Chapter 87.1 – The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 87.1 Protagonist: This will be great, let’s do it

At the next day’s routine event, the Archon’s report at the hall, Eric was surprised to see Xiu’s seventh feather. The governor, sitting on the seat of honor, blew his top because the Archon of the Fifth Layer had turned over a sufficient amount of light elements but had not given them any extra treasure chests as a bribe.

“I think the Archon of this Layer should be replaced.” The governor pointed at an aide and said: “You – you can take over his position and make sure you perform better.”

The Archon, who had suddenly become the ex-Archon, was frozen. The promoted aide knelt down to the governor in a grateful manner. The governor grunted. He glanced at Xiu and paid special attention to his extra feather but did not say anything and just turned away.

Eric, who had been looking at Xiu and Du Ze, did not approach them or try to speak to them. Du Ze did not know whether it was because Eric didn’t want to confront them knowing that his words would just backfire on him, or because Eric’s fragile glass heart was still broken by the knowledge of the gay romantic relationship between the god of light’s chosen savior and the heretic.

They went to the carriages as usual to prepare for their departure but saw that there was now a change in their circumstances. There was a more magnificent carriage next to the small carriage that the three of them had shared. Based on the angel bodyguard’s explanation, Du Ze understood that this new carriage was for Xiu. Now that Xiu’s qualifications are higher than Eric, Xiu’s privileges should not be the same as Eric’s.

It seems that there are really distinct social classes among the angel race. Du Ze climbed up the new carriage and looked at the beautiful decorations with delight.

A silly, cute person was very happy that the 3Pcarriage.avi won’t be playing this time. Every time he got on the carriage he was in unspeakable pain as his moral integrity went into the negative numbers and he wanted to recharge it right away.

Xiu’s dragon form’s sense of personal space is particularly strong. Each time Du Ze sits on Xiu’s lap, the Moe Lord will hold his own silly, cute person very tightly in his arms, so Du Ze loved to sit on Xiu’s body, erm, it was quite okay compared to the alternative.1

At this time, Du Ze could not help but think of a song: Lying down like a bow, standing like a pine tree, in stillness not swaying, sitting like a bell …2

Even if a silly, cute person knew how to sit still like a bell, the carriage ride was bumpy, inevitably resulting in movement between Xiu and Du Ze’s bodies. Because of the carriage’s strong and forceful motion, Du Ze felt a certain change in Xiu’s body. Du Ze’s stiff facial expression was like a person who was aware of extreme danger. Xiu did not restrain his reaction at all. Xiu buried his head in the hollow of Du Ze’s shoulder and used both his arms to clasp Du Ze’s body, making their □ fit together even more tightly. Du Ze even felt as though the Moe Lord would have come inside if their pants had not been there. Each time that a bump made him move up and down, it made him feel as if he was on top.

****, this disgraceful behavior is too much!

Fortunately, Xiu did not fully indulge himself; he still had some scruples so all he did was to lick Du Ze’s neck. He did not give Eric, who was opposite them, an educational live version of the doujinshi’s teachings.

However, Du Ze thought that even if they did, Eric would not have seen anything. The rival was always acting as though he was blind to their antics. Either he was resting quietly with his eyes closed or he was gazing into the distance, not paying attention to the two gay people who had no sense of right or wrong. Although most of the time Eric did not look at them, occasionally their eyes would meet, which made a silly, cute person’s heart tremble.

The eyes of the son of god were very sad and pained – you act so gay here, does your family know?

… This little student’s heart aches so much. QAQ

In front of Du Ze was the rival who wanted to bring them to justice while behind him was the Moe Lord who wanted to execute him on the spot. The poor reader was sandwiched between them, crying a river of tears in his heart.3

Fortunately, this is all going to end today. The new carriage was a standard double carriage, although it is not large. Du Ze sat at ease on the soft velvet seat. He was so happy he was almost bubbling over with satisfaction.

Xiu put Old John back into storage. As Xiu closed the door, the inside of the carriage became a somewhat narrow enclosed space. This greatly satisfied the dragon race’s desire for being in a space that is entirely under one’s control and Xiu did not hide his pleasure at this new arrangement.

“That unsightly man is finally gone.”

The silver-haired dragon sat on the other seat and called out to his treasure: “Come here.”

Du Ze automatically answered that call. It was only after he got up that realized that something was wrong – two people are riding on a two-seater carriage, why do they have to sit together in one seat? A silly, cute person’s eyes roamed around the closed carriage in a circle and suddenly thought that perhaps he had celebrated this change in the situation too early.

In the past – sitting on someone’s lap during a bumpy carriage ride – moving that way… now that there were only two people in the carriage … Moe, Moe Lord … is this the place where he will be pushed down for carriage play?

The carriage started moving. The vehicle’s jolting movement made Du Ze fall back down to his original position on his seat, but how could it be that easy to escape from the Moe Lord? A silly, cute person was sitting down when Xiu got up and pressed the black-haired youth back against the wall of the carriage behind him.

Xiu’s j□j was between Du Ze’s legs in a suggestive position. When Du Ze almost jumped up in fright, Xiu kissed him on the lips so that Du Ze had no chance to escape. “Let’s try doing it here once.”

It wasn’t a request, it was Xiu saying “This will be great, let’s do it.” Du Ze was almost in tears. Just when he thought he had gotten rid of the 3Pcarriage.avi, the Moe Lord said he wanted to try “carriage play” with him – why is his life full of shame play events?

“There are people outside…”

“They won’t hear you.” Xiu bit Du Ze’s ear. He said in a low, hoarse voice: “Every time we were in the carriage you stimulated my **** but I couldn’t find release, it was very uncomfortable … do you understand?”

Wait a minute, is that this little student’s fault?!

“I’ll do it with you,” Xiu said. Du Ze was pressed down on the velvet seat, listening to the silver-haired dragon’s forceful demand that was impossible to deny: “Now, right away.”


The crab said: Good kids don’t need to know what a “carriage play” scene is like.



Translator’s Notes:

  • The crab (censorship) strikes again! Noooooooooooooooo!
  • The title is “I’ve happily decided to do this” 就这么愉快地决定了 but I thought it sounded too Chinglish so I changed it.
  • In case you don’t know what 3Pcarriage.avi means: 3P means three person/people and the .avi means a video file. 3P is normally doing something naughty, aka a threesome.
  • The song that Du Ze was thinking of is this one – 卧似一张弓. In the first line “lying like down like a bow” the bow means the weapon. The song is about martial arts. If you’re interested, I found a video of some kids’ martial arts performance set to this song. It’s cute –
  • Thanks for reading and please leave a comment if you can.

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  1. 恩,比较具有侵略性的地方 – not sure of this meaning
  2. This is a popular Chinese song.
  3. 悲伤逆流成河 – Baidu suggested “cry me a sad river” as the English translation but this sound terrible. I non-literally translated it. In fact, this whole carriage ride is full of non-literal translations.

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