Chapter 93.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Finale: The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

Tick Tock – Tick Tock –

That was the sound of the clock. The clock in his room had always had a bit of a problem. Whenever he sets the alarm, its sound becomes very loud.

Du Ze stared at the clock. The doujinshi fell to the floor in his room and Du Ze felt a strange feeling that he doesn’t describe.

He really returned.

The clock’s hands were moving. He couldn’t tell from looking at it whether much time had passed or not – all he experienced in that world now seemed to be unreal. Du Ze walked to his computer. His mind was blank. There were no thoughts in his head; he was like a robot that was moving based on his programming. He opened the “Mixed Blood” webpage. At the bottom of the page was the “latest update” and it was still the chapter where Xiu attacked the Sky City then fell down into the sea, no one knew if he was dead or alive. The computer’s calendar showed that it was still the day before the end of the world.

It seems like nothing has changed.

The protagonist is still the protagonist and the reader is still the reader.

Du Ze read the comments under the latest chapter. Many readers were speculating about what adventures the protagonist would have after that chapter. No one thought that the protagonist was really dead. Du Ze looked at the comments and felt a faint trace of pride amidst the pain.

He knew that Xiu would fall right into the Dragon Island hidden underneath the sea. He will get the artifact, the dragon spear. He will awaken his dragon bloodline then sign a Dragon Knight contract with a black dragon.

He knew that after the war of the gods, Xiu will meet the fox girl Nina and will awaken his beastkin blood during the ritual. Then he will have his first battle with the god of light.

He knew that when all the gods were dead, a Tower of God would be built and Xiu would climb it to become the Supreme God.

He knew everything because he had gone through it with Xiu.

As a reader, he should be satisfied …

Is that so? Since tomorrow is the day of the Mayan Prophecy, many readers were discussing the end of the world.

(TN: The ancient Mayan calendar reached the end of an almost 400-year cycle, called the 13th Bak’tun, on December 21, 2012. Unlike other cycles, however, at that time the calendar did not move on to the next Bak’tun. Rather, it reset itself back to zero. This gave rise to the idea that December 21, 2012 would be the end of the world.)

His mind went blank for a while and when he regained his consciousness, Du Ze found that he had written a comment and sent it.

[Internet User: Du Ze comment: “Mixed Blood”, Rating: 1, Chapter 275 Review: The angry protagonist couldn’t endure the author’s abuse anymore so he came to this world; he killed the author and destroyed the world while doing so.]

Du Ze stared at the comment then closed his eyes because he couldn’t bear to look at it anymore.

You want to see him.

That’s all you want.



“… He climbed the Tower of God, became the Supreme God, and created a new era. Under the Supreme God’s guidance, the Chaos Continent was at peace and all races live in harmony.” The demon teacher closed “The Primal Chaos Epic” book that he was using to teach his students. “Make a note of this. It will be in the test.”

At that, the sleepy students began to stir. A demon boy stretched his body and said: “But I can’t imagine that, teacher.”

The demon boy carelessly flung his arms around a nearby student. “The angels and the demons were once enemies … what do you think about that Theo?”

“Let go!” The angel tried to wriggle away from the demon. His expression was unhappy as he protested: “You’re squeezing my wings.”

“Teacher,” said a vampire in the back who raised a hand. “I heard that the Supreme God was once a student here, is that true?”

The big classroom suddenly became quiet as the students settled down to hear the answer. The demon teacher pushed his reading glasses up then looked at the students who had pricked up their ears to listen. The little b***ards could be serious in class? The teacher nodded and said: “Yes, this Magic School is famous because of that. Many admire this school for it … As a teacher, I have to tell you that this rumor doesn’t really reflect well on us – the Magic School expelled the God.”

The students exclaimed in surprise and the teacher continued: “In the past, people were ignorant and judged others simply because of the differences in races. Therefore, the Supreme God was persecuted – they almost killed the future Supreme God!”

All of the students were transfixed and the teacher’s stern gaze swept over the angels and demons, who took notes seriously, as well as the other races. “Please cherish your present life and your friends. If you compare today’s situation with that of the past, you will realize how much happier life is now.”

“All this is because of the Supreme God’s blessing.”

“That’s all for today’s class, tomorrow we will discuss ‘A Guide to Fusion Magic’.”


A hand gently closed “A Guide to Fusion Magic” then stuffed it back into the bookshelf. The Supreme God of the world looked at his hands. The fingers were long; each slight movement betrayed immense, terrifying strength. He has great power – everyone knows that – but strength is often inversely proportional to one’s degree of happiness.

Now no one came to take his hand. No one came to comfort him.

[When we leave this tower, we can go back. Whatever you haven’t done, I will do it with you.]

He returned to the school, finished learning the things he hadn’t been able to learn before, but the place by his side was empty.

——He has everything except for that person.

The young and handsome God stood in front of the bookshelf. His surroundings were too empty, revealing powerlessness and sorrow. Dark shadows mixed with grief, submerging the lifeless silhouette of the man.

The wild lands in the east, the boundless ocean in the west, the cold lands in the north, the Elven Forest in the south, the next place to check is … the Lost Land in the center.

The Supreme God’s feet touched the ice crystal ground. The enormous pillar of light was visible from afar, like an ancient, permanent feature of the landscape.

After the Tower of God collapsed, the Chaos Continent reverted to its original appearance, including the Lost Land.

——He fled to the Lost Land and there he met the person who looked exactly the same.

The Supreme God looked at the abandoned temple. His dark blue eyes reflected the image of the broken statue. He walked over to it and fell down heavily at its base, like he did that time when he could no longer move.

Can’t find …

I can’t find him …

Searching for countless millennia, searching every inch of the Chaos Continent – he is the most powerful person in the world and is the Supreme God, but he can’t find even the slightest trace of his most important person, it’s …

It’s ridiculous. The Supreme God closed his eyes. He sat quietly at the base of the statue, motionless.

If someone were to hear the voice of his heart, that someone would be overcome with despair.

He lost a person, someone he loved with an extreme passion and cherished as someone more important than his life.

That person would always say that he believed in him, that he will accompany him to do whatever he wanted, that if he would be his worshiper if he became a god, that he would fulfill his wishes. That person said “meow” at their first meeting…

“Meow ~”

Suddenly, the Supreme God heard a very soft sound, like a beautiful hallucination.

He opened his eyes. A nine-tailed god beast was looking at him from a distance. Its eyes showed both hope and fear – the desire to approach but also the fear of his power.

Seeing the Supreme God open his eyes, the nine-tailed monster’s ears drooped as fear won over. It ran away.

The Supreme God looked calmly at the retreating god beast. He stretched out a hand to cover his eyes and hoarse laughter overflowed from the corners of his mouth.

As expected … not there …

That person will not come to save him again, will not appear next to him.

“You can’t find him. Whatever you do, you will never be able to find him.”

The voice was full of malice and his next words were full of unspeakable temptation.

“As I said before: If you destroy the world, I’ll give him back to you – in the whole world, only I know where he is.”


The Supreme God was silent for a while. He then slowly lowered his hand, revealing eyes that were drowning in madness and despair.

… Destroy the world?

He lost his most important person, why not go mad?

He lost his most important person, why not … destroy the world?

“Du Ze …” Xiu raised his head, his golden hair slid down and landed on the corners of his mouth. He seemed to reach out to someone who wasn’t there. For the first time, he looked weak, as though the slightest touch would break him. “I told you – you have to look at me. If you don’t look at me, I don’t know what I will do.”

——I will destroy the world?

——You mustn’t do that

So stop me, even if you have to kill me to stop me.

The light that represented destruction appeared at his fingertips and the world’s Supreme God smiled a smile that was more sorrowful than tears. “I want to see you, Du Ze.”



Perhaps you didn’t know how much he loves him.

But you can hear it.

When he lost him.

Those heartbreaking cries of grief.

—— Excerpt from ???


“—— ! !”

Du Ze jerked his head up and stared at the glowing computer monitor in front of him. Cold sweat was pouring down his cheeks and a his heart was almost jumping out of his throat. He didn’t know when he had fallen asleep and started dreaming.

The protagonist of his dream was Xiu. That person was looking for him. He searched in countless places, using countless different methods – Xiu even attempted to resurrect the God of Creation. However, the God of Creation was gone and all Xiu could do was to gather a fragment of his consciousness. That last little bit of consciousness was the God of Creation’s malice; because of the God of Creation’s hatred of Xiu, this small fragment remained in the world.

In order harm Xiu, the fragment said to him: If you destroy the world, I’ll give him back to you

So Xiu really did it.

In the midst of the shattered pieces of the Chaos Continent, Xiu held on tightly to that consciousness and eagerly asked: “You promised that if I destroyed the world, you would give him back to me. I’ve destroyed the world, so give him back!”

That fragment of consciousness smiled treacherously. The more pain his enemy feels, the happier he is.

“The world was destroyed by you, ha ha, I lied to you!” Every word was dripping with venom and malice. “To tell you the truth, he is gone. You have lost him completely! Hahahahaha – you can never find him! Hahaha! Ugh – “

Xiu tried to stop him from speaking but even when that consciousness was in agony he wouldn’t stop his mad laughter. Finally, he shouted a taunt: “So what if you become the Supreme God?! In the entire world – you’re the only one left!”

That last scream was still ringing in Du Ze’s head as he sat on the chair. His hands and feet were cold: The only one left? The only one – did Xiu really kill everyone and destroy the world?

That person gave up.

He knew that is was a trap but since there was a glimmer of hope, that person was willing to destroy the world – the Time and Space Corridors showed the same scene. That person will be forced into a desperate situation.

At the end of his dream, Xiu destroyed that consciousness. Xiu was left standing all alone amidst the shattered pieces of the broken world, standing in endless darkness and solitude.



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