Chapter 79 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 79 – Save them

This chapter is by Lianyin of BC Novels.

Chu Yu came to a decision and respectfully took Chu Sheng’s hands as he stared into his brother’s eyes. “Big brother, have you heard about Fu Chongyi?”

Chu Sheng was clearly thinking about something as he had lowered his eyes and only raised his head after a moment. He gave a slight frown and nodded his head.

“If I tell you that it was not a demonic cultivator who removed his arm, but he himself, big brother, would you believe me?”

Chu Sheng’s breath hitched. “Little brother, big brother will naturally believe you, but…” How could Fu Chongyi mutilate himself?

He had yet to even finish his words when the color suddenly drained from his face. As if jolted by electricity, he abruptly extracted his hands from Chu Yu’s hands and stared incredulously at his right hand.

This palm was slender and fair, exquisite and elegant.

Chu Yu said in a heavy voice, “I ran into Young Master Fu yesterday… He didn’t even attempt to hide it. Big brother, Young Master Fu has given his hand to you. You… do you truly not have any feelings for him?”

Chu Sheng shook his head almost reflexively. As he met Chu Yu’s clear black eyes, his expression suddenly turned anguished. “Little brother, you know it too. Big brother can’t… Big brother can’t let father and mother down. Big brother can’t fail the Chu clan.”

“Neither father nor mother would want to see you like this either.” Chu Yu sighed. “Big brother, Fu Chongyi forbade me to tell you this. He originally thought that after releasing these rumors, you would not suspect your right hand even if you were both to meet again.”

Chu Sheng lowered his eyes, his long eyelashes concealing the expression in them. At first glance, he seemed composed, yet his body trembled. After a long time, he asked in a quivering voice, “He… how is he?”

Seeing that Chu Sheng was still so hesitant, Chu Yu would need to give him the shock treatment…

These two men needed to straighten things out between them. Whether the outcome was good or bad, it was still better than leaving things ambiguous between them.

He would consider it as his repayment for a debt of gratitude…

With his mindset, Chu Yu’s expression turned solemn as his gaze dimmed. “He… is at death’s door; he doesn’t have long to live. Big brother, if you don’t clear it up with him this time, I’m afraid you will not have another chance in the future…”

Chu Yu did not look like he was lying. When Chu Sheng heard it, his face turned ghastly white and his thin body swayed. If Chu Yu had not been carefully holding on to him, he would have collapsed to the ground.

Chu Yu called out in a low voice. “Big brother?”

“… I’m fine.” Chu Sheng shook his head. His expression was vacant as if he did not fully understand the meanings behind Chu Yu’s words. After a while, he seemed to have come to an important decision. He suddenly grabbed hold of Chu Yu’s hands and said apologetically, “Little brother, big brother… will have to leave Jin He for a few days.”

“Alright.” Chu Yu felt relieved and smiled. “Big brother, no matter what your decision is, I’ll always support you.”

Chu Sheng forced a smile and embraced Chu Yu. He patted him on the back, nudged against his soft hair, and said in a hoarse voice, “Little brother, big brother has sorted things out with the rest of the Righteous sects. They already have released news that they are willing to accept the Yuncuo commoners. Do whatever you want.” Then, his face turned serious. “Only one thing. Don’t force yourself. And never ever put yourself in danger.”
Chu Yu nodded prudently.

Chu Sheng took a deep breath and released Chu Yu. Without any hesitation, he jumped onto San Huo, rode into the sky and disappeared into the horizon in just a blink of an eye.

Chu Yu stared blankly at the sky.

He did not know whether this was the right thing to do… but at this point in time, it should be the right course of action.

He could only hope that Papa Chu would not scold him when he finds out about this in the underworld…

Only a few days after the righteous path’s announcement, the commoners of Yuncuo began to stir. Their original intent had been to find a good place to settle down. The only thing was that the commoners had all been assembled in one camp, where the various demonic path sects would take turns to watch over them. Whenever the need arose, they would just grab one of the commoners to use. In any case, the commoners were simply too powerless to resist.

Seeing that the time was ripe, Chu Yu quit fooling around and dragged Xie Xi along to tell Lu Qingan of his plan.

Lu Qingan was wiping Yan Han without fail, but his hand stopped when he heard “Wei Yuanshan”. He nodded and said, “Since it’s him, it’s fine.”

Next to him, Shen Nian’s countenance changed when he saw Lu Qingan’s frosty expression softening. “An’an, who is this Wei Yuanshan? Man or woman? Why does the name sound familiar? Could it be my rival in love?”

The vein on Lu Qingan’s forehead throbbed. Initially, he had meant to ignore Shen Nian, but Shen Nian was not content with just talking and began to extend his hand to pinch Lu Qingan’s face.

Lu Qingan could bear it no longer and expressionlessly raised Yan Han to take a stab at Shen Nian.

Shen Nian was nimble, and he seemed to be familiar with Lu Qingan’s swordplay technique. He easily dodged the sword, which was lacking in both murderous intent and spiritual energy. He chuckled while evading it, “Is An’an shy? My bad, my bad! I shouldn’t have said this before your little disciples… Oof, slow down, slow down. Hold on!”

As if his tendon had been severed, Shen Nian’s agile body suddenly toppled over and he fell right onto the Yan Han Sword.

Yan Han fell to the ground with a clatter.
Lu Qingan did not expect Shen Nian to throw himself at him suddenly. He was so shocked he cast his sword aside. Shen Nian collapsed to the ground along with the sword.

With how Lu Qingan’s spiritual energy had been nurturing him, Shen Nian’s spiritual body was not as transparent as before; it was almost near corporeal now. Lying on the ground, he truly did look like a living person. His complexion was pale, and his handsome brows were tightly furrowed. He seemed to be in such pain that he could not even make a sound.

Lu Qingan’s face turned white as he stooped over to take Shen Nian into his arms. His voice was low and urgent. “Shen Nian!”

Chu Yu was shocked by this sudden scene too. He was staring intently when he saw Shen Nian’s eyebrows suddenly relaxed as he reached out to embrace Lu Qingan tightly. Shen Nian’s mouth then curled into a cheerful smile. “An’an… After so long, you’ve finally called my name again. Come on, say it again.”

His voice was full of energy, and he even deliberately suppressed his tone and infused it with a touch of tenderness, as if he were coaxing someone.

Lu Qingan looked at him expressionlessly.
Shen Nian laughed heartlessly.
The atmosphere was now a little strange. After a while, Lu Qingan closed his eyes, stood up, and released Shen Nian. Without even picking up Yan Han, he turned, walked back to his room, and backhandedly slammed the door shut behind him.

Chu Yu was dumbfounded. He was full of admiration for Shen Nian’s fearless spirit when it came to digging his own grave.

Shen Nian clapped his hands. Paying it no mind, he swiftly stood up with a smile still on his face and stared unblinkingly at Lu Qingan’s door.

Chu Yu gave a dry cough. “Elder, my shizun… seems to be furious.”

Shen Nian gathered his sleeves without a care. “It’s better for him to be angry. You see, he’s so emotionless and indifferent all day long. I tried to make him laugh, but he couldn’t laugh. I tried to make him angry, and he ignored me. It wasn’t easy to stir up some emotions in him. So isn’t this better now?”

Chu Yu could neither laugh nor cry. He sighed, cupped his hands to bide Shen Nian farewell, and left with Xie Xi. When they were far away, Chu Yu turned his head. His eyebrows twitched when he saw the smile lurking at the corners of Xie Xi’s lips. “Don’t imitate Elder Shen. If you dare to make me angry on purpose, you will be dead meat.”

Xie Xi’s expression was solemn. “How could shidi bear to make shixiong angry? Shidi wouldn’t dare to make shixiong angry either. Shidi only wants to make shixiong happy, to make shixiong smile.”

On hearing this, Chu Yu played along and bared his teeth. “There. Are you happy now?”

Xie Xi almost fainted at the sight of this savage smile. After a while, he said with some difficulty, “Shidi should perhaps consider pissing shixiong off…”

There was no time to lose. They had informed Lu Qingan in the morning, and by afternoon, they were all set to go. Chu Yu and Xie Xi snuck into the demonic cultivators’ camp. Fortunately, they still had the treasure clothes that had been sent by Mei Yin Valley the last time. After putting them on, they did not have to worry about being discovered by the disciples of Dun Yue Sect because of the abnormal flow of their spiritual energy. Therefore, it was a breeze infiltrating the demonic cultivators’ camp.

Xie Xi’s cultivation was now at the peak of the early phase of the Nascent Soul Stage. It was not hard for him to move with Chu Yu, although they came across some tidbits of information as they were passing by certain places.

Two demonic cultivators of some status were having a conversation as they sighed and gazed toward Jin He. Chu Yu kept his eyes opened as he hid with Xie Xi beside him. He was stunned when the demonic cultivators spoke.

“… Tian Yuan Sect is truly useless.”

“I heard that Lu Qingan had exposed Song Yuanzhuo and disabled his spiritual pulse. Hehehe, Song Yuanzhuo is really not a good person. I knew it. Why else would a proper righteous path cultivator travel all the way to Yuncuo to ask for that kind of skill?”

“The only thing in the entire world that would allow someone with a disabled spiritual pulse to cultivate again is that demonic skill from my sect. But when using it absorbs human blood as spiritual energy. It’s truly evil. Even I don’t dare to make light of it and use it for my cultivation… I heard the Demon Lord Yan Heng created it.”

“That family should have joined the demonic path. Yet even now they still claim to be righteous… What a pity. Tian Yuan Sect and Xu Yang colluded with each other, but they still failed to awaken Demon Lord Yan Heng.”

“Tsk. Demon Lord Yan Heng. Who knows if that kind of character would be advantageous or detrimental to us if he were really resurrected? Didn’t he devour the sect master of Dun Yue Sect and the elders of the other sects? It’s just as well they didn’t fully succeed…”

Chu Yu could not help but gnash his teeth.

Damn that Song Yuanzhuo.

Chu Yu had been puzzling over how could have Guest Vassal Xu been the only one behind that matter. For the rumors to surface and spread, he couldn’t have been working alone. It was likely Song Yuanzhuo who had helped set the rumors abuzz.

He really dared to do anything and everything to let Song Jingyi cultivate again. If his true betrayal of the righteous path were exposed, everyone in Tian Yuan Sect would become the targets of scorn.

After squatting for a while, Chu Yu shook his head and left with Xie Xi.

Xie Xi hesitated for a moment, then put his arms around Chu Yu’s shoulder, half-pulling him into his arms. He kissed Chu Yu’s hair and said in a low voice, “Shixiong, I’ll tell you something. Don’t be angry.”

Chu Yu raised his eyebrows. “Weren’t you considering pissing me off this morning?”

Xie Xi almost wept, “Shixiong…”
Chu Yu could not stand his teary-eyed look and wordlessly reached out to cover Xie Xi’s eyes. “Go ahead. I’ll not get angry.”

Those long eyelashes gently brushed across Chu Yu’s palm, tickling him. Chu Yu was a little distracted by it when he heard Xie Xi said, “What those two demonic cultivators were saying earlier… Shizun and I both already knew about it.”

Chu Yu was taken aback.

“That day, when shizun did not reveal this matter with all the others to all the other cultivators, it was likely because on account of their old relationship. It was his last act of consideration for Tian Yuan Sect. I thought that shizun must have his own reason for not revealing this, so I didn’t tell you…” “Xie Xi carefully looked at Chu Yu’s expression. When he saw that Chu Yu showed no sign of anger, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Chu Yu patted the child’s head as a show of consolation.
Tian Yuan Sect was gone, Song Jingyi was dead, and Song Yuanzhuo and his wife were now handicapped. Lu Qingan had been the one who had dealt the final blow to them, so it was certain they would be completely disabled. With even their hands and legs maimed, they likely could only lie on the bed and groan.

He was initially surprised that Lu Qingan had gone to such an extent, but now he thought about it, it was most likely to prevent them from cultivating that demonic skill created by Demon Lord Yan Heng later.

Lu Qingan was really a person with a last shard of mercy left.

After wandering around the demonic cultivator camp for a while, both of them finally found Mei Yin Valley’s territory and slipped in without encountering any obstacles. Before they could consider whether to continue to sneak in or fight their way in, they bumped into Wei Ciyin at the main gate.

They had not met for a year, and yet Wei Ciyin was still as elegant as ever. He even had a small fan in his hand, and he looked even more coquettish than before. Chu Yu could not bear to look straight at him, feeling as though his eyes were burning from the mere sight of Wei Ciyin…

They did not bother to conceal themselves and openly stood waiting outside the main gate. The moment Wei Ciyin walked out of the door and looked up, he spotted Chu Yu and Xie Xi.

His smile froze for a moment. Without hesitation, he stepped back and closed the door.
Chu Yu, “…”

Who the hell had tried every means to force them to Mei Yin Valley the other time because he wanted their help? And yet he is giving them the cold shoulder now that they have personally come to him??

Chu Yu’s face darkened. “Xie Xi. We will fight our way in.”
As if he had heard Chu Yu’s voice, Wei Ciyin hurriedly opened the door again and laughed as he pulled them inside. He backhandedly closed the door and gave them a bright smile. “Isn’t this Comrade Chu and Comrade Xie? I must have been blind just now and did not see you, hahahahahahaha.”

Chu Yu remained expressionless.
While Xie Xi looked at him as if he was looking at an idiot.

Wei Ciyin did not feel embarrassed even though he was snubbed. He turned to Chu Yu and smiled. “I’ve heard of Comrade Chu’s noble sacrifice to seal Demon Lord Yan Heng. You have my admiration. You even managed to return alive.”

It was still fine if this person kept his mouth shut. Yet the moment he opened his mouth, all he did was trigger Xie Xi. By the time he was done talking, Xie Xi’s expression had turned dour. Duan Xue had also come out of its sheath, giving off a faint gleam of blood-red light.

Wei Ciyin’s expression remained unchanged. “Oh, are you two here for my father? He’s in the main hall. This way.”

Chu Yu had a toothache just by looking at Wei Ciyin. He wanted very much to wallop him. It was a pity he was here to ask for a favor this time. If he had clobbered someone else’s son on someone else’s territory, then this matter would be a no deal even if their parents’ relationship had been good.

Chu Yu put up with it and tugged Xie Xi along as he hurriedly tried to soothe him upon seeing the murderous look on the child’s face. Ignoring Wei Ciyin’s presence, Chu Yu held his face and kissed him. “All right, cool down. There will be plenty of opportunities next time. Let’s get down to business first.”

Xie Xi calmed down and silently eyed Wei Ciyin as he sheathed Duan Xue. Just as they were about to turn and leave, Wei Ciyin suddenly spoke again.

Only this time, he faltered and did seem to be a little embarrassed. “By the way… where is that Third Shidi of yours? I haven’t seen him for a long time. He couldn’t be dead, could he?”

Chu Yu cast a glance at him. “For you to ask about Third Shidi suddenly, what are you scheming?”

Wei Ciyin was dumbfounded. “What am I scheming?” He mumbled to himself, then smiled and fluttered the small fan in his hand. “Nothing.”

Chu Yu inwardly rolled his eyes.

Wei Yuanshan was really sitting in the main hall as if he had been waiting for a long time.

The last time they met, they had drawn swords at each other. This time, they were more cordial. Wei Yuanshan cut to the chase and asked, “Xie Xi, you want me to help protect those commoners and send them to Jin He?”

His opening made it hard for Xie Xi to continue with all those flatteries Chu Yu had earnestly taught Xie Xi to say. Chu Yu was considering how to save the situation as smoothly and naturally as he could when Xie Xi nodded honestly. “Is Wei Valley Master willing?”

Wei Yuanshan hesitated for a moment. Then, instead of giving an immediate reply, he bypassed the question and stared at Xie Xi’s face with sharp eyes. “Tell me first, do you hate your parents?”

Xie Xi looked impassive.
Chu Yu was sitting beside Xie Xi, his hand tightly clenched in Xie Xi’s hand. He could feel Xie Xi subconsciously tightening his grip. His heart ached when he thought back to the original Xie Xi’s end.

The author must have grown up eating razor blades for him to set Xie Xi’s character design such that he would be abandoned by his parents as a child, bullied by his fellow disciples as a youth, and even lose his esteemed shizun and his beloved wives as an adult. Finally lonely and alone, he sealed himself away…

Xie Xi ought to be yearning for the warmth of his parents.

However, this desire has turned into disappointment. As time passed, it had festered and slowly faded until all that was left in the end was naturally…

“Hate.” Xie Xi pursed his lips. His voice was indifferent. “Is Wei Valley Master going to try to tell me their story again?”

But Wei Yuanshan shook his head. “Since you are not willing to listen, then I won’t say anything. But they are still your parents after all. Although you hate them, I’d still like to ask you to… save them.”

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