Chapter 12 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Token of Affection

It turns out that the lolita was the one who bid on the hairpin.

However, which little brat unexpectedly dares to grab something from the protagonist and female lead (one of them)?

Chu Yu looked around everywhere in the audience but did not find a little brat.

Xie Xi pursed his thin lips and his soft voice issued forth: “200.”

The bid was doubled.

Chu Yu’s cast his eyes to his side and suddenly became speechless.

It turned out to be his family’s little brat …

Protagonist, don’t be so anxious, this thing will be yours sooner or later when that lolita sends you this item as a token of affection!

Is it really good to grab things from your future wife?!

The lolita over there did indeed look over at them but she no longer matched the original description “gentle like water and loving.” She fiercely stared at Xie Xi with soaring anger then turned her head, saying: “300 mid-grade Lingshi!”

Ah, it’s doubled again.

Chu Yu propped up his chin with his hands, lazily looking at the two future lovers having a bidding war over the same token of affection. As he was watching them the silent System suddenly sounded a notification: “Ding.”

Then he heard a tide of sound as notification sounds for points being subtracted and added blared continuously. Chu Yu sat up straight in surprise, feeling giddy as he watched the system panel for a while as his mere single digits swished up to a triple digit score.

F***! ****

This is like a thrilling roller coaster ride!

If he wasn’t in public right at this moment, GG OK!

What’s to be done about the scary lolita?! What’s to be done about the scary spoiled brocon?!

Finally, after a string of ding-ding notification sounds, the number of points came to a stop.

007 System: “Upgrade complete ~ Please continue to use this role-playing system ~ 007 is here to serve you ~ Your current score is: 132 points ~ Do you want to view the comments? ~”

It’s been so long, how many reviews are there?

Chu Yu wiped the cold sweat from his face and decided not to check.

Closing down the System panel, Chu Yu met Chu Sheng’s worried eyes, shook his head and smiled weakly.

I was almost scared to death.

After only a short time the price of the Starry Splendor has been raised to 900 pieces of mid-grade Lingshi. The lolita’s face was extremely ugly and if this wasn’t the auction hall, she would have thrown herself at Xie Xi to bite him to death.

Xie Xi stared blankly at the hairpin, dark light overflowing from his eyes, ignoring the lolita’s fiery look.

Chu Yu wondered: Is this a special seduction technique?

The lolita hadn’t glanced their way before but now that Xie Xi was bidding, she glared at him passionately. This type of resentment doesn’t matter if it’s between children. As long as they spend time together, they can create a new understanding between them and get along just fine, like enemies who like to flirt with each other.

Chu Yu smiled and touched Xie Xi’s head.

Good boy, he is truly a worthy protagonist, he has a good strategy.

When bid for the hairpin rose to 1300 mid-grade Lingshi, the Lolita was forced to concede defeat, her face thunderous.

Before leaving, her eyes glared at Xie Xi so intensely it was as though she wanted to viciously tear him apart with her eyes.

Now that he had obtained the Xing Yan grass and Xie Xi had also gotten the item that he wanted, Chu Yu decided to leave the field of battle. He followed one of the auction staff to a room at the back of the hall, paid for the lots and took the Xing Yan grass and Starry Splendor.

Chu Yu put the Xing Yan grass into a jade box, adding it to his collection, then smilingly passed the Starry Splendor to Xie Xi.

Although this was a bit of a problem because the lolita was excessively angry and the hairpin came to the protagonist’s hand a bit early …

But it’s not a big problem because it should not affect the development of the plot, never mind the details ~

Xie Xi took the hairpin, but did not put it away. He blinked and said: “Da Shixiong, please crouch down.”

Chu Yu did as he requested and crouched down.

Xie Xi removed Chu Yu’s white jade crown and his black hair fell down like a waterfall. Chu Yu looked blankly at Xie Xi. The latter’s face was earnest as he twisted up Chu Yu’s hair and inserted the Starry Splendor.

With the Starry Splendor in his black hair, he appeared more elegant and beautiful.

“It looks great on Da Shixiong,” Xie Xi said, laughing. The expression on his face seemed to say “quickly praise me for having good eyes!”

Chu Yu: “…”

This is yours! This is your future love token from your wife (one of them)! Ah! Is this something you can casually give away?!

In his heart he was roaring in protest but outwardly he showed a faint smile and said: “You bought this for me? Many thanks, Shidi.”

Anyway, it will eventually return to Xie Xi, Chu Yu is just temporarily borrowing it.

Chu Sheng bit his hankerchief with his entire face expressing resentment: Obviously I also wanted to buy it for my younger brother. Clearly younger brother’s smile should have been given to me …

Chu Sheng stared at Xie Xi and suddenly felt a little bit of a dislike.

Suddenly, just in front of Chu Yu’s eyes, large red characters floated in the air, impossible to ignore:

[Reader (Little Little): Hahahahahaha, the brother is jealous! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ Good, good! So cute! +2]

[Reader (DongFangZongGong):1 \ (≧▽≦)/ Eldest Brother is fighting with the shota over who gets to spoil him! Eldest Brother, you are my favorite! +2]

… ****! What is this situation! A hallucination?!

Chu Yu was stunned as he heard the System’s voice acting cute again and saying with a rising intonation: “After the System upgrade, comments now appear in barrage view ~The comment box will appear to be floating in front of the host ~ It’s very amazing ~”

I was very amazed **** **** okay!

It’s like a ****ing human blood splatter from a horror film!

barrage comments
This is what the “barrage” comment view looks like.

They left the auction hall late that night, with Chu Sheng leading them on his flying sword. Chu Yu, carrying Xie Xi in his arms, followed behind him. They had not flown far from the city when, suddenly, a few black spots appeared in the sky and in the next moment, there were seven or eight gray-robed cultivators surrounding the three of them.

Chu Yu was surprised: What kind of situation is this? This scene seems vaguely familiar …

Behind a gray-robed man, a small head appeared and her cold gaze skewered Chu Yu. When she saw the Starry Splendour in his hair, her face became very ugly and her voice sharp: “Hmph! It was you who stole my hairpin! I won’t be afraid of hurting your feelings and I will snatch back what is mine even if you have that little bastard beside you! Lets see how long you can look pretty and put on airs.

… I see.

This is the classic plot, killing someone for their treasure…

Lolita, do you know what you are saying, this little bastard is your future husband …

Chu Yu was speechless as a barrage of comments scrolled in front of his eyes, such as “LOL this lolita has low IQ” “At first I thought she was a female lead but now she changed into a female cannon fodder, ah!” and “what a waste of a good female.”

Xie Xi’s face turned pale and he said: “Take back what you just said.”

Chu Sheng’s face was also cold.

The numerous comments were just too much for him to handle and made Chu Yu’s head hurt. He hurriedly turned off the comment barrage, cleared his throat, and, maintaining a glamorous and elegant manner, said calmly: “Little girl, this item fetched a very high price at the auction. Now you and your men have surrounded us. Can it be that you intend to steal it from us?”

“If you’re smart then you will turn over the Starry Splendour to me.” The lolita’s face was cold, her eyes sharp and vicious: “Otherwise, you people won’t be leaving behind an intact corpse!”

Indeed, it really is the killing someone for their treasure plot. To think that such a small child could be so wicked.

Chu Yu felt like shaking his head. In his heart he crossed out the lolita’s name from the list of his future sisters-in-law.

The role of female lead is too good for you so you have taken on the role of cannon fodder villain?

The little lolita had brought eight cultivators in the Foundation Building period. Four were in the Foundation Building period’s initial stage, three in the middle stage, and one was in the later stage.

It takes around fifty or sixty years for ordinary people to reach the Foundation Building period. Those with good talent can reach it at age 40. The people around them were obviously ordinary people because, judging from their faces, they are somewhat old.

This kind of person is actually quite tricky since, due to their lack of talent, they tend to spend their entire lives unable to reach the next stage. They typically remain stuck in the Foundation Building period for decades, therefore they are quite difficult to kill.

Chu Yu was thinking of throwing out a dozen talismans to blow them all up when one of the gray-robed people suddenly noticed the red maple embroidered on Chu Sheng’s robe. The gray-robed cultivator’s expression changed: “Falling maple… Are you from the Maple Valley?”

“You are not qualified to ask.” Chu Sheng anger gauge was full and San Hou burned with energy, a bright and gorgeous fire, like a Phoenix’ cry.

“San Huo!” The gray-robed cultivator who was guarding the lolita looked at Chu Yu’s sword and trembled: “… Xun Sheng”

Chu Yu said impassively: “Asking for a fight? It’s my honor to keep you company.”

The gray-robed people looked at each other. Their leader then made his decision and covered the lolita’s mouth. He bowed: “I did not know you were the young master Chu Sheng and the young master Chu Yu, we have caused offense. My young lady is still ignorant and she is too outspoken, please forgive her. In a few days the head of our household will go to the Maple Valley to apologize, young masters.”

When he finished speaking, all of them flew off faster than they had arrived, with a distinct “whoosh” sound.

Chu Yu: “…”

This was his first encounter with the classic plot of killing someone for their treasure, but it ended with the instigators not starting the fight and instead running away!

Chu Sheng coldly hmphed: “They ran away quickly.”

Chu Yu did not mind. He lowered his head and looked at Xie Xi. The little face was cloudy and there was a bit of anger in his eyes. His lips were tight. Obviously, he was furious.

Chu Yu touched his head sympathetically and comforted: “Well, there’s nothing to be angry about.”

His future wife transformed into cannon fodder villain, how can he not be angry? His future wife called him a little bastard, how can he not be angry?

Chu Yu silently made his flying sword go faster, sighing in his heart. The encounter with the younger sister (harem member) did not go well this time and the protagonist’s first shot at a harem failed.

It seems that he will have to teach the protagonist how to deal with the opposite sex (sister skills) in order to turn Xie Xi into a classic stud harem master. He cannot let Xie Xi dash around wildly and let him throw his future wives onto the road of no return, Xie Xi might throw away too many sisters.

The three people flew back to Qinghe town on their flying sword. It was sunrise when they arrived. The golden sun had just shown half of its face and was sending its light and warmth to the town.

Chu Yu stared at the quiet small town and his heart suddenly became uneasy. He hurriedly landed. This early in the morning the town there were no people about so it didn’t look lively. In fact, it looked almost empty.

Chu Sheng said in a peculiar voice: “Early in the morning, how come there isn’t even a single peddler around?”

“Da Shixiong …” Xie Xi suddenly on Chu Yu’s sleeve, whispering: “These townspeople’s doors … They all seems to be wide open.”

Chu Yu turned around and saw that the doors were open or, possibly, kicked open. Just now he was looking at the street and did not look at the houses. Now that he examined them, the town looked even more strange.

He picked up Xie Xi then went inside one of the houses. Chu Sheng quickly followed but, seeing Chu Yu’s gloomy face, he left and went to another house.

They repeating this five or six times. Chu Yu finally took a deep breath and said, his face pale: “… All the people in town are missing.”


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  1. 东方- Eastern, Asian 总攻 – BL term meaning “gong (seme) attack.”

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