Chapter 78.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 78.1 – Gorgeous Eight Races Black Bellied Yandere Protagonist Chases After His Silly, Cute Otaku Consort

Ziu was always the one who initiated things. He likes Xiu, so why shouldn’t he be more aggressive?

The silly, cute Duze thought and thought. He racked his brains, trying to think of the perfect thing to say. After all, this young man has read a lot of things on the internet. What he should say is –

“Give it to me, baby.”

… WTF!


Du Ze thought that the most shameful memory of his life was the time when he said “meow” but now he just said something even more embarrassing. His face turned as red as a fire engine and he turned his head away; he couldn’t look at Xiu in the face.

The silver-haired elf’s gorgeous green eyes widened in in shock when he heard Du Ze say he wanted Xie to give “it” to him.

“… Du Ze, look at me.”

The red-faced Du Ze shook his head. A long-fingered hand with flawless white skin, covered with a layer of moonlight and dark green leaf tattoos, clutched Du Ze’s chin and forced hi head up. Xiu looked into the black-haired youth’s dark eyes.

“Do you really want it?” asked Ziu. His voice was soft and his his face was cold but the adorable reader knew he was quite full of passion on the inside.

“I, I-” Du Ze stuttered. Right at that moment his headphones died. He waved at his ears, trying to let Xiu know.

The elf was already used to Du Ze’s headphones dying at the most convenient/inconvenient times so he understood what Duze was trying to say. Ziu wrote on Du Ze’s skin: [Don’t worry, I’ll give it to you good.]


Special Extra – Eight Races Tonight: The Sly, Shapeshifter Tyrant God Pampers and Spoils His Adorable Little Consort


Du Ze sighed in relief. They embraced then Xiiu took something from his interspatial storage ring. It was … a bananana!

Sexily, Xiu peeled the skin off the bananana. He extracted the fruit then traced Duze’s lips with the tip of the bananana.

“Yes, give it to me, please!” Du Ze opened his mouth wide. Xiu drew back his arm and slowly brought the bananana closer and closer to Du Ze … only to hit his chind instead of his mouth. Xiu kept on playfully pretending to miss Duze’s mouth, hitting him on the forehead and cheeks with it instead. The silly little reader used both his hands to try to grab it but Xiu’s reflexes were too fast for him.

“How much do you want it?” asked the tyrant.

“Please, please give it to me. I haven’t eaten in days, I’m so hungry!” begged Du Ze.

Xiu finally took mercy on the poor little reader and let him have “it.”

“Mmf.” Du Ze’s mouth was full but he kept on moaning in pleasure but his hunger couldn’t be satisfied with just one bananana. “More … I want more …”

The night breeze blew a lock of the elf’s silver hair into some silly, cute person’s face. It smelled like coconut. The glowing spores floated in the air, the the blue lake shone like a piece of expensive blue jade, and the tree houses in the elf kingdom were fantastically beautiful.

But, to Du Zee, none of it was as beautiful as the bunch of banananas that Xiu pulled out from his storage ring. The black-haired youth grabbed Xiu’s arm and opened his mouth wide again. Xiu slowly, oh so slowly peeled another bananana …

In this way, they spent the night in pleasurable abandon.

The next day, Du Ze was hungry again because of his O-point restore skill.

bing tanghulu


Translator’s Notes:

  • No bananas were harmed during the writing of this scene.
  • Thank you very much for reading this. This is Reika from BC Novels, the translator of this story. Please support me by reading this on the BC Novels website.
  • I have no editor right now so there may or may not be a bunch of errors and/or typos.

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