Chapter 92.2 – The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 92.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

Chapter Title – Reader: I want to see you become God.

A faint pulsation vibrated and diffused outward, like a heartbeat shaking the air. Xiu turned his head and saw that the angel statue was falling apart, the falling fragments turning into yellow clusters of light. The yellow light clusters trembled slightly, wandering in between Xiu and the God of Creation. Xiu couldn’t figured out what this meant.

The God of Creation raised his hand and the yellow light clusters quickly gathered around him and turned into countless angels that looked identical, as though they had come out of the same mold.

A sense of extreme danger pricked Xiu’s skin as though he was poked by countless needles. Xiu looked silently at the legion of angels led by the Creator. Each angel was almost as strong as the god of light. Therefore, it was as though he was now facing an army of gods of light.

The situation was desperate. The angels flapped their wings and, one after the other, launched an attack on Xiu.

Xiu sprang up, wings spread open, and the wounds on his body healed at a speed visible to the naked eye. Even in the face of these terrible odds, Xiu’s attitude was still cool, calm, and domineering. By the time the first angel reached him, Xiu had more or less healed all his wounds. Xiu then changed his form. Angels are good at buffing and healing but their attack power is not very strong.

His heterochromatic eyes closed. When they opened again, they were amber-colored. The gnome raised his little hand and a giant eight-star mechanical puppet slowly rose, unstoppable.

The others were gone, but the Kabbalah and Old John did not disappear, though they were subjected to varying degrees of damage as a result of the verdict. Old John was completely incapacitated while some parts of the Kabbalah were destroyed, but it could still fight.

Xiu looked at his hand. Changing his form was very smooth this time. The fatigue he felt when changing his form was no longer present.

Xiu smiled. Small dimples dotted the white face. He looked unusually cute but also very dangerous.

No after effect …


Even the Kabbalah, which no one can rival, was in danger when thousands of “gods” attacked. Large chunks of the mechanical puppet fell off. Gears and metal parts flew everywhere. The gnome that the Kabbalah was protecting was suddenly nowhere to be found. The God of Creation perceived the fluctuation in space and turned around, but the God’s wings slightly impeded his movement and he was unable to avoid the attack.

The silver-haired, red-eyed dragonkin tore through space and stabbed with his dragon spear. The God of Creation’s wings were spotted with blood and torn white feathers.

Although it was surprise attack, Xiu wasn’t able to follow through since the God of Creation fled. Xiu’s ear fins twitched slightly as he smiled: “Trying to escape.”

At the moment he said the word “to” and before he said “escape,” the red-haired beastkin’s claws had already grabbed the Creator’s shoulders.

The God of Creation’s eyes reflected the image of Xiu. The beastkin’s lion ears were twitching and he had a bloodthirsty smile on his face, like a wild beast who had just captured his prey. Too fast! The beastkin are the fastest in melee combat. No other race can surpass the beastkin’s speed. However, even if caught, he is still the mighty God of Creation. The God’s expression did not change much. While the angels fighting the Kabbalah continued to drive it back, the nearest two angels lifted their light swords – one was poised to cut Xiu’s arm while the other was about to cut off Xiu’s head.

As the angel’s sword struck down, Xiu’s eyes did not blink. He seemed to be blind to the fact that his arm and head were about to be cut off by the light swords. Xiu’s claws stabbed into the God of Creation’s chest, closing around his beating heart.


That was the sound of the swords that pierced the flesh and cut the bones, but also that of a heart being cut off from its blood vessels.

Scarlet blood spilled down on the ground as a head and arm fell on the floor. The body parts soon became vapor and dissipated into the air.

The God of Creation’s heart was only connected by a single blood vessel as he stuffed it back into his chest. The Creator looked gloomily at the Lich while the undead also looked back it him with gloomy eyes. Both of them had the same thought.

– Just a little bit more and he would have been dead.

The God of Creation’s moment of regret was brief. He spread his wings and flew up higher. Xiu was completely surrounded by angels. The God looked down at the suppressed Xiu. The enemy was now an undead but the God knew a way to kill him – if he destroys the Lich’s body, he can search for the Lich’s life box and destroy it.

The angels in the innermost circle surrounding Xiu lifted their swords. The second layer of angels chanted a blessing while the angels at the outermost layer erected a barrier to stop Xiu from teleporting away. This was not a 1-vs-1 but a 1-vs-group fight of an individual vs the representatives of a race.

The angels’ swords cut Xiu’s head, limbs, and trunk. Though he cannot die, the feeling that he was being trampled on by the enemy was pretty bad.

Xiu raised his pale, handsome face. The soul fires in his eyes suddenly flared, like sparks setting off an arc of electric power.


The next angel’s sword that struck was stopped by the Burning Desire sword. The angel looked at the purple-eyed demon that was surrounded by electric arcs. The wooden face finally showed a reaction.

“Don’t go too far.” The demon’s lips curved up.

Violent streams of gold-colored electricity spread outwards. The arcs were very fine, like thin wisps of golden hair strands, but it turned each angel that it came into contact with into chunks. The golden thunderbolt spread 10 meters then turned purple. Although the amount of arcs rose, their strength also weakened. The angels around him were all injured and Xiu stood at the center of a newly cleared space. His face was white and there was a trickle of blood at the corner of his mouth.

It was easy for him to change forms now that he had awakened all of his bloodlines. Nevertheless, this type of intense battle still puts an enormous strain on his body. In the next battle, he won’t be able to change forms so freely anymore.

The battlefield was quiet for a little while. When the angels saw the demon, their faces changed. Their dull eyes showed their hatred. Suddenly, a familiar booming sound resounded through the battlefield. Xiu looked around for the source. Not far away was the demon stone statue that had exploded. Its falling fragments were turning into purple light clusters.

In contrast to the yellow light clusters’ hesitation, the purple light clusters seemed to know what their goal was. They gathered by Xiu then turned into countless demons. None of them spoke as the demons and angels immediately started fighting each other. The entire space instantly turned into a battlefield for the angels’ and demons’ fight. The pressure on Xiu lessened. Though some angels did attack him, their efforts were rather perfunctory this time.

Xiu could feel a special connection with the demons. He couldn’t direct them but they would fight together with him because they were bleeding the same blood. Every second, an angel died.

In the days of the ancient war between the angels and demons, the angels lost because they were good at healing but bad at destroying their enemies. The angels’ ranks were shrinking rapidly at a pace visible to the naked eye. The God of Creation killed a demon who was attacking him then saw Xiu standing in front of him.

“Tell me where Du Ze is.” Xiu flicked off the blood that was on the Burning Desire sword. His voice was low and magnetic. There was a hint of sarcasm in his tone as he said: “I’ll let you die easy, hmm?”

The God of Creation glanced coldly at Xiu but did not speak.

Xiu’s purple demon eyes narrowed as the six-winged angel in front of him suddenly turned into a silver-haired, green-eyed elf. It was a copy of his elf form. At the same time, a stone statue shattered once again with a booming sound. Green light clusters emerged from the wreckage and flowed towards the God of Creation.

The beautiful elves that were born from the green light were armed with bows and arrows. They joined the fight between the angels and demons by shooting at the demons.

The scene was now very lively as the battle raged on.



Translator’s Notes:

  • Xiu can now freely transform without any aftereffects. Time to party! And by “party” I mean “eight races time.”
  • Please let me know if there are any errors.
  • Thanks for your support.

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