Chapter 28.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 28.2 – Protagonist: Let’s make a bet

A demon butler met them at the door. He saw two people emerge from the carriage, a blond youth with a genial smile on his face and a black-haired youth with a stiff, frozen face who looks very difficult to get along with.

The butler gave Du Ze a brief glance then focused most of his attention on Xiu. Sizing up the blonde with a critical eye, the butler was unable to find any flaws in the blue-eyed, golden-haired youth’s appearance. The only thing a person could call a fault was that Xiu was a little bit inferior in strength. The butler tentatively deduced that the other party is, roughly speaking, a high-level Sword Master, but he cannot make out the other’s attributes. The butler thought that for Xiu to have reached this level at his age is quite good.

If a certain someone had known what the butler was thinking, he would be sure to snort and think: stupid mortal, ah! He underestimates the protagonist’s halo too much. He should quickly worship the military might and magical talent of the Moe Master!

Du Ze saw the demon butler walk up to them and say some welcoming words. The servant’s gestures were superficially modest but could not hide his natural arrogance. With a gesture, the butler invited them to enter and led the way inside. Xiu pulled the still dazed Du Ze along with him and followed the servant.

The Lord’s palace was lavishly decorated with bright crystal chandeliers that dangled overhead. There were two spiral staircases in front of them. A door was set in between the stairs. It opened automatically when they walked to it. Inside was a spacious dining hall; the table was filled with delicious food, but the most mouth-watering treat was the person who was seated at the head of the table and smiling at them.

Heidi was dressed in a purple scale evening dress that clung tightly to the curves of her body. She was like a beautiful mermaid luring sailors to their doom. Compared to her, the goddesses that Du Ze had seen on Earth before were nothing much.

She was a little surprised to see Du Ze, but Heidi continued to smile and asked the attendants to bring another chair. Du Ze sat as far away from the pair as he could and began to weaken his presence as much as he could.

Heidi and Xiu toasted each other and seemed to be chatting very happily. Lurking in the sidelines, Du Ze was also very happy. Although he could not hear them, no problem, real men like big breasts!1 The crazy fan simply filled his imagination with dialogue from the original “Mixed Blood” scene.

Heidi gently touched Xiu’s blonde hair. Her eyes were wet: [This is a really beautiful color. I cannot help but wonder if the sunshine is so beautiful on the other side of the Chaos Continent … Be my partner, okay?]

(PS: The [] lines in brackets are Du Ze’s remembered “Mixed Blood” original dialogue.)2

[You already belong to me.] Xiu smiled: [I’ll take you back to the other side of the mainland, and you’ll see what the real sun looks like.]

Heidi widened her beautiful eyes: [… Back to the Chaos Continent?]

[Don’t underestimate your man. Believe me.] Xiu’s eyes were full of tenderness: [You’ll achieve your wish.]

Next, the charming demon sister will move towards the protagonist and be enfolded in his bosom. Du Ze was thinking of hiding his presence and leaving at the right time when he saw Heidi stand up and then leisurely walk towards … him.

Sister, you’ve made a mistake, =A=!?

Du Ze watched the succubus walk towards him, her soft body gently swaying as if boneless. Du Ze was so stiff even his breathing had stopped. He felt the succubus whisper something in his ear: “…”

Du Ze did not hear what Heidi said to him because he was busy blankly staring in Xiu’s direction: This young man does not covet your family’s harem and has not done anything at all, so please, protagonist, keep your knife sheathed and let this youth keep his cucumber! Ah!

A soft hand touched the side of Du Ze head and in front of him was a beautiful woman with a heavenly fragrance, blushing cheeks, and delicate lips that men cannot help but want to kiss. When the succubus smiled, her eyes were mesmerising but Du Ze’s heart was full of despair.

Sister, you really want this cannonfodder’s cucumber to be chopped off? QAQ?

Heidi was startled by the black-haired youth’s reaction. He looked at her as if he was seeing something horrifying under a beautiful painted mask. Under his cold eyes, she could not find any means of moving him. Heidi got up and walked back to her seat. She frowned at the blonde youth who had kept silent all this time.

“You knew that would happen?”

“I knew. He looked at you like he was looking at a picture,” Xiu whispered. He was half speaking to himself: “He always does.”

Heidi had to admit that Xiu had described it perfectly. She had seen the stunned admiration on the youth’s eyes but she could not move his heart.

“I lost.” Heidi admitted she couldn’t seduce Du Ze. “Since I lost our wager, I’ll have the pass ready.”

She gazed at Xiu and said: “Have you really thought about it? If you want, you can have this city -”

Xiu shook his head. Heidi looked very disappointed; her helpless look was the type that aroused the protective urges of every normal male.

“I enjoyed our dinner. I asked someone to prepare a room. Please stay here for a while.”


After Xiu emerged from his bath, he saw that Du Ze had disappeared and sitting on bed was Heidi, dressed in gauze clothing. The beautiful demon smiled at him charmingly, saying: “Looking for your companion? I asked him to rest in another room.”

Heidi stood up and walked next to Xiu. The thin veil of her clothing could not conceal the charming scenery under it.

“I thought about it and I am a little unwilling …”

She pulled down the straps off her thin gown and the light silk clothes slipped off, revealing her perfect figure.

“So I’m going to make this last effort.”

Beautiful succubus. Naked, without a stitch of clothing on. Standing in front of Xiu, her voice is sweet as she said: “You will fall in love with that feeling … You want to try?”



“Let’s make a bet. If you can seduce him, I will stay to help you, if not, please give us the pass.”

“Seduce him?”

“Don’t underestimate him. Trust me, you can’t do it.”

“You knew that?”

He knew it all along.

That person is always like this, always watching everything but he never getting involved.

Almost like … God.


If that man is God.

He wants to commit blasphemy.

– [black box]



The author has something to say:

Protagonist: Let’s make a bet? If you can tempt me, you can rest today. If not, eight races tonight.

Reader: (used his whole body to seduce the protagonist, and then was pushed down by the protagonist) … You lied to me!!! Didn’t I win?

Protagonist: If I don’t push you down, how do I show you that I was tempted?

The author: Who lost and who won? It’s a difficult question.


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  1. 大丈夫萌大奶 – actually a Chinese play on words based on the Japanese phrase “mon dai nai” (no problem). It’s also associated with the meaning “real men like big chests.” I used both meanings.
  2. This is the author’s note.

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