Chapter 93.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Finale: The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

In order to escape from a dreadful foreboding feeling, Du Ze tried to convince himself that it was only a dream He forced himself to divert his attention to something else: The computer screen’s clock showed that it was 11:50. He had slept for three hours.

Knowing Yi Ye Zhi Qiu’s habits, there should be an update at this time.

Du Ze moved his cursor to the “Mixed Race” webpage. As his eyes focused on a line of text, it was as though he had fallen into a vat of ice. His breath stopped in his throat when he saw the words on the webpage.

[Author’s Announcement: Thank you for supporting Yi Ye Zhi Qiu but Qiu has decided to stop writing.]

This message caused a commotion, not just among the readers, but also among the editorial staff. Qiu’s editor Jinyi1quickly grabbed his mouse and jumped into QQ chat.

EditorJinYi: Are you there? Are you there? Are you there?!!!

EditorJinYi: I must have opened it the wrong way! You said you wanted to abandon it?

EditorJinYi: Is anyone there? *buzz* Hey, you big shot!

Jinyi tried to find Qiu’s contact information while trying to get a response from QQ chat. He swore to himself that if he found that ****er’s address, he would get on a plane and fly there to hang himself at the door of Yi Ye Zhi Qiu’s house.

Jinyi persevered until Yi Ye Zhi Qiu finally answered.

YiYeZhiQiu: Ha-ha.

See the iconic “ha-ha”, Jinyi was so mad that he almost choked. He felt as though behind those words was a ****ing ****.

EditorJinYi: … Every time I see you write haha, I want to smack smack smack you.

EditorJinYi: No, tell me your previous message is not true.

YiYeZhiQiu: It’s true.

EditorJinYi:…… Why don’t you want to write?

YiYeZhiQiu: Tomorrow is the end of the world.

The end of the world, your sister – !!!

The other editors watched with frightened eyes as Jinyi took a deep breath and put the keyboard down.

EditorJinYi: The end of the world hasn’t arrived yet. I think your doomsday is coming. [knife]

YiYeZhiQiu: Haha.

EditorJinYi:…… Boss, you really want to use that excuse? I don’t know you were the type of person who would believe in the end of the world so naively!

EditorJinYi: Give me a good reason!

Yi Ye Zhi Qiu glanced what Jinyi had typed in the QQ chat window. He moved his hand slightly and he accidentally clicked on his mouse and saw “Du Zi’s” comment. After reading it, Yi Ye Zhi Qiu was happy since he had found a good excuse.

Yi Ye Zhi Qiu: Well, the protagonist found out that I was the one responsible for abusing him so he climbed out of the novel to kill me.

The ellipses that Jinyi typed filled the whole chat window.

EditorJinYi: Acting cute! Shame on you!

YiYeZhiQiu: Haha.

EditorJinYi: You really don’t want to write?

YiYeZhiQiu: Yeah.

EditorJinYi: Hey, tell me what happened after that. The cliffhanger is inhumane.

YiYeZhiQiu: Next is the new era, the battle of the gods.

EditorJinYi: **** it. Ugh, you unexpectedly abandoned your work.

YiYeZhiQiu: It2 doesn’t have much to do with the main character.

EditorJinYi: Hey? What’s next?

YiYeZhiQiu: The Twilight of the Gods.

**** that just made me want to read it even more! Jinyi’s curiosity was greatly aroused so he tried to convince Yi Ye Zhi Qiu to write again.

He glanced at the clock on the lower left corner of his computer screen. Good, it was almost 12 o’clock.

He glanced at the lower-left time, very well, it was almost 12 o’clock.

EditorJinYi: Are you still alive?

YiYeZhiQiu: Ha-ha.

EditorJinYi: Congratulations, comrade Yi Ye Zhi Qiu, you made it survived the prophesied apocalypse! Please hurry up and update your novel.

YiYeZhiQiu: NASA says 2013 is the end of the world.

EditorJinYi: …

Seeing a new round of excuses, Jinyi realized that it was hopeless. He knows from previous experience that this ha-ha beast probably really doesn’t intend to continue writing.

EditorJinYi: Alright, but for the sake of our long friendship, at least tell me why you suddenly stopped writing?

The chat window showed that Qiu was “typing a response” but nothing happened for a long time.

YiYeZhiQiu: I can’t write, there is “life” in the other worldcaf342fh2#@


EditorJinYi: What are you doing? Are you mashing your face on the keyboard?3

Did Yi Ye Zhi Qiu get disconnected? Jinyi was puzzled and was going to ask what happened when he finally saw the response.

YiYeZhiQiu: …

Jinyi was frightened when he saw that series of ellipses. Ye Zhi Qiu was the type of person who made other people “…” but he who could make this ha-ha beast do the “…”?

YiYeZhiQiu: The protagonist really appeared.

EditorJinYi: What? Do you mean that your family’s protagonist really crawled out of the novel because of what you typed?

YiYeZhiQiu: Yes.

Jinyi stared at the “Yes” for five minutes before replying.

EditorJinYi: The protagonist is there? Are you okay?

YiYeZhiQiu: He took a look at me then went away, ha-ha.

EditorJinYi:: …

EditorJinYi: Boss, don’t stop taking your meds. This is reality, not a novel.

Yi Ye Zhi Qiu stood in front of the computer and glanced at the overturned chair. Then he slowly typed the last sentence: “Who knows, maybe we’re in a novel.”


Du Ze stared at the author’s announcement. He stared at it until his eyes started hurting but the fact that Yi Ye Zhi Qiu had abandoned the novel didn’t change.

He had been naive enough to think that even if he couldn’t be with him, at least he had “Mixed Blood” so he would still be able to watch over that person.

Even if no one else reads it, in a way he will still be with Xiu as he lives his life.

But now even this little bit of happiness was not to be.

Does he have to say farewell to “Mixed Blood,” the protagonist, and Xiu?

“… Why are you crying?”

Is he crying? Du Ze wondered. Then he suddenly froze.

… ?!

Du Ze wanted to turn but just as he was about to look behind him, he stopped.

He dared not turn around. He was afraid that if he looked behind him, a beautiful hallucination would be broken.

Seeing Du Ze standing in front of the computer, the man behind him sighed but the sound was like a laugh. The sound of footsteps came and a hand lightly grasped the back of Du Ze’s neck with a familiar, heartbreaking intensity and warmth.

Du Ze was as silent as a rock4 as he stared at the computer screen, which reflected the image of a blond youth. The page “Mixed Blood” on the screen completely framed the image of two people.

The reader and the protagonist.

Du Ze and Xiu.

His left hand was lifted up and something circled his finger tightly. Du Ze looked down at the silver-blue ring. When he returned, the ring from that world was gone but now it was once again restored to its rightful place.

Xiu’s breath gently touched his ear: “Don’t leave again.”

Don’t leave it behind again.

——Don’t leave me again.

His chest was overflowing with emotions. Du Ze grabbed Xiu’s arm. The warmth of that touch made him feel that this was real. Du Ze was in a daze and said what he was thinking out loud: “It’s real …”

He knew that his words sounded silly, but there was only tenderness in that person’s smile.

Xiu embraced Du Ze. Xiu’s handsome appearance was not the same as before. It was layered with an indescribable something – the accumulation of countless years. He spent billions of years in the darkness until he was finally reunited with this person.

The truth of the world was so simple yet so complex.

Xiu waved a finger slightly and a line of light blue text appeared in midair. “I promised I would make this story a reality.”

—— Du Ze and Xiu will be together forever.

Du Ze stared at the words, his heart beating faster and faster until his blood seemed to boil. Without being told, he understood that Xiu knew everything now.

Du Ze looked at Xiu. That person’s emotions were hidden in his deep blue eyes making others unable to see the bottomless and powerful affection that they contained. “… Does this story have a title?”

“What do you want to call it?”

Xiu kissed Du Ze’s black hair and his voice was full of the desire to indulge his beloved.

Once there was a reader who got transported into the world of his favorite novel. He met the protagonist and finally they can be together forever because …

Du Ze leaned his head against Xiu’s chest and listened to the familiar heartbeat. The corners of his mouth turned up slightly. “The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love.”



Translator’s Notes:

  • Yes this is the end of the story! I’m so happy that I was able to finish it. The first chapter was released 08/05/17. It took seven months to release 93 chapters. Not bad, huh? Please leave a comment if you can. I’m dying to know what everyone thinks of the ending.
  • Now that the story is complete I hope I can get more ratings at the project page. You don’t need to review the story to rate it. Just scroll down that page and when you click on the five stars to rate it, you will get a message saying “You’re done! Writing a review is optional.”
  • The extra chapters are an epilogue of sorts and they are all set after this chapter.


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  1. 锦衣 – Jinyi (it seems to be a name or nickname so pinyin is better than a translation). Literal meaning: beautiful/gorgeous clothes. Figuratively it can also refer to guards, soldiers, officials.
  2. He means the “battle of the gods” arc.
  3. 脸滚键盘 – literally “face roll keyboard” but it’s slang from World of Warcraft. Players were complaining about players whose classes were overpowered – while others had to use tactics, the OP classes could one-shot kill others in PvP. A video of someone mashing his face against the keyboard and winning a fight became popular. Face roll keyboard – they can win just by randomly mashing whatever skill.
  4. Hmm, should I use the original “dumb as a wooden chicken”?

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      [Internet User: Duzi comment: “Mixed Blood”, Rating: 1, Chapter 275 Review: The protagonist was angry and couldn’t endure the author’s abuse anymore so he came to this world; he killed the author and destroyed the world while doing so.]
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