Chapter 36.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 36.1 – Reader: Once upon a time there was an elf princess who fell from the sky.

Nauseous due to the feeling of his body disintegrating then being remade, Du Ze opened his eyes and found that his surroundings had changed. It was no longer the silver gray color of the Gnome Ruins. He was in an empty stone chamber. A huge light magic array had just dispersed on the floor.

Having escaped from death at the last minute, the mercenary team was still in a panic. Eric threw the broken pendant on the ground, wiped the blood off his forehead with his hand, and explained: “This is a branch of the Temple of Light.”

Du Ze instantly realized that he was in the enemy’s stronghold. Although he had expected that the rival’s debut would not be solved that easily and was certain to survive, but … Mr. Rival, how come you escaped with a crowd of people? Your goal has always been the protagonist, so this young man is just an innocent bystander? WTF! Next time this young man will have to equip a titanium alloy knee!

“Hey! Eric, I’ve stolen the man you asked for!” Enoch’s voice was full of pride: “There’s nothing this thief can’t steal.”

Du Ze was startled. Eric, who was casting a high-level cure on Bart, smiled his thanks at Enoch. Eric looked at Du Ze for a moment before concentrating on Bart’s healing. Honey was watching closely, worried. The elf, with his bow on his back, was staring at his ring, which is covered with cracks. Perhaps it was damaged because the battle was very fierce.

Du Ze looked at Enoch blankly as the latter circled around him and expressed his strong curiosity.

“What’s your name? My name Enoch.”

Hello, little brother, this young man is your senior.

“What’s that book you are holding? What’s this? A gnome’s machine?”

This is the book of that causes one’s moral integrity to die, you don’t understand my sadness.

“What is your relationship with that gnome? To tell you the truth, that was the first time I realized that the gnomes were such a terrible creatures. His temper was scarier than what I knew about gnomes.”

The protagonist waited for his younger brother for four years and his irritation cannot be described. You broke in just as the protagonist was about to explode – thank you for withstanding the domestic violence in place of this young man.

“Why don’t you speak?”

This young man is grateful to you from the heart.

“Eric,” the Thief cried loudly, “is this guy really human and not a mechanical puppet? He hasn’t said a word and his face has no expression!”

Eric coughed lightly. The light in his hands dimmed. Bart’s complexion has improved a lot. Honey carefully grasped Bart’s hand, her laughing while crying at the same time was both awkward and cute. Eric stood up. His right hand was still limp but the blond youth did not care. He went to Du Ze and said softly: “I’m sorry I used such a method to bring you with me.”

Eric looked at Du Ze with reverence in his eyes. “I did it for you-”

“Eric! Hold your breath!” Enoch’s expression changed and he desperately cried out: “There’s the smell of Lost Flowers.”

But it was too late. Just as Enoch perceived the danger, the others fell. Du Ze felt like his body was weak, so weak that he could not hold on. Like a puddle of mud, he flowed down softly on ground, his whole body limp. Enoch, although not affected as much, was not able to remain standing for long as the elf knocked him unconscious with a hand chop.

Eric raised his head with some difficulty and, when he saw what the elf did, his face was full of confusion and sadness.

“Simon … Why …?”

The elf called Simon was holding an indigo blue flower. He avoided Eric’s eyes and walked over to Du Ze. The defenseless black-haired youth was lifted up by the elf and the book in his hands fell down. Before leaving, Simon answered Eric’s question.

“For the Elves.”


About the two times that he was kidnapped, Du Ze could describe it in two words: ha ha.

Judging by the increasingly lush woods they were traveling through, the elf was probably taking him to the Elven Forest. Since the second era, the elves have been living in isolation in the Elven Forest. In order to prevent harassment from the other races, the elves in the Elven Forest laid a magic array. Only those who know the entrance can enter, otherwise they will get lost and never be able to find the elves’ residence.

Afraid that Du Ze would remember the entrance, Simon knocked him out. Unfortunately, because of his 0-point restore, the reader woke up and was knocked out again and again. Two people became very haggard. Du Ze silently looked at the elf. From Simon’s expression, it seems like he thinks that he must have taken the worst type of hostage.

Waking up from his most recent involuntary unconscious state, Du Ze found that they had finally arrived at the legendary land of fantasy – the Elven Kingdom.

In fantasy works, the elves are almost always one of the most fascinating race or races.1 In some legends, elves are born from the Tree of Life. They have fantastic beauty and mysterious temperament, they are good at poetry and art, and they live close to nature. They live in a fairyland.

Such a beautiful race also has great strength and every elf is a born archer with a special connection to the spirits of plants. The unicorn is one of the special products of the elves. It can be said that fantasy works that do not have elves are not good at all.

Therefore, in YY novels if the protagonist goes to the elves he will harvest a basket of a powerful and beautiful sister and younger brother. As a YY novel, “Mixed Blood” is no exception … no exception … exception.

Can you believe it?

Reader: ha ha.

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  1. This is not a typo. Elves are either one race or several different (but still elven) races. For example, World of Warcraft has night elves, high elves, blood elves, felblood elves, undead elves, the wretched.

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  1. PrettyDamnCritical

    Poor Du Ze! Seems like he’s the only maiden in distress that the novel will ever have. Luckily he’s got a loving husband to come save him (and possibly give him a good spanking for the worry he caused ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. Oooh are we gonna meet the little miss elf that Xiu wanted to revive in the original plot ?
    Wasnt she Du Ze’s favorite girl character, lol this is going to be good I can imagine the comedy of it.
    Theyre moving onto the plot points, which means an elf Xiu is soon to show up!!

  3. Chain of kidnapping 😒

    I wonder if it has to do with luring the protagonist maybe? Or perhaps it has to do with the person who sent that angel to go after du ze the first time.

  4. I get the feeling that Du Ze might be being kidnapped by mistake while a couple groups were actually targeting the undead form of the protagonist.

  5. *giggles* Is Eric going to read the doujin, realise he’s the shou in it and be super awkward the next time he meets Xiu?

    Thank you for translating!

  6. Nooo Du Ze why you keep getting kidnapped?! Xiu is going to explode from anger.
    Haha i wanna know what happens when Eric and the others look at his por- i mean doujinshi with Eric as the uke… (๑>◡<๑)

  7. What does everyone want with our baby! Poor thing keeps dropping his book. Soon he will be known by all as a pervert! Thank you for the chapter! Have a nice day

  8. Ah…just when I thought I had a handle on the plot, surprise! Plot twist! I know Du Ze is really handsome, but is there something about him that attracts cute and strong guys? Does he/his aura resemble someone important? Is there some prophecy based on him? I’m missing something big here…

    Also, poor doujin san!! He’s been separated from our cute reader!
    Maybe Xiu/Eric can track him using it…

    1. LMAO at the thought of Eric tracking Du Ze with the doujin in hand. Rofl, I wonder if Eric will realize he is the uke in the doujin?

  9. I forgot to allow comments. My bad.

    By the way, the elf kidnapping seemed like it came out of nowhere, right? That’s because Du Ze almost always knows something is coming since he knows the plot of “Mixed Blood.” But the elf wasn’t in the original story. The plot is a mess!

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