Chapter 86.1 – The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 86.1 Doujinshi: These are the two most shameless people it has ever seen.

Du Ze had his back to the bed so he couldn’t see what was happening, unlike Eric. Before he realized that something was happening, Eric had already taken a step back, dismayed. Suddenly, Du Ze was hugged from behind in a gesture that was overbearing and very arrogant.

The scent of water gently wafted over Du Ze’s nose. He looked behind him and saw a handsome, silver-gray-haired youth with ear fins. The fins were the size of Du Ze’s palm and were opened like a small wing – though Du Ze had never seen the fins before, he had felt them in the dark.

It was the Moe Lord’s dragon form.

“When I can’t move, it seems that you talk a lot.” Xiu’s red eyes looked down at his own silly, cute person first then stared at Eric. The corners of Xiu’s mouth were turned up in a smile but it was as though the dragon’s nilin had been touched, provoking his fury. “You want Du Ze to kill me?”

… What is going on with this “caught in bed” type of atmosphere?! Du Ze stared at Xiu’s profile in fright. He thought that Xiu was in a coma but it seems that Xiu was actually conscious. So while Du Ze was having an honest talk with the rival, the Moe Lord probably heard the whole thing.

Eric finally recovered from the shock of seeing Xiu’s transformation. Answering Xiu’s question, the son of god said, without hesitation, in a deeply moving way: “Yes.”

No zuo no die, why still try?!1

Xiu’s ear fins closed slightly. He narrowed his eyes then suddenly began to laugh.

“You have a good eye.” Xiu pressed Du Ze closer to his chest as he smiled wantonly and insolently, his red eyes revealing a vast satisfaction and ruthlessness. “If I must die, then I will only die by his hand – in this world only he can kill me!”

Du Ze suddenly looked up at Xiu. That person’s bottomless red eyes were looking right at him, clearly saying: No one can decide my life or death except for you, Du Ze.

At that moment, Du Ze wasn’t happy or moved. He felt fear. The feeling of having absolute control over Xiu’s life is like someone holding his most important treasures in his hands while walking a tightrope. Du Ze shuddered. He had no doubt that if he wanted Xiu to die, that person wouldn’t hesitate to destroy himself.

Xiu told him long ago that if Du Ze didn’t want him, the world would be nothing to him.

“Will you kill me?” Xiu asked Du Ze.

Du Ze shook his head violently, almost as if his head was going to fly off his neck from the force. The corners of Xiu’s lips curved up; he was completely determined to ensure his victory. He forcefully pulled Du Ze into his arms then glanced back at Eric.

“He won’t kill me.” The light in Xiu’s eyes was very provocative and his silvery-gray hair slid down like mercury. “I’ll show you why.”


Eric’s words got stuck in the throat. His eyes widened and he couldn’t understand what was happening in front of him. The black-haired youth was forced down on the bed and kissed by the humanoid form of the silver dragon.

The person on top of him was pushing him down with some force so even though the bed was covered in fine, soft velvet, Du Ze still felt a bit of pain. His glasses were tilted to one side as his mouth was invaded by Xiu and even his breath was dominated.

Too, too intense …!

His tongue was stroked and his mouth was repeatedly and forcefully licked. Du Ze had trouble even swallowing. His face flushed and his eyes grew moist as his mouth became full of Xiu’s taste. Under that kind of intense kiss, it was impossible for him to keep track of what was happening around him. It was hard for him to keep a clear mind. When Xiu finally let go of his mouth, the only thing Du Ze could think about was taking in enough oxygen for his starved lungs and nothing else.

“…I like to put him in bed and listen to him panting.” Xiu grabbed the back of Du Ze’s neck. His grin was both aggressive and carnivorous. “Watching as he wants to cry out but dares not shout, wants to resist but has no strength …”

Du Ze had just regained his sanity from that violent kiss when he heard Xiu’s explosive speech. Du Ze’s breath was still ragged and he was nearly dead. Xiu lowered his lips to kiss Du Ze’s Adam’s apple then bit the collar of his shirt, tearing it open.

“Sucking his sensitive points, making him react, then …”

Xiu raised his head. The room had no trace of Eric.

Du Ze lay on the bed with his hands over his eyes, his chest heaving, his lips swollen, and his ears red. The Moe Lord really went all out this time. ****!

A silly, cute person thought that Eric would never again look at him as the savior of this world… no, more likely Eric would never want to see these two male dogs in heat2 ever again.

His eyes were covered by his hands. Du Ze was startled when a wet thing touched his wrist and moved his hands away. His misty black eyes met Xiu’s red eyes. Xiu stretched his body over Du Ze, his hair falling on Du Ze’s face like a cold dragon scale.

“I will destroy the world?”

——So what if you become the Supreme God?! In the entire world – you’re the only one left!

When he heard Xiu say “destroy the world,” those three words made the blood in Du Ze’s body seem to stop moving for a moment. He was silent for a while to recover his mind and voice then said: “…You mustn’t do that.”

Xiu’s blood-red eyes stared at Du Ze without blinking. He reached for Du Ze’s shoulder. Rudely, unreasonably, and overbearingly, he declared: “Then look at me. As long as you look at me, I will not destroy the world.”

Every word that Xiu spoke was full of the desire to dominate and control. “If you don’t look at me, I don’t know what I will do.”

The shoulder that Xiu grabbed was a little sore from being held too tightly. Du Ze looked into that pair of red eyes and knew that the reason why he was grabbed so hard was not a threat but rather because Xiu feared losing him. Xiu felt no sense of security so two people’s actions and words are tied together; separation is like death.

“I’ve been watching you,” Du Ze whispered.

Whether it was reading a novel or being transported into this world, he has been looking at only one person.

Xiu’s fins trembled like a peacock’s tail feathers. He lowered his lips to Du Ze’s earlobe and the icy fins rubbed against Du Ze’s cheek. Du Ze couldn’t help but shiver, not only because his sensitive ears were licked, but also because of the hand that had slid inside his clothes.

“I don’t want to restrain myself.” Xiu’s hand slowly caressed Du Ze’s skin. “I’m going to take possession of you.”

Du Ze felt the hot hard object on his lap and he noticed that the thing was subtly different. A silly, cute person’s eyes fell on Xiu’s ear fins then suddenly remembered something.

Wait a minute! Xiu’s dragon form … had … two *beeps* … like before?

Du Ze had just remembered this terrifying fact when he was suddenly crushed by Xiu – really crushed by a dead weight. It seems that something happened and Xiu suddenly fell down on Du Ze until a silly, cute person could hardly breathe.

“D*** it, it’s the aftereffect of changing forms…” Xiu closed his eyes. There was disappointment in his blood red eyes. He had been still half-conscious when Du Ze and Eric talked but he was too drunk and unable to move. When his bottom line was touched, Xiu instinctively chose his strongest physical form.

“The gnome’s physique is too weak,” Xiu complained to Du Ze. His voice was thick with weariness and he was gnashing his teeth. “Drunk Du Ze is very obedient. I could have done so many good things, but the gnome form collapsed first…”

Wait a minute, what did this little student just hear? j□j

Xiu gathered Du Ze into his arms, the silvery-gray hair messily falling over both people.

“When we get up tomorrow, we’ll continue …”

The silver dragon fell into a comfortable sleep while holding on to his favorite treasure but that black-eyed treasure was wide awake, extremely frightened.

Tomorrow we’ll continue … tomorrow …. tomorrow … we’ll continue – will there still be a day after tomorrow in this little student’s dictionary?

xiu in humanoid dragonkin form
Tomorrow, we’ll continue.


Translator’s Notes:

  • Tomorrow, we’ll continue.
  • Two 🍌🍌!
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  1. The author wrote this in English (Chinglish). It’s a Chinese internet meme meaning “one would not be in trouble had one not asked for it.” The “zuo” here means asking for unnecessary trouble.
  2. 狗男男 – literally male dogs?? contextually it seems to mean two gay men? Edit: correction, this seems to mean “shameless” since dogs do it even in public, like on the street, when they are in heat

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