Chapter 86.2 – The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 86.2 Doujinshi: These are the two most shameless people it has ever seen.

The next day, Du Ze went outside in the brilliant sunshine, shedding tears of joy at his surviving another day. Xiu’s plan for his own cute, silly person was interrupted by the plot god of the angel simulation. Du Ze was ecstatic at the interruption but Xiu was extremely annoyed. His red eyes emitted intense displeasure and a murderous intent, badly frightening their bodyguard.

Bodyguard: I, I’m just an innocent NPC. QAQ

Old John was very wise and walked some distance behind them. The mechanical puppet, who looked no different than a man, came back yesterday after Xiu fell asleep and was startled when he saw the silver-fin-eared Moe Lord. He brought back a piece of information: If Xiu wanted to become the new governor, he would have to surpass the incumbent governor. As for what type of qualification he would need to improve his seniority, everyone was silent about it. It seems that is something that the tower climbers will have to find out for themselves.

When Xiu and Du Ze arrived at the main hall, Eric was already present. Du Ze saw Eric glance at them then quickly look away. Obviously their shameful deeds yesterday had left a deep scar on the mind of the pure and upright son of god. In the end, the doujinshi is just a bunch of pictures but yesterday the two of them had staged a colorful, real-life kissing scene, an outrageous display of immodesty.

“Everyone is present?” The governor, on the seat of honor, was emitting holy light. “Then let’s go.”

A person beside the governor took out a piece of sheepskin and began to report, his manner respectful and polite. Treasure chests were neatly placed underneath them. While the Archon counted them, soldiers carried out more chests. Standing near the doorway, Du Ze was able to see the soldiers transporting the chests to a distant wagon.

“… Lord Governor, the ‘light’ collected this period has been fully loaded.”

After the Archon’s report finished, the sheepskin parchment was collected. There were five chests left in the main hall. The Archon beamed down at the chests and opened them. “These are the rewards for your Lordships’ hard work. Thank you for your efforts, you’ve come a long way for this.”

Du Ze looked inside a chest and found that it was filled with light elements rather than money, as he had thought. The light elements were highly concentrated and had condensed into solid pieces inside the chests. When the treasure chest was opened, the whole hall instantly brightened.

“You’ve done quite well.” Though the governor’s face couldn’t be seen, he seemed to be very satisfied. “The Eighth Layer is in need of a good Archon like you.”

The Archon, who was praised, was overjoyed. He immediately opened all of the other boxes under the governor’s orders. The governor waved his hand. The light that enveloped his whole body suddenly dispersed and drifted away. It was at this time that Du Ze discovered that the governor’s body was actually covered with glowing feathers that looked exactly the same as the feathers Xiu and Eric had.

When the light left his body, the governor’s appearance was finally revealed. As Du ze had expected, he was a haughty-looking male angel. Those fluttering feathers of light fell on the chests and began absorbing the light elements at a rate visible to the naked eye. In the end, all but two of the chests were depleted of their light elements.

“The rest is yours.” The governor told Xiu and Eric.

Xiu took in the situation at a glance. The governor allowed Xiu to put his feathers into one of the chests. Eric did the same thing. Soon, the light elements of the two treasure chests were depleted. Du Ze carefully counted the feathers that returned to Xiu and saw that the original five had now increased to six.

There was one more feather?

Du Ze looked at Eric and saw that his situation was the same. A silly, cute person then formed a conjecture: Are these feathers of light a symbol of seniority? It might be similar to the undead race’s trial.

Although he wasn’t sure that his guess was correct, the feathers were obviously very important and it would be best to collect as many as they could as soon as possible.

After the send-off party, they set off for the Seventh Layer. They still used the same carriage as before and there was a replay of the trio’s uncomfortable seating arrangement. The cramped space and the characters were the same but this time the atmosphere was more dignified. Xiu, because of his transformation, naturally can’t be held by Du Ze anymore so this time the two of them switched positions. Xiu, holding Du Ze, sat opposite Eric. It was very crowded in the carriage. Du Ze sat on Xiu’s lap, his face impassive. Xiu’s nose was buried in Du Ze’s neck and he breathed in the other man’s scent. Eric silently turned his head towards the window, looking out. The whole spectacle could only be described as strange.

The god of light’s appointed savior and the demon king were not shy about showing off their hot-blooded relationship. One could almost feel the son of the lord’s despair.

After a day’s drive, the group of carriages reached the Seventh Layer’s great white wall. In fact, they had in their possession a magic teleportation tool that they could have used to transfer from one place to the next but they chose to travel via their carriages, showing off a bit to everyone: wherever they went, all the creatures who saw them looked at the carriages with awe on their faces.

The group stopped outside of the capital city of the Seventh Layer as they waited for the top officials to come out to greet them. Du Ze looked out at the city. He could see that this place was somewhat less prosperous than the Eighth Layer.

The Archon of the Seventh Layer soon came to greet them with a smiling face. Everything he did was identical to the Archon of the Eighth Layer – treating them as honored guests, giving them the best accommodations, and holding a grand welcome party.

Incidentally, the silly, cute reader was not able to escape his fate. After they finished their dinner, the Moe Lord enjoyed him.


Translator’s Notes:

  • Warning: the next release is very short. The author explained why and you should read my notes to understand it.
  • The chests given to the governor were 辛苦费. Literally, this means “hard work fee” or a reward for hard work. For example, if a person were to return someone’s wallet, it is customary for the owner of the wallet to give that person a 辛苦费 or a “finder’s fee” as a reward. That’s legit but this term also has another connotation. I looked it up and apparently, teachers will sometimes ask for or be given a 辛苦费. It was reported that Shaanxi Suide Middle School held a ceremony for the students and during it, the teachers went to the parents and got a 辛苦费. Of course, this was considered to be in bad taste. In this particular case, it seems more like the Archon is giving them a bribe, doesn’t it?

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