Chapter 2.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

Chapter 2.2 – Author: … Understood.

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Du Ze felt the blood rising in his throat. In the next chapter, the Temple of Light’s people want to kill the protagonist but they have no experience with fighting the undead. They cut off the protagonist’s head, hacked his body apart, then threw the remains into the burial mound. However, for the undead, the “dead” state is normal. In a sense, they are immortal. Thus, for the protagonist the things that would kill a mortal are ineffective.

That night when the protagonist regained his skeletal form, he looked at his bony body and felt very confused. Rose went to the burial mound to mourn her first love and was scared silly when she saw him resurrected. After the protagonist confessed to her1, Rose promised to help him return to the school to clear things up.

Du Ze swallowed down the blood that was about to gush out from his mouth. Even the author that wants to write an original story still has a limit. This story development is probably going to be like this: after the hero and the cute girl run away together, they look for a place to quietly become strong, then they return to wreak their vengeance on the Temple of Light. Ah, why did he not realize that a “girl next door” type like Rose is also a good harem candidate?

Then Yi Ye Zhi Qiu immediately dealt a blow to Du Ze’s hopes.

The protagonist waited for Rose but he was betrayed. The people who appeared were from the Temple of Light and this time they were prepared. The priests who were sent were all sworn to purify the undead. However, the cemetery was an advantageous spot for the undead protagonist. Although he had not yet mastered his Necromancy skills, his instincts were good. Seeing a horde of zombies rise up, all of the people present were increasingly sure that the protagonist is surely evil. Despite everything that happened, the protagonist still cannot bear to kill them and simply escaped. But now the whole continent is hunting him down.

In the constant pursuit and escape, the protagonist encountered danger after danger. The soul of the protagonist was stricken with deep pain. He was betrayed again and again. Even if he had just rescued a woman from a gang of thugs and escorted her home, when she saw the skull under the hero’s hood, she did not hesitate to sell him out to mercenaries.

If not for the undead’s “immortality” skill, the protagonist would have died thousands and thousands of times over. When he was at his lowest point, Daniel, one of his earlier allies, rescued him. After all the betrayals he had experienced, the protagonist had become paranoid but Daniel seemed not to mind his indifference and suspicion. Many times Daniel helped the protagonist escape from mercenaries.

Good brother! Du Ze is ready to bow down to worship Daniel. Luckily there is a good little brother, otherwise the author might make the protagonist’s situation even worse.

But Yi Ye Zhi Qiu immediately dealt a fatal blow to Du Ze.

Just when the protagonist had finally let go of his suspicion and thanked Daniel, he found that his hiding place was surrounded by the people from the Temple of Light. Daniel, revealing a simple and honest smile, said: Xiu, sorry, the best thing you can do now is to die.

Du Ze’s blood finally spurted from his mouth.

Author! You! Win!


With a magician’s staff in hand, Xiu went back in high spirits. When he was in school, he knew that Daniel’s family was very poor and that he has not been able to afford a better staff. Xiu’s hand on the staff tightened. Under his hood the skull was expressionless but he wanted to smile. Would Daniel be happy when he received this item?

How long has it been since he wanted to smile? He thought that he had been abandoned by everyone but someone told him he wasn’t alone. In that instant, there was salvation.

Back at the hut, Daniel looked very flustered and worried but relaxed when he saw Xiu and said, voice loud: “You came back!”

Xiu didn’t want Daniel to worry about him. His identity hasn’t been discovered.

However, Daniel did not talk to him. Instead, one after another, the Temple of Light’s knights and priests came out of the shadows to surround them. Their robes and armor had the number “12” on them. Both the humans and their equipment were clearly higher level and more dangerous than the previous enemies Xiu had fought.

It was rumored that the Temple of Knight had 12 elite knights, the strongest of all their forces. Even the weakest of them was strong enough to kill Xiu.

The last person to come out of the shadows was a familiar stranger. Saint Vivian looked at the figure whose whole body was hidden inside a black robe. This is the first time she has seen a lich. The books described it accurately, the whole body gave off a strong, dark aura of death. Although it was not as disgusting as the histories had said, Vivian was still repulsed. Vivian’s thin lips parted and she spoke to the lich, according to the bishop the undead is called–

“Evil Xiu2, this time you will not escape.”

Hearing the voice of Vivian, Xiu turned around and glance at the opposite side of the girl where a team of knights was protecting Daniel. Daniel was aware that he was spotted. Facing Xiu and smiling the same simple and honest smile he wore when the original, human Xiu would help him bully his seniors, he spoke.

“Xiu, sorry, the best thing you can do now is to die.”

It’s strange to know that he was betrayed again but he wasn’t hurt or sad. Even his anger cooled. There was no pain in his heart, either – No.

The skeleton opened its mouth and began to laugh.

His heart had been melted away, hadn’t it?

The blue soul fire leaped in the black holes of his eye sockets, cold and without a single trace of heat.

– excerpt from “Mixed Blood”

The author has something to say:

Author: … Understood = +
Reader: Ugh – (blood spurting)
[System: Player received a fatal strike, HP zero.]
Protagonist: (still hasn’t appeared on stage, continues to watch calmly)

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Translated by BC Novels.

Du Ze Hp
Du Ze trolled the author, so the author trolled him. Knockout!
  1. A love confession? Or just friendship? Not sure.
  2. She actually said “evil disciple” but I thought it would be too confusing since Xiu is not a disciple of anyone. I think she meant “evil descendant/disciple of Louis” since that’s what they think he is but Louis was not mentioned by name.

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