Chapter 10 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 10 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Auction Venue

The Chu family has three Di sons.1 Chu Yu is the third one. The second brother died early and the one in front of him right now is his eldest brother, Chu Sheng.

Based on the original Chu Yu’s memories, Chu Sheng is warm and extremely devoted and indulgent towards his younger brother. Chu Yu also likes his eldest brother, so they are very close.

Hearing Chu Yu’s question, Chu Sheng smiled: “While I was travelling these past three months. I passed by Jiao Xia and wanted to go to Tian Yuan sect to see you. I heard there that some monsters were causing mischief here so I wanted to eliminate them first. I didn’t think that I would meet you here.”

After explaining, he blinked and said, “How has my little brother been these past few months?”

Not too well.

In his heart Chu Yu lamented his fate but he was able to squeeze out a smile: “Everything is fine.”

… If I remember correctly, the eldest brother who spoiled the original owner of this body had a bad end. The protagonist cut off his head with a sword and hung it in the Chu family’s home which is in front of the Maple Valley.

After all, the escalation plot of a “weak to strong” upgrade2 stallion3 would usually involve the cutting down of large/major targets. It would be out of the question if the protagonist did not get rid of him in the end.

Chu Yu’s wild and unrestrained behavior had been indulged4 by his elders and his death was just the opening act while Chu Sheng’s revenge was the main show. When Chu Sheng heard that Chu Yu died, Chu Sheng rushed over to avenge him but he did not expect to be unable to even get close to the edge of the protagonist’s clothing before he was killed.

If he doesn’t die like the original Chu Yu, then Chu Sheng’s sorry fate should not be so miserable …

Chu Sheng nodded genially then his face showed surprise when he noticed Xie Xi who was sitting quite closely beside Chu Yu, clutching his sleeve.

He had often gone to Yuan Chen Peak to visit Chu Yu, so of course he knew that this was the young boy that Chu Yu had taken the lead in bullying. Although he didn’t like it, after all the boy is not one of his people and in addition Chu Yu is his younger brother. He didn’t understand this situation so Chu Sheng just ordered Chu Yu not to go overboard.

At that time, Chu Yu’s expression was of utmost disgust, as though he loathed Xie Xi. How did these two people become so intimate after just a few months?

Not to mention, Chu Yu is a neat freak who doesn’t like to be touched. In the past, Chu Yu would have already flung this little guy several feet away from him.

Chu Yu noticed that Chu Sheng was looking at him suspiciously. He coughed lightly, looked at the quiet and clever Xie Xi, who was snuggling next to him, and introduced Xie Xi: “Eldest brother, this is my Xiao Shidi, Xie Xi.”

Of course, he remembered that Chu Sheng knew about Xie Xi’s existence.

In the past Xie Xi was the “trash” that everyone bullied and insulted but now he was solemnly introduced to Chu Sheng. This was his way of telling Chu Sheng that matters are different now, that Chu Yu has already acknowledged Xie Xi.

When Xie Xi heard Chu Yu’s words, his eyes lit up and a happy expression flitted over his face.

As long as Chu Yu is happy that they are more intimate now, that is good.

Chu Sheng did not care much and just nodded.

“Little brother, you just said ‘it’s a pity,’ what did you mean?”

You still want to talk about that?

Chu Yu was in a quandary. He didn’t want to tell Chu Sheng that he had taken on a dangerous task to polish his fighting skills. He said: “It’s a pity that the group of water demons will not all leave the water at the same time. To go underwater to eliminate all of those water demons will require a high level of cultivation…” Chu Yu stared at Chu Sheng, his eyes shining.

He seems to remember that Chu Sheng is now in the Foundation Building late stage?

Looking at Chu Yu’s shining eyes, Chu Sheng smiled and shook his head.

“Brother, I can’t go underwater.”

Chu Yu was stunned for a moment and then he remembered why that was impossible.

Chu Sheng’s spiritual energy is fire element. Based on the attributes of the five elements, water quenches fire. If Chu Sheng were to go down to the bottom of the river, his strength will be severely suppressed by the watery environment.

With his hopes dashed in an instant, Chu Yu felt a bit depressed.

Just then, the owner of the noodle stand came over. Looking at the thin noodles in clear broth topped by delicate, minced green onions, Chu Yu’s mood instantly became better. He helped Xie Xi take bamboo chopsticks and he was about to eat when Chu Sheng looked at him strangely and said: “But younger brother, you don’t like to eat green onions, right?”

… The original Chu Yu does have this memory.

Without missing a beat, Chu Yu took up his bamboo chopsticks, moved the bowl over to Chu Sheng’s side and transferred the green onions to Chu Sheng’s bowl, saying: “Just now I was thinking of the water demon problem so I forgot to tell the waiter not to put in the green onion.”

He narrowly escaped danger. If Chu Sheng had detected that something was wrong, it’s likely that he would tie him up and take him to the Chu family home to examine him for possession. He doesn’t know how he entered Chu Yu’s body; It might be considered possession.

Chu Yu grew more and more worried as he finished removing the chopped green onions and started eating the noodles. He secretly spoke to the System: “Tell me, is this considered a case of possession?”5

007 system: “I am very happy to serve you ~ it is not ~”

That’s a relief.

Even if an anomaly is found in his behavior, he won’t be exposed.

Chu Yu breathed a sigh of relief and looked up as he finished his meal. Chu Sheng was not done and, seeing Chu Yu finished his noodles, smiled and said: “You still eat the same way you did when you were a child. Your mouth is so messy.”

As he spoke, he fished out a handkerchief and wiped the corners of Chu Yu’s mouth in a very intimate manner.

Chu Yu was creeped out. Although he knew that Chu Sheng spoiled Chu Yu a lot, but the way he took care of and doted on Chu Yu as though he was a small child was ….simply unbelievable.

Xie Xi looked at Chu Sheng, his eyes flashing. He pursed his lips and tugged on Chu Yu’s sleeve: “Da Shixiong, I also want …”

Chu Yu was puzzled for a moment then he saw that Xie Xi’s lips were very greasy.6 His eyebrows shot up merrily and he couldn’t help but laugh. Chu Yu took a handkerchief from his bosom and gently wiped the corners of Xie Xi’s mouth.

Hahahahaha! This world’s wise, brilliant protagonist is still just a child!

He smiled and his eyes curved like crescent moons. It was quite attractive. Xie Xi clutched at Chu Yu’s robe and stared intently at him.

Chu Sheng sighed as though he was depressed.

Chu Yu’s temperament has always been arrogant and proud. From his childhood until now, no matter how Chu Sheng teased and provoked him it was rare to see him laugh. How come he only needed to see that child’s appearance to smile?

Chu Sheng was impatient to get back Chu Yu’s attention so he coughed and said: “Little brother, bringing the water demons ashore is not impossible.”

Chu Yu turned back to Chu Sheng: “Eldest brother knows how to do that?”

Chu Sheng nodded: “Little brother, you should know that the ancient monks commonly used a plant called ‘Xing Yan’ to lure demons. A 50-year-old Xing Yan grass can easily lure all of those water demons ashore.”

Xing Yan grass emits a scent that is irresistible to demon beasts. Water demons are no exception.

If he had the Xing Yan grass as bait, he can set an ambush and then kill all of the water demons in one sweep. Even if a few of the water demons manage to slip through the net, two Foundation Building level practitioners will have no trouble dealing with them.

It sounds good, but …

Chu Yu said helplessly: “The Xing Yan grass went extinct long ago.”

“There is an auction house in a nearby city that’s about to hold an auction. I heard that they have Xing Yan grass.” Chu Sheng smiled: “It just happens to be 50 years old. The 50-year-old Xing Yan grass can only lure the low level demonic beasts, a vast majority of people think it is of little value”7

Chu Yu eyes brightened: “Let’s go!”

According to the townspeople, the water demons cause trouble every 7th day. They have to hurry because there are only 3 days left until the demons make an appearance.

Without further ado, Chu Sheng paid money for the meal, then walked towards the town with Chu Yu and Xie Xi. As they walked, the two brothers discussed what strategies they should use to kill the water demons.

Xie Xi’s thin lips tightened. Walking at Chu Yu’s side, he listened to the two’s low-voiced discussion. In his eyes, a dark light surged forward.

He is still too young, too weak, to help Da Shixiong.

Such a thought made his heart started to feel uncomfortable.

Because of this morning’s experience when his flying sword fell, Chu Yu asked System for a lesson and repeatedly practiced his flying sword skills. Only now did he dare to pick up Xie Xi and jump onto Xun Sheng.

Chu Sheng’s sword is called San Huo. The sword blade was thin, and when he poured his spiritual energy into it, the sword emitted a red light like the sun rising in the sky, very vigorous and manly. For the first time, Chu Sheng looked quite magnificent.

Chu Yu could not help but stare at the flying sword while he followed behind Chu Sheng.

The city where the auction was to be held was not far from Qinghe town. The three of them flew all the way and it was almost dusk when they arrived at the city. Chu Sheng led the way and brought Chu Yu to the entrance of the auction house.

Novels always have an auction scene.

All kinds of exotic treasures will appear at auction houses. If the protagonist buys anything good, he will always get ambushed when he leaves, then it becomes – slash, slash, slash, kill, kill, and rob the enemy time.

Chu Yu’s eyes as he looked at Xie Xi became increasingly gentle.

He was waiting for the protagonist to be molded into a classic stud novel harem master, conquering 3000 women, holding a big pile of little brothers (friends/allies) in his hands, and standing at the summit of the world, proud, arrogant, commanding wind and cloud.

\ (≧▽≦)/ Gosh, just thinking of raising this child into the otaku’s dream stud character suddenly made him feel excited! Ah!

They were a little early. The auction will begin in two hours.

Chu Sheng was relieved: “Luckily, I met my little brother. Otherwise, I would have missed it.”

Of course, Chu Sheng personally does not care about this small town auction, but Chu Yu wanted the Xing Yan grass so he attached great importance to it.

Chu Yu secretly sighed over this “bro-con”8in his heart as he entered the auction house.

There are VIP seats and ordinary seats in the auction venue. Usually Chu Sheng would be seated in the VIP section, but now the situation is different. He paid 30 pieces of low-grade lingshi and they found their place in the regular seating area.

The seats were almost full. Chu Sheng frowned, looking worriedly at Chu Yu, who had always hated crowds. It was a little surprising to see Chu Yu sitting in the last row, his face cold.

It’s only been a few months, the change in his youngest brother is far too big.

After sitting down, Chu Yu glanced around and suddenly noticed a little loli sitting some distance from them.

She looked like she was about the same age as Xie Xi. Her small face was serious, with her round eyes intently staring at the auction platform, and her hands were folded in front of her, giving one the impression of a person ready for action.

Chu Yu stole a few more glances at that loli and thought that the more he looked, the more she resembled a description in the novel.

Delicate eyebrows, the corner of the eyes pointed up,9, elegant air, and sweet smile.

… Wait a minute.

Protagonist! That’s your wife (one of them)! Your future wife that you will exchange flirtatious looks with (one of them)!

Noting that Chu Yu had been looking in a certain direction, Xie Xi, who was almost glued to Chu Yu, looked up and saw the little lolita that was the same age as him.

He looked at her a bit, then unemotionally looked away. However, seeing that Chu Yu was still looking at her, Xie Xi said, a little sourly: “Da Shixiong, do you want to bring back a female apprentice sister for your Shidi?”

Bring her back to the sect with them?

Chu Yu was astonished. How could this little kid be so enlightened? There is so much progress compared to the description of future Xie Xi’s indifferent and downright rough, killjoy manner towards beauties! He likes the little loli and is thinking of how to get closer to her?

The young lolita’s scenes in the original novel are many. She is the di daughter of a nearby family of cultivators, haughty and inflexible. If she wasn’t female, there is an 80% chance that she would be a cannon fodder villain just like the original owner of his body.

Chu Yu touches Xie Xi’s head: “You want a little apprentice sister? I could send a message to master and then take her with us up to the mountain …”

Xie Xi was horrified: “No, no, no! I don’t want one!”

Da Shixiong, don’t take it seriously!

“Are you shy?” Chu Yu deliberately teased Xie Xi and playfully flicked his forehead, smiling: “Do you really want me to do that?”

Xie Xi shook his head firmly.

Chu Yu no longer insisted and waited for the auction to start.


Here is an example of the famous “Phoenix Eyes.” This is a picture of He Kexin, a Chinese Olympic gold medalist (gymnastics).

He Kexin


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  1. “Di sons” meaning sons born of the wife. This excludes sons born from concubines.
  2. 升级流 (upgrade flow) – the a type of plot where an extremely weak “trash” character becomes strong. Contains a lot of leveling up events until in the end the main character becomes super OP.
  3. 种马文 (stallion novel) – a type of novel similar to a harem novel but with very little romance. The main character beds a lot of women but almost all of them are disposable minor characters. In short, the protagonist sleeps around a lot.
  4. 放荡不羁 – the indulgence of wayward people
  5. 夺舍 – A Taoist folk belief in which a person transfers his soul into the dead body of another person or animal, forcing the other person’s soul out.
  6. full of soup
  7. 鸡肋 (chicken ribs) – in this case, a metaphor for “insignificant”
  8. 弟控 – this is the Chinese translation of the Japanese ブ ラ コ ン meaning “brother complex” or “bro-con.” It means a person that is controlled by his/her feelings for his/her brother.
  9. Supposedly, the most beautiful eye shape is the “Phoenix eye” where the outer corners point up but the inner corners point down.

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