Chapter 83.2 – The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 83.2 – Reader: Shame Play.

It was not until Xiu had finished the missing part that the ruler of the gnome gods appeared in front of them again. Garl gazed at the two of them with a complex expression on his face.

Xiu placed the missing part into the middle of the Kabbalah’s control center which spontaneously merged with the other controls centers until they became one whole, with no sign that they had ever been separate. The ground began to vibrate as an earthquake shook the entire Gnome Ruins and the gnome race’s biggest masterpiece, the eight-star mechanical puppet Kabbalah, awakened.

At the same time, an orange pillar of light appeared in the distance. A stone staircase appeared, linking the pillar of light to the gradually crumbling Gnome Ruins. According to Rachel, the tower climbers will have to race to the exit portal as they are chased by the eight-star mechanical puppet; their task is to reach the portal before they are killed by the Kabbalah.

However, for Xiu this is simply the moment when he receives a gift – the terrible and mighty Kabbalah is merely a present for Xiu.

Xiu and Du Ze stood on the staircase suspended above the void and watched as the brightly shining control center cracked in the middle. The huge eight-star mechanical puppet disappeared into that space. The entire Gnome Ruins abruptly disappeared, leaving only a dark void. Finally, the control center dissolved into light that rushed into Xiu’s star bracelet. Xiu touched his bracelet and seemed to be satisfied with his new “toy.”

The staircase began to fall apart, starting from the bottom, so they had to run towards the exit. Garl watched Xiu and Du Ze leave. The two people ran farther and farther away into the distance. The jester jumped up and started to dance, his black and red horns swaying, until all that was left was a clown who performed alone in the darkness.

“You are our only future.”

As the voice of Garl came, Du Ze turned around to look at the tiny body of the gnome god standing alone in the darkness, making faces at them.

“I wish you well.”

The darkness swallowed Garl’s words and vanished together with his bowed figure.

Even when they got back to the hall, the image of the solitary figure of the gnome god remained burned into Du Ze’s retina. Among all the gods, the gnome god left the most favorable impression on Du Ze. Even if it might be because Xiu is the last gnome survivor, Garl’s affection for Xiu is an indisputable fact. Seeing such a sad and lonely figure, Du Ze even had an impulse to do something for Garl. He couldn’t help looking at Xiu who was also touched. If the Moe Lord becomes the Supreme God, perhaps he can save that pitiful race?

“Mr. Du Ze!”

Someone called out to him from behind. Du Ze turned around to see the demon sisters waving at him excitedly. The fastest of their group, Enoch, had already run over to Du Ze.

“Hey! Dude, you’re okay – ah!!!”

Enoch gave a terrible cry as he pointed at the gnome beside Du Ze. He shouted: “You! Why are you here?!”

Du Ze suddenly realized that none of the team has seen Xiu’s gnome form. The thief doesn’t know that the gnome he provoked is Xiu. During the time that Enoch was in the Gnome Ruins, the Moe Lord had been forced to wait for Du Ze for four years after he disappeared into the wheel of time, therefore the gnome was in a hair-trigger temper state. The Gold Mercenary Team, headed by the rival, entered the deathtrap. Then Enoch, this rash fellow who is a professional at selling teammates, spoke just a few words that made Xiu’s temper explode. The whole mercenary team almost died there.

Suddenly, Du Ze realized something important. How could he not have realized: The Creator God spoke to Du Ze in the wheel of time, trying to find Du Ze. The next step is obviously to directly contact Du Ze?

But when Du Ze emerged from the wheel of time, he did not meet the Creator God but instead came into contact with the rival who was leading the Gold Mercenary Team. In the original novel, the Gold Mercenary Team went to the gnome ruins to explore but this time they were not on a guild mission at all. They were there looking for Du Ze.

During the weapons contest, Eric knelt before him and said: “Evil is raging in the Chaos Continent and God sent his messenger who has hair and eyes black as the night. He will arrive in the Gnome Ruins. Only when God’s messenger returns can the Chaos Continent be saved – that was the oracle of Bright, the god of Light.”

The man who came to him was not the Creator God but Eric, the son of the lord, the representative of the god of light.

The blood seemed to be pounding in his aching head. The god of light had a scepter which was made by the God of Creation. The ones who knew of the God of Creation said that the god of light had come into direct contact with the Creator and that they had a close relationship – was the god of light a follower or an enemy of the Creator?

If they are enemies, then the fact that the god of light wants to kill Xiu seems to point to the Creator wanting to protect Xiu

If they are master and follower, then the god of light might have tried to kill Xiu because of an order from the Creator.

Du Ze stared at Enoch. Enoch, who was stared at by the expressionless Du Ze and felt the need to distance himself from Xiu, hid behind Muir. Muir looked at Xiu but did not speak – no matter what form he was, he could find his Dragon Knight through their contract.

Rachel, who just arrived, looked back and forth between Xiu and Du Ze. She quickly grasped the situation: “Your Highness?”

Enoch’s eyes widened in disbelief. He stammered: “You, you, you …you’re not saying this is Xiu?”

Old John, who was carried over to them by Ariel, broke through Enoch pathetic delusion.

“Little master.” Old John smiled and said: “I quite like you like this.”

Xiu made a “mmm” sound and took out the seven-star mechanical puppet’s body. He received half of Old John’s body from Ariel.

Du Ze looked sympathetically at the silly Enoch. Young man, you finally realized that you almost died in the prime of your youth back then. The fact that you are still alive and kicking today is practically a miracle.

The rash fellow’s brain circuits were truly a marvel. Enoch’s shock didn’t last for too long and he was quickly able to set aside the past events to once more accept that he was now an ally of Xiu.

As Xiu worked on changing Old John’s body, he listened to Rachel’s report. Because Xiu and Du Ze went through the portal first, it closed behind them and they were trapped inside the beastkin trial. They had to wait until another group came and opened another portal. They waited for a week inside the beastkin village and, luckily, they met a Thunder Regiment team. After 10 days of in the fighting grounds and the BOSS fight, the team paid no small price and finally returned to the hall. Unexpectedly, the next day they found Xiu and Du Ze.

“When I saw the statue of the gnome appear, I knew that Your Highness had come out.” Rachel raised her monocle and smiled.

Du Ze heard Rachel’s words and looked around at the stone platforms: demon, undead, human, dragon, elf, beastkin, gnome – the statues of the eight races is missing just one. It was the only trial left and also the only racial bloodline that Xiu had not yet awakened.

Du Ze’s heart beat faster as he looked at the only remaining empty stone platform.

As long as Xiu passes the angel race’s trial, Xiu will be able to ascend to the top of the Tower of God.

Then this world will have its Supreme God.



Translator’s Notes:

  • Hahahahaha! I forgot that Enoch didn’t know that Xiu was that gnome that he pissed off. It really is a miracle that Xiu let him live after he stole Du Ze away from him.
  • Old John will be fixed up by Xiu which is nice but what on earth has happened to that fat chirp?! He hasn’t been mentioned in a while? I guess like the other pets he is kept in storage. I miss that Phoenix.

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