Chapter 29.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 29 Reader: Protagonist, you little devil!

The dim moonlight shone through the window, caressing Heidi’s flawless body with its snow-white skin that had the sheen of jade. The succubus’s every move was full of magic and unspeakable temptation. An intense scent of roses filled the air, quiet and distant but able to stir the hearts of people.

Xiu’s eyes widened slightly. Water dripped down from the ends of his recently washed hair, plopping down on the floor with a clear sound.

“I’ve already turned down your offer.”

“Beautiful women are always capricious.” Heidi’s face showed a seductive smile. She stretched out her hand and stroked Xiu’s face, her eyes soft: “Demons are always true to their own desires. I act on my instincts.”

“… I already have someone.”

“I don’t mind.” Heidi did not care to raise her eyebrows, her smile was both seductive and crooked: “Successful men always have a lot of partners.”

Her fingertips traced the line of his jaw, lingering on its enchanting curve.

“The first time I saw you, I was sure that no one would be more suitable for me than you, … Together, we will be very good.” Heidi’s voice was a light whisper, and the scent of roses became more pronounced as the succubus’s hand slide down and pulled open Xiu’s robe. “I want to …. get to know each other more intimately.”

Xiu grabbed Heidi’s playful hand that was drawing circles on his chest: “Don’t use seduction magic on me.”

“It’s just a taste.” Heidi giggled: “It will just make you happier. Believe me, you’ll be very, very happy …”

Her voice seemed to have a strange rhythm that made the people who heard it lose control of themselves and eager to pursue the voice’s promise of bliss. Xiu let go of Heidi’s hand. She was just about to continue when she heard Xiu say: “Leave.”

“But you’re already …” Heidi froze then looked pointedly at the evidence.1 Few people can escape the lure of her enchantment and in her active seduction mode, only those who are completely without feelings2 will not respond. This young and handsome man in front of her clearly had a reaction yet he still asks her to leave?

Xiu sighed deeply. Heidi doesn’t know why, but his sigh made her heart jump. An unspeakable bitterness filled her heart and she stared blankly even as the blond, blue-eyed man opened his arms and fiercely embraced her in the room lit up by soft, diffuse moonlight.

Xiu held Heidi’s waist with one hand and lifted Heidi’s chin with the other. His hands were strong, and Heidi sensed that his blood was heating up.3 She can only stare at him, watching as Xiu lowered his head, the moonlight shining down into his gorgeous blue eyes, peerlessly beautiful.4

“Do you want me to hold you?”

Heidi nodded. She was almost breathless, drowning in those aqua-colored eyes that were more gorgeous than the blue sky.

The blond young man smiled. His smiling face was beautiful but something about his expression was disturbing.


He removed his hand from her chin to her full chest then Xiu buried his head in the hollow of Heidi’s shoulder. Heidi was just going to put her hands on the nape of his neck when she heard Xiu whisper into her ear: “Du Ze.”

Heidi instantly stiffened. Xiu didn’t seem to notice the demon’s reaction and continued to lean on Heidi, saying:5 “Du Ze …”


In the moonlight, the two people who had been intimately attached to each other suddenly drew apart. Heidi looked at the Xiu, who she had pushed away from her. The man’s blond hair and smile were as bright as ever, but she could not feel any warmth from him – he even made her feel cold.

There was silence between the two for a while. Heidi looked at Xiu, heartbreak in her eyes.

“I could share you with a lot of people.” The demon raised her chin proudly. “But I will never be a stand-in for another person.”

Xiu looked at Heidi. His sky blue eyes had deepened into a bottomless indigo.

“En!” His voice was light: “No one can take his place.”

So Heidi understood very clearly that she wanted this person in front of her but he will never belong to her.

She could only choose to leave.

After the beautiful demon left, Xiu leaned against the wall then sat down slowly. Even the cold walls cannot alleviate the heat in his body. The blond youth’s head drooped. Breathing heavily, he closed his eyes and his long eyelashes quivered as his hesitant hands grasped his desire.

“Du Ze.”

He remembered that man’s hands – gliding, evoking his deepest desires.

“Du Ze …”

He imagined that the hand that is bringing comfort to his body is the hand of that person. When he thought that, he felt his throat tighten and a torrent of strong desires gushed from his heart: I want to kiss him. I want to embrace him, I want to touch him, I want to … commit blasphemy.

“Du Ze, Du Ze, Du Ze …”

The icy moonlight filled the empty room. Xiu leaned against the icy wall and said the name again and again and again.

It is the pain and sadness of deprivation.6


Du Ze was led to the dining hall by the attendants. When he got there he found that Xiu was already eating breakfast. Du Ze was stupefied, he did not expect to see Xiu – now that the protagonist had finally found a sister, he should scientifically devote himself to fight with her for three days and three nights.

“Come,” said Xiu to Du Ze, beckoning him closer. His smile was like the morning light, purifying body and mind into something holy.7 Du Ze instantly put away the wretched thoughts in his heart and walked over to him. Xiu picked up a meat pie8 from the table and offered it to Du Ze. “This is delicious.”

Du Ze wanted to reach out a hand to take it but found that except for the part that Xiu was holding, the rest of the cake was covered in sauce so a naturally cute person took a bite.

Super awesome!

“Very good, go on eating.”

That’s what this young man is for. = =+

Xiu fed Du Ze a meat pie and a glass of milk; the feeding was already over when the silly, cute person realized that he doesn’t need to be fed by Xiu. It’s not like he’s a disabled person with no hands or feet. Protagonist, your movements should not be so natural!

After they finished eating, the housekeeper appeared with a tray in his hands. Two red and black cards were on the tray.

“Gentlemen, these are the eastern passes. The City Lord said that she has something to deal with today, so please forgive her for not entertaining her guests.”

Quite obviously, this was an order for the guests to leave.

Xiu picked up the passes, said his farewells to the housekeeper, then pulled the speechless Du Ze with him. They left. On the second floor, a corner of a curtain was pulled open and Heidi looked out from a window at the two figures. She sighed, thinking: not her, no matter what she did, he was not for her.

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  1. the evidence that he was aroused
  2. Literally “only those who are not human” but since this is a fantasy, a lot of people are not human so I changed it to something more appropriate.
  3. “His blood circulation was accelerating” in the original.
  4. 不可方物 – literally things that cannot be identified but meaning beauty that defies description, matchless.
  5. Something here I don’t understand 声音因*而喑哑
  6. Is there a better word than deprivation? Maybe “loneliness” 那是求而不得的痛楚和悲哀
  7. is “saintly body and soul cleansed” better?
  8. 烤饼 – kao bing, leek and pork wrapped in dough, crushed flat, then baked

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  1. can y’all stop bullying Du Ze? he is only clueless because when xiu said that he liked him, he literally couldn’t hear. And the only other sign he got was when Xiu was taking out the curse, and when Xiu was giving him food.

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    1. Instead of “It is the pain and sadness of deprivation.” I would use “It was a heart wrenching ache and desperate longing” since you are trying to convey unexpected pain and sorrow that comes with unrequited love.

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