Chapter 83.1 – The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 83.1 – Reader: Shame Play.

Du Ze looked at the silver-blue ring on his finger. This is an interspatial storage ring with a story. It was a stage prop that the stud protagonist of the harem novel used to propose to his harem member. However, because of a silly, cute reader’s intervention, the object of the proposal changed from ♀ into ♂. Now, the Moe Lord upgraded the ring to its 2.0 version, in addition to its storage function, a binding function was added.

With it, the Moe Lord no longer has to worry about his family’s silly, cute reader getting lost.

Du Ze started walking. One step, two steps, … when he was five meters away from Xiu, there was a feeling as though there was an invisible elastic rope gently binding the hand that held the ring. Although Du Ze can continue to move forward, the force of the bond will become stronger and stronger. When he is 10 meters away, the invisible force will act like an elastic band that had reached its limit and it will “snap back,” pulling Du Ze back to be hugged by the ever-prepared Xiu.

Xiu pounced on Du Ze’s back, his arms around Du Ze. He looked up and asked: “Where are you going?’

Du Ze’s eyebrows twisted. It was some time before the cold (ashamed) and aloof from worldly affairs (heartbroken) Du Ze could squeeze out two words: “Nature’s call.”

Xiu took Du Ze’s hand in his. The red and blue rings shone brightly and contrasted with each other beautifully. “I’ll go with you.”

… Your Mom! This really is shame play!1 QAQ

Du Ze, looking at the gnome who wanted to go outside with him, almost fell down to his knees. Now he could not leave the Moe Lord’s line of sight. Although no one hesitates to pull down one’s pants when one is in a public toilet, to be watched while one is doing one’s business … that feeling is too much!

Seeing Du Ze’s facial paralysis as he stood frozen, the corners of Xiu’s eyes crinkled as he smiled, exposing a pair of tiny dimples: “Would you like me to unzip it for you?”

A certain silly, cute person felt as though he was being molested. He silently turned around then quickly attended to his physical needs.

After the incident last time, Xiu really did transform the interspatial ring into a “chain” that tied him to Du Ze. Now the two of them are as inseparable as Siamese twins. Du Ze can only move freely when he was within five meters of Xiu and if he moves more than 10 meters away, he will be sent back to the Moe Lord’s side.

“Will you be angry?” When Du Ze came out, Xiu suddenly widened his eyes and stared at Du Ze without blinking. “Have I made you feel uncomfortable by tying you to me?”

Du Ze was silent for a moment then shook his head. Although it seems as though his personal freedom had just died a quick death, some silly, cute person thought that, except for it being slightly more embarrassing, it’s probably the same as before.

He is always with Xiu. No matter where he wants to go, the Moe Lord will not stop him but will go there together with him.

Seeing Du Ze shaking his head, Xiu stretched out his arms to hold Du Ze. Because he was only as tall as Du Ze’s chest, Xiu had to raise his hands to circle Du Ze’s waist, like a child holding a large doll.

“Du Ze, I’m always afraid.” Xiu’s face was buried in Du Ze’s chest. His muffled voice was full of affection and a fear of loneliness. “Don’t leave me. I have only you.”

Du Ze’s hand trembled. He was afraid – being together like this, how long can it last

The Creator of the world said to him: Hurry up …

Hurry what up?

Du Ze has been speculating about the Creator God’s unfinished sentence for several days. “Hurry up” speaks of an urgency, of wanting to do something faster. There are two things that Du Ze is doing now: one is climbing the tower to witness the Moe Lord become the Supreme God, and the other is looking for information about the God of Creation and trying to make contact with the God of Creation. The latter task is closely related to the God of Creation and the God’s tone of voice was very anxious, as though he was being chased. So was the Creator asking him to hurry up and find him?

But Du Ze dares not believe in the Creator God unreservedly. He is the Final BOSS. Based on his previous actions, he is truly a professional and conscientious villain. When he takes on a mission, he finishes it properly, like how he destroyed the various races.

Du Ze thought about it until his head hurt but he still couldn’t come up with any valid conclusions. A silly, cute person felt his IQ wasn’t up to this task but he couldn’t ask the high IQ Xiu for advice, not only because of the invisible force that stopped him from speaking, but also because the words “God of Creation” was now like a minefield – just those few words might make the Moe Lord explode.

God of Creation, you are destined to walk the path of a Final BOSS because the Moe Lord has put you in his blacklist. Please allow me to make a sad expression.

After returning to the “Beautiful” plaza, Xiu continued to make the missing machine part but this time without the presence of Garl. Since that day, the gnome god has been in hiding. Du Ze still remembered the shocked expression on Garl’s face when he discovered Xiu and Du Ze’s relationship. At that time Garl seemed to want to say something, but Xiu, who was in a violent state, clasped Du Ze and stared at the gnome god as though to say “I haven’t looked for you to settle accounts.”2 Du Ze doesn’t know whether it’s because he was shocked by Xiu’s rage or because he could not accept that the only surviving member of the gnome race is gay, but Garl ran away immediately without making any protest.



Translator’s Notes:

  • Xiu did it! He actually did make a chain and tied Du Ze to him! What do you think of this turn of events?
  • Garl is really pitiful. He finally found the last gnome, only to find out that the last survivor of the gnome race won’t be getting married and having kids…

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  1. The raw said “羞耻play” with play written in English. “羞耻” means “shame.” As far as I can tell, this is actually from anime/manga and is normally translated as “shame play.” However, the actual English term is “humiliation play.” That’s a real thing that people do. *cough* You might not want to Google that term. I’m pretty sure that the author, being an otaku, would prefer “shame play” so that is that I used.
  2. I don’t understand that part. I mean I know what it says but why did he say that? Is Xiu angry at Garl for the wheel of time stuff? Kinda unfair…

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