Chapter 84.2 – The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 84.2 Tower of God: Sky City

Meeting a hated enemy unexpectedly would naturally make one angry. However, Enoch, that rash fellow, still wanted to say hello to him even under these conditions.

When the Moe Lord saw a wild rival appear, he threw a pokeball … no, actually he immediately sent Old John. Old John’s body flashed and in the blink of an eye he had struck Eric.


A middle-aged person with his hair combed straight back from his head attempted to stop Old John. It was obvious from the small golden dragon wing on his back that he was the golden dragon who had made a contract with Eric. However, Old John was now at the level of a False God so the dragon had only recited half of his spell but Old John already had his hand on Eric’s neck.



Old John’s voice was somewhat astonished and the golden dragon was startled. Old John’s hand had penetrated Eric body, unable to touch anything, and the dragon magic had also failed to strike Old John, passing through him and shattering at the marble pillars in the distance. Both sides were like phantoms to each other.

It was similar to the situation in the hall, but with some significant differences. In the hall, the different teams are in different spaces. Even though they can see each other, they cannot touch or talk. However, the situation now was that they could hear each other’s voices so they should be in the same space but the Tower of God would not allow them to attack each other.

The angel race’s trial can be given the Nobel Peace Prize.

Old John retracted his hand as the sharp-eyed middle-aged person glared at him. The mechanical puppet smiled as though he had only done something innocent and harmless. At the same time, Eric’s eyes swept over Old John and lingered over Xiu and Du Ze, before finally staring at Du Ze.

“God’s Messenger .”

Du Ze and Eric looked at each other. A feeling of strangeness and something being out of place floated in his heart. The blond, blue-eyed young man, who was still being kept behind the protective middle-aged person, was wearing lightweight leather armor. It made him look like  someone of the agility class rather than a knight in armor. Du Ze saw that Eric also had five feathers made of light on him. It seems that this was the symbol of the tower climbers during the angel race’s trial.

Suddenly, a heavy weight made Du Ze bend forward from the waist as Xiu jumped on his back.

“Don’t look at him!”

Du Ze heard Xiu shout those words and he didn’t know who Xiu was talking to, Du Ze or Eric. A silly, cute person put his hands on his knees to hold his body steady as the Moe Lord’s full weight was on him, making him unable to relax.

“Eric?” The middle-aged person’s voice was uneasy. The sound of footsteps came and Du Ze could see a pair of feet from his downward view.

He heard Eric’s voice close at hand saying: “God’s Messenger, why are you so indulgent towards this heretic?”

Eric’s voice was puzzled. It was not condemnation, but a kind of sorrow at being abandoned.

“Of course he’ll pamper me.” Xiu put his arms over Du Ze, like a child showing off the love of his parents to others. “This guy is mine.”

“No, God’s Messenger does not belong to anyone.” Eric and Xiu look at each other. Eric’s eyes were very firm, with the type of look that other people find very provocative. “You don’t deserve to stand beside him.”

“Oh.” Xiu chuckled. “So … you think you deserve that?”

Du Ze is about to kneel down in despair. Why was the conversation between the Moe Lord and the rival so subtle and full of hidden meaning? Enoch was looking at the three of them with a “Your affairs are really messy” expression on his face. This is supposed to be the world of a stud harem novel, how can this sort of rotten development happen so naturally?

Doujinshi: Homosexuality ♂ is the world’s natural state.

Just as Eric was about to respond, a loud voice broke the strange atmosphere that seemed about to explode at any moment.

“Are you going to make me, the governor, wait?”

The crowd looked around to find the source of that voice and saw the window blinds of the governor’s carriage were raised, revealing the legendary governor.

“****, my eyes!” Enoch howled miserably, expressing everyone’s feelings. Thick, bright light elements crowded around the governor, making him look very dazzling. Even though Du Ze only glanced at the legendary governor very quickly, he still wanted to cover his eyes: There is definitely a feeling that one can level up by the experience one will gain by defeating this one. This is ability to taunt a crowd while the others do not dare to laugh.1.

Because the light was too bright, the governor only appeared as a sort of vague outline. When the governor (mistakenly) saw everyone’s expression of guilt and fear of admitting a mistake, his displeasure faded a little and he grunted softly. The two angel guards outside the carriage hurried rushed over to Xiu and Eric, saying: “Lord Inspector Generals, please hurry and board the carriage.”

No matter what the situation, an interruption like this will tend to break the tense atmosphere. Moreover, the two teams can not attack each other. Except for using their words, they were were unable to fight.2 Xiu released Du Ze and dragged his own silly, cute person away, leaving Eric behind.

Enoch scratched his head then trotted up to Eric to greet him.

“Inspector, this is your carriage.” The guards respectfully led Xiu to a small carriage, which was pulled by six horses. The carriage was so small that it felt extremely crowded when three men went inside it.

Rachel and others noticed this. Violet asked: “Where should we sit?”

The guard’s tone was not too polite when they spoke to the followers: “There are no places for you. You are to stay at the Sky City and wait for the Lord Inspector to return.”

“What?!” One after the other, everyone present made various exclamations of surprise and protest. Du Ze turned to see that Eric had brought over his bodyguard and the one who had spoken was the golden dragon. The golden dragon looked at the small carriage that was only big enough for the two inspectors to ride. He stood next to Eric and said, like a good bodyguard: “I can’t let Eric go alone.”

“Leon …” Eric seemed to want to say something but was interrupted by the golden dragon.

“I can’t allow it, Eric. You are my Dragon Knight, I must guard you. Not to mention that you now——” The golden dragon suddenly stopped speaking and sent a slightly hostile look at Xiu. Du Ze looked at Leon, who was like a lion protecting his cub, and the sense of strangeness he felt became even stronger.

Although they were not on the same side, the golden dragon’s words aroused the black dragon’s sympathy. Muir stared at Xiu but did not speak what was on his mind.

“How long do you want me to wait?” The governor’s angry voice rang again: “If you aren’t going to board, then don’t go.”

Xiu raised his hand, as if he was a student who wanted to speak to the teacher, attracting the governor’s attention.

“He and I must stay together.” Xiu pulled Du Ze closer and touched his ring. Silver light sprang up from the ring, revealing a net of silver lines made up of numerous tiny machines that were wrapped around Xiu and Du Ze. Du Ze looked at the “chain” and could not help but think of Xiu’s sweet smile as he tilted his head up against Du Ze’s hand.

—— I should have done that a long time ago.

Eric stared at the mechanical net: “You actually did this …”

“No one can take him away from my side.” Xiu’s tone did not rise, as though he was stating a fact. “Not even him.”

In the face of Xiu’s insistence, the Tower of God made concessions. The Governor grunted, then acquiesced. Xiu made Du Ze get into the carriage first. Xiu commanded the others: “Wait here.”

Xiu’s tone was forceful but it was hard to doubt his confidence. Enoch didn’t think much about it and simply agreed right away. The demon sisters and Ariel dared not disobey. Rachel and the Thunder Regiment soldiers always obeyed Xiu’s orders. As for the rest, Muir and Old John looked assesingly at the small carriage. Based on their past experience, there will be no other way out of Sky City except for the carriage and even if Muir changed into his dragon form and tries to fly with them, he will be stopped.

The small carriage could only accommodate two men. Muir looked silently at Eric and his expression seemed to say that the wanted to kill the rival to make room for himself.

Old John said to Xiu: “Little Master, please take me with you.” He pointed at the interspatial storage ring: “I won’t occupy any space.”

Xiu accepted Old John’s offer, at which point Eric came.


“Don’t worry, Leon.” Eric set foot on the carriage then turned his head to give the golden dragon a bright smile. “No one can use violence here, I’ll be fine.”

Du Ze looked at Eric who was sitting opposite him. Xiu then got into the carriage. He glanced at Eric then sat on Du Ze’s legs. The two sides formed a stand-off.

“He’s right to be worried.” Xiu looked outside golden dragon whose expression was full of worry. Xiu smiled and a hint of mockery flashed across his face. Beautifully decadent dimples appeared on his face, sweet but dark. “Even though violence is not allowed here, you can still die.”

Eric was unmoved. He was like a general, sitting with a straight, upright posture, and his eyes were unmarred by doubt or impurities.

“We will see.” 3


The horns sounded loudly and the flying horses spread their snow-white wings.4 The huge group of carriages slowly started moving. Leon looked at the column of vehicles that were moving towards the Sky City gate. Now he was shackled by an invisible force. He could barely keep his eyes open. He could barely see that carriage. All he could do was watch as the carriage carried his Dragon Knight away from him.

Leon felt fear and a terrible premonition haunted him:

He might never see Eric again.


Why do you want to see him?

– [black box]


The author has something to say:

Protagonist: Why do you want to see him?
Reader: The rival’s death flag has been established.
Author: Whose fault is that? ↑_↑


Translator’s Notes:

  • It’s the return of “the author has something to say” jokes!
  • The mouth gun:
    mouth gun

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  1. 果然有一種殺了那貨就能升級的感覺! 這群嘲能力無人能及! It sounds super awkward in English but basically, I think Du Ze is saying that in a video game the governor is the type of NPC or Boss that when you kill it, it will give so much experience that your character will level up. And he has the “crowd control/group taunt” skill. You’ll note that when the governor spoke, the conflict between Du Ze and Xiu temporality stopped since the governor caught everyone’s attention.
  2. 嘴炮 – “mouth gun” an internet slang. Um, basically an attack with words
  3. I如果你做得到 – “If you can do/achieve it” is the literal translation but I think in English it’s more like “We’ll see.”
  4. 白龍揚起了脖頸 – omitted this since I am not sure why there is a white dragon.

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