Chapter 9.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 9 Author: Three years flew by.

Du Ze was very puzzled. Clearly, he has been acting like the Virgin Mary to the protagonist.1 So why was the protagonist not impressed by his benevolent Virgin Mary act, and instead fiercely bullied him?

These past few days he had forced down his resentment, but now he was ready to rebel.2 He wanted to lecture the protagonist but… a cold, lofty condemnation of the protagonist’s bad behavior = talk earnestly about life = the need to say many, many, many words … Never mind. ˊ_>ˋ 3

Therefore, Du Ze was worn out. Though his face remained cold, there were hidden internal injuries.4

Of course, Du Ze was aware that the protagonist had been betrayed by his good friends many times. Asking him to immediately trust a person of unknown origin was not realistic. Right now, it seemed that Xiu didn’t care what others thought of him. In his view, using people then killing them before they can betray Xiu was the rational choice. That was especially true when the said person5 was an elegantly beautiful6 person wearing mystical attire7 who appears aloof from worldly affairs8 (the lights are on, but nobody’s home).9

… So the chief criminal is you, public relations barrier?

Public relations barrier (elegantly beautiful and aloof from worldly affairs): Ahem.

In the empty, lonely Lost Land, there were only three creatures: the protagonist who has been learning Necromancy, the reader who has been abused, and a peeping tom/spirit beast. Speaking of the spirit beast, Du Ze has seen it many times these past few days. It has a regular daily schedule: in the morning, peep at the protagonist; at noon, peep at the protagonist; at night, peep at the protagonist.

… How much do you really want to sign a contract with the protagonist, Meow Star?10

Whenever it was sighted by Du Ze, the nine-tailed beast would run away. Is this a game of Red Light, Green Light?11 Doubtless, if Du Ze left the protagonist alone for even a minute, the spirit beast would certainly come running to see the protagonist and meow meow meow: Sign the contract with me quickly, young man!

This thought made Du Ze determined to never leave the protagonist’s side.

The cat-like monster, although it is indeed at the level of a god beast, was very cute. All of the readers, including Du Ze, liked it very much. But the author kindly informed them that “This meow has a passive skill. The beast loves the feelings of hate and despair; it was attracted by the protagonist’s resentment. In order to trigger this emotion, it will invite bad luck! It was one of those who played a huge role in the protagonist’s blackening!” This thunderbolt hit the reader and burnt him black12 which made the author smile! Ah! This!

In order for me to bring back the cute hero, goodbye Meow Star!

meow star
The cat spirit beast is always peeping on Xiu but Du Ze easily scares it away.

A certain cute person didn’t admit that he was envious. How come he signed the contract with the protagonist but he wasn’t treated equally? How come in the novel, the protagonist treated the beast as a pet who went with him everywhere, while the reader was abused almost to death? This is racial discrimination, fudge it!13 Du Ze also wanted to act cute but he was incapable of actually doing it. In fact, more than once he has wanted to talk to Xiu but each time his too-high social barrier thwarted him.

In his mind there were a lot of witty lines he could say, but in the end, he just sat there with a wooden face, silent and unable to turn the page.14

Day after day Xiu practiced Necromancy on him, abuse piled on abuse, never changing.

In the past one of the things Du Ze especially liked about “Mixed Blood” was that the protagonist was hardworking, not like the usual stud harem master. When Du Ze thought about what happened in this part of the story, he wanted to cry.

[… Time flew by, and before he knew it, Xiu had been in the Lost Land for three years. He …]

Three years … three … years …

Du Ze fell down on his knees. Originally, he had feared that what the author wrote wasn’t giving the protagonist enough time to master Necromancy. He must have been possessed by an evil spirit to think that!

To the reader, the protagonist would seem to appear on the horizon one day. Then “three years flew by” and the protagonist would appear again in a flash, three years older.

The depressed Du Ze thought that things couldn’t go on like this. If he was abused for three years, he would become trash. He has excellent plot resources in his hands. Therefore, he will try to overcome the monster that is his social barrier and become the protagonist’s good brother. For one week he has been rubbing the social barrier. Social barrier: haha. Now he plans to finally build a modern drama to increase his favorability rating.

poor uke
Du Ze trembling from the Wither curse while Xiu observes him. That was from last chapter but I just wanted to post this.

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  1. He has been very kind and self-sacrificing.
  2. I was forced to improvise since the raw is a bit gibberish. Literally “His surging resentment was so abruptly suppressed in the throat that the social barrier began to poke his HP.” IMO, we are meant to imagine that the social barrier is a big monster and it keeps poking Du Ze which makes his HP go down little by little.
  3. Literal translation: The tirade/eruption = a cold, lofty condemnation of the protagonist’s bad behavior = earnestly talk about the great truth of the world = say many many many words.
  4. The raw likes to call it internal injuries though probably I should call it mental trauma.
  5. Du Ze
  6. Can also be translated as “glamorous.”
  7. Du Ze’s clothes from Earth.
  8. Du Ze’s description of himself. It means someone noble and pure.
  9. I substituted this English idiom for the Chinese slang “big fog” which is just a funny way of saying “this does not fit the facts” or “a mistake.”
  10. Meow Star aka meowers is a meme about a cute, cat-like alien.
  11. The original used the Chinese name of the game, 123木头人 (123 wooden people)
  12. Like in a cartoon.
  13. In China there is a lot of censorship so all of the cuss words are replaced with euphemisms or similar-sounding words. I have decided to do the same sometimes to make it sound closer to the original.
  14. Unable to speak.

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  1. After such a rough beginning, it’s pretty incredible that their relationship develoed to the point that it did. Work hard, Xiu! Finish leveling up in under 3 years, or Du Ze will really be unable to forgive you. Thanks for the chapter!

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