Chapter 2 – Every day the protagonist wants to capture me

Chapter 2 – A stepmother like me

“Hisssss-” the python was shocked by Chu Yu’s angry eyes. With a flick of its tail, it fled and disappeared from Chu Yu’s sight.

Chu Yu was scared out of his wits and hurriedly knocked on the door of the System asking: “If the protagonist dies early, what will happen?”

“007 System is pleased to serve you ~ if the protagonist falls from the sky before becoming Supreme ~ the host will be punished ~ he will experience the cannon fodder ending right away ~”

F**k! That means he will be dead! Worse, he will be dead and never to be reborn!!! The ending will seal his soul so he can never reincarnate.

Chu Yu cried out in dismay. The python appeared in view again and he leaped to intercept its path. “Spit out the protagonist!”

The python was forced to face him.

Chu Yu climbed up, straddled the python, and punched him in the head:”Spit him out!”

Ah, ah, the protagonist has not been digested?! No, the system hasn’t given a notification yet! But he’s almost digested!

The python was in pain, this caused the huge snake body to writhe and the nearby flowers and trees were trampled. Chu Yu was immovable as a mountain and continued to beat it up, trying to force it to open its mouth.

Suddenly, he saw a flash of white at the corner of his eye.

Chu Yu stopped and looked at the side of a big tree. Someone was peeking at him. Seeing Chu Yu was alerted to his presence, that person turned and ran.


Protagonist, wait up.

Although he had inherited the original Chu Yu’s memories and techniques (术法 – spells/Qi techniques), Chu Yu is not skilled with the advanced, complicated techniques. Nevertheless, he is proficient with some of the minor ones.

Looking down at the innocent python who was now in so much pain that it hardly wished to live, Chu Yu hurriedly jumped down.

The python was overjoyed at this reprieve, it slithered away into the jungle and quickly disappeared from sight.

As Chu Yu walked towards the flash of white quickly he saw a thin figure whose clothes were torn up. Looking at him, Chu Yu was disappointed.

This little guy is the protagonist.

… I forgot that at this time the protagonist is only thirteen years old. He is just a teenage boy, and it’s only in the future that he will have a peerless, glamorous look.

But still… such a jade-like, soft, adorable little teenage boy, how could the original cannon fodder bully him?

Chu Yu looked gently at the golden thighs he planned to hug in the future and smiled: “Xie Xi?”

Seeing Chu Yu, especially the smiling Chu Yu, Xie Xi’s body tensed. His watery eyes were full of vigilance and hate, and not even a little bit of fear.

It was terrible enough when the cold, proud Chu Yu bullied him. Now that he is laughing sunnily, does he want to kill Xie Xi?

Chu Yu felt sad when he saw the protagonist’s obvious fear and disgust. He comforted himself with the thought that the coming days would be long enough to improve their relationship. With the normal aloof Chu Yu attitude he coldly said: “Master will return to the mountain tomorrow, I will lead you to the exit.”

Xie Xi remained silent, his eyes still full of distrust.

Ah, this supple and tender skin, dark eyes, so cute and adorable, I want to pinch him!

Chu Yu silently gathered away his evil hands, looked around, and noticed the vines that had been crushed by the tail of the python. The green vine had a type of fruit that decorated with a circle of pink flowers.

… Wait.

Isn’t that poisonous fruit that the protagonist is supposed to eat? Why are they all smashed?

The original protagonist ate the poisonous fruit which made him lift the seal on his body and set him on the path of his life of peerless genius.

“That fruit, have you eaten it yet?”

Looking at the dignified Chu Yu, Xie Xi was fooled and shook his head.

Early death!

The protagonist’s first step in life was ruined by him!

Chu Yu almost knelt down.

He and that python had caused a lot of trouble. This was probably 80% his fault. The protagonist was supposed to eat the poisonous fruit but their fight had ruined it.

Chu Yu ran this way and that, searching everywhere, until he finally found a complete fruit. Bursting into tears, which he wiped away with his sleeves, he turned back to Xie Xi.

“Eat this.”

Xie Xi eyes became big. He backed away a few steps and shook his head.

Chu Yu looked at him lovingly: “Eat!”

Xie Xi shivered in fear and wanted to run away. He looked at Chu Yu as though he was a devil.

Chu Yu patiently coaxed him: “Eat this fruit, it’s harmless and very beneficial for you.”

Noticing that the boy looked like he wanted to hide somewhere, Chu Yu looked at the muddy fruit, thought for a bit, then pulled out his sword Xun Sheng (寻笙).

Xie Xi’s lips trembled. He stared at Chu Yu for a long time, resigned to his fate. He waited for the sword to find his heart.

He had thought that Eldest Brother hated him but he had not imagined that his hate was enough to want to kill.

He waited a long time but no pain came. Puzzled, Xie Xi opened his eyes and saw Chu Yu holding the high-grade immortal sword earnestly … peeling.

Xie Xi closed his eyes, counted to three, then opened his eyes again.

Chu Yu was skillfully peeling the fruit. Looking at the unbroken length of peel, he sighed, somewhat disappointed: “The sword is a little too long.”

He disliked the sword for being too long for peeling fruit?!

Xie Xi’s face was stiff when he saw how happy Chu Yu was. The green fruit was raised to his mouth again. Chu Yu said, lightly: “I peeled the skin for you. Cut the crap and eat it.”

Xie Xi’s expression became complicated. Eldest Brother’s brain was not normal today. The boy took a bite and swallowed it.

The next moment his face turned green then he coughed up blood. His body started shaking. Before he fainted, his last thought was: Such a strong poison … Eldest brother really wanted him to die …

Chu Yu was dumbfounded when Xie Xi fell to the ground heavily. He sat down cross-legged and sighed: “Such a toxic poison. No wonder the seal had to be removed. It was the only way to allow the protagonist to survive.”

His sword was stained with poisonous juice so he carefully wiped it down.

I did it for you, protagonist, you must not hate me …

“Ding.” A notification sound blared from the System: “There is a new comment, do you want to read it ~”

Chu Yu quickly nodded.

There was a virtual interface in front of him with a view button. Chu Yu pressed it and it became a comment screen.

[Reader 9304: You f***ing bi**h! Feeding the protagonist poison! The author likes Snow White too much! I dropped1 this!-2]

007 System: “Received negative comment ~ deducted two points ~ Host’s current points: 98 ~”

Chu Yu: “…”

My heart aches …

Chu Yu sat cross-legged beside Xie Xi, holding his sword while guarding the teenager. The jungle’s periphery has some low-level demonic beasts. They are only equal to Qi Condensation stage beasts and, once they feel the spiritual pressure from a Foundation Building stage cultivator, they will not seek their own death.

He waited for a long time and got quite bored. Xie Xi’s complexion gradually restored itself to its usual ruddiness. The child was probably about to wake up. Chu Yu lifted him up in his arms and walked out of the jungle.




Chu Yu had entered the jungle in the morning. When late afternoon came and he didn’t return, a disciple waited outside with a green face. Some people were thinking of asking another master to help when the entrance’s barrier rippled like water, and Chu Yu exited.

Now that the disciples saw that he was unscathed they all breathed a sigh of relief and bowed to him. Discovering that Chu Yu held Xie Xi in his bosom, they were all frightened and asked: “Eldest Brother, why are you holding that trash?”

Chu Yu wondered: “Am I supposed to piggy back him?”

The crowd silently thought: … Normally you would find a rope, tie it to his ankle and pull him along …

Chu Yu ignored their various reactions and brought Xie Xi straight to his residence.

As the most senior disciple, Chu Yu had his own place, an independent courtyard that he doesn’t have to share with other people. The other disciples came up to him with an attitude like wagging a small tail behind him. One of them sighed again and said with hesitation: “Eldest brother, that trash’s room is on that side …”

Chu Yu certainly knew and nodded coldly: “Leave.” He paused then reprimanded, “All day long you did not cultivate, how will you explain that tomorrow when the master returns?”

Lu Qingan left three years ago and since then all business matters were handled by Chu Yu, including the disciple’s daily cultivation. Today none of them meditated since they all squatted in front of the jungle, waiting for Chu Yu and Xie Xi to emerge. Now that they were reprimanded, they quickly retreated and scattered.

Well, this cannon fodder is quite majestic.

Placing Xie Xi in the side room, Chu Yu used his body’s memories to find a set of clean clothes and put it on the bed.

Having eaten the poisonous fruit, Xie Xi’s whole body was as hot as though it was on fire. His blood seethed with excitement. There was a confused, blurry feeling as though shackles had vanished. Abundant Qi energy circled his upper and lower body until the last trace of his body’s discomfort had disappeared. Xie Xi’s consciousness gradually returned.

Opening his eyes, he saw the roof of a brown wooden house.2 He stared at it for what seemed half a day,3 blinked, then muttered: “I’m still alive …”

Bewildered, he turned his head and was almost frightened into rolling off the bed.

Near the window stood a tall, handsome, outstanding youth wearing white clothing with a sword hanging at his waist. His hands were clasped behind his back and he looked arrogant and aloof, like an immortal who stands apart from worldly matters.

Chu Yu?!

“You’re awake?” Chu Yu turned, his fiery eyes staring coldly at Xie Xi. While Xie Xi was in a coma, he had thought more about what he should do in this situation.

When an evil stepmother character suddenly changes her attitude, everyone will think that she harbors evil intentions. If he acts caring towards the protagonist, the boy will just become more vigilant. Therefore, it would be better for him to stay in character as the original Chu Yu. For now he will maintain a glamorous and elegant attitude, only changing it slowly over time.

Anyway, the cannon fodder ending was still ten years away. Ten years is a long time so he isn’t afraid that their relationship won’t improve during that time.

Looking at Xie Xi’s alert appearance, Chu Yu scoffed: “Why am I here? If our Master wasn’t returning tomorrow, do you think that I would be here?”

Xie Xi lifted the quilt over his body, his complexion ugly.

“I advise you to be polite and not needlessly chatter about rumors in front of master.” Chu Yu was really getting into the role of the evil senior brother. His face and tone were both very cold. “I am the most senior disciple and the Chu family’s son, born of the first wife. Even if you say something to master, he will not do anything to me. Instead, as soon as the master leaves again …”

He smiled nastily while inside he was crying tears of blood.

… and he heard the System remind him of his point deduction.

Needless to say, it must be his wicked villainy that annoys the readers.

His heart aches …

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  2. Hmm, I assumed they meant a courtyard-type house but the characters used are 木屋 which means log cabin.
  3. Not literally half a day, this just means a long time.

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