sect master, or let the name Jiaoxia disappear and its lands swallowed up by the neighboring boundaries.

Chu Yu did not have the mood to pay attention to their discussion. Anyway, these people would not dare to take the liberty to make a decision regarding the Fallen Maple Leaf Valley, thanks to the Chu Clan’s Demigod stage cultivators and the additional presence of Lu Qingan.

So many days had already passed, and Chu Sheng had yet to return. There was no news from him either. Chu Yu was worried, so the day they announced the end of the Great Righteous and Demonic War, Chu Yu commanded the Chu clan’s disciples to return to Fallen Maple Leaf Valley, with Xie Xi and him setting off ahead of them.

At this time, Lu Qingan did something that made the other sects ground their teeth into powder.

Lu Qingan indicated that he would now be wandering around the world as a recluse. As such, he would join the Chu clan as a guest vassal in name. So that at least he would have a place to rest his feet when he chose to return to Jiaoxia; if not, that would be too tragic.

Every sect and clan smiled even as they swallowed down a mouthful of blood, congratulating the Chu clan while raging in their hearts: if only, you are willing, you can rest anywhere you want. The entire world could be your home. Why did you have to choose the Chu clan…

Chu Yu felt from the bottom of his heart how blissful it was to have such a reliable and powerful master. While bidding farewell to Lu Qingan in Qinghe, he suddenly remembered something. “Speaking of which… Shizun, where is Elder Shen Nian?”

Lu Qingan was expressionless. “He doesn’t dare to show himself.”

Chu Yu silently wiped his sweat. “Then… what about Third Shidi?”

Lu Qingan glanced at Bu Heng on his waist.

Although Shen Nian tended to speak lightly, he was still afraid that Lu Qingan might accidentally stab him to death, so he had been recently hiding in Bu Heng sword—He asked for it though. Who asked him to provoke Lu Qingan without considering who Lu Qingan was.

After a moment’s silence, Shen Nian braced himself and appeared. He yawned, then smiled as he leaned up against Lu Qingan. “Oh, my. Xiaoyu-er still remembers to show concern about this old man. Not bad. Not bad. I have not taken care of you in vain in the mausoleum ruins.”

Chu Yu glanced at Xie Xi, whose expression did not look too good, and said sincerely, “Elder, if you mention the mausoleum ruins again, I’m afraid my shidi will do something disrespectful to you.”

Shen Nian laughed. “He really doesn’t respect the elders… As for your Third Shidi… Actually, he already came out two days ago. It’s just that the Jing Hua Secret Realm is actually adrift between Heaven and Earth. So, I don’t know where he is now…”

Chu Yu, “…”

Xie Xi, “…”

Lu Qingan threw him a frosty look.

Being coldly stared at by three people did not change Shen Nian’s expression. He said, “Don’t worry, he won’t die. He probably just ran into some trouble and won’t be able to come back for the time being. No matter what, he should be able to stay alive after a year of training in the secret realm. You can rest assured.”

Then, he dove back into Bu Heng.

Since he had said so, Chu Yu could only force himself to believe him. He silently lit a candle for Third Shidi in his heart even as he prepared to send someone to search for Third Shidi when they returned.

Master and disciples looked at each other for a moment amidst the whistling mountain breeze. Both disciples then solemnly bowed to Lu Qingan and smiled when they saw that Lu Qingan seemed to be smiling too. They cupped their hands again in obeisance, then headed for Jiaoxia.

The immortal sword took them through hundreds of miles of clouds. Under the ethereal clouds, there were thousands of twinkling lights from the households below. The world was wide, and the lands, beautiful. Looking down on the earth below them made Chu Yu feel as if he were in the universe, no longer sensing the passing of time.

Fortunately, it did not end up like the original novel, where everything was eroded by a miasma of demonic aura.

Chu Yu withdrew his gaze and slowly exhaled. The corners of his mouth subconsciously curled up as he turned his head to look at Xie Xi, who was conscientiously studying the patterns on his robe.

What he had nurtured was not a typical male stallion, but to have such an adorable little fellow who would sometimes act like a spoiled child, who was sometimes fragile, and who would even flip out from time to time… was not all that bad.

Chu Yu had broken through the nascent soul stage a few days back, and his sword riding speed was faster than before; it only took a few days for him to enter Jiaoxia. On returning to Jiaoxia, both of them slowed down, taking a break after traveling for such a long distance to make a bunch of trips to all the places they had been before.

After half a day break in Fang Ye city, both of them left the city. They were about to set off to Fallen Maple Leaf Valley when they bumped into acquaintances again.

Mei-er and that wolf demon.

The last time when Song Jingyi captured him, it was all thanks to these two demonic beasts who notified Xie Xi in time, that he could be saved. His heart full of gratitude, Chu Yu dropped off before the two demons and called out to them. When Mei-er saw him, she let out a cry and pounced on him.

There was a beautiful, charming and fragrant beauty throwing herself into his arms. Before Chu Yu could think about whether to welcome her with open arms or to dodge her, Xie Xi swiftly hauled him towards him and held him tightly in his arms. His expression was cold. “Mine.”

Mei-er pounced onto the empty air and nearly fell, but instead of feeling angry, she tidied her hair and let her eyes roam between the two of them. “Uh, Chu Xianshi is Xie Xianshi’s?”

Chu Yu’s waist was so tightly embraced by Xie Xi that he rolled his eyes and explained without changing his expression. “Oh, what he means is that I’m his shixiong.”

Mei-er was silent for a moment before she gave a dry laugh. “… So, so I see… Haha. I still remember that when Xie Xianshi had pursued us with his sword back then, he had said the same thing, ‘he’s mine’.”

Chu Yu had no explanation for this. “…”

Noticing that Chu Yu could barely maintain his composure, Mei-er covered her mouth and giggled and stopped teasing him. She was worried when her lovely eyes caught sight of his white hair. “Is Chu Xianshi’s body okay? Can’t your hair not revert back to its original state?”

Chu Yu was about to comfort her when he heard Mei-er say in a small voice, “… Although white hair looks good too.”

Oof… the hand on his waist was about to strangle him to death.

Chu Yu was sorrowful.

About his hair…

It was actually Xie Xi’s request.

Xie Xi felt that his white hair was more in line with his noble and cold temperament. There was a contrasting beauty to it when they were doing that and that on the bed; it was conducive to enhancing the quality of their sexual experience.

Chu Yu could only, “…”

The bizarre atmosphere lasted for a long time. Chu Yu coughed dryly and rummaged through his interspatial storage ring for several magical treasures that he felt would be suitable for Mei-er and the wolf demon. He took them out and handed them to Mei-er. “Don’t reject them. You guys deserve them.” After a pause, he handed Mei-er a jade tablet as well and added, “If you encounter any trouble in the future, you can go to Fallen Maple Leaf Valley to seek help. This is my token.”

The wolf demon thanked him in a low, muffled voice before apologizing in a small voice.

Mei-er was so moved that her eyes teared up. She put all her gratitude and thanks into a solemn curtsy and said sincerely. “Both Xianshi are truly compatible with one another.”

A frosty Xie Xi finally smiled and nodded. “Thank you.”

Then he waved them goodbye.

Chu Yu had been riding his sword with Xie Xi for about fifteen minutes when he suddenly felt dizzy. The system’s inexplicably joyous voice sounded. “Congratulations to the host for completing this novel~ Thank you for experiencing this role-playing game~ The system will retire after this success~ It will unbind itself from the host soon~”

Such a sudden surprise?

Chu Yu was delighted. “Oh, good. Don’t come back.”

The system was dumbstruck by his blatant disdain. After a moment of silence, it continued in a cheerful voice. “To thank the host for his efforts and love~ the system will give the host a mysterious gift~ please look forward to it~”

The words were worryingly vague towards the end, and Chu Yu’s head no longer felt dizzy. When he returned to his senses, he heard Xie Xi’s anxious voice. “Shixiong? Shixiong? Why do you look so pale? What’s the matter?”

Chu Yu stroked his chin, then shook his head and smiled. “It’s nothing. Relax.”

When they arrived at the Chus, the squad of Chu Clan’s cultivators still had yet to return. Fallen Maple Leaf Valley was still empty. Chu Yu and Xie Xi wandered around the valley but did not see Chu Sheng. He was puzzling over it when he lowered his head and saw a vague figure in the maple tree forest, thus he hurriedly dropped into the maple tree forest.

The maple trees were now covered in a fresh shade of green, and fresh, young and tender maple leaves filled their sights. Both men took a few steps forward amidst the greenery when the world brightened before them.

It was sunrise, and the skylight gradually brightened like water. The sunlight pierced through the tree branches and leaves, casting a thin, dappled layer of golden light at the two beautiful-as-jade youths that sat before them under the tree.

When they sensed someone approaching, the two men who had been leaning against each other raised their heads and smiled with gentle expressions when they saw Chu Yu and Xie Xi.

Chu Sheng sighed lightly and said, “Little brother. You’re finally back.”

Fu Chongyi tilted his head to look at Chu Sheng with a mischievous smile. “If I had not stopped Ah Sheng, he would have gone back to Jin He to look for you.”

… Were they finally a pair?

Chu Yu was so surprised and delighted that he forgot Xie Xi and quickly stepped forward to greet them. “Big brother. Young Master Fu.”

“Little brother, you deceived this big brother.”

Chu Sheng rose and extended a finger to poke him on the forehead. Although his words sounded like a reproach, there was a gentle and forgiving smile on his face, just like the first time they had met.

Chu Yu could not help but cast a few glances at Fu Chongyi, simply smiling without saying a word. The three of them whispered at a corner as Xie Xi waited at another corner for a long time. On seeing that Chu Yu had still not returned to him, he went over feeling aggrieved and tugged the corner of Chu Yu’s outfit, “Shixiong.”

Chu Yu offhandedly ruffled his hair.

Chu Sheng had finally made a decision about his life partner in accordance with his own wishes. His elegance and splendor had reemerged after the aura of despair had dispersed. Chu Yu looked at him in a daze for a moment. His heart ached a little, and he was about to speak when Xie Xi covered his eyes.

Xie Xi’s disgruntled voice lingered in his ears. “Shixiong, we agreed on it…”

It was only then that Chu Yu noticed Xie Xi’s dissatisfaction and turned around to smile at him. Feeling his way up, Chu Yu pinched Xie Xi’s cheeks, just like he did in the past. “Right, right. Don’t look at anyone else.”

He belonged to him alone.

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  21. Quite satisfying, even though there are some loose threads, hopefully the extras come soon to see if anything else gets wrapped up.

    1. thank you for translating. I hope the extra have something for chu sheng and fu chongyi. Also third shidi, he is so cute as well.

    2. Yes, there is an extra chapter for Chu Yu and Xie Xi, Third Shidi and Wei Ciyin. Lu Qingan and Shen Nian, Chu Sheng and Fu Chongyi.

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