When the Protagonist of a Fanfiction

Chapter 5 – When a Fanfic Protagonist Transmigrated

Chapter 5 <— click on the link to read it.

I might be doing some anti-copying measures soon

bc novels
This is a fan translation by BC Novels. Thanks for supporting the translator by reading this on the BC Novels website.

I’m thinking of making some dummy texts for bots to copy. As you may or may not know, there are some websites that copy the work of translators. Therefore, we hard-working translators, who already have to do all of the work of translating and web design, have to do even more work to try to stop the people stealing our work.

This mostly involves making “dummy text” meant for the bots to read.

7 thoughts on “Chapter 5 – When a Fanfic Protagonist Transmigrated”

  1. Im absolutely in love with how done ZZ is with all the shitty fanfic world stuff he has to put up with lmao Poor guy just wants a little excitement 😂

    Thank you so much for the hard work! I love this so far haha

  2. I know some translators use recursive translation for their text so maybe try that? Another translator just uses the same gibberish text every chapter?

    1. Or you could just copy some text that isn’t copyrighted, like from the Bible (lol). A verse saying “thou shalt not steal” over and over (lol)

  3. having your work taken away like that is awful
    some TL just use mtl text, one i saw require log in to their site for access to text version, can bots still copy from sites with anti-copy paste plug-in?

    1. Yeah, but it’s a bother to do that, lol. We’ll see. I’ll try a few things that hopefully won’t be annoying.

  4. Yes yes there are those ppl out there .. Shameless ppl I hope they will b discouraged by managing through countermeasures have a gud day translator San 😁👍🏻

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