Chapter 27.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 27.2 Reader: Tempting color1

At the entrance to the auction hall were two heavily armed demon guards, they were at least Grand Sword Master rank. Du Ze showed them the tickets and, after they glanced several times at Xiu, they let the two of them enter. There was a receptionist waiting for the pair.

“Belial’s representatives, please follow me.”

Xiu and Du Ze were taken to a corner of the auction hall; their position was not good since Belial City is ranked near the bottom among the 72 cities. Naturally, Agares City would not attach much importance to them. Du Ze couldn’t care less about this – wherever you place it, gold will always shine brightly. As long as the protagonist is here and can emit his intense pheromones, it’s okay because the sister will surely swallow the bait.

Heidi, the lady with the dowry, come to the protagonist’s bowl! (TN: to be eaten)

Many people arrived one after the other. The auction started . The auctioneer at his platform introduced each strange item with a passionate tone and from time to time bids were heard in the hall.

“A dozen Double-headed Chimera magic crystals …”

“Nebula Armor from Sbernac …”

“A fine iron ore …”


Most of the best sellers in the auction were equipment-type items that excited Du Ze. He was on the edge of his seat looking at all of the bizarre different world special products.

“Do you want something?”

Du Ze turned back and found that Xiu was looking at him. He doesn’t know whether it’s the color, but Xiu’s sky blue eyes were so gentle one could drown in them.

“It’s very expensive.” Although it was cruel, Du Ze had to remind him of the status quo.The Flame Lord dropped some loot that Xiu let Violet sell for them so they now have about 5,000 gold coins. Initially this made Du Ze feel very rich, but once the auction started he was shocked2 at the starting prices.

The items auctioned here cost millions, how does Xiu think they can get any?

Flame Lord you were poor! Shi*, we are poorer!!!

Du Ze was screaming in his heart but Xiu did not seem to hear Du Ze’s reminder and asked him again: “What do you want?”

Du Ze was going to say that he didn’t want anything when he saw the auctioneer holding up a box. He opened it and inside was a gray, oval-shaped … stone?

“This is an item from Samigina city.” The auctioneer got out of the way and let everyone see a little more clearly: “Don’t think it’s a rock, it’s actually an egg.”

The auctioneer put his index finger on his lips and put on a mysterious air: “Forgive me for not knowing what kind of spirit beast is inside but its spiritual pressure indicates that it is a type of god beast … The starting price is 3,000 gold coins! As long as you have 3,000 gold coins then you can take this home to hatch a miracle!!!”

No one responded. All of the people present looked at each other in blank dismay. The auctioneer’s heart sank, did the news leak? The stone egg does carry an unknown pressure, but the most critical point is that there is no life fluctuation in the stone egg, which means that it is a dead egg.

It looks like it’s going to be a failed auction since the auctioneer called for offers several times but no one made a bid. He was preparing to announce the next item when, in a shadowy corner of the auction hall, a handsome man stood up. Even under the dim auction lights, the man’s golden hair shone splendidly.


The bids must be 10% higher than the starting bid. Now that someone made a bid, the auctioneer began to yell: “3300! This gentleman bid 3300! Is there anyone else?”

Someone seemed to be moved by the efforts of the auctioneer and another voice said: “3600.”

The auction hall was quiet for a moment and then there was an uproar. It wasn’t because of the price but rather the source of that voice – the box on the second floor of the auction hall. Only the representative of the top ten cities can use those boxes. The people below began guessing who the big shot was.

Xiu wrinkled his eyebrows slightly and bid again: “3900.”

“4200.” Immediately the person in the box also raised the price.

Xiu was silent for a moment. He was stuck bidding the minimum percentage because of his limited resources while the other party was obviously playing with him – how could the person in the box not be able to afford a high price?


The person in the box seemed to be stunned and then followed up with: “5800.” Even the sum of money was exactly the same.

Xiu looked at the stone egg on the stage, his eyes gloomy, then he revealed a slightly helpless smile and returned to the seat. The auctioneer was startled for a while before realizing that one of the parties had given up.

“5800! 5800! Are there any higher ones? 5800 going once – 5800 going twice” The auctioneer raised his hammer then banged it down. “Sold!”

Immediately an aide went down from the box and passed a purple crystal card to the auctioneer, who in turn respectfully took the card. His actions indicated the bidder’s identity and status. After confirming the amount, the auctioneer motioned that the other person could leave with the item. Everyone watched as the aide picked up the box with the stone egg, went down from the platform, and walked over to Xiu.

The aide bowed from the waist and presented the box to Xiu: “Sir, this is a gift from my lord.”

Everybody froze. There was a suppressed exclamation; someone was looking up at the box, revealing a shocked look. As if it were contagious, more and more people looked up and gasped.

On the second floor, the screen that hid the occupant of the box had been opened. A beautiful demon was inside. She had black curly hair that tumbled down to her shoulders and was dressed in a low-cut purple gown, her bountiful breasts almost escaping from the plunging neckline. It is difficult to describe the charm and beauty of the demon; she is like the sun that attracts the eyes of everyone and ignites their desire.

Demons have always been very attractive, but someone this glamorous … it can only be that celebrated beauty, the Lord of Agares City, Heidi.

Heidi held the guardrail with her hand, looked down at Xiu, and said with a charming and beautiful voice..

“I like your blond hair very much … Tonight, will you come to me?”

Protagonist, your pheromones really are leaking!



Whatever you want, I’ll get it.

No matter what method … and means.

– [black box]

The author has something to say:
Author: How to conquer an older lover?
Reader: Seduction.3
Protagonist: (Greedily eyeing the Reader, ready to pounce).4


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  1. 色.诱 (the period was inserted by the author to separate the characters) Literally: Color. Tempt.色 – not just color but also means face, look, appearance.
  2. Literally “frightened to urinate”
  3. 色诱 – same as the chapter title but this time with no period, this means seduction
  4. 虎视眈眈 – eyeing covetously, like a tiger watching its prey, ready to plunder

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