Chapter 90.2 – The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 90.2 – Protagonist: I have special customs clearance skills.

Rachel and the others hadn’t been to the inspection tour so they didn’t know the broken wing symbol’s significance. Nonetheless, they quickly prepared themselves for battle when they saw countless angels coming from all directions, looking aggressive and unfriendly.

Due to the prohibition on flight, the Angel Army needed a certain amount of time. Du Ze looked up at the floating gate. Before the angels arrived, they should try to find a way through the gate. Their problem was the same as the angels’: the prohibition on flight meant that they couldn’t even reach the giant door that was around 10 meters above them, much less open it.

The thought made Du Ze look around them and when he saw the altar beneath his feet, he suddenly remembered something – the Titan!

The spiral staircase was built around the Titan and the altar was also lifted by the Titan. The Tower of God had clearly hinted that they could open the giant door by freeing the Titan from its chains.

Du Ze looked excitedly at Xiu, eager to explain his thought process to the little Moe Lord – eh?

The tall and handsome silvery-gray-haired youth had suddenly condensed into a fair and tender young shota. For a split second, Du Ze’s brain short-circuited, unable to grasp what was happening.

The flaxen-haired gnome stood in the middle of the altar, stretching out his hand to the huge stone door, and the large sleeve and star-chain slid down from the slender wrist, looking somewhat comical and lovely. However, no one dared to despise that small figure. Enoch and the others watched as a number of thick metal pillars sprang out of the void like daggers stabbing into a thin piece of paper. As though they were tearing something open, the metal pillars moved away from each other and a huge fissure appeared in space, revealing a metallic mechanical figure.

“That is … What the……?” Enoch’s voice was like a broken radio with the sound intermittently going on and off. The expression on his face was one of disbelief.

Rachel breathed heavily as she looked at the mechanical face as though she was remembering a nightmarish episode from her past.

The mechanical figure’s gigantic eyeball turned towards them, making everyone shudder. The metal pillars kept on tearing space apart and more of the mechanical figure was revealed. Head, body, arms, … the mechanical puppet’s body was about to emerge from the void. Shockingly, they realized that the 10-meter-long metal pillars were its fingers.


Ariel couldn’t make any sounds but she still wanted to scream as a mechanical puppet stepped forward from the void and stood in front of everyone, almost filled up her entire field of vision.

In the Kabbalah’s shadow, Xiu looked up with a sweet smile. He spread his hand. The gap between his fingers wasn’t large but those small and exquisite hands were in complete control of the huge door.

“Open the door.” Xiu’s voice was soft and sweet, like sugar melting and he spoke as though he was like someone who had come to visit a friend. Kabbalah lifted its mechanical arm over the giant white door. It’s movements were quite forceful, making the entire space shake.


The huge door shook; the whole world shook. The spiral staircase collapsed a little and countless angels fell down together. Du Ze didn’t have any attention to spare to wonder if the angels were falling to their deaths. He was too busy trying to keep his body upright. Even though he knew that the Moe Lord had the Kabbalah, he still instinctively felt a trace of fear when he saw it.

It’s so powerful…

The huge mechanical puppet opened its metal mouth and uttered a silent roar. The white door was finally unable to remain closed in the face of the eight-star mechanical puppet’s terrifying power. The Kabbalah had opened a small crack. A dazzling light pierced through the door and engulf everyone with a dull roaring sound.

Du Ze felt that the world was dyed pure white for a moment. When the white faded a little, his field of vision was suddenly full of a gold color. Du Ze stared at the magnificent temple; it wasn’t just him, everyone else was in a momentary state of shock from being teleported to this place. Only Xiu kept his composure as he stared at the god sitting on his throne in front of them. The corners of Xiu’s mouth curved up but this expression on his face did not convey a gentle feeling. “Long time no see.”

Sitting on his throne high above them, the god of light gazed down at Xiu with a complex look in his eyes.

Du Ze’s eyes kept bouncing to and from Xiu and the god of light. This is the third and final showdown between them. Of course, the outcome of this doomed confrontation is preordained. Each novel has a Final BOSS. The ultimate goal of the novel is to defeat him. Once that is finished, so is the novel. Although YY novels these days often have a Hidden BOSS who will dramatically jump out at an appropriate moment, such a hidden boss is, emotionally speaking, trivial. A Hidden BOSS just can’t compare to the Final BOSS whom the novel’s protagonist has been working to defeat from the start to the end of the novel, like Xiu and the god of light.

Dealing with the Temple of Light’s forces and the god of light was always the main plot of “Mixed Blood.” Right from the start, the god of light always wanted to kill Xiu. In the Sky City and the beastkin village, the god of light never tried to hide his intention of killing the protagonist. It’s an inevitable story arc, just like how the protagonist always has a golden finger (cheat). The mutual antagonism between the protagonist and the BOSS is irreconcilable and constantly intensifying. Therefore, even though they have already guessed that there will be a Hidden BOSS – the Creator God – still the Moe Lord really wants to bring down the god of light.

“I’m in a hurry so let’s finish this.” Xiu didn’t bother with pleasantries and spoke plainly to the god of light. The gnome smiled as if he was urging his little friend to play a game with him: Press the “start” button now, let’s play right away since I don’t have much time.

The Kabbalah’s mechanical arm passed close to Xiu’s body as it struck incredibly fast.


The god’s throne was ground into powder and a powerful wind pressure blew back the gnome’s flaxen hair. Xiu smiled. That smile was too innocent, with a child-like pure cruelty. The Kabbalah lifted its heavy fist; the broken throne was empty and the god of light had disappeared.

Everyone was on alert. The Kabbalah turned its huge head. It seemed to move clumsily, but in fact its mechanical eyes had scanned the entire temple in an instant and focused on a certain point in the air.

The temple was similar to the Pantheon in Rome and had an enormous domed ceiling. It was so large that it could even contain the Kabbalah inside it. Rays of light were converging above the temple. The god of light, who had been crushed after he was unable to dodge the Kabbalah’s attack, resurrected and looked down at the huge eight-star mechanical puppet. When he saw Xiu smiling at him, the god of light could no longer maintain his cold and arrogant attitude and the expression on his face became distorted with anger.

Compared to him who was imprisoned and his full power suppressed by the Tower of God, that heretic is strong enough to trample him under the soles of his feet. The god of light could imagine how glorious the future would be for the person that “the rules” doted on. That heretic would replace him– no, not just replace him as the head of the gods, rather that heretic would be placed even higher than him as the Supreme God, admired by everyone.

No, he can’t accept that!

Extreme hatred and envy made the god of light’s eyes look crazy. He will kill the heretic. Even if “the rules” won’t allow it, even if it costs him everything, he will kill that heretic –

Before the god of light had a chance to fully materialize a new body, the Kabbalah reached out its hand and grabbed the god’s incomplete form. Because of the size of the mechanical puppet, even a god looked like an ant. The god of light’s body was destroyed once again, but he can regenerate it as long as there is light. On the far side of the temple opposite of the Kabbalah, the god of light quickly resurrected and this time cast his spell before his body was complete.

Once again, the familiar giant ball of light flooded Du Ze’s vision with dazzling brightness, like a sun that was about to fall on them. Without Xiu having to instruct it, the Kabbalah immediately used its metal hand to grab the ball of light.


In the midst of the dazzling illumination, the giant mechanical hand melted a bit as it shattered the ball of light and the god of light was instantly crushed into powder by the hand.

Violet and the others were dumbstruck as they watched the battle between the god of light and Kabbalah.



gnome form Xiu
Xiu in gnome form

Translator’s Notes:

  • It’s the Final BOSS fight!
  • The shota returns. 🙂

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