Chapter 39 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 39: Caught in flagrante delicto

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Seeing that all he could do was watch helplessly as Chu Sheng’s behavior got stranger and stranger as his nerves were stretched too tight, Chu Yu was scared witless. He couldn’t help but poke at the System again to ask: “Did you say that there’s really a resurrection skill? In which secret realm can this skill be activated?”

System: “The skill does exist ~ but it can only be found in a secret realm ~ one can only wait for the host to find clues~”

If one’s cultivation were to go up one level, then one would be a step closer to the legendary realm of the immortals. There was still plenty of time for Chu Yu to find some clues.

What was needed now was to find a way for Chu Sheng to cheer up.

Clenching his teeth, Chu Yu resolutely decided to give Chu Sheng something to hope for

But… Before that, he needed to discuss it with the protagonist first. After all, he was the one who would likely have to activate the skill.

Right now, Chu Sheng was discussing family business with other people in the front hall. It would be impossible for Chu Yu to sneak off to Tian Yuan Sect. He could only wait for Chu Sheng to leave at nighttime and then take action.

Chu Yu thought things over until he had a complete plan then, being bored by staying in the front yard, he leisurely walked back to his rooms. As he pushed open the door, he saw Xie Xi sitting straight at the end of his bed as if he were in the s** scene in a movie.


Chu Yu didn’t hesitate to slam the door closed. He bowed his head and tried to clear his mind.

At this time, isn’t Xie Xi supposed to be patrolling outside with Third Shidi?

Don’t tell him that his eyes were playing tricks on him?

Or… could this be the legendary love sickness?

Chu Yu shook his head fiercely, and once again pushed open the door, and stepped inside. Xie Xi had been standing on the other side as if he was preparing to pull the door open. When Chu Yu opened the door, Xie Xi was startled before taking advantage of the opportunity to seize him by the waist. Xie Xi embraced Chu Yu, pulling him into the room and closing the door behind them with his hand.

Ah, it wasn’t his eyes playing tricks on him…

As Chu Yu was looking up at Xie Xi he thought about what he could say since they hadn’t seen each other for many days. However, although he had thought it over for a long time, he still couldn’t think of anything to say.

Xie Xi placed his hand on the back of Chu Yu’s head protectively then pressed him up against the door. He took Chu Yu’s chin in his hand, pulling it up, then kissed him on the lips.

“We haven’t seen each other for a few days yet Shixiong’s first reaction at seeing me was to close the door. Shidi’s feelings are very hurt.”

Chu Yu laughed hollowly and said: “Isn’t Shidi supposed to be away with Third Shidi? I thought I was seeing things.”

Xie Xi raised his eyebrows and chose to bend towards Chu Yu. His breath was warm in Chu Yu’s ears: “I don’t know why but Third Shidi appears to be afraid of me. Halfway during our patrol, he separated from me. I immediately decided, in that case, to take a break and came over to see Shixiong.”

As he said the last few words, Xie Xi deliberately lowered his voice. His low and magnetic voice had an ambiguously seductive tone. Chu Yu involuntarily recalled some things that couldn’t be described. Blushing, his eyes wandered around the room: “Alright then you’ve seen me. Once you’re satisfied, you can go back.”

“I’m not satisfied. Shixiong looks good. That is why just looking is never enough..”

Xie Xi smiled slightly as he looked Chu Yu up and down to confirm that he was alright. Seeing that Chu Yu wasn’t looking gaunt or pale, the knot in Xie Xi’s heart relaxed. He bent down, lifted Chu Yu up, and walked over towards the bed.

A certain event flashed through Chu Yu’s brain and he exclaimed in a horrified tone: “Wait wait wait wait, hold on! What are you planning to do, Shidi?”

Xie Xi smirked: “I want to eat fish, but it appears that Shixiong is not willing. I missed Shixiong a lot since I didn’t get to see him for many days. Now I have only just embraced him in my arms but Shixiong does not appear to be willing?”

He looked a little put out as if he had been wronged in some way.

Chu Yu was speechless. He then deliberately circled his arms around Xie Xi’s neck. Xie Xi walked to the bed and sat down, but he didn’t let go of Chu Yu. He stared at Chu Yu with keen sparkling eyes. “Shixiong, can I kiss you?”

Oh, good. He’s being polite, not like before when he would just say a brief remark before biting.

Chu Yu felt as though he hadn’t taught the protagonist in vain. Slightly gratified, he patted the back of Xie X’s neck and said kindly: “Xi-er, no.”

Xie Xi: “…”

Xie Xi clenched his teeth then threw Chu Yu, this gay guy who was so proud of himself and loved to court disaster, down on the bed. Pressing him down, Xie Xi “punished” Chu Yu by biting at his lips. The tip of his tongue swept over Chu Yu’s teeth then licked inside him. The sweet sensation made Chu Yu involuntarily relax. He tongue penetrated inside his mouth, tangling with Chu Yu’s tongue.

Chu Yu was almost in tears as he involuntarily made a few “ahhh” sounds. He realized now that he had been courting disaster. He tried to push Xie Xi off him but couldn’t so Chu Yu was forced to lie back down flat on the bed under Xie Xi.

After lingering for a long time, Xie Xi reluctantly withdrew. His face was flushed with a beautiful red blush like the color of a peach blossom and he was breathing a little heavily.

As the one who had been pushed down, Chu Yu, who couldn’t go anywhere, was not much better. Knowing that Xie Xi was somewhat passionate, Chu Yu thought that if they continued, things would go out of control. He hurriedly got up but wasn’t able to go far before Xie Xi took Chu Yu back into his arms again.

Xie Xi leaned back against the wall while hugging Chu Yu in his arms. Though his actions seemed slow and lazy, his hands that were on Chu Yu’s waist were not acting very well-behaved and carelessly pulled Chu Yu’s belt open.

“Shixiong has something to say to me?”

Chu Yu took a few deep breaths then, and while trying to keep a straight face he removed Xie Xi’s hands from his waist. Chu Yu then re-tied his belt and said, “There’s a little something I really want to request of you…”

Xie Xi’s little tricks and actions slowed and his face became filled with gloom. “Why is Shixiong using the word ‘request’ as though you are trying to increase the distance between us? In the Jing Hua Sect’s hidden realm, didn’t Shixiong say that he liked me? Was that another lie?”

No, no, no, no, no! Don’t think like that!

Chu Yu was greatly alarmed: “Shidi, you misunderstood…”

After a pause, seeing that Xie Xi didn’t interrupt, Chu Yu breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s just because this affair is bound to be dangerous. Without you, perhaps I can’t… This is Shixiong’s personal matter and a selfish request for help, that’s why I used that word.”

Xie Xi was silent for a moment then he laughed.

Chu Yu was at a total loss for a moment. Suddenly, he felt that his earlobe was nipped lightly and he felt an electric tingling all over his body. His eyebrows twitched and he still couldn’t figure out if the protagonist was angry or not when his neck was lightly bitten.

Chu Yu covered his neck and scowled: “Xie Xi!”

Xie Xi said cheerfully: “Shixiong, what’s the matter?”

Chu Yu almost choked: “…What’s with your attitude?”

The tone of Xie Xi’s voice couldn’t conceal his huge grin: “Shixiong has always liked to carry out his own plans to make me happy, but he never asked Shidi for anything. The fact that Shixiong now wants to request something has made Shidi very happy. Whatever it is, Shidi will do it as long as it will make Shixiong happy.”

As Chu Yu heard Xie Xi’s soft voice his heart was filled with affection then he spoke in a voice as light as a feather as he said: “Even if Shixiong has been keeping secrets from me and lied to me before, Shixiong is already mine forever and ever, and we will never be parted.”

Chu Yu: 囧

(TN: 囧 is commonly used as an emoticon in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan because it resembles a person with an open mouth. This means “Chu Yu’s mouth fell open.”)

This kind of thing… It was as though he was an apple that a kindergarten child would eagerly take a bite of to mark as his own. What the hell is going on?

As it turns out the reason why he was so eager to do it in the Jing Hua Sect’s hidden realm was because Xie Xi was afraid that Chu Yu would run away again? So Xie Xi bit the apple to make a mark on it?

For a moment, Chu Yu was at a loss. He gathered and organized his entangled thoughts and, keeping a straight face, started to fabricate a story: “In fact, during my ten years at the Mausoleum Ruins…”

Noticing the sudden tightening of Xie Xi’s arms wrapped around his waist, Chu Yu realized that he was poking at Xie Xi’s painful memories and hastened to speed up his explanation, “I found a jade scroll that had records about a certain place where it is possible to resurrect a person who’s soul that had flown away and been scattered. I don’t know where it is exactly nevertheless it would be dangerous.”

Oh… Chu Yu doesn’t know how to make up a good reason for Xie Xi to go to that place…

Chu Yu was stuck and fell silent as he thought bitterly about the nonexistent jade scroll. Where would it be written so that Xie Xi had to go with him…?

Nevertheless, Xie Xi’s eyes were bright and he took the initiative to help Chu Yu in his lie: “Shixiong thought of me? Shixiong thinks I can help you?”

“Yes.” Chu Yu kept smiling and secretly wiped away the cold sweat,1 silently cursing the System again in his heart. The information that the System had mentioned to him without elaborating on was just too vague. He didn’t actually know how to help Xie Xi activate the protagonist’s exclusive resurrection skill.

Xie Xi hugged Chu Yu closer and smiled. “Is Shixiong just shy?”

Chu Yu: “… Um, yes, I’m shy. ”

Xie Xi’s eyes sparkled: “I promised to grant Shixiong’s request, is Shixiong happy? Is there any reward?”

Chu Yu pondered over this for a moment: “Your reward is a hug. Alright, you already got it. Go, my big brother will be coming soon.”

As soon as Chu Sheng was mentioned, Xie Xi became very unhappy. Although he was Chu Yu’s brother, he seemed more like a love rival…

Chu Yu turned back and looked at Xie Xi’s slightly unhappily frowning face. He was uncertain what to do at first but then he decided to throw out what remained of his moral integrity and exploit the opportunity. He moved closer and pecked Xie Xi on the lips: “Alright, go back now. Later you can come and see me every day but don’t put off your patrol. Come and see me at night.”

Xie Xi was unable to endure it when Chu Yu teased him. Breathing heavily, he took Chu Yu’s chin in his hand and kissed him deeply. Xie Xi’s hand wandered to Chu Yu’s back, stroking and caressing it gently. Chu Yu’s mind and heart became hazy as it filled with desire when he was caressed for a long time. He felt a bit dizzy and was vaguely thinking of whether or not he was going to give in when he suddenly heard the familiar footsteps of someone he knew.

Oh, no! Chu Sheng was here!

Were they caught in flagrante delicto again?!

The thought flashed through Chu Yu’s brain. Without any hesitation, he pushed Xie Xi away. Chu Yu then swiftly pulled the blanket down, shoved Xie Xi under the blanket, he then closed the bed curtains. Lying flat on the bed, Chu Yu’s heart was thumping.

There was a soft knock on the door followed by Chu Sheng’s gentle voice: “Little brother, what are you doing?”

Chu Yu coughed: “I was sleeping. Big brother, you want me to come out into the hallway to talk?”

Chu Sheng came to speak with Chu Yu every day. Before he left for the city, he always said: “The outside world is too terrible and the people outside are too dangerous. My little brother is so pure and innocent and lovable that he will get abducted and sold for sure. Don’t go out. If you want to go outside, stay inside and wait for big brother to go with you to protect you.”

Looking at Chu Yu who was lying in bed, Chu Sheng became a little suspicious: “Little brother is going to sleep very early today?”

It was only Xu Shi.

(TN: Xu Shi is 7-9 pm.)

Chu Yu carefully sat up, using his embrace on the quilt wrapped around his body to make sure that Xie Xi was still hidden. He smiled like an honest and truthful person: “I was just a little sleepy…”

For a long time, Chu Sheng had not been able to see Chu Yu smile so his smile now made Chu Sheng very happy. He felt as though all his troubles were nothing; as long as his younger brother is smiling, then it is like springtime in his heart. He walked quickly to the bed, inexplicably excited: “Little brother…”

However, after a pause, Chu Sheng’s gaze turned a bit strange.

“What’s the matter?” Chu Yu silently shrank back into the shadows. After having being kissed deeply like that for a long time and having his neck bitten, he didn’t know if the marks left behind there could be passed off as mosquito bites.

Chu Sheng gazed at Chu Yu for a moment with a complex expression on his eyes. Gritting his teeth he ground out: “Little brother, did that brat from Tian Yuan Sect come?”

Big brother… your eyes don’t miss a thing…

Chu Yu nodded silently.

The expression on Chu Sheng’s face turned ugly: “That horrible boy!2 One look and I can tell that his thoughts are immoral. He harbors evil intentions towards my little brother. Is he forcing you to do something?”

In the eyes of the brocon, everyone had immoral thoughts…

Chu Yu was silent for a moment. He had to save the protagonist’s image: “Big brother, my Shidi is a good person…”

With having to flatter the protagonist while in his presence, Chu Yu felt that the pressure on him was huge. He didn’t know what he should be saying. Chu Yu was still trying to figure out the perfect compliment when there was a sudden movement under the bedding. Xie Xi had untied his belt and pulled open his clothes …

Xie Xi then kissed Chu Yu on the navel.

The sensation of the warm and moist touch was hard to ignore. Chu Yu took a deep breath and scowled: “Apart from occasionally acting like a little rogue, he is a truly reliable person…”

His voice stopped as Xie Xi’s hand wandered down towards Chu Yu’s body then took hold of “that.”

****! Protagonist, don’t do that!

Almost pushed over the edge, Chu Yu restrained himself. Gritting his teeth, he said: “Big brother is too prejudiced against him.”

Chu Sheng frowned. “Why is your face so red, little brother? Your forehead is sweaty… did you have some problem with your cultivation?’

Chu Yu shook his head quickly: “It’s nothing. It’s nothing.”

Chu Sheng muttered to himself and took Chu Yu’s wrist, examining his pulse for a while. Confirming that there was nothing wrong with his body, he nodded and said: “Little brother, that horrible boy… towards you, he…”

“He likes me.”

Chu Yu spoke honestly and bluntly.

The expression on Chu Sheng’s face changed. “Just as I thought! Little brother, what do you think about it?”

Chu Yu was silent for a moment.

Should he tell the brocon that his adorable little brother had already somewhat lost his heart to someone? Will the brocon go crazy? But this sort of affair has to come out sooner or later.

Chu Yu said slowly: “Big brother, I feel the same way towards him…”

Chu Sheng made a faint noise and waved his hands weakly as his eyes filled with tears. It seemed as though he was about to cry. After a long while, he said sadly: “Little brother has grown up… Now, I am going to be alone.”

Big brother, don’t be like this…

Chu Yu wanted to comfort Chu Sheng but, suddenly, he felt that his “thing” was held in an ill-intentioned grip. Immediately, Chu Yu sucked in some cold air to control himself so that he doesn’t react, Chu Yu said in a trembling voice: “Big brother, come back to my house later in the evening, I have something important to tell you.”

Chu Sheng was dazed for a while then he nodded. Thinking of his common daily ritual of giving his little brother earnest and well-meaning advice, the brocon pushed aside the confession from his mind. He looked at Chu Yu with an expression on his face as though he was gazing at his family’s little daughter who had all grown up. Chu Sheng got up off the bed and walked out of the room in a dazed manner, like someone sleepwalking.

He waited a while then, then having confirmed that Chu Sheng had really left, Chu Yu immediately lifted his bedding while gnashing his teeth: “Xie Xi!”

After hiding under the blankets for such a long time, Xie Xi’s hair was a mess. His face was pink and he was smiling:  “Shixiong, I’m so happy.”

This bad kid, he was happy because he had teased Chu Yu so much?

Chu Yu listlessly lay back down on the bed. Displeased, he kicked Xie Xi and gave him the cold shoulder, saying: “That’s enough! If you’re happy, then go.”

Xie Xi was reluctant to give up and pestered him, kissing his neck. “Shixiong, will you acknowledge me in front of the Chu family?”3

Chu Yu gave up the struggle and bashfully nodded.

They have done it and they have expressed and confirmed their feelings to each other, too. Wait, it seems that this order is not right.

Xie Xi: “Shixiong, are you happy?”

Chu Yu saw that he was excited. He silently stared at Xie Xi for a moment then sighed in a low tone: “I’m happy.”

Xie Xi’s eyes were shining: “Let’s do it.”

Chu Yu: “…Scram!”



Translator’s Notes:

  • Yay, Xie is finally back! LOL! I hardly even remembered he was still there in the last few chapters. Still wanting to eat fish every day…
  • Are you familiar with 囧? It’s actually a Chinese character meaning “window” but it’s often used as an emoticon. It’s funny if you use it in “orz” like this – 囧rz.
  • I ran this through Grammarly but if I missed something, please do leave a comment so I can fix it. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I think he just metaphorically wiped his brow. This probably isn’t literal.
  2. Chu Sheng likes to call Xie Xi 臭小子 which is literally “that stinky boy” but 臭 also means bad, horrible, repulsive, etc.
  3. He’s asking if their clandestine affair will eventually be public since currently they are meeting in secret.

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