Chapter 11.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 11.2 – ???: You’ll never find him!

Right now, Du Ze can only put the thought of hanging himself1 in front of the author’s door to the back of his mind. He began to analyze the limited information he had, trying to find a way to prevent the protagonist from becoming god and destroying the world. From the dialogue he heard, the protagonist lost a very important person, causing his crazy value to go MAX.

… Was the female lead Vivian taken by other people and hidden away? The way Yi Ye Zhi Qiu writes, this is certainly possible. So the murder of this sister was the cause? Du Ze instantly decided on his future goal. It is necessary to designate Saint Vivian as a Class I protected species2 to stop people from harboring evil intentions.

Du Ze was thinking too deeply. He didn’t notice that Xiu had a strange expression on his face. Ever since Xiu came out of the Time Corridor, the pale skin of the dead has become even more bloodless. Xiu looked at Du Ze, sitting beside him silent as ever, and asked, “Do you know about the mixed race people?”

Du Ze accidentally looked at Xiu. He had recalled the plot of “Mixed Blood.” In the mainland, the mixed race people are very unpopular. For example, people of mixed human and elf blood would not only be held in contempt by the elves, but also the humans would reject them because “they are not my race, their hearts will be different.” The mixed blood people would be treated harshly by both races and cannot avoid this discrimination. They are called “bastards” by everyone.3 In the Time Corridor, the protagonist suffered no small stimulus, so … is this a request for comfort?

This is an excellent opportunity to raise his favorability rating! Du Ze wanted to affectionately grip the hand of the protagonist and say, “I know you feel uneasy and confused. I will not discriminate against you.”

Sadly, the reality is that some silly, cute person with a cold face just nodded. OVER.

Du Ze wanted to hug his social barrier and perish together with it.

Fortunately, Xiu seems to have become accustomed to Du Ze’s indifference (big misunderstanding here).4 He frowned, his pale face whitened, and he gave off an air of transparent vulnerability, like thin ice that will break at a touch. The topic was not interrupted and the black-robed Lich had never been this talkative before. “… what do you think?”

He did not say the pronoun, as if he were just asking Du Ze what he thought of mixed bloods in general but Du Ze knows that what he wants to ask is, “What do you think of me? What do you think of an eight-races mixed blood who doesn’t know how to classify himself?”

Du Ze very much wanted to erupt and excitedly spill out every Meng (Moe) feeling surging in his heart: Bulls***!5 What’s mixed up? However, for a long time Du Ze was unable to speak. Finally, he just bluntly spat out two words:

“A miracle.”

Xiu’s eyes widened; he had not expected such a reply. His frown eased a bit but he could not quite believe what he heard. “A miracle?”

It’s a once in a million miracle. Without any manipulation or intervention, the protagonist is the only person in the entire continent who has the blood of all eight races. He is the darling of nature. No one but him is most suitable to become the ruler of the continent.

Du Ze very much wants to express everything that is in his heart regarding his expectations of the mixed blood, but he can only say dryly the same words again. “Mixed Blood is a miracle.”

“You are a miracle.”

Xiu gazed at Du Ze. Hearing these words, he suddenly grabbed Du Ze by the shoulder, held him closer, and stared at him. It was like Xiu was afraid of missing even the most subtle expression on Du Ze’s face. “You know …!”

Du Ze looked impassive even though his heart almost jumped out of his body in fright. In Xiu’s eyes flashed doubt, then hesitation, then finally they darkened and blanked out, as though they contained all emotions or none.

Xiu asked, “Who are you?”

Du Ze … Du Ze at this moment felt the malice of the whole world. He was too late to react, he never introduced himself to the protagonist, and now Xiu doesn’t even know his name!

He is too stupid and neurotic!6

Shocked by his own silly behavior, Du Ze looked at Xiu and said, numbly, “I am Du Ze.”

I’m a reader.

Xiu’s bloodless lips moved. There was no sound but he seemed to be chewing on the name, swallowing it without a trace. The black-robed Lich’s thin lips moved as though he was about to say something but suddenly he stopped. His face fell and he looked into the distance.

– Something’s coming.

xiu and du ze
Xiu grabs Du Ze. This time by the arms, not the back of the neck.




Xiu opened his eyes, staring above him. He came out of the Time Corridor but his soul was still locked in the past, unable to extricate himself.

“Meow ~”

The spirit beast saw that Xiu was awake and rubbed its body on his face. Xiu stood, picked up the demon beast that he had made a contract with, and held it to his bosom. The black-robed Lich was silent for a long time. He looked at the eight-tailed spirit beast in his arms, not knowing how to ask, said, “You know about mixed bloods?”


“… What do you think?”

The cat-like monster opened its blue and gold eyes wider, and looked innocently at Xiu. They looked at each other, then Xiu suddenly laughed bitterly in self-ridicule. Pacing back and forth, Xiu said, “Oh, why am I talking to you about it?”

Xiu stared blankly at the endless light. He had never felt as lonely and out of place as he did right now.

In all the world, and from the beginning of time, he is the only mixed blood who descended from all eight races.

– excerpt from “Mixed Blood”


The author has something to say:
??? : You’ll never find him!
Reader: Who are you?
Protagonist: Who are you?
??? : …
Author: haha.

who are you
Xiu: Who are you? Du Ze: I’m Du Ze (a reader).

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  1. The raw said hanging. As in to death. But it’s just a joke.
  2. Like the giant panda of China!
  3. The words 杂种 literally mean “mixed blood” or “hybrid” but it’s also a common derogatory term meaning “bastard” or “son of a b***h.”
  4. The raws said “fog was very likely big.”
  5. 碉堡了 More cussing, kinda strange because it means bunker but it’s use is to express shock in a vulgar way.
  6. Wow, wordplay here but it basically means someone is stupid, too nervous, neurotic, or irresponsible.

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  1. You know at the beginning when I look at the “illustrations” I thought they looked ugly, I didn’t like looking at them. Even tried read in other sites but came back cuz well, footnotes. I think in this chapter the author’s(?) art seem to improve, now it looks bearable for me. She/he really does need to work on paneling tho

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    1. It was not 3 years, they were only in the Lost Land for a few days. The part where it said “3 years” was an excerpt from “Mixed Blood.” In the original timeline Xiu stayed for 3 years but in this story, Du Ze and Xiu left after just a few days.

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    Nevertheless, even with du ze’s misunderstanding, saint panda is a funny mental image 😄

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    1. 他 was used and that means he/him. 她 would mean she/her. The problem is, they are both pronounced “tā.” Du Ze thought it meant “her” but since we are reading the story in written form we know its “he/him.”

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    1. Chinese doesnt usually use gendered pronouns, so while the translation may say “he” or “she”, the original text probably doesn’t actually indicate gender.

    2. 他 was used and that means he/him. 她 would mean she/her. The problem is, they are both pronounced “tā.” Du Ze thought it meant “her” but since we are reading the story in written form we know its “he/him.”

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