Chapter 82 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 82: Extra: Bronze Mirror (2)

This chapter is by Lianyin of BC Novels.

Chu Yu had only just woken up when Xie Xi had tormented him to the point he was so tired he fell right back asleep. Xie Xi held him in his arms and sat up. He gently caressed Chu Yu’s face and looked down at the slight frown and fatigue on his face. Lowering his head, he kissed the corner of Chu Yu’s lips, then pulled the quilt up to cover his body. Only then did he reach out to grab the bronze mirror again.

While the two of them had been going at it, the scene inside had already switched to show a cave.

Xie Xi focused his attention on it and could not help but feel startled.

The Chu Yu in the image was just a small figure. It looked like the time they had gone to Mei Yin Valley in Yuncuo. Then, Xie Xi’s killing instinct had been ignited, and he had suddenly passed out. Chu Yu had taken him to a mountain cave… He did not remember what happened afterward; all he knew was that he had hurt Chu Yu by mistake.

He was… strangling Chu Yu.

Chu Yu’s face was flushed red. There was a pained look on his face. It was as if he would breathe his last any time now.

Xie Xi felt cold all over. The bronze mirror fell to the ground from his hands with a “clang”. He did not pick it up, but fearfully hugged Chu Yu tightly in his arms as he looked at the latter’s peaceful sleeping face. In a low voice, he called out, “Shixiong.”

Chu Yu seemed to have heard him in his sleep and mumbled a vague response.

“Shixiong… Shixiong…” Xie Xi held him and murmured. He took a deep breath. It was only when he calmed down that he dared to pick up the bronze mirror once more and continue watching.

Chu Yu ached all over when he woke up.

He moved his body and realized that someone was embracing him tightly from behind with their hands clasped around Chu Yu’s waist and legs over Chu Yu’s. There were long puffs of breath on the top of his head. When he closed his eyes, it was as if he could hear a powerful heartbeat.

“Shidi?” Chu Yu found it strange. He could let it go when Xie Xi was not by his side when he woke up earlier. But this was the first time that Xie Xi was still asleep when he woke up.

Could it be that… he was overtired from doing all that?

Chu Yu could not figure it out. He gently pried away Xie Xi’s hands, wanting to get up and check the time. He had slept so much he was now confused and would be unable to tell day from night. He did not know what had possessed Xie Xi last night for him to become so… worked up.

The hands around his waist tightened. It took Chu Yu quite a while to pry them apart. Just as he was about to stand up, he was hauled back. Chu Yu was terribly pissed, but before he could utter any words of reproach, he heard a sob in his ears. “Shixiong… Shixiong, don’t leave…”

Was he having another nightmare?

Helpless, Chu Yu turned over to face Xie Xi. It was then he noticed the latter was frowning. His eyes were tightly shut, and there was a faint layer of red at the corners of his eyes as if he had been crying earlier.

Chu Yu was momentarily stumped before it dawned on him. He thought back to last night, where Xie Xi had deliberately tormented him until he fell asleep. He hurriedly searched the ring, but as expected, he did not find the bronze mirror.

… This child. Chu Yu would not let him watch, and he then insisted on watching. Look what happened now. He had cried.

Chu Yu sighed and muttered to himself. Then, he saw Xie Xi’s long eyelashes quiver as he woke up.

His eyes were still red. When he saw Chu Yu, his eyes filled up with tenderness and love. Even his voice was as gentle as water. “Shixiong.”

Chu Yu stroked his head and responded with a “hm.”

Xie Xi then said, “I… I saw you crying.”

Chu Yu paused. His face reddened from embarrassment as he recalled all the times he had cried in the abyss. He turned his head away and changed the subject. “Okay, it’s time to get up.”

Xie Xi did not release him and murmured, “Shixiong, I waited for you for a long time on the cliff. Third shidi said you would come back, but I was so afraid.”

He had been waiting on the cliff?

Then, whenever he looked up hoping to see Xie Xi, Xie Xi was also looking down into the vast abyss, hoping to see him?

That touched the soft spot in his heart. Any remaining anger Chu Yu had felt dissipated. But then, he saw Xie Xi’s expression cooling. The gentle expression that had been spreading across his face earlier had been replaced by an iciness. Chu Yu’s eyelids twitched wildly. He was afraid that Xie Xi would have a case of qi deviation and go so berserk that he would not even recognize his own kin.

“Shixiong, that wolf demon…”

Chu Yu’s reaction was quick. “It was just a misunderstanding! Misunderstanding. It’s no big deal.”

Xie Xi was silent for a moment. “I should not have killed Song Jingyi so quickly that time.” He sneered. “Many years ago, I found a Soul Furnace on a demonic cultivator. It’s said that if I extract a soul and enter it into the Furnace, the person would never be able to reincarnate. I let him off too lightly.”


Chu Yu felt cold all over when he thought about how the Soul Furnace was used by Xie Xi to slay the original host in the original novel. He said weakly, “Shidi… you should destroy such a sinister tool that is used by unorthodox cultivators.”

Otherwise, he would not be able to sleep in peace in the future…

The Soul Furnace was a rare treasure. Most sects would generally worship it as a sect treasure if they got their hands on it. It would be a waste of a perfectly good item to destroy it. After thinking for a moment, Chu Yu was about to take his words back when Xie Xi pulled out Soul Furnace and slashed down on it with Duanxue. The sound of metal and stone shattering rang out.

The Soul Furnace had been destroyed in one clean blow.

Chu Yu heaved a sigh of relief even as he was stunned. He reached out a hand to pinch Xie Xi’s face and smiled. “Those incidents are all over. Shidi, don’t keep dwelling on the past. Am I not safe and sound in your arms now? We are still going to roam the world; don’t let this dampen your mood right from the start.”

With this, he looked up and kissed Xie Xi’s lower jaw. “Give me a smile?”

Xie Xi blinked and gave him thegentle smile he had asked for.

Chu Yu did not intend to stick around there for too long. After waking up, he tidied himself. He was too lazy to walk with his waist and back aching, so Xie Xi gave him a piggyback as they walked through the mountain forest.
They walked, rested and rode their swords at times. Sometimes, they rested rest in mortal towns to inquire about news of strange happenings nearby. They also once bought a horse to ride together.

As they were passing by a small town near Yuhua Sect, Xie Xi suddenly left, making Chu Yu wait for him at the town for a few days.

Ever since Chu Yu left the abyss and was reunited with Xie Xi, they had been glued together every day. When Xie Xi had suddenly left, Chu Yu hadstill been calm and composed as he let him do as he wished. Now that Xie Xi was gone, Chu Yu felt so lonely he could barely make it through the night.

After tossing and turning and have trouble sleeping for a few days, even the waiter who came upstairs to move the bath bucket could tell that Chu Yu was not in a good mood. Before he left, he let out a puzzling smile. “Are you and that earlier guest… in that kind of relationship? I have seen countless wandererscome through. I could tell with just a glance.”

Chu Yu, “… Oh.”
Xie Xi always had to hold his hand when they were walking. Sometimes he would even put his hand around Chu Yu’s waist to assert dominance. Anyone who was not blind could see what their relationship was…

The waiter continued to display that strange smile. “Has that guest left? Did you two quarrel?”

Chu Yu sighed. “That’s not it.”

The waiter said, “As the saying goes, a husband and wife should kiss and make up on the bed.1 What’s more for two big men? If you ask me, if the two are really at loggerheads, well, you look like you are the one on top, then you should just pin him onto the bed, strip him clean, and mercilessly go at it all night until he is out of strength… Heh heh, then he won’t be angry anymore.”

Chu Yu was dumbstruck by this man’s outrageous remarks and could barely maintain his noble and cool demeanor. “You… you may leave.”

Chu Yu tried to forget what the waiter had said after the latter had left. He looked at the darkening sky and guessed Xie Xi was not likely to return today either, and so he started looking for trouble. He rummaged through his ring for a while. As his gaze swept across a pile of skill manuals, he suddenly realized that there was a book with a painting style that looked off to him. He took it out and was almost blinded.

… A book of erotic art.


Since when has there been an extra erotic artbook in the ring?

Chu Yu pondered it. He really could not remember when and where he could have bought such erotica to keep in the ring. He flipped it open with trembling hands, and his brows twitched involuntarily.

This erotic illustration book… was even more high-definition, vivid, sensual, and intense than the ones Xie Xi had presented to him like a treasure… It was pretty obvious at a glance that this was not a rare edition of erotica that anyone in this world could produce.

Holding onto the book, Chu Yu reflected on his life for a moment. He then suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

It seemed that the system had said that there was a mysterious gift for him when it was bidding farewell to him…

So, the so-called mysterious gift turned out to be an erotic picture book?!

Chu Yu was dumbfounded and wanted to give the system a dressing-down, but the system was already gone. He wanted to tear the book up, but this book was incredibly tough and could not be torn.

What else could he do? He could either throw it away or hide it in the ring so it would never again have the chance to rear its ugly head.

However, Xie Xi was even able to find the bronze mirror hidden in his ring. What if he ransacked the ring again one day in a sudden pique of interest and saw this thing?

Chu Yu’s face alternated between green and white. After a while, he decisively stood up to open the window and mercilessly flung the book out towards the faraway sky. Before he could breathe a sigh of relief, a slender, fair hand caught the book with ease.

Chu Yu’s face froze.
A familiar voice approached him. “Shixiong has always taught shidi from young not to throw things carelessly. Hmm, this time, shidi has caught shixiong discarding things red-handed… Huh? What is this?”

Chu Yu was horrified. “Don’t look!”

Under the clear and cold moonlight in the silent deep blue sky of the night, Xie Xie gracefully stepped through the air with his hands behind him. In the backlight, the contours of his face were deeper, his sharp eyebrows were clear, while his smiling eyes were like stars. He was incomparably handsome.

Chu Yu silently extended his hand to wipe his nose.

Very good. He had upheld the dignity of a VIP member of the Appearance Association; his nose did not bleed.

Xie Xi strolled before Chu Yu and smiled. His voice was low and magnetic. “Beauty, raise your head.”

Chu Yu subconsciously raised his head. He had only just looked up when Xie Xi pinched his chin and lowered his head for a kiss before he had even entered the room. It was as if he had placed all his yearning from the past few days into this kiss. The gentleness at the beginning gave way to a ferocious gnawing like that of a beast. It was as if he could not wait to devour him.

Chu Yu was slightly panting after the lingering and intense kiss. Water glistened in his half-closed eyes, stirring with desire.

Xie Xi ran his fingertips gently across his cheek and laughed out loud. “I haven’t seen you for just a few days. So it turns out shixiong has been missing shidi this much.”

Chu Yu was thin-skinned when it came to affairs of the heart, so he did not delve deeper into the meaning of his words. As his gaze fell down on the object in his hands, his mind buzzed. The desire that had been burning earlier immediately cooled down. Chu Yu laughed dryly. “… Shidi”.

Xie Xi made a sound of acknowledgment although he was seriously looking down at the book in his hands, Alarmed, Chu Yu tried to snatch it, but all he was able to grab was the empty air. Xie Xi easily dodged his hand and retreated several zhang away to continue reading.

With the mindset that “one page less seen by Xie Xi is one night of peace”, Chu Yu decided to rebel against the protagonist for the first time in his life. He summoned Xun Sheng and rode on it to charge at Xie Xi, continuing to try to snatch the book. 

Xie Xi did not try to fight back, but simply lowered his head to study the book while nimbly dodging all of Chu Yu’s moves. It did not take long for them to fly high in the sky. On looking down, they could see hundreds of thousands of lights from the households below, twinkling like the night sky.

When Chu Yu saw that Xi Xi was about to finish reading, he felt a pang in his heart and made yet another move to grab it. This time, instead of evading him, Xie Xi reached out to grab Chu Yu’s wrist and pulled him into a hug.

Chu Yu looked up at the sky. What can I do? The difference in our strength is too big…

Xie Xi raised his chin with a shadow of a smile on his face. “I can’t believe that Shixiong read this kind of book by himself in secret without discussing it with shidi. He really deserves to be punished.”

A series of “fuck” sped through Chu Yu’s heart as he screamed at the system. The corner of his mouth twitched. “How does shidi want to punish me?”

Xie Xi trapped Chu Yu in his arms as he flipped through the erotic artbook at random. His eyes lit up, and he thrust it before Chu Yu. “How about punishing shixiong according to this page…? Uh, this posture, shixiong’s body is so supple, you should be able to handle it.”

Chu Yu took a look and turned away in anguish. “…”

What the hell, who drew this erotica?! The body of the shou in the picture was almost all folded in half. Can anyone survive this?!

“Shixiong doesn’t like it?” Xie Xi raised his eyebrows and reached out to turn over to another page. His smile deepened. “Then we’ll use this position instead. It matches the occasion.”

Chu Yu had a bad feeling in his heart. He gulped, leaned over to take a look, and almost spat out a mouthful of blood. He restrained himself and said. “…… Shidi, this book is too corrupted. How about we just throw it away?”

… What the fuck. Did Xie Xi lure him into the air on purpose? Why was there such a thing as midair-PLAY?

“Hm, let’s wait for shixiong to cooperate with shidi to analyze this book thoroughly before we throw it away.” Xie Xi calmly put the book into his ring, then suddenly put his arms around Chu Yu’s waist and pressed him down onto Xue Sheng.

When they rode their swords, the sword would change form accordingly, however, there was still a limit to how much longer or wider they could go. Chu Yu was caught off guard as he was pinned down onto Xun Sheng. All Chu Yu could feel was the emptiness behind him; it was almost as if he would plunge down the next moment. The feeling of being dangled in the air was so strong his hairs stood on end. He subconsciously reached out and clung on tightly to Xie Xi.

This kind of feeling was terrible. His face turned pale for a moment as he made a last-ditch struggle to attempt to protect his old waist. “Shidi, where have you been these last few days?”

When Xie Xi saw that his face was a little white, he kissed him little by little from his forehead to his lips, as if placating him. He nudged his face lovingly against him before whispering, “I had a little matter to see to.”

Chu Yu drew back his hand and covered his lapels. “Not saying? Then we aren’t doing it tonight. “

Xie Xi’s actions paused for a moment. He then sighed. “I went to Jin He.”

“Jin He?”

“Mei Yin Valley has moved their base to Jin He. I went to look for Wei Ciyin and borrowed those few remaining Spirit Devouring Bugs from him.”

The more Chu Yu listened, the more he felt that something was off. “What did you borrow those Spirit Devouring Bugs for?”

Xie Xi lowered his head and continued to kiss him. As he licked his Adam’s apple, he suddenly opened his mouth and bit his collar gently. He said vaguely, “To enter the Mausoleum Ruins and kill off some blind things.”

With his sensitive spot suddenly bitten, Chu Yu could not stop the moan from escaping from his throat. His voice was wet and soft like melting ice. Xie Xi’s eyes reddened on hearing him; He nearly could not stop himself from skipping the foreplay and charging straight to the crux.

Chu Yu’s body was long accustomed to Xie Xi’s kisses and caresses. It was easy to get a reaction out of him. With desire overwhelming him, most of his uncertainties had already evaporated. He let out several moans and groans. Just as he was about to ask a few more questions, Xie Xi pulled apart his lapels.

Having just taken a bath before, he was only wearing a loose snow-white inner garment. Most of his chest was revealed when Xie Xi pulled it apart with one hand. Xie Xi looked down at the beautiful scenery before him and suddenly gave a meaningful smile. “The waiter was right. Shixiong might not be angry with shidi, but shixiong must have some grievances after shidi left him alone for a few days. At this time, all we have to do is to go at it mercilessly for the entire night and everything will be fine.”

… No doubt that Xie Xi heard everything.

Xie Xi looked gentle and beautiful. As his red lips moved while he was saying these kinds of words, Chu Yu’s ears reddened. Closing his eyes, he turned his head slightly and pretended that he had not heard it. But the more he did not want to hear it, the more the waiter’s and Xie Xi’s words replayed on a loop in his ears .

He could not help tutting in his heart. This waiter had some good foresight. What a pity there was a problem with this novel’s settings; otherwise, he would have been the one on the top.

【Xie Xi did this and that to Chu Yu and finally attained the Great Harmony of Life~】2

By the end of it, Chu Yu was completely sapped of all his energy. The day broke, and the faint sound of a rooster crowing could be heard from the town below.

Xie Xi finally returned to the inn with Chu Yu in his arms and kissed him tenderly on the corner of his eyes and lips. Right at that time, there was a knock on the door. “Mister, do you need hot water?”

Xie Xi wrapped Chu Yu tightly with a quilt and let down the bed curtain. Gathering his inner garment, he opened the door, feeling invigorated. “Bring it in.”

The waiter was stunned when he saw that it was not Chu Yu who had opened the door. “Huh? Why is it you…? You’re back. Where’s that other guest?”

Xie Xi cast a glance back inside the room and smiled. “He’s all out of strength.”

With that, he closed the door and went back to pacify Chu Yu.

The waiter was stunned again. Why did… those words sound so familiar?

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  1. 夫妻床头吵架床尾和 literally to quarrel with each other at the head of the bed and compromise at the end of it, i.e. to kiss and make up before falling asleep; make-up sex.
  2. ]生命的大和谐 Great Harmony of Life; refers to a papapa scene that is censored or too explicit for publishing.

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