Chapter 86.4 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 86.4 Doujinshi: These are the two most shameless people it has ever seen.

Du Ze will never forget the expression on Eric’s face when he saw Xiu carrying Du Ze into the main hall. A silly, cute person was very disheartened – he can’t prevent the plot from moving forward, nor can he remove the “chain” between him and Xiu. Therefore, he has no choice and is defenseless when Xiu wants to hug Du Ze when they go on the parade – or when Xiu wants to princess carry the embarrassed Du Ze.

The doujinshi, who witnessed the whole event: These are the two most shameless people I have ever seen.

The governor turned a blind eye to the undercurrents. When he arrived, he again let the local Archon report. Du Ze counted the chests and found out that the Seventh Layer gave the same amount of chests to put in the white carriage as the Eighth Layer. However, the chests the Archon presented to curry favor with them were only three, half the size of the previous gift.

Perhaps because of this, the governor did not say anything this time and used his feathers to absorb the light elements from two of the chests, leaving only one for Xiu and Eric. Because of the reduced amount of light elements, this time all they got back was a bit of hazy light. The number of their feathers did not increase since the amount of light was obviously not enough to form a new feather.

The Tower of God would not let them collect feathers so simply. Based on the current situation, next time they will get even fewer light elements.

Du Ze’s conjecture became reality in the Sixth Layer. The Archon of that region took out a chest to please them. The governor was obviously not very satisfied, but also did not say anything and simply took all of the light elements in the chest, leaving nothing for Xiu and Eric this time.

“Hey.” The governor’s actions have finally aroused the dragon’s wrath. Xiu stopped the governor who was about to leave: “Leave the light behind.”

“Are you giving me an order?” Dozens of feathers fluttered around the governor as he disdainfully glanced at Xiu’s feathers then walked away. “Wait until you have more authority than me.”

Du Ze silently moved a step away from Xiu. The silver dragon’s temper is not good. If it were not for the angel simulation’s Nobel Peace Prize ban on violence, the governor’s luminous body would have already been crushed into a pancake by the angry Moe Lord. In fact, Du Ze had thought, based on the dragon’s nature, that Xiu would use his feathers to steal some of the light elements – the dragon race has always been fond of treasure – but Xiu did not do so. Neither did Eric’s feathers make any move.

“I can’t get it,” said Xiu, in answer to Du Ze’s question. Xiu hissed then said: “My control of the feathers is limited when that idiot is present. I went to the white wagon but it is also protected.”

It’s not that he didn’t try to plunder the treasure, it’s just that he didn’t succeed. The Moe Lord even had his eye on the carriage that had dozens of chests … This little student is still too silly and naïve.

The governor’s group did not tarry long and left shortly thereafter. Perhaps because of the increasing difficulty of the Tower of God’s trial, the people inside the carriage were probably thinking hard about various stratagems. There was a kind of thoughtful, academic atmosphere inside the carriage.

In his mind, Du Ze silently summarized everything he knew: Based on the governor’s performance, it is almost certain that the feathers denote one’s seniority. In addition, the governor’s authority was able to suppress the tower climbers – the governor has absolute control over the light elements in the chests and the tower climbers cannot stop him. Every time the Archon gifts them light elements, the governor will take half of it so that the governor will have more feathers and even more seniority over the second class tower climbers. Thus, the tower climbers will never catch up with the governor’s number of feathers and the angel trial will keep people trapped inside it.

Is there any way to stop this endless cycle?

After they arrived at the Fifth Layer, they went into their respective rooms and Xiu asked Old John to call the Archon over. Du Ze immediately understood what the Moe Lord wanted to do. Since he couldn’t rob the governor, he would try taking the light elements from the Archon who had no feathers at all.

Such a direct and violent method, that’s how a race of fighters like to act.

Face to face with the Archon who had hurriedly rushed over to them, Xiu straightforwardly asked him for the light elements. The Archon’s smiling face suddenly froze. He stammered and broke out into a cold sweat as he explained that in order for them to provide the required amount of light elements, the Fifth Layer has become seriously deficient in the light element and they really don’t have any surplus to give.

Du Ze looked outside. It was a fine sunny day and there were no dark clouds in the sky, but it felt like a cloudy day. As they went to each Layer, every region seemed to have fewer and fewer light elements.

The Archon, frightened by the look in Xiu’s blood-red eyes, finally fell silent for a moment then miserably said that although he could not directly give Lord Xiu the light elements, Xiu can order the soldiers to go with him to collect the light elements.

Is this the right way to beat the angel race’s trial?

It was not until Du Ze and Xiu went to gather up the light elements that they really understood the real difficulty regarding the angel race’s simulation. Xiu transformed into his dragon form and Du Ze rode Xiu. The silver dragon looked down from the sky, watching what was happening below.

At the gates of a mansion, the Archon’s mage led a group of soldiers and was talking to a nobleman. The noble glanced at the dragon flying above them, hesitated for a moment, then nodded. Seeing that the noble had agreed, the mage ordered the soldiers to surround the mansion. They used a powder to draw a runic circle around the mansion then the mage raised his staff to cast the spell. The circle of powder slowly drew inwards, becoming brighter as it grew smaller until, finally, a ball of light the size of a ping-pong ball was created. The mage threw the ball of light elements into a chest carried by the soldier and led the soldiers away.

Where the light elements had been taken, a cloud of dark mist covered the area then dissipated. It looked as though there was a dark haze over the place and it was noticeably darker than its surroundings, as though a dirty grey veil covered it.

In the world of “Mixed Blood,” light and dark elements are special elements that are the opposite of each other but also have a “complementary” characteristic – in a certain area, if the light elements are reduced, the dark elements will increase, and vice versa.

Du Ze stared at the dark elements that had moved in when the light elements were depleted and realized a dark truth.

Just now they had collected only a tiny amount of light. To fill one chest, it takes hundreds of times that amount. How many times do they collect light elements from the same area or in the same region? Each time they collect light elements, the place is shrouded in the dark elements. This is more frightening than just collecting money from the residents. People can survive even without money, but if a place is completely enveloped by the dark elements that erode life, all living creatures will die.

After a day of gathering light elements, all they got was only half a chest-full. It was just enough to create Xiu’s sixth feather. Du Ze looked at the feather. To them this was just a worthless object but it was built by worsening the people’s living conditions.

[Your glory was written with the blood of others.]

The Tower of God was trying to provoke them.1


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  1. 神塔是如此唆使着 – It doesn’t say exactly what the Tower is trying to make them do. I believe it means the Tower is instigating them to do more and more cruel things, since it looks like collecting more feathers means making the environment less healthy for people.

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