Chapter 83 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 83 – Extra: Enemy (This story is of the original Chu Yu)

This chapter is by Lianyin of BC Novels.

“A calamity from Heaven… Hehehe, the Chu clan has been weakening generation after generation, and now they have met their bane. I’m afraid they will be completely wiped out within a hundred years.”

The voice that rang in his ears was unhurried and seemed to carry with it a tinge of regret.

Chu Yu coldly raised his head to look at the old Daoist priest who was blocking his way. His chilly eyes narrowed as he pursed his lips. Although he looked young, there was still an imposing air about him when he clenched his jaws.

He was cold by nature, and the Chu clan had spoiled him. This was the first time anyone had dared to say such words before him.

He should have reprimanded this babbling old man and leave, but when he recalled his dream last night, he hesitated.

Last night, Chu Yu dreamed of the Chu clan’s forbidden area.

A voice in the forbidden area told him he would bring harm to the Chu clan and implicate everyone in it. Because of him, the thousand-year legacy of the Chu clan would crumble.

After looking at the Daoist priest for a moment, Chu Yu opened his mouth and said with indifference. “Aren’t you courting death by saying such words near the Fallen Maple Leaf valley?”

The old Daoist priest paid no mind to it and chuckled. “Doesn’t the little young master already have an answer?”

After a moment of silence, Chu Yu asked in a deep voice, “Can you avert the catastrophe?”

The Daoist priest smiled even more cryptically. “There is—the little young master will meet your long-time enemy in the future. As to what you should do when the time comes, the little young master should understand.”

Chu Yu frowned. He was about to clarify further when a gentle and clear voice rang out behind him; it was pleasing to the ears. “Little brother? Why are you here? Who are you talking to?”

It was Chu Sheng.

Chu Yu subconsciously did not want his big brother to know about the incident, so he turned around and trotted over to Chu Sheng and threw himself into Chu Sheng’s arms. His face was still tensed. “Nothing.”

Chu Sheng was giddy with joy when his cold and aloof little brother took the initiative to pounce on him. The smile instantly spread throughout his entire face. His eyes were shining, and he almost cried out in joy. It was a while before he blinked his eyes and stroked Chu Yu’s hair carefully. “Since little brother said it’s nothing, then it’s nothing.”

Chu Yu discreetly turned his head back to look —

The old Daoist priest had disappeared.
…A calamity from Heaven?

Chu Yu looked back in silence at Chu Sheng, who could not restrain his smile. A thought flashed in his mind: Big brother is so silly; he couldn’t implicate him…

When he returned to Fallen Maple Leaf Valley, his gentle mother carefully stroked him while his father held him up in the air and teased him. Chu Yu was even more determined: … Everyone is so silly; he couldn’t implicate them….

If he suddenly disappeared, the Chu clan was bound to go crazy. For a long time, Chu Yu carefully made his preparations. When he spread out the map to conduct his search and saw Tian Yuan Sect, his eyes shone.

Tian Yuan Sect was far from the Chu clan. He heard that there was a powerful sword cultivator in the sect. His grandparents knew this junior, and they had once lamented that the younger generation would surpass the old. If he wanted to stay far away from the Chu clan without them worrying about him while also becoming an outstanding cultivator himself, then the Tian Yuan sect was the best choice.

This matter brooked no delay.

When Chu Yu made up his mind and announced this news, everyone in the Chu clan spat out their tea in unison and unanimously opposed the idea.

Chu Shuangtian furrowed his brows. “There are many famous cultivators. Lu Qingan isn’t the only sword cultivator. If Yu-er doesn’t want to train the Chu’s swordsmanship, then how about father help you invite a famous master over to Fallen Maple Leaf Valley?”

Lady Chu tried to talk him around. “Yu-er, it isn’t safe outside. How could it be compared to your own home?”

Chu Sheng was tearful and heartbroken. “Little brother… is it because you hate big brother?”

Although the Chu clan objected, they eventually compromised under Chu Yu’s insistence.

It did not take Lu Qingan long to arrive at Fallen Maple Leaf Valley when he received the task entrusted to him by the two elders of Chu’s clan. After taking a scant and brief look at Chu Yu, he nodded his head in agreement.

On the very same day, he drank the tea offered by Chu Yu.[1] After Chu Yu bid farewell to each of the Chus, they prepared to return to Tian Yuan Sect. All the while, Chu Sheng stood in the distance looking at Chu Yu. He did not dare to come forward for fear that he could not help but retain his younger brother and prevent him from leaving.
[1] This is to acknowledge him as his master. By accepting the tea, Lu Qingan signaled his acceptance of him as a disciple.

It was noisy all around. Chu Yu felt a little down when he did not see Chu Sheng. After scanning his surroundings, he saw Chu Sheng standing in the distance under the red maple tree. Chu Sheng was grasping a piece of maple leaf and looking hesitantly at him, yet he did not dare to come over to Chu Yu.

Under an entire tree of flaming red maple leaves, the face of a warm young man in a lilac satin robe was like jade.

Chu Yu paused, then walked over and extended his hand. “Big brother.”

Not expecting Chu Yu to come over on his own initiative, Chu Sheng stuttered, “Little, little brother. What’s wrong?”

Chu Yu looked at the maple leaf that Chu Sheng was clutching. His cold eyes sparkled, and he lowered his eyes to hide the tenderness in them as he said in a light tone. “For big brother to grip the gift so tightly, are you not planning to give it to me anymore?”

“… Gift?”
Chu Sheng looked down blankly at the maple leaf in his hand for a moment. Then he smiled and handed the leaf to him. “Little brother, the red maple is the symbol of the Fallen Maple Leaf Valley Chu clan. The Chu clan member who takes along the red maple will eventually return home, dead or alive.” After a moment of hesitation, he lowered his head to kiss Chu Yu lightly on the top of his head and said solemnly, “Be careful. If anyone dares to bully you, come back and tell big brother.”

Clenching the maple leaf, Chu Yu raised his head and looked into his eyes. He nodded. Without saying anything further, he turned to leave.

Lu Qingan kept his words short. After assuring the two Chu elders that he would protect Chu Yu, he took him and left Fallen Maple Leaf Valley.

It was quiet as they rode their swords back. Chu Yu pursed his lips and stared at Lu Qingan’s back. It was only when he saw that Lu Qingan was simply riding his sword with his hands behind him and had no intention to turn back that he felt reassured enough to lower his head to look at the maple leaf in his hands.

As his fingers carefully traced the veins of the leaves, Chu Yu thought about the maple leave depiction on the ground of the main hall in front of the Chu clan’s forbidden area. His mind involuntarily wandered, and his fingers inadvertently loosened. A sudden gush of wind blew the maple leaf away. It vanished in a blink of an eye.

Chu Yu subconsciously reached out his hand to catch it. He had only just extended his hand when Lu Qingan stopped him. The cold and indifferent sword cultivator cast a sidelong glance at him. Those black eyes were still and silent, like the dark, cold moon. “What’s the matter?”

Chu Yu paused, withdrew his hand, and lowered his head. “It’s nothing.”

He did not know why, but the moment the maple leaf left his hand, there was a stab of uneasiness in his heart. The pain was minuscule, yet it was hard to locate the source of that pain.

… It was only a maple leaf.

Chu Yu secretly thought, even without the maple leaf in his hand, he could return to the valley without implicating anyone after finishing off his enemy.

Yuan Chen Peak was just like its name; it was extremely quiet. Normally, there were only master and disciple in the cave. Their personalities were similar; they were reticent and distant. Apart from the lessons, there was no further interaction.

Chu Yu, who had been pampered by the Chu clan since young, actually liked the peace. Sitting quietly to cultivate daily was not really a bad way to spend his time.

He was already accustomed to staying in the cave with Lu Qingan when the sect leader suddenly came to find Lu Qingan one day. Song Yuanzhuo was startled when he saw the desolate and lifeless Yuan Chen Peak. After some consideration, he went back to pick a group of disciples and sent them to Yuan Chen Peak as training disciples.

Lu Qingan did not turn them away, but he did not bother about them either; he simply treated them as invisible. Chu Yu still had the mind of a youth, and his curiosity was piqued now that he suddenly had a bunch of shidi. Thus, after asking Lu Qingan’s opinion, he began to impart lessons on behalf of his master and asked them to start reciting and practicing inner cultivation methods in the small woods at the first glimmer of light.

Occasionally, Chu Sheng would pay him a visit at Yuan Chen Peak and chat about the recent situation in Fallen Maple Leaf Valley. Then he would question him about how he had been lately and ask about all the nitty-gritty details. He would even ask about his meals the day before. However, when he saw Chu Sheng’s gently smiling face and expectant eyes, Chu Yu would still answer each of his questions with patience.

Life went on slowly. Until one day, Lu Qingan suddenly left the mountain alone. When he returned a long time later, there was a child beside him.

The young Chu Yu felt a stab in his heart the moment he laid his eyes on the child.

It was as if a voice was telling him that this child was his enemy; he was the one who would harm the Chu clan in the future.

Lu Qingan said, “Yu-er, this child is the descendant of my old friend. His name is Xie Xi. There is a seal on him, so he can’t cultivate for the time being. This master needs to leave Tian Yuan Sect to find a way to break the seal. It might take a long time. Take good care of him.”

Animosity surged from his heart, but he could not reveal it before Lu Qingan. After a pause, Chu Yu respectfully cupped his hands like he always did and said, “Yu-er understands.”

Lu Qingan did not stay for too long. After telling Song Yuanzhuo that he needed to make a long trip, he left.

Lu Qingan did not acknowledge those disciples who had been there as training disciples and simply accepted Xie Xi as his second disciple. The one who was originally the Second Shidi was now the Third Shidi, and so on as everyone moved a position back. For a moment, there were some complaints.

When he came, Xie Xi was very shy around strangers. His eyes were red as if he had cried earlier.

Chu Yu coldly looked at this sudden Second Shidi of his. He was an exquisite child. Although his clothes were wrinkled and dusty, they failed to mask his delicate facial features.

He clearly looked like an obedient and adorable child, but…

Xie Xi timidly approached the frosty youth and pursed his lips as he carefully tugged his sleeve. “Eldest Shixiong…”

His voice was hoarse. It seemed like he had really cried before.

Chu Yu frowned and brushed his hand away. As little Xie Xi watched with panicked and bewildered eyes, he reached out his hand to flick the sleeve that Xie Xi had just touched. His gaze moved like falling icy snow as he opened his mouth slightly. “Your hands are dirty.”

With that, he turned around to leave.

He had initially thought his so-called enemy would be someone powerful, or at worst, a high-leveled cultivator, he had never expected it to be a useless child who could not even cultivate. The disparity between imagination and reality stunned Chu Yu for a long time before he started to hesitate.

…Should he kill Xie Xi and nip the problem in the bud?

But Chu Yu could not bring himself to kill a defenseless child. What’s more, this was the descendant of Lu Qingan’s old friend that Lu Qingan had brought here. If he died, Lu Qingan would be able to trace the murderer with just a little investigation.

He was not afraid to incur Lu Qingan’s wrath. But because of his grandparents, and because the Chu Clan and Lu Qingan had always been on good terms…

After tossing and turning and dwelling on it for a long time, Chu Yu had a sudden flash of inspiration.

Xie Xi can’t cultivate.

Although it was only temporary, no one else knew. If he destroyed this child’s will such that he could not scale new heights even if he cultivated, then the problem could be solved with no need for him to die.

… It seemed like a pretty good idea.
Chu Yu made up his mind. As he went out, he saw a little youth standing outside the courtyard gate with his skinny back to him. It was near winter, and the peak of the mountain was colder than the foot of the mountain. He was slightly cowering from the cold as if he was unable to endure it.

“Who’s there?”  

The little youth with his back to him jerked and returned to his senses. He hurriedly turned around and looked at his cold and apathetic shixiong who looked as if he was an immortal on earth. The youth’s little face reddened. After a moment’s hesitation, he revealed a somewhat bashful smile. “Eldest shixiong, I… shidi’s hands aren’t dirty anymore. That day… it was shidi’s fault. I’m sorry. “

Chu Yu said nothing.

He stared indifferently at the child before him who was giving him a flawless smile. His heart churned with boundless ill will and apathy. It was a long time before he raised his eyebrows and curled his thin lips slightly into a mocking arch. “Oh, so it’s shidi.”

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