Chapter 85.1 – The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 85.1 – A Passion for Candor

The huge group of carriages traveled through a bright sea of clouds. The Pegasus stepped on the clouds as though they were solid. The wind rushed past them and the clouds were like soft, white waves. This beautiful scene was quite magnificent enough to capture Du Ze’s fancy even though the atmosphere inside the carriage was heavy. He simply put the impending rain of blood to the back of his mind.

Suddenly, they felt a sense of weightlessness as the Pegasus pulled the carriage down into the sea of clouds below. A thick white mist enveloped the carriage as they passed through the clouds. Du Ze’s vision darkened for a moment then the carriage passed through the clouds and he saw a piece of the Chaos Continent – there seemed to be dotted white lines dividing various regions of the Chaos Continent but it was too far away so Du Ze couldn’t make out what the white lines were. He didn’t know if it was because his eyes had become accustomed to the bright light above the clouds, but Du Ze thought that the Chaos Continent seemed quite dark. This contrast made a person feel a sense of loss, as though they were gods falling down into the mortal realm.

The group of carriages descended quickly. Du Ze stared at a little black spot that was getting bigger and bigger. As they came nearer he saw that it was a huge palace thousands of square meters big. In front of the palace was a large clearing that had enough space for all of the carriages to land.

The three people got off the carriage and waited for a long time as the soldiers in uniform blew on their horns and the palace mage released magic fireworks to give them a warm welcome.

“Welcome to the Eighth Layer of Heaven, Lord Governor and Inspector General.” The officer in front of the welcome committee led the rest of the soldiers in kneeling in front of the carriage. “Your coming has bestowed glory upon this place.”

Du Ze glanced at the governor out of the corner of his eye. The governor’s “I’m glowing, so I exist” attitude was very glorious. He could not help but heap praise on the group who are kneeling in front of the governor: Just too d***ed quick-witted!

The governor, receiving the leader’s flattery, grunted haughtily and marched through the crowd up into the palace. Xiu had brought out Old John so that Eric would seem even more alone compared to the three of them.

Seeing Eric looking at them, the gnome opened his small hand and a grey light leapt from his palm to Eric’s forehead. Xiu looked at the unscatched Eric and said: “What a pity!” There was no regret in his amber eyes that were full of innocence and malice, like a mischievous child.
No doubt, if violence wasn’t forbidden in this place, Xiu would definitely have killed Eric right then.

“Why are you two always dawdling?” The governor, who was at the palace door, turned back to roar at them.

Xiu glanced at Eric then pulled Du Ze towards the army. Old John followed then, leaving Eric standing stiffly by himself. Eric stood motionless for a long time then silently stepped forward.

The leader’s officials were unusually enthusiastic and respectful. Based on what they said, their host, the Archon, is the ruler of the Eighth Layer. The Eighth Layer of Heaven is the name of a region. It seems that this simulation of the Chaos Continent is divided into several regions which are named by a number.

Du Ze found out that this was yet another instance of Yi Ye Zhi Qiu’s laziness. This was all based on Dante’s “Divine Comedy” in which heaven is divided into nine layers, the First Layer is at the bottom and the Ninth Layer is at the top, the area closest to god. The First Layer of this angel race’s trial should be the most chaotic area in the continent and the Ninth Layer is probably where the BOSS resides.

Du Ze is actually at a loss. The main task of the angel trial is not clear. He thought it might be an escort task but the ban on violence completely negates his original guess. He has no idea what the Tower of God wanted the tower climbers to do in this trial.

At this time, a group of people were being warmly welcomed by the Archon.The highest official of the Eighth Layer accompanied them himself, not so much because he was genuinely interested in them, but simply to flatter an important group of people. After leading them inside the palace, the Archon arranged luxurious accomodation for them. Naturally, the bright being (the governor) was given the best room. When it came to Xiu and Eric, however, there was a slight problem with the accomodations.

“I have to stay with him?’ Xiu’s voice was neither warm or cold. His tone was flat as he asked if he had to share a room with Eric. It was a kind of emotionless tone that made the Archon break out into a cold sweat.

“Lord Inspector General, you are dissatisfied with this arrangement?”

In fact, Xiu and Eric had been given a very large room by the Archon which consisted of a common lounge and two bedrooms. Although the two bedrooms were close together, they each had separate doors. Even so, the Moe Lord found it hard to tolerate being only a wall away from his arch-rival.

“An eyesore.”

The poor Archon could not tell whether Xiu was saying that he was an eyesore, or that he did not want to stay with the other inspector.

Eric also spoke: “Is there any other room? I can stay there.”

“I’m sorry, but the other rooms are not worthy of someone of your status.”

“Never mind, ordinary is good.”

The Archon stared at the Eric’s feathers of light and shook his head resolutely. “According to the rules your status is lofty, therefore you must stay in a room that matches your noble identity.”

He bowed deeply to Eric and Xiu: “Have a good rest, Lord Inspector Generals.”

Then, no matter what Xiu or Eric said, the Archon kept his head down in a 90-degree bow, mechanically repeating that sentence. The Tower of God’s meaning is clear. Xiu and Eric must stay in the same space. The silly, cute reader silently took off his glasses and wiped them clear.

Ding! This little student knows what you want, author.

This is a common plot development. Before the final, decisive battle, the protagonist will be alone and away from all his allies and harem members. He will meet the rival then their fate will be decided while a bleak wind blows over their final showdown. After some fighting, the rival will be defeated and thereby complete his life’s mission of sending experience points to the protagonist in a tragic way, making every reader cry his eyes out.

Usually, before the duel an experienced author will arrange it so that the protagonist and the rival will chat while standing in that bleak wind, talking about matters closest to their hearts. After this dialogue, both of them will deepen their understanding and sympathy with each other, but they still have to duel.

It’s the usual “If not for fate, we might have been best friends.” This type of “friends” plot is more popular than mutual animosity, especially with those types of fujoshi who usually like to talk about ships.

In order to please a great number of readers, Yi Ye Zhi Qiu also forced a similar plot on Xiu and Eric. In order to make the two of them chat about life, not only has the angel trial forbidden violence, it has also made Xiu and Eric participate in various highly intimate situations such as forcing them into a small carriage only big enough for two and making them sleep in two adjoining bedrooms.
Du Ze guessed that there would be more instances in the future where the Moe Lord and the son of god would be forced to stay together. Regarding Yi Ye Zhi Qiu’s evil intentions, the silly, cute reader could hardly bear to watch as the ****ed author was waving a flag at the Moe Lord and Eric, shouting: You must reach this point, quickly and sincerely!

Author, you’re being naughty again.

Xiu clearly expressed his displeasure; his face was like a wrinkled little bun and Du Ze was tempted to pinch it. Eric was not against it much. He looked at Du Ze and Xiu as though he was thinking deeply about something. It was a standoff until an attendant knocked on the door.

“My Lord, the luncheon is ready.”

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