Chapter 92.3 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 92.3 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

Chapter Title – Reader: I want to see you become God.

Xiu used his sword to block the arrow that the God of Creation shot at him. Lightning magic was countered by plant magic. Xiu spread his wings to try to fly to the God but the enemy used his arrows to suppress Xiu’s movements. The distance between them was shortened by just one step.

Before Xiu could reach the Creator, the battle beneath them came to an end. The clear crystal ground was almost completely covered by corpses. The angels and elves had fought together to kill all of the demons but they had paid a painful price: The angels who survived numbered just a single digit and less than half of the elves were still alive.

The remaining elves raised their longbows, aiming at the only surviving demon who was flying above them. Xiu lifted the Burning Desire sword and used lightning magic on the dense rain of arrows. The God of Creation seized the opportunity to put some distance between them.

Xiu looked at the distant God of Creation, glanced at the elves below, then the corners of his lips curved up in a smile that gradually faded away.

“Get out of the way,” said the Lich spoke in a low, hoarse voice. The undead lifted his death scythe. The fallen responded to Xiu’s summoning; the corpses rose up from the ground in a new form.

The sound of the statue of the undead exploding was heard by everyone. The gray light clusters didn’t turn into the undead directly. Instead, the gray light went to the bodies on the ground, speeding up their conversion into the undead. The newly risen undead, whether angel, demon, or elf, threw off their old hatred of each other to attack the still-living elves.

Not even counting how strong the undead were, the undead population was more than twice as big as the elves. In addition, this numerical superiority increased each time an elf died. The undead were already extremely powerful and every death added to their numbers – the undead are simply the nightmare of all other creatures.

-Is that so?

A shadow fell on a vampire who sucking on the blood of an elf. The undead had just lifted its head when it was suddenly smashed into powder by a huge metal fist.

“Beep – enemy defeated X1; XH12172 will continue with the cleanup task.”

Xiu stared silently at the God of Creation. The gnome statue shattered into fragments.

“It’s me …” said the Lich. “You used my form.”

If the elf’s appearance might be considered a coincidence, the flaxen-haired gnome standing before his eyes revealed everything – the God, who has originally appeared as an angel, was copying his forms.

The God of Creation ignored Xiu. From beginning to end, he never said a word to Xiu.

Xiu didn’t mind his enemy’s silence. He just wanted to kill the God. Now he is even more eager to kill his opponent – he doesn’t like it when someone copies his appearance. That sort of thing is likely to catch Du Ze’s attention and concern.

The current Xiu is the type whose mood will darken at the slightest hint of unhappiness. The undead around him were being destroyed by the mechanical puppets. Xiu’s eyes fell on the remaining stone statues. After four rounds of fighting, he has guessed the rules of this game.

They are using the various races alternately and the rule is simple – they are reenacting the history of the Chaos Continent.

The first era was when the angels and demons fought. The second era was when the elves allied with the angels. The third era was when the undead rampaged across the continent. The fourth era was the time of the gnome’s empire. Without using different forms and bloodlines from the different races, this battle couldn’t be won. It could be said that no one could pass this last hurdle except for Xiu. As long as one follows the rules in switching forms, you can take the lead to gain an advantage – the race one changes into will receive a formidable boost from the stone statues.

The mechanical puppets had finished cleaning up the undead. The little gnomes sat on the shoulders of the mechanical puppets and their smiles were quite terrifying. The machines had just finished destroying all of the undead forms of the three previous races.

Before they could reach him, Xiu changed his form. The fifth era was dominated by the dragon race so he became a silver-haired, red-eyed humanoid dragon. A mechanical puppet lifted its huge fist and smashed it down on Xiu.

The force of the wind generated by that fist blew the dragon away. Xiu instantly moved to the stone statue of the dragon. Confusion flashed in Xiu’s eyes before he understood. If this battle was following the history of the world, then the gnome race was not defeated by the other races. The reason for their disappearance was because of their own folly.

Therefore …

Xiu closed his eyes. In the endless darkness, the blue flame was extinguished and an orange fire flared.

When Xiu turned into a gnome, the mechanical puppets stopped moving and the gnomes on their shoulders were blown away by the wind like smoke. The two identical gnomes were the only ones left. They looked at each other silently. The two figures looked especially lonely surrounded by silent mechanical figures.


The sound of the dragon statue shattering broke the silence. Xiu changed into the dragon form faster than the God of Creation did. A group of dragons appeared at Xiu’s side: metal dragons, chromatic dragons, gem dragons …

“You’ve lost.” Xiu grinned at the God of Creation.

The God did not speak.

The Creator turned into his beastkin form in the next moment. The red light clusters flocked to his side and turned into beastkin. The dragons and beastkin started fighting. Although the dragons were much more powerful than the beastkin, their number was less than one-tenth of the beastkin. If there are enough ants, they can kill an elephant. The dragons are doomed to fail.

Xiu doesn’t actually care about the death of the dragons. To him, once he turned into a dragon, his victory was assured. After the beastkin, only one race was left. Since they must alternate races, the last stone statue will become his.

The dragon race was declining and the beastkin were thriving, then the humans were rising in prominence and the beastkin were driven away.

When the golden-haired, blue-eyed Xiu led a group of humans, the God of Creation was surrounded. The God realized that this was like when Xiu was fighting alone against countless angels at the beginning of their battle. The beastkin were annihilated and the stone statues of the eight races had all been shattered. The God of Creation put down his claws. The beastkin race was no longer effective so he had no choice but to turn into the same type of race as Xiu – a human. The result of this is that the God of Creation will not die at the hands of the humans. Even if it’s just a fake mirror image, no one wants to see “himself” die at the hands of others.

Xiu walked to the God. The other person obviously didn’t want to talk to him so Xiu didn’t pause. He raised his sword to the God of Creation’s throat. Perhaps he knew that resistance was futile, therefore the God stayed motionless and didn’t resist.

As he struck with his sword, though there was no reason for it, Xiu somehow sensed the danger. His wrist twisted and the sword cut obliquely, striking the God on the shoulder.

“Tick tock.”

A large amount of blood flowed out and dropped down to the ice crystal floor.

Xiu took a look at the wound on his shoulder, then glanced at the God of Creation’s left shoulder. There was an identical wound there.

This is …?

Xiu cut the God of Creation’s arm and saw that an invisible sword seemed to make an identical wound on his arm.

No matter what kind of attack he used on the God of Creation, the same damage would also be dealt to his own body.

This situation seemed as though it was for the sake of protecting the God of Creation but the expression on the Creator’s face was extremely unsightly. He worked painstakingly to create this situation. Clearly, he had done everything right and this was the final result but he failed because “the rules” interfered. Only he knew that this was not to protect him but a reminder from “the rules.”

That person is not stupid and will soon figure out what to do.

Xiu contemplated this predicament. They are now in a deadlock. He can’t simply kill the God of Creation because killing the God is the same as killing yourself …

Killing yourself?

A thought quickly flashed through Xiu’s brain. Xiu looked at the God of Creation who looked exactly the same as him and slowly smiled.

“So that’s what it is …”

Their battle has reflected the history of the Chaos Continent – its past and the future eras.

“You represent me and I represent the human race.”

Xiu put the sword into the God’s hand. The Creator tried to struggle but it Xiu forced him to hold the sword.

“The age of the humans will come to an end, then …” Xiu grabbed the Creator’s hand and stabbed the sword into his own heart. “It will be the age of Xiu.”


A clear sound rang out. It was as though a hammer had struck a pane of glass that shattered, with pieces falling everywhere.

Xiu was disoriented for a moment before he discovered that he and God had switched places. He was now holding the sword that had pierced the other person’s heart.

—— After the era of humans, you will be the master of a new era.

There seemed to be a presence that sighed contentedly.

The God of Creation’s eyes moved from his fatally wounded chest to Xiu. According to “the rules” script, he was supposed to become a dragon and then a human. His role was to embody the last era of the past. Xiu was supposed to defeat the humans in the final battle.

However, the God of Creation refused to play by “the rules” and he took the role of “Xiu” while the real Xiu represented the human race. If Xiu had killed him at that time, it would mean that Xiu can’t become the master of the new era.

“The rules” wouldn’t allow this to happen so it changed the setting to give Xiu a hint.

Seeing how “the rules” doted on Xiu, the God of Creation’s eyes flashed with various emotions: resentment, helplessness, envy, sorrow, and, eventually, bottomless despair and malice.

Even if this person becomes the Supreme God, he won’t be happy.

Xiu saw the other person opening his mouth to squeeze out a few words haltingly and with extreme difficulty, as though he was being shackled by something:

“You … will … regret …”

—— You will regret killing me.

The smile on the God of Creation’s face was growing bigger and bigger: “You … will … lose …”

Before Xiu could see the God of Creation’s end, the whole space suddenly turned pitch-black, like someone had blown out a lamp.

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