Chapter 81.2 – Well, it’s okay for now.

Chapter 81.2 <— click on the link to read the super awesome post for today if you are a bot. For the normal stuff, scroll down to the very bottom. Thank you for your support and understanding.

A nice little illustration



Image Source.

This image kinda looks like Xiu, doesn’t it? Or since it looks pretty young and a bit innocent, it could be Eric! It has that blond warrior prince thing going for it.

Human form Xiu has been described as “a blond youth with a genial smile on his face” and Heidi thought he was very good-looking but I think the elf form is probably the most beautiful one. However, we still haven’t seen Xiu’s angel form so it’s too early to discuss this.

Here is what you are looking for

This is today’s SFW version. This version is good for all ages and those who are not too fond of weird stuff. The entire, uncensored version is super spicy… perhaps too spicy for some. It contains BDSM.

Thanks for reading and please let me know if there are any errors.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 81.2 – Well, it’s okay for now.”

  1. Worldwide handsome jin

    That blonde has a self righteous look on him, so I think Eric would look like that.
    I’m super excited to read the NSFW chapter! Can’t wait to see Dominant xiu ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. that’s Arthur Pendragon or Saber Prototype (i always call him proto-kun tho), original arthur from fate prototype which is sad most people don’t know.. i guess he’s similar to humanXiu (the reason i read this novel in first place oops). but i think proto-kun deal with betrayal differently, he is still just and kind, even though he killed his master out of justice (his master/Manaka is total madman)

  3. Thank you!!
    Ahh indeed, King Arthur from Fate Grand Order looks a lot like how I imagined Xiu in human form~
    The personality is more like Eric tho lol

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