Chapter 28.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 28.1 – Protagonist: Let’s make a bet

“And then what happened?”

Violet impatiently waited for him to go on. Alice sat beside her, eyes also flashing with curiosity. Xiu did not continue and turned to look outside the green door where an attendant waited in front of a luxurious carriage. Seeing Xiu looking at him, the attendant saluted and said: “Mr. Xiu, what is your answer? Lord Heidi awaits your arrival in the main government building.”

Violet hid her astonishment. She knew her master was very handsome – no matter which form he took, his perfect appearance was like the supreme masterpiece of the Creator God and even made her heart skip a beat. However, demons tend to pay more attention to power than appearance. After the initial shock of seeing such a beautiful person, what really attracted Violet was Xiu’s immense, bottomless power. She even forgot that Xiu’s appearance is outstanding – unexpectedly attracting even the legendary “most beautiful” demon succubus in the reverse side of the continent.

Violet was curious and asked: “Lord Xiu, are you going to keep the appointment?”

Xiu looked at Du Ze who has been surrounded onlookers and gently changed the subject: “Do you want me to keep the appointment?”

Violet then remembered Du Ze and Xiu’s relationship. Her heart felt heavy and she was suddenly worried. As Violet stared at him intensely, Du Ze expressionlessly pushed up his glasses and said in a flat tone: “En!” (a sound indicating the affirmative like “uh-huh”)

Xiu didn’t seem surprised at his answer and he said: “Why?”

“She was beautiful …” Du Ze realized that the words he was speaking were wrong and the black-haired youth bluntly said: “We need a pass.”

Really awkward …

Violet looked anxiously at Xiu. She hoped Xiu would realize Du Ze was jealous and reassure him, but Xiu just nodded to Du Ze and said: “Alright.”

At this, the demon girl was even more anxious and wanted to ease the atmosphere. She heard Xiu say to Du Ze: “You and I will go there together.”

“Inconvenient …”

“If you don’t go,” said the blonde youth, “I won’t go either. You have to stay with me.”

Seeing that Du Ze nodded in agreement after a short silence, Violet relaxed. Sure enough, she was being too much of a worrywart; Lord Xiu can handle everything properly.

At the same moment that Violet relaxed, a certain silly, cute person thought: FML! I was almost classified as one of the most miserable cannon fodder characters! Of all the cannon fodder species, the ones that covet the protagonist’s harem members are the most wretched, and when they lose their lives, they can even lose their cucumber. 1

When Xiu asked him if he should keep the appointment, Du Ze wanted to shake him and say: Go! You have to go! When facing the younger girl, it should be a multiple choice question, not a yes or no question, you bast**d!

Because he was too excited when Xiu asked why he should go, the reader’s internal turmoil was so great that he almost shouted out the feelings that were in his heart: Damn! You asked me why?! That’s a girl! That’s a beautiful girl! It’s a beautiful younger girl with a dowry!

… Wait, did he just say something that made it look like he was trying to usurp the protagonist’s role in the harem? In a flash, Du Ze excused himself by saying “we need a pass” because he wanted to avoid that death flag. Fortunately, Xiu didn’t seem to care about it much and just wanted them to go together. At first he tried to refuse since he didn’t want to the a third wheel.2 Moreover, his headphones were about to run out of power.

Listening to the protagonist’s next words, a stupid Moe person suddenly realized: the original protagonist3 is shy and wants someone to go with him, ah.

In order to facilitate the protagonist’s transformation into a cute harem master, Du Ze will attempt to turn himself into a flesh-colored background scenery. When the protagonist and a younger girl are deep in “business negotiations” he will flick his sleeves and hide in the shadows, taking no credit for his efforts to build up the harem4 – this young man can only do this much.

When the aide was told that Du Ze would be accompanying Xiu, the attendant looked at the black-haired youth from head to toe. Before he left, Violet took him aside and told him very sincerely and earnestly: “Lord Xiu attaches great importance to you.”


“Believe in him, and trust yourself.”


“So don’t be so uncomfortable anymore.”

… I’m sorry, my Chinese teacher died early. Younger sister, this young man can understand every word of what you said but can’t decipher its actual meaning, please explain!

Before Du Ze was able to sort out the meaning of her words, he was brought to the carriage by Xiu. The attendant sat in front of the carriage and swung his whip, and the carriage moved steadily towards the City Lord’s residence.

The Agares City Lord’s dwelling was a magnificent palace. Du Ze has not seen a palace in his world, but he felt that the palaces in his world cannot be as grand as the palace in front of him. The City Lord’s abode was built of obsidian and purple agate and was enormous. Du Ze lost track of how many emerald gates they had passed through. In the face of such luxury, Du Ze started to feel stiff and uncomfortable from his head to his toes. It won’t be long until his headphones run out of charge and Du Ze bitterly realized that he wouldn’t be able to fade into the background here – in these resplendent gold and jade green surroundings, a loser like him really sticks out like a sore thumb.

The carriage came to a halt. They had reached their destination.


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  1. It used to be called pistol, now it’s cucumber.
  2. The Chinese idiom is 电灯泡 (light bulb), meaning a third wheel.
  3. I guess Du Ze considers the human form Xiu closest to the original protagonist from “Mixed Blood.”
  4. 深藏功与名 (deep merits and name) Very hard to translate, basically a Taoist philosophy meaning to hide talent/fame but these days it’s used ironically for all sorts of situations, even for trolling people, lol.

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  1. Taylor swift fan

    You’re not a loser at all, sweetie……..AND I dare anyone to tell you otherwise. First xiu would kill him then I would feed his corpse to the vultures.

  2. Aw, Violet worrying about our reader and protagonist’s relationship is just too cute. She just wants them to be happy together! Ultimate gay/lesbian solidarity!

    1. Though being a lebian is okay now but , the partner is . Well , i hope no one engaged on incest in reality

  3. Ahaha, this characters have their own interpretations in every scene !! It’s soo funny !! ahaha, the Reader is still dense and pure as ever !

    1. Also no author comments below about how the original story from the mixed book was meant to go or is it the next One? Also poor guy his headphones will go during the talks

  4. When facing the younger sister(noo!), it should be a multiple choice question, not a yes or no question, you bast**d!
    Please translate 妹子 to girls instead, it had been kind of awkward for me to read until here, because unless the person that using 妹子 referring somebody related(which literally means sister), it is usually referring to attractive girls. Thanks for the translation as always! <3

    1. In fact, Heidi was much older than Xiu, she ia a mature and sexy character, so the 妹子 literal meaning of ‘younger sister’ is wrong

    2. But it’s supposed to be funny, lol. That’s why I translated 妹子 as younger sister. 😛

      Okay, I changed it to girl this time since Heidi is older.

  5. Ah…how cute..’don’t leave my line of sight’ has become ‘I won’t leave your side’…Xiu is so eager to please!~

    I hope Heidi finds the two of them adorable together… If she tries to force herself on Xiu or get rid of Du Ze…. It’ll be a shame to end up as cannon fodder…

    And keep it up Vio! You’re doing a great service for lord Xiu!!

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