Chapter 86 – Every Day Third Shidi Is Being Wooed

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I’m Stanning the Prince

I'm Stanning the Prince

Korean webtoons are all the rage now. I like them because they are colored and are pretty much always optimized for mobile.

I’m Stanning the Prince is a new one that I like.

Summary: Angela’s real person fanfiction about the Prince was a huge hit! Unfortunately for her, a novel like that was considered treasonous. Therefore, she had to go on the run from the royal guards. Fortunately, she was saved by the Prince himself. This is the story of a fangirl heroine and the Prince who doesn’t know how to act around her. As they bicker back and forth, they start growing closer…

Note: “Stan” means an overzealous or obsessive fan. I guess that is what the “stanning” in the title means.

I like it because it’s funny but it could use more action. I’m super envious of the main character who can actually spend time with the object of her worship. The Prince isn’t the usual cold and haughty royal with facial paralysis that you would expect from the description. He’s actually… wait no, that would be a spoiler.

It’s a fun webtoon.

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Do you also like Korean webtoons? What’s your favorite webtoon?

Thanks for reading.

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  1. omg yassss!!! Suddenly became a princess webtoon is one of my fav!! Survive as the hero’s wife, Wendy the florist and BL webtoons like At the end of the road!! Yaasss there are so many good webtoons out there!!

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