Chapter 11 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Starlight Overflowing

After a while, Chu Yu felt tired again.

Transmitting his qi for three months to another is very damaging to the foundation. He easily feels sleepy when he is tired and also his body sometimes forces him to rest.

Chu Yu had just closed his eyes for a moment when suddenly his wrist was gripped by a warm hand. He immediately woke up when he automatically formed a hand seal to fight back but when he turned to look, it was Chu Sheng.

“Little brother, why is your body in such bad shape?” Chu Sheng frowned, his face twisted and became somewhat ugly with anger. “Who harmed you?”

I did it to myself …

Chu Yu certainly did not want to tell the truth. He said in embarrassment: “When I was cultivating I was a little too impatient and had a little accident.”

After saying that Chu Yu tried to take back his hand but Chu Sheng, with a calm face, held on to it. The next moment warm spiritual energy slowly poured into Chu Yu’s body, filling his empty spirit veins.

Chu Yu was startled: “Eldest Brother!”

To send spiritual energy when the two attributes are different is extremely troublesome, especially in this case since fire and water repel each other.

The person who was sending their spiritual energy has to lower their defenses, calm their spiritual power, and then send their spiritual energy to the other person. If the other party had any malice or wickedness in their heart, they could seize that chance to make the spiritual energy rebound back to the other person. When that rebounded energy enters the other’s body there would be no defense against it and their Qi circulation would stagnate. Then that person’s meridians would then be so damaged that they would become trash. Experiencing a Qi Deviation isn’t even the worst thing that could happen. The most fearful result was when that person’s energy would burst out and kill him on the spot.

However, to cultivators, the destruction of one’s spirit veins and to explode and die, is almost considered the same to them.

Chu Yu was shocked by Chu Sheng’s trust in him.

He had chosen a time when Xie Xi was asleep to transmit his spiritual power because he was afraid that Xie Xi, who was full of resentment, might rebound his spiritual power.

Xie Xi turned his head to look at Chu Sheng’s hand on Chu Yu’s wrist. His expression changed slightly as he stared at the place where two people’s skin were touching. His eyes burned with anger.

Xie Xi, who had become homeless and destitute at a young age due to the disappearance of his parents, was picked up by Lu Qingan and abused for three years. Now he values Chu Yu very highly. Ever since Chu Yu changed his attitude towards him, Xie Xi has always been thinking that Chu Yu should belong to him.

But the thought that Chu Yu’s weakened physical condition is because of him, Xie Xi’s face became ugly. He slowly lowered his head, lips tight.

Chu Yu saw that Xie Xi’s expression had changed so he curiously stretched out his other hand and poked his small face: “Shidi, what’s wrong? Suddenly, you look unhappy.”

Xie Xi’s head hung lower.

=□= Why do you look like a sad puppy?1 What’s the matter?

Protagonist, you are not happy?!

Chu Yu quaked with fear and racked his brains to think of a way to keep the child in good humor: “Shidi, do you want to buy something? If there’s something you want to buy later on, tell your Shixiong. I will buy it for you.”

Anyway, Chu Yu has money.

Yes, he is very rich.

The storage ring on his hand is the best quality. Its capacity is enormous, it is estimated that the entirety of Yuan Chen Peak could be stuffed into the storage ring and it would still have space left over for other things.

The ring contains a mountain of Lingshi and all sorts of low-grade and top-grade items; dozens of talismans, blank talisman papers, tons of small medicine bottles and pills, low-grade goods and spirit tools are all mixed together. There is even a bookcase full of books, and when he took a look at it there were cultivation manuals for all five elemental attributes.

Don’t even mention the assorted gadgets that can be found inside. It was enough to make Chu Yu breathless with shock.2

Chu Yu feels that he is a proper “Tall, Rich and Handsome” man! So! Very! Irritating!

Who is the biggest cheat,3 him or the protagonist?!

Even if he does not hug the protagonist’s thigh, as long as he does not die, he can still live very comfortably.

Of course, he still plans to hug the thigh, after all, who knows what will happen later.

The teenaged boy bit his lips, hesitated then nodded. With misty eyes, he stared at Chu Yu and said: “I will pay you back later.”

Chu Yu smiled and didn’t refuse.

It is bad to transmit too much spiritual energy all at once. Although Chu Sheng would have liked to send every bit of his spiritual energy in his whole body to Chu Yu, he was forced to retrieve his hand when he reached a tipping point.

He sighed in regret, his handsome features looking very low-spirited: “Little brother, I was very opposed to you leaving the Maple Valley on your own. Your Eldest Brother doesn’t want to travel anymore, come home with me.”

Chu Yu almost choked: “… Eldest Brother, I’m no longer young. You will inherit the position of the head of our family in the future, travel is a must, you can’t give up so easily.”

Chu Sheng waved his hand and rejected that train of thought: “Hmph, what about being the future head of the family? If my younger brother wants something, I will give it to him.”

Chu Yu couldn’t let the situation continue to break down: “I will talk to you about the future later but Eldest brother, if you say this kind of thing again, I will ignore you.”

He quietly trembled and goosebumps broke out all over his body.

This is just like when a little girl who isn’t getting her way says “Stop it or I won’t speak to you again!”

The bro-con was suddenly scared: “No, little brother, don’t ignore me. Eldest Brother was just momentarily muddled!”

After a pause, Chu Sheng’s eyebrows drew together in a frown and began to whisper advice to Chu Yu: “When cultivating, do not be too impatient, let it come naturally to you, do not force it, otherwise you will suffer from a Qi Deviation…” Blah blah, etc.

“In the territory beside ours, Fu Jia, there was a person called Fu Lanxue. He was too hot-tempered and impatient in his cultivation which caused a Qi Deviation. In the midst of his madness, he killed a close relative. Tragically, the guilt made him kill himself by jumping off a cliff later. It’s too scary to think about. Little brother, you must take heed of this cautionary tale.” Chu Yu and Xie Xi listened with relish. Then the auction began.

Some of the cultivators in the front seat were listening to the story carefully. When the auction started, they quickly turned to Chu Sheng and said: “Fellow Daoist, when this over, please continue the story.”

The one who spoke thought for a while then praised him: “The way fellow Daoist narrated this story was quite splendid.”

Chu Sheng felt wronged.

He is not talkative. He was just afraid that his younger brother would suffer a Qi Deviation so he quoted the classics and cited a number of counterexamples. He did not expect that the people nearby would also listen to his story …

At the auction stage a middle-aged man, holding a small hammer, looked all around the audience and with a smile said: “Welcome friends. I won’t be too long-winded about this. Let’s start right away!”

When he finished speaking, he showed the first item to be auctioned off.

Chu Yu looked up.

It was a medium grade immortal treasure robe.

His storage ring has countless similar treasures. His own robes are top-grade, a common sword simply couldn’t damage it. It would even take an immortal sword several slashes to scratch it.4

Chu Yu, who is guarding a mountain of gold, was uninterested in this item and wanted to tease the protagonist a little.

“Shidi, do you like Da Shixiong?”

Xie Xi’s eyes were shining as he stared up at Chu Yu, as if staring at the whole world and only one person can enter his vision: “I like.”

“Will you protect your Da Shixiong in the future?”

The teenaged boy clenched his fist: “I will!”

“If Da Shixiong was bullied, what would you do?”

Hostility flashed in the little teen-aged boy’s face but he did not answer. Next to him, Chu Sheng said softly: “Little brother, why don’t you ask me … Eldest Brother likes, will protect you, and whoever bullies you, I will bully them back …”

Several cultivators in the seats in front of them turned back and said “hush.”

He was hushed two times so Chu Sheng became somewhat gloomy.

Chu Yu was laughing, his eyes were curved, and he looked really good when he smiled.

Xie Xi looked at the smiling face of Chu Yu for a moment then he looked away and answered the question in his heart.

Whoever dares to bully Da Shixiong will be killed.

The first few things were just some ordinary items which made some people red in the face with agitation. When the Xing Yan grass came up for auction, Chu Yu, excited, stared intently at the grass displayed on stage.

Xing Yan grass … As expected It was basically grass.

It looks exactly like the green grass you can see waving in the wind everywhere…

Chu Yu recalled and the ancient books described it as “starlight overflowing, shining like fire.” His face dark, he turned to look at Chu Sheng: “Eldest Brother …”

There was still some hidden bitterness on Chu Sheng’s face so he spoke very softly: “Xing Yan grass usually looks like this. It’s only when demonic beasts are near that it will overflow with starlight, like a shining fire.”

He had just finished explaining when the middle-aged auctioneer on the stage introduced the item: “This is a 50-year Xing Yan grass, from a ruined tomb. All of the friends present should know the role of Xing Yan grass, but let me refresh your mind regarding its use.”

The auctioneer finished his explanation and someone immediately raised the question that is in Chu Yu’s heart.

The middle-aged man was silent for a moment then he pulled a monkey out from behind him.

As soon as the monkey saw Xing Yan grass, he immediately tried to pounce on it. He was so excited that his hair stood on end and became fluffy. The monkey’s eyes turned red and bright.

The middle-aged man was holding the demonic beast on a leash and said: “You see.”

The seemingly plain grass suddenly changed color from its former inconspicuous green into a dark blue like the night sky and it really did start to shine like starlight overflowing.

The middle-aged man relaxed his hold on the monkey a bit and when the beast went forward another step, the blue grass suddenly shone a bright red. Though it spread an intense red light around, it didn’t give one an uneasy feeling.

The people in the audience oohed and aahed. The middle-aged man heard the exclamations of surprise and smiled proudly. One of the auction staff dragged the monkey away as the auctioneer said: “You saw how it works. Now let’s start the auction. Xing Yan grass, the asking price starts at 1000 low-grade Lingshi. Each bid price increase must be at least 20 low-grade Lingshi.”

There was a strange silence.

Xing Yan grass is magical but it cannot help people ascend nor can it be used as material for creating magic items. Aside from attracting low-level demonic beasts, 50-year-old Xing Yan grass has no use.

To spend 1,000 low-grade Lingshi on such an item, a person’s brain would have to be defective.

The auctioneer was criticizing the idea of this auctioned item in his heart and was about to announce the closing of the auction when someone with a defective brain raised his card and said: “One mid-grade Lingshi.”

One mid-grade Lingshi can be counted as 1000 low-grade Lingshi, or even more.


The middle-aged man was overjoyed and hurriedly accepted the bid. He called for more bids three more times then confirmed the unmistakable, final sale of the item.

Chu Yu breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, all is well. Although the rich are not afraid of auctions, Chu Yu really does not like the competitive feeling.

The purpose of this trip has been completed. Now he just has to wait for a while before he can pay up and take the Xing Yan grass. Chu Yu relaxed into his seat and playfully pinched Xie Xi’s small face: “Is there anything that has taken your fancy?”

Xie Xi shook his head.

However, as they sat there waiting for the auction to end, a rather plain-looking item was displayed at the auction platform. It was a plum-shaped carved hairpin. Although the design was not that beautiful, it is glowing with a blue light and starlight seems to overflow from the hairpin, making it shine brilliantly and exquisitely.

“This is a mid-grade immortal hairpin called Starry Splendour. It can increase cultivation speed and is perfect for cultivators who are a bit impatient. The starting price is 100 mid-grade Lingshi and each bid must be higher by at least 10 mid-grade Lingshi.”

Chu Yu was very interested in this rare item.

He hadn’t expected to see such a good thing. Magical headpieces are quite rare. Even for the filthy rich Chu Yu, he only has a few low-grade headpieces in his storage ring. In fact, the white jade crown he is wearing right now is just a low-grade magical item.

After thinking about it for a while, Chu Yu doesn’t dare to speak.

He remembered this item. The Starry Splendour hairpin… isn’t it something that the little Lolita, the protagonist’s future wife (one of them), gave as a love token to the protagonist?

It helped the protagonist recover from his Qi Deviation and woke him up from an illusion.

The protagonist’s equipment must not be touched.

Chu Yu immediately wanted to stop Chu Sheng from participating in the auction. In his heart he is sighing: Eldest Brother, although this is a treasure, we have to cherish our lives as cannon fodder…

He had just thought that when, in the next moment, two tender and clear voices spoke at the same time:

“100 pieces of mid-grade Lingshi!”

“100 pieces of mid-grade Lingshi!”


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  1. 这种失宠的小犬一般的神情 “The look of a dog in the doghouse”
  2. Literally “suck in the cold air.”
  3. 开挂- internet slang, it means cheater but it’s mostly used jokingly when someone does something awesome
  4. What on earth does this mean? 上品仙剑也需要折腾一番才能划破. Edit: Thanks to Anon for suggesting a better translation.

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