Chapter 94 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 94 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

Extra 1: Feast

(TN: This is the SFW version. Click here for the NSFW uncensored version.)


According to the Mayan prophecy, December 21, 2012 was supposed to be the end of the world. However,life went on as normal after that day. The people of Earth survived the apocalypse.

Why didn’t the end of the world come?

Because the reader pacified the main character who wanted to destroy the world.

“… Ah …”

Wordless groans echoed in the darkened room. The only light came from the computer monitor, its glowing screen reflecting the image of two entangled bodies. Du Ze blinked. The sweat from his forehead was flowing down into his eyes and his breathing was ragged with desire.

“Tired?” Xiu licked Du Ze’s sweat. He hugged Du Ze tightly, as though he was afraid someone would take Du Ze away from him. He used his weight to pin down the black-haired youth, leaving no room for Du Ze to move.

“… I’m tired…” Du Ze gasped out and feebly clasped his hands around the neck of the person above him. “But … don’t take it out … ah!”

Xiu’s heart suddenly contracted and his movements slowed.

“Xiu …”

Du Ze’s voice shook slightly. His way of speaking was different from everyone else; in order to make the word clear, the dark-haired young man’s word was very slow, like someone swearing an eternal vow.

“Say my name again.”

“…. Xiao (Xiu) …”

Du Ze shivered.

“Ah…” Du Ze breathed. His eyelashes were wet with sweat. Du Ze looked up and saw that Xiu had changed into his beastkin form.

The beastkin’s lion ears twitched and he buried his face in Du Ze neck, taking a deep breath. His tail swished back and forth, betraying his excitement. Xiu loved the scent of Du Ze. That scent was on the bed. In fact, the whole room was full of that scent. To the beastkin’s sensitive nose, he could tell everything that this person had done in this room. Just imagining it was enough to drive Xiu crazy – he finally found this person’s home. Now Xiu can take over everything that belongs to Du Ze and completely fill this person’s place with his own scent.

“Xiu …!”

The beastkin’s golden pupils contracted slightly. Xiu pressed himself down over the black-haired youth beneath him, eagerly biting his prey’s neck.

Du Ze’s voice was already hoarse, but now it failed him completely. He was speechless as the beast behind him finally let go of Du Ze.

“Ah…” Xiu’s throat leaked out a sound of supreme satisfaction. He bit Du Ze’s ear, the sharp fangs nibbling on the soft earlobe. Seeing that Du Ze was limp and unmoving, he realized that he had been very ruthless with Du Ze’s body.

The red-haired beastkin’s ear twitched as he stood up, away from Du Ze. His tailed rubbed against Du Ze’s thigh then reluctantly withdrew. Xiu stretched out his hand and soft golden branches appeared on his arms before spreading outwards.

The tip of a vine secreted a drop of yellow-gold liquid. Xiu dripped it into Du Ze’s mouth. Leaning over, he kissed the lips that were the most perfect fit for him.

Du Ze’s eyes widened. The elf’s peerlessly beautiful image was reflected in them. His throat worked as he swallowed the golden liquid. A coldness spread through his whole body, penetrating into his bones. In a flash, he regained his strength.

This is … the sap of the Tree of Life?

Even after Du Ze finished swallowing the sap, Xiu didn’t stop kissing him. Xiu deepened the kiss. Their tongues intertwined as he kissed that person greedily, sucking even the oxygen that he was breathing.

Du Ze’s breath was stolen and he made a murmuring sound in his throat as he felt suffocated by the intensity of his own desire.


Compared to the savage beastkin, the elf’s movements were just as strong but very gentle. The vines that extended from Xiu’s body did not disappear, they held on to Du Ze and pulled him towards Xiu.

“Ohhh…” Du Ze moaned softly.

Sweet ecstasy welled up from the base of his spine.

“Uh…” Du Ze lay on his bed, trying to calm his disorderly breathing. However, he wasn’t able to regain his equilibrium because when Du Ze looked up at Xiu, he saw that the silver-haired person now had red eyes.

Xiu’s ear-fins quivered.

To prevent Du Ze from being injured, Xiu bit his wrist and poured the hot dragon blood into Du Ze’s mouth.

“… !”

The dragon blood made his whole body feel hot. Du Ze moaned but Xiu didn’t give him the opportunity to object. The red-eyed dragonkin kissed Du Ze fiercely.

By the time Xiu released Du Ze’s lips, Du Ze could only take shallow breaths.

“It’s okay.” Xiu kissed Du Ze’s eyebrows.

Xiu smiled.


Du Ze gripped Xiu’s hand. Colors seemed to dance in front of his eyes, making him wonder if he had somehow reached a paradise of sheer bliss.

The dragon’s nature is greed. Xiu wanted more.

He wanted so much. Since he was alone in the darkness for so long, he must embrace this person and make Du Ze compensate him for all his suffering.

100 years, 1000 years, 10,000 years is not enough – it will take a lifetime to satisfy him.

Du Ze’s moans turned into aggrieved whimpers. Each time he did it with Xiu in dragon form, it was like passing through Heaven and Hell.

“Does it hurt?”

Du Ze looked blankly at the six pairs of white wings that were spread wide open, filling the room with their radiance.  Xiu sat down with the frail Du Ze, wrapping his wings around the two of them.

The golden-eyed angel had an imposing manner.

No one could disobey this magnificent creature’s orders.

Du Ze put his head on Xiu’s shoulder. He was too weak to go on – he had no more strength.

The layers of wings were wrapped around Du Ze, preventing him from falling off and blocking all his escape routes.

“Ahhh…ah …”

Du Ze lay down on the bed, panting from the recent exertion. When he felt the other man embracing him from the back yet again, the black-haired youth said: “I can’t …”

“But I’m not satisfied yet.”

The deep, magnetic voice was full of desire. When the stunned Du Ze came back to his senses, he saw that the wings had become black. Xiu, in his demon form, caressed Du Ze’s thin waist. The demon felt the flesh under his palms trembling, like a little cat, making people want to tenderly pamper him.

“Can you help me?” Without waiting for a response, Xiu reversed his position. “I’ll help you, too.”


He was going crazy, but he couldn’t stop.

This man, he really came back to him.

“… Uhk!” Du Ze coughed.

Xiu held Du Ze from behind. Their two hot and sweaty bodies were glued to each other without the slightest gap between them.The two men’s body temperatures were so high that they almost burned each other.

“So hot …”

Holding Xiu’s hand, Du Ze felt the body behind him suddenly become cold. The Lich silently hugged the black-haired youth.  Xiu did not move as though he was just trying to help the black-haired youth cool down. Xiu did not reject this sweet happiness. He kissed the pulse point on Du Ze’s neck, enjoying the feeling of that person’s lifebeat.

The sun had risen, but it didn’t seem like Xiu was going to stop. Du Ze also wanted to continue playing with Xiu, but some activities are not convenient to do during the daytime. His mother has probably woken up and will soon be calling him to eat his breakfast.

Knowing that Xiu was going to make another move, Du Ze had to stop him. “My mother… she will call me soon … for breakfast…”

Xiu stopped his actions but just when Du Ze sighed in relief, he was kissed by the other person. “I will feed you.”

The point isn’t “breakfast” but that mother will knock on my door!

Xiu seemed to know what Du Ze was going to say. There was a flash of gray and when Du Ze opened his eyes, he saw a “Du Ze” in front of him – even the expression on “Du Ze’s” face was completely identical.

“I’ve arranged everything.” The gnome clapped his hands and “Du Ze” walked out of the door with an impassive face. “No one will find out.”

“Wait! That’s a mechanical puppet?”

“Don’t worry about that toy.” The flaxen-haired gnome lay down on top of Du Ze. “Let’s just go ahead and do it.”

Although Xiu said not to worry about it, seeing a mechanical puppet that was identical to him made Du Ze feel an indescribable unease.

“It’s just a toy, nothing else.” Xiu said again. Even if he made many “Du Zes,” the only one he wanted was the one he was looking at now.

“I missed you, Du Ze.” The gnome’s voice became softer. “I wanted to see you so much, but I, I couldn’t find you …”

Du Ze’s fingers trembled and he clasped the gnome in his weak arms.

“Did you miss me, Du Ze?” asked Xiu stubbornly as he tilted his head slightly.

“Missed …”

“Do you want me, Du Ze?”


“Then,” said the gnome. “Feel me.”

Xiu looked down at Du Ze with crazy emotion in his eyes that gradually turned into deepest desire.

“This is all of me.”



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