Chapter 11.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 11.1 – ???: You’ll never find him!

Du Ze froze when he saw the ninth mural.

Unlike the other murals, this one only had one person painted on it. The man’s head was hanging down, his bangs covering most of his face. Only his tightly pursed thin lips were visible. His slender form was illuminated by a light in front of him. Behind him … were eight shadows. Du Ze’s eyes opened slightly wider – the eight shadows were of a human, angel, demon, beastkin, gnome, elf, dragon, and undead.

This is … the protagonist?

After the eight mural which showed the seventh era, the ninth mural is showing a human, the protagonist. Is this suggesting that after the seventh era, Xiu will be controlling the mainland1 in the future?

Sure enough, the future will be bright for someone who becomes a follower of the protagonist.

Du Ze was cutely excited, his face turned red, and he was in high spirits, when he suddenly found something wrong with the mural.

The man in the mural had his arms out in a somewhat strange posture. Du Ze copied the man’s pose and discovered that he was likely holding something. It was something quite large, over one meter, possibly almost the size of a person …? Perhaps the protagonist is hugging someone, an invisible person?

Moving closer to the mural, Du Ze found that the painting was very fine. Even the smallest details, like the tightly closed lips, the wrinkles at the corners of the mouth, and the outstretched hands were vividly painted. Du Ze stared at the protagonist in the painting, and a sense of sadness suddenly hit his heart. The person’s expression can’t be seen clearly but there was a sense of crazy, desolate emotion, as if he had lost his most important treasure and was in despair. Just seeing it was enough to make people feel extremely uncomfortable.

*Drip drip drip drip*

The sound of water woke Du Ze from his trance. The sound was coming from the person in the mural. Tears of blood were flowing. That person was embracing a vanished person, silently filled with grief, and asking the world:

He lost his most important person2, why can’t he cry?

He lost his most important person, why not go mad?

He lost his most important person, why not … destroy the world?

Du Ze held his head in his hands. The sound of the broken voice was everywhere, rushing into his brain. The screaming made his brain feel like it was about to burst. Du Ze shook his head vigorously and the pain made the voice recede. When he looked up, he froze. His surroundings had changed beyond recognition.

It is no longer a corridor with murals on each side. He was in … outer space? That was the only way he could describe the place; it was an empty blue-black space strewn with broken rocks. He was standing on a rock platform. Maybe a star had exploded, leaving behind debris and desolation.

The impact of this mural was too great. A desperate sorrow and heavy pressure was making each heartbeat painful. The ache could be felt all the way down to the center of his bones. In the distance there was a faintly visible figure standing on a rock.

It was the only figure that could be seen in this desolate place. Du Ze tried to view it more clearly but he could not move from from the broken piece of rock he was on. Voices could be heard from afar. The man seemed to be arguing with another man. The sound was muffled, but that person could not conceal his eagerness. There was also a hint of fear and despair in his voice.

“… You said that …, … I have destroyed … Then, what about him? … Also … I!”

Then another voice appeared. The voice seemed to be full of pain, but also malicious pleasure, “The world by you … Haha … Lied to you … Tell … Fact: he … Not anymore … have been … haha haha–” That voice was growing louder and clearer, “You’ll never find him! Haha -! ”

The man seemed enraged and made an effort to cut the other man off with a curse. However, even when the other voice was full of pain, it never stopped laughing like a madman. Tauntingly it yelled:

“So what if you become the Supreme God?! In the entire world – you’re the only one left!”

This was the last thing Du Ze heard. In the next moment, a dazzling light swallowed him up. He never knew that when a light is too strong it makes the vision turn dark. Nothing could be seen, nothing could be heard. It was like wandering in an endless void.

When Du Ze opened his eyes, he was almost scared out of his mind. Too close! The protagonist’s face was too close to his. Xiu was on top of him, seemingly studying his headphones very carefully. Seeing Du Ze wake up, the Lich glanced indifferently at Du Ze’s stiff face then retracted the hand that was reaching for the doujinshi, not embarrassed that he was caught by the owner.

Did he just accidentally save the world?

Du Ze sat up and nervously placed his companion, the doujinshi, under his buttocks. He began to regret not leaving it in the space-time corridor. That’s the world’s best place to hide things, stupid! The thought of the Time Corridor triggered the memory of the last mural in his mind. It was like a piercing curse that lingers in the air even after it’s gone. Du Ze reflected on what he had just seen.

xiu on top
Subtle, Xiu, very subtle. Lol, Xiu on top of Du Ze!

The space-time corridor can see the future. In the future, the only one who can become the Supreme God is the protagonist of “Mixed Blood” – Xiu. Therefore, in that bleak outer space scene, the person he saw was Xiu? Analyzing the words that he had heard, the protagonist seemed to be looking for a person. The owner of the other voice sounds as though he knows where that person is but asked the protagonist to destroy the world. The protagonist then destroyed the world – but he was just fooled by the other voice’s lies!

Du Ze’s mind was a mess. In the future you can also see god! The protagonist really will destroy the world! That void filled with broken rocks is the wreckage of the continent?! The protagonist is powerful, the protagonist is domineering, long live the mighty protagonist! This ferocious strength can break through the sky!3 The moral integrity of the author (?)4 is broken so the world became trash …

Moreover, look at the protagonist. He actually destroyed the world to find a person but the BOSS deceived him.

“So what if you become the Supreme God?! In the entire world – you’re the only one left!”

Remembering this sentence, Du Ze’s heart felt heavy. In stories, villains normally do not have a good ending. Even if they defeat the heroes or destroy the world successfully, in the end the only thing they can do is to destroy themselves.

Author, you monster!5 When I get back, this youth must talk about life with you!

time corridor
Du Ze’s vision of the end at the Time Corridor. Read this at BC Novels if you want to view the images.

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  1. The mainland is always referred to as the chaotic mainland. Maybe it’s the proper name? I might decide to just call it Chaos Continent.
  2. Literally “most important existence.”?
  3. “X can break through the sky” is just a common idiom meaning it’s really powerful or strong.
  4. This parenthesis was in the original.
  5. Literally, “Author, you bear!” but in context it’s an idiom that means liar or deceiver.

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