Chapter 2.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

Chapter 2. 1 – Author: … Understood.

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Once Du Ze finished his daily Dungeon Fighter Online task, he opened the web page again. As for the author, he wasn’t available and, no matter how much Du Ze wanted to, he could not reach through his computer screen to give him a whipping even though his resentment was about to reach the sky.

Since the author was not online, Du Ze could only read “Mixed Blood” again to comfort his empty and lonely mind. However, when he saw the “Mixed Blood” home page, he found that his previous comment had attracted attention.

[Username: Duzi, comment: “Mixed Blood” score: 1, the review section: 17

Rubbish story. Author stupid c*nt.

The protagonist is too much of a selfless Holy Saint . In this case, he saved the cheap tramp? The protagonist’s brain is filled with shi*t, is he thinking with his lower body, not with his brain???

This reader is looking forward to him being abused by the cheap tramp.]


The author replied: … Understood.


User [QinQinZiJin1]: The first poster is a stupid c*nt!2


User[QuiIsMyLife]: These people3 are right, ignore the troll!


User[WeaponOfMassDestruction]: You don’t like being prodded, so masochistic to read the troll posts, I sincerely suggest the original poster should take medicine.


Du Ze stared at the lines of words on the page and he suddenly felt like bursting into tears.

The play is wrong, director! The author’s feelings were hurt and he stopped writing, what’s the matter? No, no no no no no, ah ah ah –

It felt as though a herd of geese was flying over his head, first in the shape of an S then B (TN: SB means stupid c**t). He began to vote using the paid voting ticket system to try to save this precarious situation. As Du Ze stared at the top comments Du Ze felt as though his HP was decreasing with a constant *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* …poking his soul to death as his blood sprayed three feet up.

Sadly, Du Ze refreshed the page all day and night but Qiu never appeared. His mother eventually forced him to go to bed. After tossing and turning for hours but still unable to sleep, Du Ze secretly used his turtle speed mobile phone to access the internet.

Perhaps the heavens were not cruel enough to ignore the unlucky reader and the equally unlucky author who might just perish together. This time when Du Ze opened the “Mixed Blood” home page, he saw that there was an update.

[I have returned. On Monday I will update. :P]

The author is super cute! The poor, tired-out reader was instantly saved from his depression. Du Ze fell asleep still wearing his headphones and glasses, with his cellphone in his hand. He didn’t know that this would be the beginning of a tragedy.

On Monday, Yi Ye Zhi Qiu updated and Du Ze ran after him like a true fan. Du Ze was very honest this time, using his votes and comments to encourage the author.

The story of “Mixed Blood” continued to progress. The protagonist and the groups from the collapse of the tower returned to the Magic Academy. The Academy sent a beautiful teacher who investigated the situation and praised the behavior of the protagonist. She even allowed him to enter the inter-school competition. During the competition, the protagonist awed the onlookers with a single brilliant feat.

The human protagonist’s gift is “learning” and he has great talent. For him, skipping a level is normal; learning the magic martial arts is normal; mastery of the four elemental magics of fire, water, wind, and earth is normal; the protagonist is very OP. The brothers and sisters were defeated. There are lots of future harem members and little brothers, as well as cannon fodders and a BOSS that are all destined to be destroyed later on.

In spring the protagonist attended the Magic Academy competition and in autumn he will harvest a crop of younger sisters and little brothers.4

Du Ze feels exceptionally refreshed by the story, happily thinking that the protagonist’s luck is about to break the sky. Push down that sister! Take that little brother! Rob younger sister and brother, kill!

This caused a tragedy. Du Ze’s mother didn’t want to see her son staying home and playing on the computer all day long so she packed him off to his grandparent’s house seeking to reform his behavior. By the time Du Ze returned to his kennel, the plot of “Mixed Blood” had progressed by quite a lot.

The first thing he did was run to his computer like a starving man and open the home page for “Mixed Blood,” eager for more.

After the competition, the beautiful teacher also returned. Her news shocked the whole mainland: beneath the tower is the laboratory of the notorious Lich Louis Tennant. The Lich Louis had disappeared hundreds of years ago but everyone was still afraid of him. Even after hundreds of years, people are still terrified of him because he launched a scourge that wiped out one-third of all the countries and towns.

The author wrote about the Lich in detail. Du Ze’s heart sank. Obviously, this brilliant ancestor and the protagonist will have an important story arc. Perhaps the lead’s undead blood will be awakened by him. Yi Ye Zhi Qiu focused on the world’s great terror and loathing of Louis and the undead.

Du Ze understood that many novels are like this: The evil Lich must be defeated, this is the plot’s G spot. Du Ze doesn’t know why he is uneasy but he feels an inexplicable sense of upcoming crisis.

Next, because of the involvement of the Lich Louis, the Temple of Light sent someone very important – Saint Vivian. The author spent half a paragraph to describe her beauty. Her meeting with the protagonist was quite romantic. The saint had lost an item and was looking for it at a lake. The protagonist, attracted by the pure light energy, saw Vivian in the water, and for a moment thought that a fairy had come down to earth. He helped her find her lost item and, for a variety of reasons, they did not exchange names but hastily separated. Although they do not know each other’s identity, they had left a good impression on each other.

Du Ze covered his nose with his hands. The protagonist of “Mixed Blood” is so impossibly cute! Du Ze had not had time to absorb the scene of the protagonist’s and female lead’s budding love story when the story suddenly made a U-turn.

The temple’s staff explored the Lich’s tower but failed to return. They found someone who was knowledgeable about the magical array. One of the temple’s Knights said: “There is a restriction for that spell, only the Lich’s blood or the blood of one of his descendants can unseal the laboratory. Only an evil person can trigger the evil spell.”

Du Ze suddenly felt bad. He scrolled down with his mouse and then became petrified.

It must be remembered that the protagonist had saved everyone by using his blood. In other words, the person who was related to Louis could only be the protagonist. After hearing the words of the Knight, the protagonist’s companions were silent. Princess Kelly, whom Du Ze had identified as the second female lead, did not hesitate to expose the protagonist. The male lead argued that he had nothing to do with Louis, but no one spoke for him. They all just stared at him without speaking as he was taken away by the Light Temple’s knights. Just like that the infinitely beautiful future genius became a prisoner.

Du Ze almost puked out blood, what is this – ah, ****! But it’s not over yet. The bigger stimulus is yet to come.

The imprisoned hero was unwilling to accept this state of affairs and repeatedly insisted that he was innocent but no one listened to him. The jailers only asked him one thing: What is your relationship with Louis? The protagonist is punished when he denies it. Then the question is coldly asked again: What is your relationship with Louis?

This part of the story was disturbing and agonizing to Du Ze. He didn’t want to know about all those torture methods! Author, you didn’t have to write so many specifics about the abuse! Even though a story will naturally have highs and lows, this time the author has been too quick to plumb the depths of hell.

There seemed to be no way to make the stubborn prisoner confess so the Temple of Light decided to use an extreme method: they put a special nail in the protagonist’s’ body. What followed was a very bloody scene. The nail held a spell that made the flesh and blood gradually evaporate.

[… the piercing screams finally came to an end. Due to the smoke, they couldn’t see how much of his flesh and blood had melted. Ulrika cast a spell. A gust of wind blew away the smoke. What appeared before their eyes was a… Lich.

It was a white skeleton. The soul light in the eye sockets flickered. He raised an arm and stared at the bones. The skull could not have had any expression but everyone there could feel his surprise and disbelief. The skull looked up at the people around him. When it opened its mouth, the breath of death leaked out.

Daniel automatically raised his staff to cast attack magic. Eddie reflexively stood in front of Rose, coldly staring at the skeleton. Rose’s eyes widened. She could not believe what she saw and her eyes were full of fear. Urlika would not look at what was once her favorite student. Kelly screamed and hid behind the Light Temple’s knight as far back as possible: “Stop gawking at it! Kill it quickly!”


The author has this to say: The undead blood has awakened, haha.]

Ah! You! ****er!

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A bonus:

saint vivian
Xiu’s romantic meeting with Saint Vivian at the lake.
  1. A literary allusion to a poem about a man waiting for his lover.
  2. The raw was “LZSB.” LZ = literally “landlord” but it means the first poster, Du Ze. SB = stupid c**t
  3. Original: “LS” meaning “these people”
  4. Younger sisters = harem members. Little brothers = allies, close friends who will help him

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