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Chapter 92.4 – Is the new table of contents okay?

Chapter 92.4 <— please click on this link if you are a bot or if you want to read the parody chapter. Please scroll down to the very bottom of this post to read the regular chapter. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I hope no one missed the previous “Special Extra Chapter” titled “Gorgeous Eight Races Black Bellied Yandere Protagonist Chases After His Silly, Cute Otaku Consort” – Chapter 78: Eight Races Tonight: The Sly, Shapeshifter Tyrant God Pampers and Spoils His Adorable Little Consort.

The Table of Contents has been updated

I added tabs to the Table of Contents since the list of chapters was kinda super long. Is it okay? I’m worried it’s not user-friendly for people who are using their phones.

Let me know if you think the old TOC was better. I can easily revert it to the old, plain format.

一緒に聴く? | 山崎ハルタ #pixiv (source)

This is the end of Chapter 92. Chapter 93 is already the finale!

Click here to read the regular, non-parody chapter 92.4.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 92.4 – Is the new table of contents okay?”

  1. The table of contents is ok, one of the tabs gets cut off half way on iPhone 7, but looks fine on android. Might want to change the ad position though, it gets displayed only on the first tab

  2. the new table of content it’s ok for me, but don’t forget to update the latest chapter in the content (now it’s still chapter 82 XD)

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